JGS of Long Island Meeting #usa

Jackie Wasserstein



Next Meeting Topic Is:


“Seeking Sanctuary: 125 years of

Synagogues on Long Island”

Brad Kolodny


From Great Neck to Montauck and Atlantic Beach to Greenport, Brad Kolodny has visited and photographed every current and former synagogue building on Long Island.  He’ll speak about his four year journey to document all these Jewish houses of worship and share many little-known facts about the Jewish community in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.


Brad has has photographed six hundred synagogues in thirteen countries.  He is the author of SEEKING SANCTUARY: 125 YEARS OF SYNAGOGUES ON LONG ISLAND.


  Sunday, March 22 at 2:00 pm






Please note that this meeting will be held in a different room upstairs, studio A/B.


Admission is free and all are Welcome.  Our “Mavens” are available at 1:30 PM to take your genealogy questions.


Jackie Wasserstein

 Past President

SWITKES-KATZ, Looking for Descendants

Carol Jean Weightman

I am looking for any relatives of

Elias Leib SWITKES, born 15 December 1880 In Czernowitz, then Rumania

married to:

Emilia KATZ, born 11 March 1882 in Lviv

Both living in Leibzig, both were deported and murdered in the Holocaust

There was a sizeable Switkes family in Czernowitz. Maybe some relatives emigrated.

I would be interested in any information, particularly whether or not Elias and Emilia or their siblings had children.

Thank you.

Carol Jean Weightman

Johannesburg Cemeteries online #southafrica

Julian & Sharon Peerutin



Is there any online searchable site for Johannesburg cemeteries? I have members of my family that I know died in Johannesburg but I do not know what cemetery. I would also like to get a photo of the tombstones.




Julian Peerutin



VELER / WELLER & SARFINOVICH / SHARFINOWITZ Linkuva / Kupiskis / Panevezys, Lithuania; CINDEL / TSINDEL Kupiskis, Lithuania; LEVIN Rokiskis/Kupiskis, Lithuania; PICK / CHAIT Birz, Lithuania; DIAMOND / DIAMANT / ORELASKY / OLESKY Siluva, Lithuania; DRUKER / PENN Dvinsk, Latvia; HIRSCHSOHN / LEVENBERG / LEVINSOHN / MANDELSTAMM Kuldiga / Pilten / Liepaja, Latvia; NYMAN / NEIMAN Poland / Scotland / Australia; PEERUTIN / PIRUTIN / PIRUTINSKY Kraslava / Dvinsk, Latvia; Vitebsk, Belarus; TAL Friedirichstadt, Latvia / Rokiskis, Lithuania


Re: somewhat lost

Richard Werbin

I think these are your people.

Here is Schlome Muhlbauer 15 & father Baruch arriving 11 Nov 1913 from Kossow, Galicia

Here is father Benjamin / Baruch naturalization records 
Wife = Mollie
Children = Samuel born 12 June 1899 & Ida born 20 Aug 1907

Sister Ida's marriage.  20 Oct 1928 to Philip Grodin
Lists her mother as Molie Pearl and father as Benjamin

Re: somewhat lost

Richard Werbin

I think this might be Samuel's sister Ida Muhlbauer's marriage record.

Parents are listed as Benjamin Muhlbauer & Mollie Pearl.

Re: somewhat lost

Richard Werbin

Did Samuel have a brother named Max from Kossow, Austria? I found naturalization papers. Also 1920 Census.
Also parents named Benjamin & Bella also from Kossow.

Schlome Mahlbauer 15 & father Burech Mahlbauer 42 arrived 12 Nov 1913 on ship Prince Friedrich Wilhelm from Kossow, Galicia.

If this sounds right, email me and I will send images.

Re: somewhat lost

Sherri Bobish

Re:  Samuel Muhlbauer

I think this is the family on the 1940 census:

Try searching at for more census, and other documents.  In 1940 he is listed as Sam.
Surnames are often mispelled on census and other places, so try doing a non-exact surname search.

Regards,   Sherri Bobish   NJ, USA

JGASPhiladelphia March 15, 2020 Meeting Cancelled

Lois Sernoff

JGASPhiladelphia  March 15, 2020 Meeting Cancelled
Due to a current case of the Corona Virus affecting a local physcian and the recommendation of the CDC to avoid large gatherings,
it has been decided that we should cancel our scheduled meeting.
 Lois Sernoff  [JGASGP]

Is this the same person?


