(Philippines) Jewish Soldiers Buried Under a Cross Mistake Fixed after 75 Years

Jan Meisels Allen




Seventy-five years later a mistake has been rectified: Jewish WW ll soldiers buried under a cross are now buried under a Star of David headstone at the Manila American Cemetery. This is part of ongoing work of Operation Benjamin, a non-profit organization which identifies soldiers buried with the wrong religious markers. It was coordinated with the American Battle Monuments Commission.


The five soldiers gravesites are:

Private Allan C. Franken

Private Louis Wolf

Private Arthur Waldman

Lieutenant Robert S. Fink

Sergeant Jack Gilbert

To learn more about Operation Benjamin see:


Thank you to Rose Feldman, Israel Genealogy Research Association for sharing the information.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Resolving a town problem in area of Podolia / Bessarabia / Bukovina for ROSENTHAL #bessarabia #ukraine

Steve Stein

I've had a long-standing "brick wall" issue that I'm trying to resolve once and for all. I have been unable to determine for certainty exactly where my father-in-law's family came from. I apologize in advance for the long-windedness but I don’t want to get suggestions to find documents I already have - manifests, censuses, declarations, petitions, death records.


There are five family members - parents and three children - who all travelled to the US separately except for the mother and the younger son who travelled together. Here's what the documents indicate:


  • father, Melich ROSENTHAL, travelled from Hamburg to NY in September 1903. I am pretty sure but not 100% that this is the right manifest, but it is the most reasonable one I could find. The town on the Hamburg list looks like Lubkow (and he is Russian), on the NY arrival list it looks like Lublow. The age is about right, the year of immigration agrees with the 1910 census, and his given name is distinctive (short for Elimelech). He was not naturalized. I can't find any town name remotely resembling either Lublow or Lubkow in this general area.

  • son, Hirsch ROSENTHAL, travelled from Bremen in December 1903 to NY. I am pretty sure but not 100% that this is the right manifest, but the most reasonable one I could find. He lists the town of residence as Chotin, which I assume is Khotyn, Ukraine (was Bessarabia). However, on his petition he lists "Podalsky" which is not a town. Note that Kamenets-Podolsky is only a few miles from Khotyn, across the boundary between Bessarabia and Podolia. Mogilev-Podolsky is considerably farther away (see below). The months on the manifest vs. the petition do not agree, but the ship (Chemnitz) and the year do, and the ship did not arrive during the month claimed on the petition. All other facts seem to agree. His WW I draft record does not indicate a place of birth, nor does the death certificate (none of them do). Hirsch was born about 1885.

  • mother, Ite ROSENTHAL, and son Boruch ROSENTHAL, travelled from Rotterdam to NY in May 1906. This is the right manifest, based on the go-to person being M. ROSENTHAL at the right address. The last town of residence is Czernovitz, which may be the larger city Bukovina Czernovitz, but is probably the much smaller Podolia Czernovitz, or "Kleine Czernovitz"; the former was in Austria-Hungary at the time, the latter in Russia. On Ben/Boruch's petition he indicates Czernovitz as the town of birth; on his WW I draft record, which I assume is correct because he has the same address as MARKINSON, he says he was born in Mogilev-Podolski, which is near both Podolia Czernovitz as well as Yampil (see below). Ite (Ida) was not naturalized. Boruch was born about 1890. Ben later adopted the surname ROSE.

  • daughter, Dobre ROSENTHAL MARKINSON and her husband Abram travelled from Antwerp in September 1907. This is the right manifest, based on the go-to person, father-in-law Meil. ROSENTHAL. The last town of residence is hard to read, but the person left behind is his father in Czernovitz. Abram's brother, who arrived 2 months later, lists Sekwriany (probably Sokyryany, Bessarabia) as his last town of residence. The Abram manifest indicates that both towns of birth are Yampoli (Yampil, Podolia?), but Abram's petition indicates that he was born in Czernovitz (though I don't really care where he was born, only she). Dobre (Dora) was born about 1887.
  • "uncle" Abraham BRECHMAN appears to have arrived in May 1901 in NY. His last residence is listed as "Moluw" which could be Mogilev (Podolski).


