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There is a book (I can’t recall the title) about Jewish gangsters of the 30's. Its main premise, if I remember it right, was that Jewish gangsters literally broke the back of the German Bund who was openly pro-Nazis.

Boris Feldblyum

Re: Ancestry Announces Digitization of All 36 Million Available US Draft Cards

Michael Herzlich

Sarah asked how to see the date of the draft registration.  To see the date you should look at the back of the card.  You do this on Ancestry by clicking on the arrow on the right side of the image indicating to go to the next image.  This will also show height, weight, complexion, other physical characteristics for identification such as scars.

Michael Herzlich
Delray Beach, Florida

Michael Herzlich
Delray Beach, Florida USA

Galicia (Poland, Ukraine) - HERZLICH, TREIBER

Re: Ancestry Announces Digitization of All 36 Million Available US Draft Cards

EdrieAnne Broughton

There are two sides to the WWII Draft cards.  The date signed is on the second side.  Use the arrow.

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Renee Steinig

Livingston Place was in Manhattan, It was renamed in the 1950s and became Perlman Place -- in memory of  New York State Judge Nathan David Perlman.

More about the street:

Not mentioned on that site is an interesting aspect of Perlman's biography: 
In the 1930s, not finding a legal means to break up German-American Bund rallies in New York City, he called on gangster Meyer Lansky for help. Lansky and his fellow Jewish mobsters went on to attack many of those rallies.

Google PERLMAN LANSKY for a number of interesting articles.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

John Anderson <counselor12721@...> wrote:

.... The d.c. gives his place of death as what appears to be 3 Livingston Place, 13th Ward of New York City. I know of Livingston Street in Brooklyn, but no Place....


Stuart Kaufer

Searching for relatives of my GF Samuel Stein who was born in Kiralyhaza and died in Chicago in March, 1957.  I know he had a sister Sara (Sadie) who lived in Hawley PA with her husband, last name Kerner.  They had no children and are both dead.
Do not know if the real last name is Stein or abbreviated when they emigrated?   I do not know if they left relatives behind in Kiralyhaza when they emigrated in early 1900's.   Thank you.

Kaufer Family

Stuart Kaufer

Searching for the relationship between Frida Kaufer Blonder who died in 1909 and my Great Grandfather Salomon Kaufer who died in 1919.  All lived in Chicago.  I know all about Frida's husband and children on the Blonder side but cannot figure out the relationship between Frida and my GGF, were they siblings?   Thanks

Re: Ancestry Announces Digitization of All 36 Million Available US Draft Cards

Sarah L Meyer

I noticed the other day that I could see the young men's WWII draft cards.  But I have not been able to see the date on the WWII draft registration cards.  I would be very appreciative if someone could tell me where to look for it. (just which line or corner).

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Seeking Family of Neche Shorr 1872 - 1940 of Rzeszow Poland

Marvin <marvin.charles@...>

Hi I'm seeking family of Neche Schorr 1872 - 1940, her parents were Chaim Schor and Sara Ryfka (Wisznizer) Schor brother Samuel 1866, Abraham, Sisters Rachel 1851. Gittel 1858,
Please email marvin.charles@...
Marvin Bude
61 0413998735

Death certificate information

John Anderson

I am looking for some explanation regarding the certificate of death (attached ) of my paternal great-great grandfather, Henry KLINE. Here is what I already know:
1. Henry KLINE (KLEIN on his d.c.) was born in Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine around Jul 1831. He came to the US around 1846, and settled in Hamilton County (Cincinnati), Ohio, but late lived in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.
2.  He married Amelia HIMMELREICH 13 Aug 1855 in Hamilton County, Ohio.
3. He worked as a " loan broker,"  "jeweler" or "merchant" over the years.

Now come my questions:
1. The d.c. gives his place of death as what appears to be 3 Livingston Place, 13th Ward of New York City. I know of Livingston Street in Brooklyn, but no Place.
2. The undertaker and Medical Attendant both give addresses in Manhattan: 206 6th Street and 235 E. 10th Street. Why would they have attended him if he died in Brooklyn?
3. Cause of his death is given as "Hepatitis diffusa;" what is the "diffusa" part?
4. Contributing to his death was "Collapsus." what was that?
5. Date of burial in Cypress Hill Cemetery appears to be Jan 18, 1875, but I am not sure if it is that or Jan. 16.
6. Given that the time from attack to his death was only 3 weeks, is that normal?