Can any of you tell by just reading this record if the father mentioned on Osher Mishalov's record, Yakov Mishalov Paderiver, is the same man listed on the next record as Yakov-Zev-Wolf Mieshelov?  Is Zev-Wolf part of his name or does it mean something else? It has been determined that the name Paderiver could be derived fro the name of a small community near Slutsk. If they are the same man, could the third record for A. Lipman Lifshits Mishalov also be his son and a brother to Osher? 




2 R.Ch. Kislev 5665 (IV)                 


              3013 On Wednesday the second day of 'rosh-khodesh' of Kislev (9 November 1904) passed away a dear G-D fearing man the venerable rabbi mh'r r OSHER the son of the rabbi m YAKOV MISHALOVxxxvi PADERIVER the son-in-law of the rabbi m MORDEKHAI MIEDIL and he rests in an empty place to the south side by the venerable rabbi mh'r r ELIEZER who passed away on the twelfth day of Iyar 5664 (27 April 1904) and to the town side by DAVID who passed away on 'rosh-khodesh' of Sivan (15 May 1904) one row before 'five' to the town side              Pinkas of the Chevra Kadisha / 

2 R.       MIESHELOV, Yakov-Zev Volf                        



11 Shvat 5678 (V)              

Father: Yisrael MIESHELOV

                1117 On Thursday the eleventh day of Shvat (24 January 1918) passed away the elderly eighty-four years of age mh'r r YAKOV-ZEV VOLF the son of mh'r YISRAEL MIESHELOV and he rests by r ELIEZER ZUSMAN who passed away on the holy day of Shabat the twenty-eighth day of the aforementioned Tevet (12 January 1918) row 'six' by the 'geonim' to the south side   Pinkas of the Chevra Kadisha / 

Slutsk / Belarus 
 MISHALOV, A. Lipman LIFSHITS                      


1  10-Feb-1896           26 Shvat 5656 (II)               


    Father Z. Volf MISHALOV

    4252 On Monday the twenty-sixth of Shvat (10 February 1896) pased away for a cause of a horse mh'r A LIPMANxx the son of mh'r r Z VOLF MISHALOV the son-in-law of r DOV LIFSHITS and he rests by         MOSHEH who passed away on the fifth of Shvat 5655 (30 January 1895) in row a a to the south side            Pinkas of the Chevra Kadisha /

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this for me. 



Re: Happy Purim

Sheri Meisel

On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 9:55 AM Avraham Groll <agroll@...> wrote:

Dear JewishGen Community,

As we celebrate Purim, and the salvation of the Jewish people in the face of overwhelming odds, I wish to thank you for your involvement with JewishGen.

People don’t always realize just how vital our services really are, particularly to those whose families were decimated by the Holocaust, and who feel that their family trees are simply desolate. 

It is because of your support that:

  • JewishGen has provided solace to Holocaust Survivors
  • siblings have been reunited
  • cousins have been discovered
  • thousands of people have reconnected with their Jewish history and heritage.

It is because of your support that so many people have celebrated their own personal Purim stories within the context of Jewish genealogy. Who can define the impact when one discovers that h/she is not alone in this world?

This Purim holiday, I hope you will recognize and appreciate the vital role you play in connecting so many people around the world - it is something we are all truly grateful for.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Purim.
Avraham Groll and the entire JewishGen Team

Re: MANDEL's #belarus

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

I am a Mandel. Family tree is on Ancestry. They go back to the late 1700’s in Rohatyn which was Austria and now Poland. Grandfather was Osias Mandel. They lived in Bridgeport CT and Brooklyn NY
Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

berkowitz family

Maurice I. Kessler

Hi Genners,


I am trying to find a great Uncle’s family that was unknown  to us before.  Usual thing where brothers don’t talk to each other.


Morris & Flora Jacobus Berkowitz had 6 children,  Francis, Hattie, Leo, Josephine, Birdie, and Helen. All Born in NY.


Morris was born  in Suwalki, Russia.  Flora Germany.  I think by now they are all deceased.  I would like to try and find any


living family, probably grand children.