I am looking for any suggestions on how to resolve the apparent contradictions regarding these places - Czernovitz vs. Czernovitz, "Podalsky," Moluw, conflicting places of birth and residence among the family members, and the whereabouts of Lubkow. For the last item, I've used both the Town Finder and Gazetteer in numerous permutations with no success, and the vital records from the area seem to be spotty. The Family Finder does not have many ROSENTHALs in any of these places. My late father-in-law Bernard ROSENTHAL, son of Hirsch / Harry, had no tradition of where the family was from, as also any other descendants of the three siblings. I know of no other sibling or other relatives of the parents that might help narrow down the search. FWIW, the ROSENTHAL men were Cohanim, in case you thought your ROSENTHALs were related. TIA.


Steve Stein

Highland Park, NJ

Conference Registration is Now Open!

Chuck Weinstein

The IAJGS 2020 San Diego conference is proud to announce the opening
of registration for our August 9-14, 2020, 40th anniversary conference
and gala. Details about our conference can be found at
including the link to conference and hotel registration.

Before registration, please become familiar with the Registration
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Chuck Weinstein
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Re: Mogilev Birth Index #belarus

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Mogilev Podolskiy is a completely different place/country from Mogilev, Belarus, You should start a NEW discussion for that place or post the query on Tracing the Tribe - Jewish Genealogy on Facebook.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
New Mexico

Re: Was Riga in the Pale of Settlement 1874? #latvia #lithuania





Dahn Cukier

Every acronym has numerous meanings. The IGRA in capitals
is an abbreviation and can be used just as all others that use abbreviations.

IGRA referrers should add "Israel" to specify that their location is in

I would add that all groups add their locations in the subject,
and be sure to spell out their locations so IL, the international
abbreviation for Israel is not confused with IL the US state.


When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 10:32:18 PM GMT+2, Jeffrey Knisbacher via Groups.Jewishgen.Org <> wrote:

When citing this acronym, be sure to spell out Israel Genealogy Research Association. IGRA is a word in Russian that means 'game' or 'play', but it is also an English acronym, with multiple referents that show up on Google:

1. Interferon Gamma Release Assay

2. Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

3. International Gay Rodeo Association

Discussion Group Moderators Needed #general

Nancy Siegel

The JewishGen Discussion Group unites Jewish genealogical researchers worldwide, providing a platform to share information, ideas, methods, tips, techniques, and resources. Discussion Group Moderators serve a vital role in maintaining the integrity and usefulness of the Group.

We seek several volunteers to join our current Moderators in this important role. Moderators review the emails submitted during their assigned time periods. The majority of emails will be approved and posted by the Moderators. Some emails may require a more descriptive subject line, hashtags, signature, or other issues that require action by the Moderator. Occasionally, inappropriate emails must be rejected as well as duplicate postings or postings with no content. Moderators direct some of the posts to support@... and redirect some posts to the original sender rather than the group. 

We anticipate each Moderator will spend around 5 to 8 hours per week, spread over a number of days.

To learn more or to apply, please contact JewishGen’s Volunteer Manager, Karen Leon, at kleon@....

Nancy Siegel
Director of Communications

Viewmate Translation Request- German


I've posted a vital record in German for which I need a translation. I Have reason to Believe this is a Death Record for my 2nd Great Grandmother Fanny Schaefer ( nee Elias)It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Cynthia Schaefer 

Re: Lack of responses from DNA match


I get 23 & Me replies six months to a year or even more after I send them. Some people are just curious, not actively researching. So when the thought passes through their heads at a later date, they look and find my old messages. 

ViewMate translation request - Hebrew - 1906 Birth Record, Ukraine

Barry E Chernick

I've posted four Birth Records in Hebrew (Male 57, Male 58, Female 39, Female 40) for which I need a translation.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Barry Chernick

Bellevue, WA

ViewMate translation request - Russian #subcarpathia


I've posted a vital record in Russian or Ukrainian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

I'm sorry but I don't have a better definition for this image.
It is a note added on the birth record of Haem Izakovics, born in 1912 in Aknaszlatina, Hungaria.
The note is written in Cyrillic, probably Russian but I spotted at least 1 Ukrainian word.
I can only decipher the name "Haem", the date: "2 grudnia (December in Ukrainian) 1967" followed by 2.XII.1967, and "ЗАГС" (the civil registration office in Russian).

I suppose that the note indicates the date of death of this person, but I would like confirmation in case someone can actually read the writing!
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

ViewMate: Russian Revision List translation (to English)

Emily Garber

I have posted two images of the 1864 Revision List Supplement for the community of Labun, Zaslav Uyezd, Volhynia Gubernia (F. 118, Op. 14, Sp. 79). The left side (1st image) lists four males and the right side (2nd image) show one female.