Any ideas will be appreciated.

John Anderson,
Orlando, Florida

Re: Finding researchers

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
I agree with Pieter, but you must also check when this researcher had logged for the last time : date is written in the box.
I should say that if a date is too old, hope of a reply is small.

Re: Ancestry Announces Digitization of All 36 Million Available US Draft Cards


It's really interesting to see where some of my ancestors were employed at the time!


My genealogy search story #general


Hi everybody,

I hope you will take the time to read my story.

I found out that I had Jewish family when I was almost 17 (19 years ago). My grandmother at the time, (that has been dead for many years now) who is my Mother's mother, was sick and while being with my Mum told her that we were Jewish and she had relatives and named names to my Mum that she had never heard before. Apparently German Jewish was the background.
My Mum was very surprised as she had never known this and was kept hidden from us all. After this happened I was watching the news at home in London and feeling pain watching a story on a recent terror attack in Israel. My Mum then mentioned what had happened with her and grandmother. This set off a spark inside that wanted to embrace this and know more.
This eventually became an obsession of mine. My first friend was Jewish who had family in Israel (although very Secular), which I ended up visiting in 2005, but before that I wanted to connect to Jews and Judaism. I was going through a very tough time in the early 00s as my parents had a terrible separation, but this journey was a strength for me and I was constantly in Golders Green (a vibrant Jewish area of London) everyweek, I also "randomly" started to meet and befriend Jews where ever I was it felt.
At the time when my grandmother was still alive, I tried to ask her questions about this but sadly she never wanted to talk about it or shrugged her shoulders and lit up cigarettes (she was a big smoker). She always said that she was Catholic the family years before she mentioning having Jewish ancestry. I kept asking trying to ask anyone I could, but nobody had an answer. Even my Mum (who is not really interested in Judaism or having Jewish ancestry that much) when I asked her several times through the years, it was "I can't remember everything grandmother said at the time" or "I think her grandfather Stephan was a German Jew..." and more recently "no! it was your grandmother's grandmother that was Jewish and Stephan was German...". 
This was and continues to be very confusing and frustrating for me. Because my Mum doesn't remember much and my Uncle the eldest of the siblings, had a bad relationship with my grandmother and also doesn't care regarding grandmother. And unfortunately, all the other older relatives have since passed away. 
But, I'll continue with this later... Back to the story... 
Once I went to university in the North of England in 2005, I got involved with the Chaplin Rabbi of the time and had my first real Shabbat experience. 
It blew my mind! And even though I didn't understand any of the blessings in Hebrew or what real Observance of Shabbat was, I felt very connected and it did not feel alien to me. 
As time went on I met lots of people in the Jewish student community and became close with the new Chaplin Rabbi and Chabad. During this time, I experience all the holidays and began to become observant, and experienced laying Teflillin. It was very special and I learned so much and began to grow. 
I wanted to investigate a little in my background because I wanted actual proof.
I managed to look a little into my grandmother's background until I found Stephan Camfield and Elizabeth Henrietta Dann, her grandparents. I was very sad because it saw that they married in an East London church in the 1890s and I felt like everything wasn't what I hoped for. I felt stuck and I had no help in this clarity. Although I did see that Elizabeth's Dad was Samuel Dann. 
It continued this way until I considered maybe doing some kind of conversion process just to be on the safe side. But, that ultimately did not happen as the pressure built up on me too much financially, the lack of knowing whether I'm Jewish or not and other issues. So in 2010 whilst living back in London, I dropped everything as I was so upset and not getting any help. I decided to go 'off the derech' and just live my life as a young man.
I met a Swedish girl in London through music connections, we were in a relationship for 3 years and at the end I moved to Stockholm (where I now currently live with my fiance) in 2013 to have a relationship with her, that eventually failed. During the end of that relationship I began to feel a strong pull back to Judaism after attending a Shabbat dinner at Chabad. This was in 2014, and what would be the beginning of my journey back to Judaism. During this time, I met my current fiance as I was going through this return and a close friend who brought me back into Torah Judaism. Since 2014, I have been studying so much, come back to Shabbat Observance and growing in my Kosher.
Besides this, one last thing I'll mention is going back to what I mentioned earlier... My mother about 4 years ago said that it was actually the grandmother of her mother that was Jewish and Stephan was the German. So this made me feel stronger and that it was more likely as she seemed more certain. 
I gained hope again but it still wasn't enough. 
I have realised that this whole journey has been amazing and yet very emotionally straining for me. I feel that for over 16 years now I have not had any clarity on this and I truly feel that I deserve to know once and for all so I can move on and plan my future accordingly. 
What my grandmother revealed to my mother was a huge thing and I do not for a second believe it was a coincidence. My life changed forever when I found out about having Jewish ancestry and the funny this is that about 2 years ago I found that my Dad is Jewish and that his Mom's family originally left Europe due to persecution and were Polish Jews. I met my old great uncle at a funeral and he confirmed this and can speak Yiddish. 
This was an extra source of strength for me, but didn't settle the main issue at hand. 
I need clarity and do not want to cry or feel stressed about it anymore. I'd be happy to give out as much info as I can regarding names and birthdays etc. But I have no paper work. 
Can anybody here help...?  
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I'm sure it's not the first, but I really appreciate some feedback. 
May you all blessed with health, success and growth.

