Translaton request (Polish to English) via Viewmate #lithuania


I've posted three vital records in Polish for which I need a translation. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses... one or all three, I greatly appreciate any help.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page

Thank you,
S. Kauffman

Zas / Sass - Zasliai & NYC #lithuania


Researching the following.  See for more information (e.g., sources).


1 MOVSHA ZAS b: Abt 1765

+ [unknown spouse]

...2 ZELMAN ZAS b: Abt 1787

      + TSERNA ? b: 1780

......3 VULF ZAS b: 1806 in Žasliai, Kaisiadorys, Lithuania

         + RYVKA KHAYA ? b: 1804

.........4 LEIZER DAVID SASS b: 1842

            + SHEYNA BASHEVA ELLENBOGEN b: 10 Oct 1838 in Vilnius, m: 28 Feb 1861 in Vilnius, Lithuania, d: 24 Dec 1917 in NY, NY

............5 HANNA MARY SASS b: 22 Feb 1862 in Viilnius, Lithuania, d: 25 Aug 1937 in NY, NY

            + MORDECAI SIMON KAUFFMAN b: 25 May 1855 in Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania; Kowno, m: 16 Mar 1879 in NY, NY , d: 18 Apr 1904 in NY, NY

............5 Rose Sarah SASS b: 29 Dec 1863 in Russia, d: 18 May 1924 in NY, NY

            + Marks Simon HARRIS b: Abt 1863, m: 26 Feb 1882 in NY, NY

............5 Samuel SASS b: Apr 1870 in Russia-Poland, d: 08 Jul 1927 in NY, NY

               + Adeline Alberta GREEN b: 1872 in NY, NY, m: 20 Mar 1900 in NY, NY , d: 17 Oct 1951 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY

               + Louis LIVINGSTON b: 1865 in Germany, m: 19 Mar 1893 in NY, NY, d: 04 Apr 1924 in NY, NY

............5 Katie SASS b: 1874 in NY, NY d: Abt 10 Aug 1958 in NY, NY

............5 Avraam Zelman SASS b: 15 Apr 1866 in Gelvonai, Sirvintos, Lithuania, d: 10 Jun 1867 in Vilnius, Lithuania

.........4 Sorka ZAS b: 1828

.........4 Erukhim Yudel ZAS b: 08 Aug 1843 in Vilnius,  Lithuania

......3 Iudel ZAS b: 1812, d: 1845

         + Shyra ? b: 1810

......3 Peisakh Eliash ZAS b: 1800 in Žasliai, Kaisiadorys, Lithuania, d: 1819


In addition, it is very likely Mas SASS is related but do not know how:


1 Walter SASS b: Abt 1835

   + Fanny BRODY b: Abt 1835

...2 Max SASS b: 10 May 1865 in Russia, d: 21 Mar 1937 in Manhattan, NY, NY

      + Theresa RUBENSTEIN b: 24 Dec 1864 in Russia, m: 15 Jan 1890 in NY, NY , d: 17 Nov 1923 in Bronx, Bronx County, NY

......3 Lillie SASS b: 19 Oct 1890 in Manhattan, NY, NY , d: 22 Nov 1964 in NY, NY

         + David Joseph LIPPMAN b: 05 Apr 1880 in Russia, m: 18 Jun 1916 in NY, NY , d: 20 Jul 1956 in NY, NY

.........4 Theresa LIPPMAN b: 1927 in NY, d: 20 Nov 1964

             + Gilbert P. CUTLER b: Abt 1927, m: 01 Jan 1949

......3 Walter SASS b: Abt 1897 in NY

         + Gertrude PUTH m: 18 Nov 1919 in NY City, NY

......3 Celia SASS b: 18 Jul 1892 in Manhattan, NY, NY

         + Herman H. RUBIN b: Abt 1890 in NY, m: 16 Mar 1920 in NY, NY , d: 21 Jul 1962 in Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts

.........4 Blanche RUBIN b: Abt 1920 in NY

.........4 David RUBIN b: Abt 1926 in NY

......3 Jessie SASS b: 28 Mar 1894 in NY, NY , d: 30 Apr 1975 in Woodmere, Nassau County, NY

         + Samuel Herman BERLIN b: 21 Apr 1890 in Poland, m: 24 Oct 1926 in NY, NY, d: 15 Dec 1960 in NY, NY

.........4 Arnold BERLIN b: 17 May 1928 in NY

......3 Walter SASS b: 14 Jul 1896 in NY, NY , d: 06 Nov 1964 in Manhattan, NY County (Manhattan), NY

......3 Edward SASS b: 18 Dec 1898 in NY, NY, d: 08 Nov 1974 in Miami, Dade, FL

         + Lillian FINE b: Abt 1900, m: 16 Jun 1929 in NY, NY

......3 Milton SASS b: 27 Aug 1904 in New York, New York, USA, d: Feb 1987 in NY, NY

         + Juliette LEVY b: 27 Jan 1909 in New York, m: 24 May 1931 in NY, NY, d: 17 Sep 1992 in NY, NY

.........4 Marion T. SASS b: 19 Apr 1935 in NY

            + Charles WEINSTOCK m: Abt 1959

.........4 Ellen SASS b: Abt 1933 in NY

            + ? EVANS b: Abt 1930


Any info is welcome. 

