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Ury Link

Dear Genners

The given famine name Ida get out from the Hebrew Biblical name Jehudith (Yudith) יהודית.
The name Ida was used in the German countries in the Middle Ages,
From them it go over to the Jews that live there.
You have a lot of variation of this name ,like Ide,Yte,Yute, and more.
The name Ida have nothing to do with the name Chaike.
Not every combination of names is the same variant of the first of second name.
Best regards

ury Link

Re: Fogel family in Rivne or Rowno is this the same place #ukraine

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

People should know that copyright laws prohibit 'publishing' material fairly new or new material without the author's approval. Just because you can attach something, that doesn't make it legal.
Our moderators should be on the alert as well.
Sally Bruckheimer
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Re: Prohibition Bootleggers and Sacramental Wine "Fake Rabbis" #usa #general

Vicki Adelson

Another great source of information on this topic -- only centered in Detroit -- is "The Purple Gang: Organized Crime in Detroit 1910-1945" by Paul R. Kavieff (2000). Found my husband's grandfather in it. Fascinating. A good read! 

Re: Surnames separated by a small r #galicia


This subject has come up before in the discussion group.  You can do a search on the word "recte" in the discussion group archives and see 50+ messages.

r = recte   It means the correct name, in your example, is Kessler

The archived messages discuss possible reasons for this type of name change.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 3/30/2020 12:17 PM, Dorcey Rose wrote:

I am curious about surnames in the Galicia archives from Zablotow area, for example, Reischer r Kessler. What does the little r stand for? Could it be Reischer son of Kessler? I have seen this quite a bit in archives from the area. Thanks so much. Dorcey
Dorcey Rose
Florida US

Name IDA #names

Herbert Lazerow

The Hebrew name of someone who took the English name Ida might have been Eta, Ita, or Chayah, or their derivatives.
Herbert Lazerow
Professor of Law, University of San  lazer@...
Author: Mastering Art Law (Carolina Academic Press 2015)

Re: What became of the Suwalki-Lomza group run by Marilyn? #lithuania

Maurice I. Kessler

My wife's grandparents BERKOVITS/BERKOWITZ are from Suwalki.  Her grand mother said they were from Minsk area.

Was this Minsk Geburnia ca the 1900's

Maurice Kessler

Signing mail #general

Carol Raspler

Hello All: hope this finds you well!
Please be sure to sign your eMail with your name and place - place being so important and fun for the rest of us around the world!

Carol Raspler
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Shelley Mitchell

I have seen the names Ite and Etie. Ida might be an English version.
Shelley Mitchell. NYC

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In my family, every time a woman named Ida appears, her Jewish name is Chaje.
Joyce Weaver
Islip, NY
Seeking DAIBOCH, VILNER from Grodno Gubernia, Belarus

Surnames separated by a small r #galicia

Dorcey Rose

I am curious about surnames in the Galicia archives from Zablotow area, for example, Reischer r Kessler. What does the little r stand for? Could it be Reischer son of Kessler? I have seen this quite a bit in archives from the area. Thanks so much. Dorcey
Dorcey Rose
Florida US

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Susan Beecher <s_beecher@...>

Although not that exact part of this huge cemetery, I have contacted the Mount Lebanon part to get information about two people buried there. Ancestry had shown that one was there but with no information. The staff person immediately responded by email sending me the information. My friend for whom I am researching her family called the cemetery and for a small donation got photos of the graves.  I don't know if all of the different groups will be this helpful.
Susan Beecher
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Gary Pokrassa

Ostrog is in Volyn Province
Alex Krakovsky has additional Revision Lists for Volyn province for 1881-1883 which includes a detail town listing showing Ostrog starting on pages 69 and 145.  This is a huge file at 1.25GB.  The url for this is:ДАЖО_118-14-0093._1883_год._Дополнительные_ревизские_сказки_Волынской_губернии.pdf

there are also additional list for these years at:ДАЖО_118-14-0093._1883_год._Дополнительные_ревизские_сказки_Волынской_губернии.pdf

There are indeed RLs for Voln province for 1862-1863 but unfortunately no town detail:год._Добавочная_ревизская_сказка_мещан_евреев_Кременецкого_уезда_Волынской_губернии.pdf
and at:

Unfortunately these have not been translated so this is the best I can d for you...

Gary Pokrassa 
Data Acquisition Director 
Ukraine Research Group

Re: Trying to break a brick wall to find living relatives in the US... #general #usa #belarus

Stephanie LaRose Lewison

I second the suggestion to call the cemetery and try again another day if the person is not helpful.
Finding current relatives has proven difficult for me too.
Have you tried any DNA testing to find current relatives?
Have you tried randomly Facebook friending or messaging people with the last names you are looking for?
How about internet searches for those names?

Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

Art Hoffman <arthh@...>

My Aunt Ida's name as written on the Ellis Island passenger manifest was

Arthur Hoffman
Boynton Beach, FL

Searching for GOICHMANN, GOYKHMAN from Golovanevsk
WHITE from Annopool

Re: Seek name origin Ida JABLONSKI #belarus #russia #names


Possibly Itta (familiar form: Itka). My grandmother's sister as Itta - she did not come over though.
Jeff Goldner
Researching Goldner, Singer, Neuman, Braun, Schwartz, Reichfeld (Hungary/Slovakia); Adler, Roth, Ader (Galicia); Soltz/Shultz (Vitebsk, maybe Lithuania)

Zablotow, Galicia 1892 #galicia

Dorcey Rose

In researching my family from Zablotow, I am finding a significant number of deaths in 1892. Was there an epidemic or any other major event that happened that year? I have tried searching but have not come up with an answer. Does anyone know about a major problem that year in the Zablotow area or does anyone have an idea where to research this question? Some of these relatives, both husband and wife died at 40 in1892 and it turns out that the wife's parents also died the same year. Thanks in advance, Dorcey Rose
Dorcey Rose
Florida US

Re: Given name Ksyel

Shelley Mitchell

JoAnn. It may be a simplistic sounding solution but, if your father passed, do you have a copy of his headstone? It should name his father. A lot of people do that. And if he has passed, a copy of both the cemetery application, the hospital records, and his birth certificate can show the name of parents.
Shelley Mitchell 

Re: Somlo-Horowitz-Margareten family of Toronto#Canada #rabbinic

Peninah Zilberman



I have for you’re the following suggestions:



·       Contact the local Genealogy Chapter,

·       Write a letter to the editor of the Canadian Jewish News

·       Post on fb

Daughters of Holocaust survivors Toronto

Look up the names in the local tel. book 411

Good Luck

Blessings of Good Health



LOGO tarbut 2015-EMAIL

Peninah Zilberman

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Blessings of Good Health

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Re: Seek name origin Ida JABLONSKI #belarus #russia #names


Itta is another.

Re: Seek name origin Ida JABLONSKI #belarus #russia #names


eida is a yiddish name some say eidy i can help you more if you need 

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