Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett Awarded Dan David Prize for 2020

Jan Meisels Allen



For those who attended the 2018 IAJGS Conference in Poland, you will remember Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett  (BKG) who was the speaker at the JGSLos Angeles-sponsored Pamela Weisberger Memorial Lecture.  BKG was awarded the Dan David Prize for 2020. She receives the prize for “making an ongoing groundbreaking contribution to cultural preervation or revival through research, conservation effors or direct activity in the field.”


In 2006, BKG was asked to lead the development of the core exhibition of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw and continues today as the Ronald S Lauder Chief Curator.  She is also Professor Emerita of Performance Studies at New York University.


The Dan David Prize is presented by the Dan David Foundation based in Tel Aviv. They annually award three prizes of $1 million each for “for achievements having an outstanding scientific, technological, cultural or social impact on our world.”  The award this year was on the “past” “Cultural and Preservation Revival.  BKG shares the prize with Dr. Lonnie G. Bunch III,  the 14th Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC

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To read more about the Dan David prize see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: (Ukraine) Looking for tour guide and archives researcher #galicia #ukraine


Hi Rich,

I just visited Ukraine in April 2019, and used the services of Andriy Dorosh.  You can look at his site:  He has archive researchers as well, and I had them do some more work before I arrived, to supplement info. I already had.  Andriy set up private, local guides in each town, including Lviv, and they all did an outstanding job.  We also had a driver and overall trip guide when we hit the road to visit a few different places.  Everyone spoke English, was punctual, friendly, considerate and very informative.  Our driver was good, and that means a lot in a place where roads are very very, and most drivers are, too. I would highly recommend Andriy and his co-workers.  More questions, please contact me at: sniderlh@...

Re: (Ukraine) Looking for tour guide and archives researcher #galicia #ukraine


Hi Rich,

I went to Ukraine April 2019, and went to several towns, including Lviv.  I was very happy with/and would highly recommend the small company I used.  The website is:, if you want to look.  The owner is, Andriy Dorosh; he was very quick to respond to my inquiry, and had good suggestions, too.  He has people who work in the archives and they did research for me to supplement what I had (before I arrived).  He arranged for local guides in each town I visited, and they went above and beyond what I expected.  I had a driver, (Orest),and a trip guide, (Oksana; both were wonderful.  I felt safe with a careful driver, important since roads are bad in many areas & drivers are pretty wild. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly --- sniderlh@...

Leah Snider

Ephraim Yazovitsky, russian linguist. Was he Jewish ?

Alberto Guido Chester

I am trying to connect Ephraim Validimirovich Yazovitsky to my family tree.

He was born in 1904 (where?) and buried in St Petersburg in 1981.

This is the link to his tomb.

The name Ephraim is typically Jewish to me and the surname Yazovitsky is also Jewish, as mentioned in Beider´s book on Russian surnames.

However, the stone does not have any religious signs, probably due to communism, atheism...

I am looking  for hints to confirm his Jewish ancestry.


Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Re: Isaac YOSELOWITZ, Manhattan New York #help #records #New York

Aaron Slotnik

Hi Yohanan - You can find a full transcription of his death certificate here at FamilySearch ( It says his parents’ names are William and Beckie, clearly Americanized as was typical in those days. It says he was buried at Silver Lake Cemetery which I’m not familiar with. Hopefully that helps!


Re: Translation of Handwritten German Text needed #translations #Minden Germany

Andreas Schwab

1. Letter to [??] Bepinthel [?]
In the case of Gesch [?] Ingberg's declaration of death, the applicant's application still needs to be supplemented. It has not been shown why the Minden District Court should be responsible for all missing persons. Has Minden been the last residence of all those missing? Can witnesses be found for this and for the fact of the deportation? Did the missing persons have German or Polish citizenship? What were the names of the husbands and children of the married missing persons? What is the legal interest of the applicant in the declaration of death?
A period of 1 month is set to provide the missing information.
2. [struck-out text] After one month [end of struck-out text]
Then immediately to: law firm
Entered. 04/May/48
Made on 13/May 8 Li.
from on 13/May Iz
resubmission 13/May Iz
1. U. m. A. and additional files 4 [?] 72.47
The Police Division
Police Section
Criminal Investigation Department
Resent with reference to our order v. 30. 3.48 (sheet 9 R) and report overleaf. It should actually be possible to ascertain whether the five people mentioned in sheet 1 of the attachment were deported to the east as Jews. According to sheet 1 of the attached file, they may have lived in Minden, Simsonstrasse 8.
May 18, 48
2) R [?]: 6 weeks.
1) Answers: The only thing missing are the day and place of birth of Ms. Helena Kirschenroth née Ingberg. If only the age of Ms. Losche Ingberg at 62 years can be determined, [??] she would still be alive (born in 1887 or 1886, this should suffice as an exception. However, the place of birth of [?]oschen Ingberg is also given ,
2) To [??] sheet 34
Minden, 24/Aug/49
gef. 25 Aug. 49 St.
16.8. ro