Minsk Town - Kaplan Family Inn/Brewery #belarus

Carl Kaplan

There is a story in our family (Charles Kaplan and his 1st cousin Ida Arbit) that back in Minsk 1890s or early 1900s, our family owned an Inn with an onsite brewery. Supposedly it was in a small town outside of Minsk called Fanyapol. I am quite sure the spelling is wrong. Any suggestions on the correct name of the town, and whether there would be any information or photos? I did not find a Belarus SIG discussion group, but am happy to repost if someone has a link. Thank you.

Re: Finding researchers

Pieter Hoekstra


I gather you are referring to the site?

It is simple. Just click on the researchers name in the first column. This will open a correspondence box into which you type your message. Some respond, many do not bother.

Re: Ancestry Announces Digitization of All 36 Million Available US Draft Cards

sharon yampell

I just found my paternal grandfather and compared his signature with mine; they are almost the same…he died when I was 2


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA



From: Marion Werle
Sent: Saturday, February 29, 2020 9:45 PM
To: main@...
Subject: Re: [] Ancestry Announces Digitization of All 36 Million Available US Draft Cards


This is a fantastic collection - I discovered it last week and it has already solved three longtime research problems.

Marion Werle, Los Angeles, CA


Abraham Miller

Jeff Miller

I wish to thank those who responded to my request for information about Abraham Miller, particularly Sherri Bobish. Abraham was born 1892 in Ostroleka Poland.


I had learned in the last year or so that my great grandfather Abraham Mlynarz came to New York in 1904, and that my GGM, his wife Pearl Brzezinski, had stayed in Ostroleka, according to the record of the 1907 ship manifest for the arrival of her sister Pesia in New York.


My GGF Abraham Mlynarz returned to Ostroleka before his son, my grandfather Mordechai Mlynarz/Max Miller, arrived in New York in 1913. My GGF Abraham Mlynarz died in Ostroleka in 1925.


In 1915 Max was living with a cousin Abraham Miller (both born in 1892) and Abraham's wife Ida on Water Street in New York, NY. Apparently Ida's maiden name was Cohn, as this Abraham, also from Ostroleka, arrived in 1912 heading to his brother-in-law in Mechanicsville, NY.


Abraham Miller [a cousin of Max per the 1915 NY Census] was born 15 November 1892 according to his 1917 draft registration document, and at the time of his registration lived at 57 Norfolk St.


Abraham S. Miller,  who lived at 57 Norfolk Street in NY, died in New York on October 18, 1918, and was buried in Montefiore Cemetery. His father was David Miller, and his mother Leah Goldstein.


In the portion of my family tree created by a genealogy research team that found the 1915 Census record for me, Abraham is in the tree as a nephew of my GGF.


Another record found after the discovery of the death information lists in the 1920 Census a widow Ida Miller with daughters Annie Miller, age 5, and Fannie Miller, age 4.