S. Kauffman



ViewMate - Russian to English #translation

charles goldenzon

Dear JGenners, 

I would appreciate help with the extraction of the below vital records. 


Charles Goldenzon
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ask The MyHeritage Expert - How To Colorize Photos

Daniel Horowitz

This Tuesday, March 24 @ 3pm EST "Ask The Expert - How To Colorize Photos" 30 min to learn how to make the most of MyHeritage new feature that automatically colorizes your black and white #family #photos #genealogy #ancestors  REGISTER NOW

Best regards
Daniel Horowitz

ViewMate translation: 78823: Gravestone: Hebrew to English

Denise Azbill <Famaz1@...>

I've posted a vital record in Hebrew for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much!

Denise Azbill

ViewMate: Image 78823, Gravestone: Hebrew to English Translation


I've posted a vital record in Hebrew for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

This gravestone is in Abaujszanto, Hungary.

Denise Azbill

#germany - Decipher hand written word in German script #germany

Richard Oppenheimer

Hello Friends,
One of the benefits of the corona virus  is providing us extra time to review old documents while staying home. I have my grandparents Marriage Registration Certificate from Augsburg Germany dated 1918.
Apparently a child of the bride was illegitimate, my father. But there is one word I can not decipher. Hopefully one our geniuses can help me here. I have included a photo and attached it as a file as well. The word I can not read is on the lower right hand side. It is followed by  "am 27.8.18 " on 27 August 1918.
Thanks for your help.

Richard Oppenheimer

Re: Need assistance getting three vital records from Berlin #germany

Andreas Schwab

The Düppel Center, also know as the Schlachtensee displaced persons camp, was located at Potsdamer Chaussee 87 in Berlin near the Schlachtensee lake, within the Steglitz-Zehlendorf borough of Berlin. The marriage and birth registers of the years you are looking for have not yet been transferred to the Berlin State Archives and should still be at the Steglitz-Zehlendorf civil registration office (Standesamt).

At the website of the Steglitz-Zehlendorf borough it is stated that only direct descendants have access to the records. However, according to German privacy laws, marriage records are protected for 60 years, so you should be able to obtain the marriage records. I would first contact the civil registration office at standesamt@... . The birth record is still under privacy protection.

Need help connecting family from Ostrog Russia

Rachelle Litt

Matriarch is Elke (Annie) RUBENSTEN(RUVENSTEN) with daughter Dwogre, and her children Wolf, and Josel. Would like to find marriage info on Elke and Dwogre in Ostrog. . She arrived in Phila in 1910 on USS Merion from Liverpool.Family lore has it that Dwogre also married a RUBENSTEIN so her name never really changed in the US.  Also that she was married twice and her second husband Abraham took her name RUBENSTEIN and was really a SHUSTERMAN.  Would like confirmation of this. Trying to connect them with a Phillip (Fivel) WESNEFSKY  also from Ostrog. It appears Philip came over as Jacob WISNEWFSKY. His son is Maurice Jacob WISNEFSKY(NEFF)  Dwogre became Dora in US and had a son Philip named for the above. This is a brick wall for me. Thanks to anyone who can help. Connect directly at rlittrph@...
Rachelle Litt
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Re: Szmul vs Szlama #names

Shelley Mitchell

As I have family who are both, my Shmul translates to Samuel and my Szloma/Szlomo translates to Simon. As a bonus, my Zalman translates to Solomon. But I have no idea if this is common.

Shelley Mitchell
Shelley Mitchell 

New Databases on IGRA’s Website #israel

Elena Bazes

The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) has just released new databases on its website. There are over 1,500,000 listings available in our databases. With each release we provide a variety of records to our collection.


A preview of the databases is available at


Beit Hameiri, Safed, Card Catalog     109 Listings


Rosh Pina Census 1886     198 Listings


Deportation 1914-1917       81 Listings


Residents of Tel Aviv 1918-1920     4,390 Listings


Settlers and Founders   Pardes Hanna     669 Listings


Students of Alliance, Morocco, Fes and Demante  1917-1964     3,292 Listings


Medals, Awards, Star Decorations to British Soldiers  1939/1943   Palestine      135 Listings


Immigrants   1940         5,335 Listings


World Zionist Congress Delegates   1961     2,256 Listings



Before viewing the databases, please register for free on the IGRA website:


Please note, the IGRA databases are now searchable to all registrants. The search results page is also available to all registrants. Additional details regarding most databases are available only to paid IGRA members. Certain exceptions exist due to requests of the specific archives.



To view the databases, go to the database tab on the website.

Elena Biegel Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chair

Re: New Mailing List Format

Sarah L Meyer

Many older people do genealogy and are not familiar with hashtags.  I suggest that if one is required, we be able to create our own.  If there is an obvious spelling error let the computer fix it (ie Germny instead of Germany) but otherwise let the people who have little computer skills (just read and write email) alone.  You can do the hashtags and while I do not generally use them, I could manage one that seems relevant.  But when people ask about a particular family name that may have been in 10 countries I do not think that anything other than the family name should be the hashtag!