Thank you


Maurice Kessler






Re: City of Rotterdam Archives Posts Passenger Lists of Holland America Line 1900-1920 #Netherlands #Passenger Lists

Harry Auerbach

I clicked on the first link, the Rotterdam site. Google prompted me to translate the page, and I was able, by clicking the "search passenger lists" link, to get a search field.

There does not appear to be a field for the name of the vessel. If you know the name of the vessel, you can add it to the Keywords field.

Harry Auerbach
AUERBACH/MIRSKY (Brest-Litovsk, Jerusalem)
GREENFELD/LEWKOWICZ (Lodz, Piotrkow Tribunalski)
RICE/RAJC (Zychlin)
MARGET (Vilna)

Gravestones Posted to ViewMate - Photo Enhancement Needed


Hi All,

I have posted photos of two different gravestones on ViewMate. I
believe one of them might be the grave of my great great grandfather
Josef DUCHOWNY. A kind JewishGenner took these photos at Washington
Cemetery in Brooklyn, noting that all of the words on them had eroded
with time. Someone recently suggested that I post them to ViewMate,
with the hope that someone might be able to bring something out with
some magic photo enhancing software. If you are a whiz with this kind
of thing, I would be very grateful if you would take a look. I have
higher resolution photos than those posted to ViewMate. They are
posted here:

Thank you!
Laurie Duchowny

ViewMate translation request - Yiddish

Debra Price

I request a translation of 3 posts, all part of the same short document.  The first is on ViewMate at the following address and the next 2 at #78867 & #78838.

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you so much,

Debra Price

Researching: Chunowicz from Makow Mazowiecki and Pultusk


SPERBER - Sieniawa, Poland; later Vienna?

Joseph Lonstein

A few months ago I sent this request to the Galicia SIG, but am now sending it broadly because I can't get past this brick wall:

I'm searching for descendants of Marim SCHYRAK/SHERAK/SZYROK (b. 1874; daughter of Solomon Chaskel SCHYRAK and Reisel SCHIPPER) and her husband Moses Wolf SPERBER (b. 1870; son of Lieb SPERBER and Lea LAUFER) all from Sieniawa, Galicia, Poland.  This couple legally married in Sieniawa in 1909, and Moses Wolf SPERBER died in Sieniawa in 1915. 

One of their sons, Liebisch SPERBER (b. 1900) lived in Vienna starting in the 1930s until being deported and killed in Auschwitz in 1942.  The IKG Wien sent me some records and Liebisch was single and had no children.  No close relatives in Austria were listed.  The Sieniawa archives has a 1920 petition to legally state that Moses Wolf SPERBER was his father.

I can't find anything about four other children of this family born in Sieniawa.  These four nor their mother Marim are not found in any Sieniawa vital records after the children's births through the end of indexing in 1945, so presumably they did not die in childhood?  I've searched for them using their birthdates and many variations on their names on the relevant JG databases, Gesher Galicia, Myheritage, Ancestry, Familysearch, Ellis Island Database, IKG Wien, GenTeam, Yad Vashem, Bad Arolsen,,  The IKG Wien said they have no records of these four, at least based on the names I have for them from their Sieniawa birth records.  In 1938, their brother Liebisch does not list them as possible sponsors to come to the U.S., but instead a mutual cousin in New York who I know of, so presumably these siblings did not come to the States by 1938 if ever?

1) Beile SCHYRAK, parents were unmarried at birth but possibly later took her father's name SPERBER (b. February 27, 1902)
2) Mendel SCHYRAK, parents were unmarried at birth but possibly later took his father's name SPERBER (b. July 24, 1906)
3) Lea SPERBER (b. March 13, 1909)
4) Zelig SPERBER (b. May 21, 1911)

I found other SPERBERs from Sieniawa a generation older than these four children:  On Ellis Island database an Israel SPERBER (b. 1874) coming to NYC in 1893, Sam SPERBER (b. 1887) coming to NYC in 1905 to meet a Vinea Raudsis (Raudnitz?), and Liebish SPERBER  (b. 1872) coming to NYC in 1898 to meet sister E. BURSTEIN.  I can trace these three men in the U.S. Census records, but so far find no connection.  Israel SPERBERs gravestone indicates he was not a brother of Moses Wolf (different father's name).  Elsewhere I found an Abraham SPERBER (b. 1892) from Sieniawa who was killed in Brussels in 1942. 