Re: Translation of Handwritten German Text needed #translations #Minden Germany

Andreas Schwab

1. Schreiben an [??] Bepinthel[?]
In der Todeserklärungssache Gesch[?] Ingberg bedarf 
der Antrag des Antragstellers noch der Ergänzung. Es ist nicht dargetan,
weshalb für sämtliche Verschollene das Amtsgericht Minden zuständig sein
soll. Ist Minden der letzte Wohnsitz aller Verschollenen gewesen? Können Zugen hierfür
und für die Tatsache der Verschleppung angegeben werden? Besaßen die Ver-
schollenen die Deutsche oder die Polnische Staatsangehörigkeit? Wie hießen die
Ehemänner und Kinder der verheirateten Verschollenen? Welches rechtliche Inter-
esse hat der Antragsteller an der Todeserklärung?
Zur Beibringung der fehlenden Angaben wird eine 
Frist von 1 Monat gesetzt.
2.  [ struck-out text] Nach einem Monat [end of struck-out text]
Danach sofort an:
Eingeg. 4.5.48
Gefertigt am 13/5 8 Li.
ab am 13/5 Iz
wiedervorlage 13/5 Iz
1. U. m. A. und Beiakten 4 [?] 72.47
unter Bezugnahme auf unsere Verfügung v. 30. 3.48
(Blatt 9 R) und umseitigen Bericht nochmal über-
sandt. Es müßte sich doch eigentlich durch
Nachfrage bei Nachbarn oder bei dem Kaufmann
Emil Samuel, Minden, Königstr 113, der in einigen
anderen Fällen Auskunft geben konnte, feststellen
lassen, ob die Blatt 1 d. A. genannten fünf Personen 
1939 als Juden nach dem Osten verschleppt worden sind.
Nach Blatt 1 der Beiakten haben sie möglicherweise in 
Minden, Simsonstraße 8 gewohnt.
18. Mai 48
2) R[?]: 6 Wochen.
1) Antworten: Zu ob.fehlt nurmehr noch
Geburtstag und -ort der Frau Helena Kirschenroth
geb. Ingberg. Wenn sich nur das Alter der
Frau Losche Ingberg mit 62 Jahren feststellen
läßt, [??] sie jetzt noch leben würde, 
(Geburtsjahr also 1887 oder 1886, so soll dies
ausnahmsweise genügen. Jedoch ist auch der
Geburtsort der [?]oschen Ingberg angegeben.
2) Zu [??] Bl. 34
M. d. 24.8.49
gef. 25.8.49 Str.
16.8. Ro

Re: Motchi married who's Heshi #lithuania

Deborah Lane

I have thought of a few other ideas about those two names:

Motchi, as everyone else agrees, is often Mordecai. However, is it possible that it is a variation of the Yiddish female name Mattle or Mattie? Perhaps the "chi" at the end is an endearment suffix. I personally know a girl from a Yiddish speaking family who is named Henchie, which is an endearing way of saying Henny. I have also read a holocaust biography- which I cannot seem to find now to double check this- in which some of the females have the suffix "chi" or "chu" added to their names- though I believe this suffix is more commonly found among Galician or Hungarian Jews than among the more northern Lithuanian or Belarussian communities (I am not sure where your Motchi comes from) (another common female endearment suffix is "le"- as in Sora'le or Chaya'le.)
Another possibility for a female Motchi, though I think this is a stretch, is the name Mushkie, which is now a very common name among the Lubavich Chassidim because that was the name of the late Rebetzin.

Another possibility- Is Heshi some form of "Henny" or "Hendel" (female name) which I mentioned above? Another genner wrote the name Chashie- I also see that as a possibility.

Good luck trying to figure this out!