I would like all the names and information translated for each person. I am planning to post these images and their translations on my kehilalinks page for this town:

The images are screen shots from Alex Krakovsky's wikimedia page. Higher resolution images of the pages may be viewed at  (images 86 and 86).

Please respond within the ViewMate application or privately to me via email.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

ViewMate translation request - Yiddish

Jeff Marx

I've posted a one-page 1910 letter in neatly-written Yiddish script from a 65 year-old relative reflecting on his life. It is on ViewMate at the following address:
I would be extremely grateful if one of you might provide a translation.

Jeff Marx

Viewmate Request: German


I've posted two pages from the Frankfurt Ele Toldot in German and would be very grateful for a translation. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Gerry Newnham

(Poland) Impasse at POLIN Museum Approaches Resolution #poland

Jan Meisels Allen



The POLIN Museum in Warsaw has been in conroversy regarding the reappointment of its director, Dariuz Stola. He won a competiton for a second term but Poland’s populist government refused to reinstate him. Mr. Stola was the Museum’s director from 2014-2019.


To finally move forward the museum board, donors and other partners agreed to support Mr. Stola’s former deputy and current acting director, Zygmunt Stepinski, as the new museum director. They thought the choice would be acceptable to the government while still allowing the institution’s independence.


POLIN is unique in that it has three co-founders who have a say in the management: The City of Warsaw, a private Jewish historical association and the government’s Culture Ministry.


Mr. Stola announced earlier this week that he was giving up on being director of the museum.


To read more see:


Thank you to Randy Fishbein for sharing the article.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: General question about Relations for our Town


Tony, 10 years ago I visited the website of Pacanów, the shtetl of my mother's family. All in Polish, but I saw "gazeta" and sent an e-mail in English, asking for information about the former Jewish community. I had a good surprise. Plenty of data from the historian of the city of the Jewish life there, including testimonies of witnesses of the day of the deportation, the names of the traitors that drove the Nazis into the city, pointing where the Jews live, etc. I put him in contact to other survivor from Pacanów, here in São Paulo, and he collaborated for a biographical book written by his daughter. This is my suggestion: why not try a contact like that?
José Marcos Thalenberg, from São Paulo, Brazil.

Re: Mogilev Birth Index #belarus

Nardo Bonomi

Dear researchers,

Did someone went through the Metrical books of Mogilev Podilsy (1837-1894)?
LDS microfilm numbers from 1920796-1920802?
The page mentioned in the discussion
is not very clear.
If someone can give me an overview of content, I can help with Russian
Thank you
Nardo Bonomi Braverman

Researching on:
BRAVERMAN Ukraine LUFT and GRUNBLATT from Ukraine
GROBMAN from Gaysin
GONDELMAN anywhere
(Author of


Jeffrey Knisbacher

When citing this acronym, be sure to spell out Israel Genealogy Research Association. IGRA is a word in Russian that means 'game' or 'play', but it is also an English acronym, with multiple referents that show up on Google:

1. Interferon Gamma Release Assay

2. Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

3. International Gay Rodeo Association

Rosen family from New Rochelle, NY (around 1960) #poland


I am looking for the Rosen family who lived in New Rochelle, NY. The head of the family (Jack?) was the owner of  a shoe factory. His wife (Helen?) was a relative of my late mother in law Fela Braun who was invited together with her brother Henek to visit them around 1960.

Gidon Lev

Adolph Feuerman & Bessie Wilinsky


I would appreciate any help in locating descendants of Adolph Feuerman (1873-1938) and his wife Bessie Wilinsky (1881-1956).  After emigrating from Galicia and Russia respectively, they lived in Bayonne, NJ; New Haven, Ct; NYC; and Brooklyn.  Adolph was the proprietor of Vienna Restaurant, NYC, and son of Salomon Feuerman and Marjem Waldman and brother of Sarah, Rose, and Emma Feuerman.  

Lynda Mandlawitz
New York, NY

Feuerman, Waldman - Galicia, NY, elsewhere in US
Mendelovits, Eizikovits, Froimovits, Pollak, Mandlawitz - Solotvyno, Richmond, VA, NY, Florida, elsewhere in US
Blachman - Berdychiv, NY, elsewhere in US
Agranovich - Mglin, Novozybkov, Zelenogorsk, Moscow, Jerusalem, Nahariya, UK, NY and elsewhere in US
Krapivinsky/Krapin - Mglin, Richmond, VA, NY, elsewhere in US