Re: Birthplace vs. emigration place vs. port of origin for destination in US? #general


Is it possible that your ancestors may have stayed in Bremen for some time before traveling on to England and America?  Perhaps they needed to earn money for the next leg of their trip?
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Did you know...the term Health Care Provider came from Nazi Germany?

Phil Goldfarb

As a 4th generation pharmacist, I did not know this until recently and was somewhat taken aback by the routine use of this term.  I thought that it might be of interest to everyone.

Read this excellent perspective titled: If You Call Me a Provider, I Will Assume You are a Nazi. There was also an excellent article in The Israel Medical Journal on the same subject: 

Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland March 4 meeting #jgs (Ohio, USA)

Sylvia Fleck Abrams

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland
March meeting will be held on 
WEDNESDAY, March 4, 2020 
starting at 7:30 PM 
at Menorah Park
Miller Board Room
27100 Cedar Road

PLEASE NOTE the change of location, time and date for this meeting.

Jewish Ballplayers in Major League Baseball 

Scott Longert

The talk will include an overall look at Jewish ballplayers and those that played or were part of the Cleveland Indians organization. The inclusion of ballplayers that came from minority groups faced a difficult time from rival players, fans and even teammates. Some of those experiences will be discussed. 


The presentation will cover ballplayers like Jonah Goldman, Cleveland’s first Jewish shortstop, Harry Eisenstat, Al Rosen and Hank Greenberg, who served as the Indians general manager starting in 1948, plus others such as Max “Lefty” Weisman, Indians trainer for twenty-seven years and Max Rosenblum, the leading supporter of amateur baseball in Cleveland.

Scott Longert Bio

Scott Longert is a graduate of the Ohio State University and has his M.A. in American History from Cleveland State with an emphasis on the post-Civil Wars years to the Great Depression.


Scott is a retired Park Ranger from the James A. Garfield National Historic Site where he specialized in Civil War talks concerning General Garfield and major battles of the war.

Scott has been writing about Cleveland baseball history for over thirty years and has four books published to date, his latest Bad Boys, Bad Times released on February 26.

A fifth book, a biography of Cy Young for children is due for a spring 2020 release.

Scott teaches part-time at Cuyahoga Community College, offering courses in several aspects of Cleveland baseball history.


Submitted by Sylvia F. Abrams
Past President JGSC
On behalf of Programing Committee

Re: Transferring money to the Belarus archive #belarus

Jerry Small

I have done business with the Latvian Archive and they operate the same way. What I do is have my financial representative transfer money from my account to the specified bank. In my case the denomination was Euro. 

Good luck.

Passage Libau, Latvia to Jaffa, Palestine

Roberta Lipitz <rlipitz@...>

Have hit the infamous "brick wall" regarding my Grandmother.  Her naturalization papers show she was born in Libau, Latvia (Russian Empire) and Ellis Island ship's manifest shows last place of residence was Jaffa (then Palestine in 1903). The ship left from LeHavre, France to Ellis Island.  Have been unable to find any other documents i.e. birth certificate, information leaving Libau to Palestine, and information from Palestine/France to Ellis Island.  Any help locating these documents will be of great help!!

Re: Birthplace vs. emigration place vs. port of origin for destination in US? #general

Michael Hoffman

There are no records of passengers arriving in the UK from Bremen. You should access the Bremen Passenger Records for the time frame that you are researching which should found on the website, this will or should show the UK destination port. If UK the destination Port was Hull on the East Coast of Yorkshire, the immigrant would take a train from Hull to the Port of Liverpool which is on the West Coast of England and then board a ship to NY. 

Michael Hoffman

Re: In Memory of Larry Tesler


I too knew Larry over many years both professionally (I was a VP at Intel) and socially but never knew of his interest in Jewish Geneology.  Thank you for sharing that.  My his memory be a blessing.

Re: Birthplace vs. emigration place vs. port of origin for destination in US? #general

Jill Whitehead

Dear Robin

There is very little data for shipping from European ports to Britain for this period, as records were either not kept or destroyed.  You may wish to try the UK National Archives website as some info is on there, but it is minimal. 