Deborah Lane
Spring Valley, New York
Researching: Oppenheim and Margolis of Telshe, Lithuania; Siegel of Balbirishik; Shapiro and Abelman of Kovno; Levine and Altschuller of Mogilev; Kaplan, Gritzman and Zakusaya of Bialystok; Schecter of Vinnitsa; Lieberman of Gaysin; Benedetsky of Bela Tserkov; Mintz of Latvia; a of Kiev

Minnesota Jewish Genealogical Society Meeting March 29


Sunday, March 29, 2020  from 11:00 pm – 1:00 pm 

MN Jewish Genealogical Society Program: Crossing the Ocean: Finding Your Family




Time & Location 


On March 29, 2020 from 11:00 PM – 1:00 PM, the Minnesota Jewish Genealogical Society will be hosting Susan Weinberg who will be speaking on Crossing the Ocean: Finding Your Family. The meeting will be held at Roitenberg Residence (part of Sholom), 3610 Phillips Pkwy, St Louis Park in the Community Room A116


About the Event 

Most of us know our grandparents’ names and perhaps a bit beyond that, but the idea of crossing the ocean to find your ancestral history may seem daunting.  With many records now available on-line, you can often trace your family from the comfort of your home. Susan Weinberg will show how to work from US records back to records overseas, unlocking the many resources that will assist you in that journey. Using examples from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus she invites you to join her as she connects immigrants to the US back to their family in Eastern and Central Europe, identifying ancestral towns and the community of relationships that they left behind. Sourcing both US records and records from Europe, she will weave them together to learn the story that connects them. 



Susan Weinberg is an artist, writer and professional genealogist. She enjoys solving puzzles and telling stories and genealogy offers her many opportunities to do so. Weinberg serves as President of the Minnesota Jewish Genealogical Society (MNJGS) and is on the board of the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest. She is the author of We Spoke Jewish: A Legacy in Stories, a book based on the stories of Jewish elders in Minnesota. Her research has taken her to archives and ancestral towns in Poland, Belarus, the Ukraine and Lithuania as well as to Holocaust records in Germany. As a volunteer with, she creates websites on ancestral towns and can often be found photographing tombstones in the overgrown cemeteries in Eastern Europe.



Free for Members, $5 for nonmembers 



Register at 

Submitted by Liba Casson, VP MNJGS
Minneapolis, MN

Re: Motchi married who's Heshi #lithuania


Just a thought but I’ve come across the female name Hesia or Chasja before, which I always thought was a variant of Chaia or possibly a feminized “Chasidl”. And since s and sh could interchange if misread, maybe it’s connected? Obviously this couple were fond of nicknames! Does the region if Lithuania yield any clues, and can you run first names through a Soundex? Not sure in the latter....

Jan Lastman, Toronto ON CANADA.  Janllb@...

Researching: LASTMAN or LASTMANN w/origins in HOLLAND late 1600s then => Lublin early-mid 1700s.
By early-mid 1800s there were LASTMAN/N branches => Łódź, Radom, Warsaw, Leipzig GERMANY, Szydlowiec and Ostroweiec.  
LASTMAN/N relatives married in 1800s to KLAJMAN, KAUFMAN, LEDERMAN, KAC, CUKIER, STROSBERG, WAJCHANDLER, KUTCHINSKY/KUTNER etc... then => Toronto and Rio de Janeiro in early 1900s.  LASTMAN/Ns who remained in Europe but survived the Holocaust => France, Israel, Australia, NYC and New Orleans.
Also researching:
MENDELSON / MENDELZOHN that somehow became DAVIDSON while still in Ostrowiec POLAND (!), immigrating as DAVIDSON => Toronto, Montreal, NYC and Detroit, most pre WW1
— SINGER / ZYNGIER from Janow Poldaski POLAND => Toronto and possibly Columbus OH all pre WW1
SCHAFER / SHAFIR from Linitz now Illinits UKRAINE (Russia) => Toronto and Detroit and possibly Columbus OH all pre WW1

Rapoport-Quint Family Tree on MyHeritage or contact  janllb@...

Re: (Ukraine) Looking for tour guide and archives researcher #galicia #ukraine

Tony Hausner

Several of us have used alex dunai for all aspects of your request: Lviv , where he lives, Ternopil region and archives. Highly recommend.  Aldunai@...

Re: Motchi married who's Heshi #lithuania

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

My husband was called Heshi. His Hebrew/Yiddish name was Hershel and Harry in English 
Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Searching for descendants of Abraham and Ottelie Lande #germany

Carl Kaplan


I am searching for descendants (and thus more information to fill in gaps) of Dr. Abraham J Lande and his wife, Ottelie, originally from Königsberg area of Prussia. Children were:

Dr. Cecilia F. Lande

Marcus Boas Lande

Hilda Lande

Adele Lande

Elvira Lande  (Leon Waldman)

Emma Lande

Ida Lande (Julius Lipstein)

Rhoda Lande (Louis Lande) 

Lena Lande (Isadore Klein)

Alida Lande

Theresa Lande


One of the unmarried daughters was married to a Mr. I. Masur, and another was married to a Mr. Max Sinsberg/Simsberg. Thanks.