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

#poland - Searching for HALLAY, ZAGON and DIMANSKY (Ortelsburg) #poland

Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan

I am stuck with my search for my grandparents in #Poland and am searching for help. Here is what I know, starting at my grandmother:

Maria HALLAY, born 10.3.1904 in Rotthausen (Gelsenkirchen) –> my grandmother
- Johann HALLAY, born 19.10.1872 in Swietajno (Poland) -> her father
---- Wilhelm HALLAY, born 1848 in Swietajno (Poland) -> his father
---- mother unkknown
- Wilhelmine ZAGON, born 27.1.1880 in Szimanky (Poland) -> her mother

---- Adam ZAGON, died 6.4.1918 -> her father
---- Amortha Dimansky -> her mother

I would also be grateful for the eMail-Address of a professional researcher who is specialized on this region in Poland.

Thank you!

[Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan, Har Adar, Israel]

Children named after their living parents #general

charles goldenzon

This 1830 Ozarow marriage record,detail,104490,14, found in Genbaza, is of Rubin Goldblum and Matla Goldsztajn. I have strong reasons to believe that this 1835,detail,104482,2 and this 1838,detail,104495,9 Ozarow birth records, found in Genbaza, relate to the same couple, despite one being Goldblum and the other Goldsztajn. 

But what puzzles me is the fact that in the former, the newborn is named after his LIVING father Rubin, whereas in the latter, the newborn is named after her LIVING mother Matla. Neither of the above records indicates that Rubin Sr. or Matla Sr. had an ancestor with those names. 

Is there a particular context for Rubin and Matla to have named their children after themselves?


Charles Goldenzon
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Re: I'd like to know their dates of birth and death and where in what is now Germany they were born #germany

Andreas Schwab

Schwarzenau is now part of the municipality of Bad Berleburg.
Have you contacted the city of Bad Berlelburg? They will have BMD records starting 1876 and possibly residence registration data. 

The town archivist is

Rikarde Riedesel
Kultur und Erwachsenenbildung
Poststraße 42
57319 Bad Berleburg
Telefon: +49-2751-923-232
Fax: +49-2751-923-17-232
E-Mail: r.riedesel@...

Re: Szmul vs Szlama #names

Sheila Toffell

All variations of the same name. The  Szlama translation would sound like Shloymeh. It was how the person entering the record heard it. Samuel was his formal, legal name and Shmuel his Yiddish / Hebrew name. Whoever was giving the registrar the info at some point in time probably gave their own version. The actual dates of events varied, bc the Jewish calendar was being used to remember when a lifetime event happened. For example, my maternal GM was officially born on May 1st, 1886 but it she was probably born around Shavuot and May was a calculation.

GROSZ from B Aranyos or Barkazo #austria-czech

Moishe Miller

Dear Group,

I hope you are all safe and healthy.

I am researching the family of my great-grandmother, Sarah (Sally)
Schonfeld nee Miller (1879-1952) who was born in Tisza Keresceny.
Gratefully, the volunteers and professional team at JewishGen have
indexed the town records and provided a link to the FHC digital images.

When I search for
Surname (phonetically like) : GROSS AND
Town (phonetically like) : KERESCENY AND
Givenname (phonetically like) : SALAMON AND
Surname (phonetically like) : SCHONFELD

I get 3 results, my g-gm and two of her siblings. Her record, recorded
as Zalie, has no comments. However, her siblings give their parents
birth towns. For Solomon (Shlome Schonfeld/Miller) it lists his town of
birth as Lenarto(v), which I am familiar with and is in Saros county,
present-day Slovakia. For their mother, Hani (Chaya) Grosz, the comments
list her birth town as either B. Aranyos or Barkazo.

Does anyone know the current name and location of B Aranyos or Barkazo?
Are they the same place? Is it really "Barkazo Aranyos"?

Thank you,

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

#Holocaust #Döbrököz #Tolna #holocaust #holocaust

Alex Magocsi

While researching the Roman Catholic side of my family, I came upon 11 names of Jews who "disappeared" from the town of Döbrököz, Tolna County, in 1944.
The names were added to the Civil Records of the town in 1949.  
If anyone is interested, the names can be found on LDS Film 2377528, images 202 and 203.
I unfortunately cannot read the names, otherwise I would add them here.

Alex Magocsi

Re: #germany Kindertransport Relatives / Saxony / Chemnitz #germany #holocaust

Judith Diamond

See book - Pa vag till Israel by Emil Gluck, or English version (Hachshara and Youth Aliyah in Sweden 1933-1948).  

Judith Diamond, London, Uk


Re: Can I assume ROSENBLUMs buried in Brisker cemetery section came from Brest?


Dear Judy,
Your family may even have roots in Tuszyn, Poland as the surname Rosenblum is here as well.

Please, write to me,

Robert Kobylarczyk,

28921 - 28940 of 669640