Jill Whitehead

SFBAJGS, Palo Alto, Monday, February 24, 2020: Book 'em Dano!: Publishing Your Family's History


Topic:  Book 'em Dano!: Publishing Your Family's History
Speaker:  Jeff Lewy

Monday, February 24, 2020
Congregation Etz Chayim
4161 Alma Street
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Program begins 7:00 p.m.

Learn how to create and publish the stories of your family history without having to become a professional author first. Jeff Lewy will explain how he wrote down the family stories he acquired from others, added old photos, filled in some of the gaps with his own research, and used an online publisher/printer to create an inexpensive book his relatives are buying and telling others about. This can be helpful for your research: documenting the family history, attracting other family members to share what they know, and sparking interest among younger family members to learn about their family history through storytelling.

Jeff Lewy is the treasurer of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society. He became interested in genealogy to make sense of family photos going back four generations in the U.S. and Europe and to learn about the people in the photos. Most of his family lines arrived in the U.S. in the 1840's and 1850's, mostly in Alabama, before settling in Chicago by 1870. His family tree now includes seven or more generations for most of his family lines, and lots of interesting stories about many of his forebears.

Light kosher refreshments will be served. Meetings are free and
everyone interested is welcome to attend.  For more information visit

Janice M. Sellers, Publicity and Programming Director
San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society
Helping Bay Area Jews discover their family histories.

Everything turns out all right in the end. If it's not all right, it's not the end.

Re: Argentina naturalization records? STAHL

Pieter Hoekstra

Alberto, is there a way to search for graves in Argentina? The relative I am looking for is not Jewish.
Cheers, Pieter

Adding Town detail information to the Alex Krakovsky Wiki postings #ukraine

Gary Pokrassa

Alex Krakovsky has now posted several thousand files to his main wiki page and numerous other wiki pages dedicated to specific areas / topics and is continually uploading new files.
We are expanding the Ukraine Research Group at (“UKR RG") Alex Krakovsky Project to include a process to add a detail list of towns and various administrative areas to the various format wiki pages that Alex K posts online in Ukrainian Wikipedia (whenever no such detail exists).  
The  UKR RG is looking to add a Town Detail Coordinator (“TDC”) to its existing project team dealing with Alex Krakovsky’s wiki postings.  
The TDC will need to be fluent in Russian/Ukrainian, English and older handwritten Russian and have an active account with Wiki.  
The initial phase of project will be the simplest portion - just working through the main wiki file and adding town detail to the file reference URL/description whenever no towns are detailed.  There are numerous such files with no town detail - this phase will be fairly lengthy (1) (2) 
For the immediate future this will be our focus.  If this goes well at some time in the future we will consider 
Phase II:   go through separate wiki pages as per Master File Summary control list (our internal document) and determine and enter detail town names again where not already posted.  There are several different formats for these separate wiki pages (portals) - TDC will need to conform to whatever the format is for such pages
Phase III: Create overall detailed index of towns cross referenced to any files in which such town detail appears (TDC should consider posting to a file as information is added under Phase I and II - Phase II will involve also including in such index the existing detailed town information already posted by Alex K.  Such index may be posted to the main wiki or elsewhere as appropriate
(1) example of existing detailed town list:  
2 Vasylkiv burghers, 73 Vasilkiv burghers, 108 Bila Tserkva burghers Jews, 220 Fastiv burghers Jews, 257 Rokitno burghers Jews, 280 Vasilkiv peasants Christian, 390 Village Plisetskaya peasants Christians, 439 Motovylivka. (numbers refer to pdf page numbers in the file)
(2) Town names have numerous spellings when transliterated into Latin characters.  

Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Group

Pre-1862 Vienna addresses

Andreas Schwab

Before 1862, Vienna addresses were numbered in each borough. In 1862, street addresses were introduced.
To find a new address from an old address, consult the following table:

Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Re: Miriam Kaminski, Neeman/Konstantin Kaminski from Poland, Grodno or Dvinsk #poland #belarus


I am researching Kaminsky also. My GGF was Samuel Kaminsky, his wife was Jennie; they came to America sometime around 1890. I have never found immigration information for them. They resided in Philadelphia. Am still searching for their place of origin.