Re: General question about Relations for our Town

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

I have had great success working with local school teachers in both Lyubar, Ukraine and Chudnov, Ukraine. Although noted that these towns are further east in the former Novograd Volynsk and Zhytomir Administrative Districts and not within former Galician borders. Most schools have English teachers and students interested in western culture and who are too young to have been complicit in wartime collaborations. There are organizations teaching Holocaust history and partnering with local schools. Contact me for one based in Kiev if interested. I met them while travelling with the German-funded "Protecting Memory Project" last summer who erected Holocaust memorials on 9 mass graves located throughout Ukraine. The towns selected were specifically chosen based on willingness by local school and municipal officials to continue teaching about the Holocaust. I am satisfied to report that the school contact I made in Lyubar reported that on the anniversary of the Lyubar executions this past fall, they did in fact bring students to the memorial site and honored the commitment. A fascinating side note is that one of the gymnasium schools in Lyubar has had a permanent exhibit about the history of their Jewish community on display in their lobby for many years. I have been JewishGen Lyubar town leader for over 25 years and saw original photos, maps and letters housed in their collection that are not available anywhere else. Adjacent to their Jewish exhibit was a model of a typical Ukrainian home exhibit and although that collection was more of a folk museum and not Jewish, I was excited to find a pre-wartime ceramic piece made by a famous Jewish factory near Novograd Volynsk city. My overall takeaway for your discussion is that there are opportunities to partner with the right people in these small towns. I felt safe travelling back to the region since my last trip in 1999, there is much more English (and Ukrainian vs. Russian) being spoken, and there is a willingness to openly discuss and acknowledge crimes of the past which were silenced under the Soviets. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Re: Motchi married who's Heshi #lithuania

Shelley Mitchell

Given the new information you just provided, I think Hershi is a man and Motchi is a variation on Matel 

Re: Motchi married who's Heshi #lithuania

Feige Stern

Perhaps Motchi is Mashi, a nickname for Masha, a common Russian/Yiddish female name?

Just a thought.

Feige Kauvar Stern
Cleveland, OH

Inquisition in Portugal

M Thatcher

Hello is anyone able to give me  any information about family’s named either Defratis, Defrates or Defrates  during the period 1500-1750.
Residing or passing through Holland, Belgium or France during the exodus from Portugal escaping the Inquisition. Thank you


Re: Hans (Harry) Loew (1915-1999) born in Kaiserslautern, emigrated in 1938 to New York and passed away in 1999 in San Juan, Puerto Rico #germany

Renate Rosenau

contact Roland PAUL, director of the  Arbeitsstelle Geschichte der Juden in der Pfalz: Mail: r.paul@...
Renate Rosenau, Alzey

(Poland) US Film Makers Chasing Holocaust trove of Looted Stamps May Face Charges #Poland #Holocaust #Stolen Artifacts #poland #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen




A team of 7 US award-winning film makers went to western Poland to research a World War ll story about a collection of valuable postage stamps seized from Jews and reportedly hidden in a basement in 1945 by a German Nazi officer, Rudolf Wahlmann. 

The film makers had checked with Wahlmann’s children and obtained confirmation of  the address where the collection was supposedly hidden as the Nazis fled.


The regional prosecutor said the film crew failed to obtain the required permit for their excavation work and that the police were investigating their activities in the basement. The apartment building is considered to have historical value as it dates from the late 19th century.

The filmmakers could face charges of unauthorized excavation work, punishable by up to two years in prison


The filmmakers said their aim of the “Liegnitz Plot” is to confirm  the story, recover the stamps and return them to their “rightful owners’ in remembrance of the 6 million Holocaust victims.


This was not the filmmakers first attempt to access the building’s basement, In 2015 they pretended to film a simple love story and concealed their true intentions.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Isaac YOSELOWITZ, Manhattan New York #help #records #New York


Need help in finding more details about Isaac YOSELOWITZ from Manhattan, New York.
I found 2 records on Ancestry:
1. 1910 Census which show his age as 50 (born 1960, Russia), arrived to New York 1907, wife Gussie and children names. First son born 1884. 
2. New York extracted Death Index, 1862-1948, Certificate Number 34675, which show death in 1914, age 65, estimated birth 1849 . 
It could possibly be the same person. 
I am mainly interested to find his parents' names, trying to confirm the exact family relation with a DNA match of one of his descendants.
I wonder if any of you can help in finding his burial location or more information about him; hopefully his father's name will be recorded on the headstone.

Yohanan Loeffler
Melbourne Australia

14841 - 14860 of 654967