Follow-up questions include why would a nephew be named similarly to a living uncle? What happened to Annie and Fannie Miller after the 1920 Census?


Please reply directly to me with family information. Thank you in advance to all who respond.


Warmest Regards,

Jeff Miller



Please help us solve a 50 Yr Old Family Mystery! - how a critical mass of data can make the difference

Stanley Diamond

Dear fellow researchers,

The many posts with suggestions and links to help Sophia Cohen solve this family mystery
brings to mind the important lesson that JRI-Poland has been teaching for many years.

That is, the benefits of being able to search online accessible full extracts. In the Fall 2018
Avotaynu article, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland: The Effect of Reaching Critical Mass
we stress the importance of the JRI-Poland Phase 3 initiative to create full extracts of all data -
not just basic indices.

As the article stresses, with full extracts, "Not only can researchers find a grandparent or
even a parent in the search results, they often follow the trail of record indexes, extracts and
scans from town to town, each step adding generations to their ancestral tree—and multiple
branches of what may have been previously unknown family"

When full extracts of records for clusters of towns are available online, researchers are often
able to build an Extensive collection of information pertinent to their family history such as is
currently is possible with the towns in the Zaglembie area in southern Poland (Bedzin,
Sosnowiec, Dabrowa Gornicza and many nearby towns).

For more information on the Phase 3 full extraction initiative for your town, please write to:
[townname]   For announcements about current activities of JRI-Poland, 
subscribe to the JRI-Poland discussion group mailing list at

Stanley Diamond, Montreal
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

WIDELEC, ARKER, NOWES, RUBINSZTAJN (Ostrów Mazowiecka, Wyszków, Poręba-Kocęby)
RUSSIN (Suchawola)

Re: Ancestry Announces Digitization of All 36 Million Available US Draft Cards

Marion Werle

This is a fantastic collection - I discovered it last week and it has already solved three longtime research problems.

Marion Werle, Los Angeles, CA

Givatayim, Israel - Meeting March 4, 2020 -

Hinda Solomon

For Me, the War Began in 1945

IGRA - Israel Genealogy Research Association
Speakers: Diana Fein-Sealtiel & David Rob Sealtiel
The lecture will be in Hebrew

David Robert Sealtiel was born in Amsterdam on 18 March 1940, a few months before the Germans invaded the Netherlands. Robbie, a two-and-a-half-year-old toddler, was transferred to a town in North Holland. There he was hidden in a loving Christian family until 1946.  When he was returned to his biological mother, the real difficulties began for him. His whole world was turned upside down. From a Christian child, a Frisian speaker, from a small town, with a loving family, he was suddenly a Jewish child, a Dutch speaker, from a large city, with a disturbed mother and countless difficulties. Only when he reached the age of 13, at his bar mitzvah ceremony, did the rabbi tell him things that once again shook his world, but positively. Thus began his quest to find his father's family, the father he never knew.

Shazar Community Center, ground floor
30 Yavne’eli St.,Givatayim
Wheelchair accessible

Entrance fee NIS 20.     IGRA members no charge
19:30 Mingling and light refreshments
20:00 - 21:30 Lecture

Map:  :
E-mail:  hinda@...

Posted by Hinda Solomon
Rishon LeZion, Israel

#russia #latvia #doctors #courland #lithuania #latvia #courland #lithuania

Jo Ann Goldwater

Will you be in the Sarasota FL area on Tuesday March 10th?

At 2PM, at Temple Beth Israel on Longboat Key, I will be showing a 30 minute video about Dr. Abraham Ber (known as Boris Leibovitch in Russia) Kagan, a physician, educator, social activist and revolutionary. The video was made in 2015, more than 100 years after his death in the Moscow province. It is in Russian with English subtitles.

Dr. Kagan, my grandmother's brother, was born in Zhager, (now Lithuania) in 1870, but the family moved to Riga when he was a child. He went to gymnasium in Riga and then went on to medical school at the University of Moscow, where he graduated in 1893. 

Before the video I will be showing some photos of the trip that I took to Russia last summer and other trips to Latvia and Lithuania.

Everyone is welcome. For more details see attached poster.

33141 - 33160 of 673441