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page

Bruce Drake

“The history of Jewish names is a study on its own and leaves a wide valley to wander in” begins “The Study of Names” from the Yizkor book of Bobrka (Boiberke) in the Ukraine. It’s an often amusing account of how Jews acquired decent names, indecent names and nicknames, not to mention names glued to people by the authorities “and at times with malice.” One protection was the Jewish tradition of naming children: “Each Jew, apart from his name he carried his father's and his mother's names and the name that was added to him from his connection to his respected mother in-law… Could you bring it to your mind that a father will name his son using an indecent name?”

For some, it did not work out for the best: one young woman had “reached the age of marriage, but a savior was not found for her, because her father's name was “Hershel Berer” meaning Blen [bath attendant], an occupation that was not considered to be proper for match-making.” Or they had to go through life with nicknames like Leyzale the Floy [Flea] (due to her miniature size), or Yankel Zindel, meaning, Yankel the Stammer (because “cut of his speech was not very smooth.”)

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Transferring money to the Belarus archive #belarus

Bob Silverstein

I have to pay the Belarus archive has a record I want to get.  They sent me the account information for a German bank which will send the money to a Belarus bank which will pay the archive.  This sounds complicated.  Does anyone know a better way to pay the archive?  Should I get a private researcher for a single record?


Birthplace vs. emigration place vs. port of origin for destination in US? #general

Robin Rosenblum

I know the Eastern European birthplace of the ancestors I am
researching (they were a married couple), and I have already found
their names on the ship manifest from England to New York; however, in
reading the husband's naturalization papers (the wife had died
earlier), it indicates that he emigrated from Bremen, Germany. I
don't understand why Bremen is mentioned, rather than the port in
England. My only guess is that a ship from Bremen was considered the
first "leg" of the journey from Liverpool to NY. I have tried to find
documentation of the couple's trip from Bremen to England, but with no

I'd like some guidance as to why Bremen would be listed as the place
from which they emigrated, and on where to look for documentation of
their travel from Bremen to England. FYI, their journey from
Liverpool to NY took place in 1904.

Thank you for any insights. This is part of a surprise gift for my
mother's birthday, and we are hoping to find answers to gaps in the
research she conducted over the years.

Re: Argentina naturalization records? STAHL

Alberto Guido Chester

In Argentina, naturalization is a judicial (as opposed to administrative) process.

For this reason, naturalization cases are scattered in many federal courts around the country.

In my experience, I have been unable to find my own father's naturalization file, even I do know the federal court and date when it took place (65 years ago).

It is not impossible, but I do not recomend this venue of research.

Immigration records for Buenos Aires can be found ar Cemla buscador. Note they are incomplete and to not have Soundex capability so try different spellings.

Tha Buenos Aires Kehila at has a cemetery database for Jewish individuals. Again, no Soundex capability.

The Argentine Jewish Genealogy Association is not working any more. But some members (including myself) are on this list and usually answer questions.


Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Memory of Larry Tesler

John Warshawsky <john.warshawsky@...>

I am posting to note the passing of Larry Tesler.  Although he didn’t have the same public name recognition as some of his contemporaries, Larry was an amazing computer scientist.  He was centrally involved in the development of “Graphical User Interface” – first made popular by Apple and then made standard through the development of Windows – and he developed the famous “cut/copy and paste” functions so critical to the work of virtually all computer users today.


And while I first fell in love with computers in the early 1970s, I didn’t know about Larry Tesler until I met him about twenty-five years ago . . . at a conference of Jewish genealogists in Washington, D.C.!  I’m not sure whether I was more impressed that he had been Apple’s Chief Scientist or that he was, like me, interested in preserving the history of his ancestors.


You can read about Larry Tesler’s passing at


That being said, the Washington Post’s story omits that the world has also lost a man who worked to preserve the history of his Jewish ancestors.  May his memory be a blessing.


John Warshawsky

Baltimore, Maryland

Re: Miriam Kaminski, Neeman/Konstantin Kaminski from Poland, Grodno or Dvinsk #poland #belarus

Eileen Cummings

 Hello Anastasiia,
 I live in San Diego California and I know that there is a few families that own car dealerships named Kaminsky .  This might or might not help you but here is an article about one of the sons who owns a few dealerships.

Dr Eli Horowitz in Italy

Neil Rosenstein

Seeking formation about and trying to make contact with the family of
Dr. Eli Horowitz, a physician (?anesthesiologist) working in Italy,
son of Alexander Sender Horowitz of BeerSheba in Israel.

25381 - 25400 of 665547