Any connections or suggestions?

Thank you,

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, MI, USA 

Re: City of Rotterdam Archives Posts Passenger Lists of Holland America Line 1900-1920 #Netherlands #Passenger Lists

Harry Boonin

I found what I was looking for. Has anyone translated to English the headings of the various columns on the spread sheets for the passengers Lists?

My family had nine (9) people. Three were charged full price, five were charged half price (young children) and my mom, being under two, was not charged (mom was always tight with the buck). This, of course, is a guess until I get the column-heading translations.

If one column is the price of tickets, does anyone know how this can be converted to the dollar in 1906.

The ID# of microfilm page is NL-RtSA_318-04_824_00067.jpg

There are more than a few columns with numbers. Wonder what all the numbers are?
Harry D. Boonin
Warrington, Pennsylvania
Searching for: Marcus DAWIDOWSKY My grandfather’s name is listed as Marcus Rawidowsky in the Rotterdam City Records.

Re: MANDEL's #belarus


Since I replied to the group earlier, I will do so again.  My aunt told me that her MANDEL family is originally from Austria, so not closely linked to the Belarus MANDEL family.  FWIW, her father was Philip MANDEL from Austria and her mother Celia WEINSTEIN from Romania.  They lived for many years in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and also had a hotel (name unknown) in the Catskills. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: MANDEL's #belarus


My 100 year old aunt by marriage is a MANDEL.  I was focused on my direct ancestors, so I have no information on hers, though I remember her father from when i was a child. I will call and ask her about her family's roots.  Her mind is as good as ever.  

quoted text: 
I have been researching my MANDEL roots for almost two decades now and can
demonstrate (to my own satisfaction at least!) that:-

1. While there were plenty of Mandel's in German-speaking areas of 19th
century Europe as well as in Hungary and what became Czechoslovakia, there
were relatively few in that part of the Pale of Settlement which became
Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia.

2. Those very few who lived in Belarus (the Minsk Gubernya) were largely
concentrated in the Slutsk and Novogrudok Uezds.

3. These latter almost all stemmed >from a single family, who already
appeared in the1816-19 Revisions as "MANDEL"
(pure and simple - not Mendel, or Mandelbaum, or any other common

By the turn of the 19th century, there was quite an extensive cousinhood of
these MANDEL's in the "old country",
but by the end of World War I, half of them (and their descendants) seem to
have disappeared into thin air.

The question is where the heck did they go to? And so my question to y'all
is do you have any Belarussian MANDEL's on your trees?

Anyone who has may hit a jackpot, because I have 200 years of documented
family history to share.

Please reply privately.

Neville Mandel-LAMDAN,
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

somewhat lost



I've subscribed here for about a year and really only lurk. I have no
skills as a genealogist. I really only know a few things about my
family which I'll put here. I would love some suggestions about how to
verify or correct these (mis?)perceptions about my origins.

1) my maternal grandfather Samuel Muhlbauer came over from the
austro-hungarian empire on a boat to NY around 1910 as a boy of 15
with his father, settling in Brooklyn.
2) my mother always told me that her father was:
2.1) hungarian (though my mother grew up speaking English and yiddish
- knew no Hungarian).
2.2) was a member of the 'kussover' (kossover?) society in brooklyn
2.3) was a member of the masonic temple
3) he married my maternal grandmother Fannie Geller who had been born
in Brooklyn Fannie had a younger brother named Jerry Geller.
4) my maternal grandfather's mother's (my maternal great grandmother)
first name was Molly/Mollie and her maiden name was 'Pearl' or 'Perl'.
5) supposedly, in the old country, the Perls owned an Inn. I don't
know anything about what the Muhlbauer's did.
5) I don't know for sure but I'm guessing that kossover society has
something to do with Kassa/Kosice?
6) I do know that while my mother Arlene Muhlbauer and her sister
Shirley Muhlbauer were growing up in Brooklyn (Williamsburg?) my
grandfather and grandmother (Fannie Muhlbauer née Geller) owned a
fabric store.

So.. I really have no idea(s) where to begin.. Any
advice/recommendations welcome. Happy Purim everyone!


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