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Sarah L Meyer

There is a book with the same name, which I bought a few years ago on Amazon.  This has been discussed in one of the FB Jewish genealogy groups with the Hassidim saying that the author excluded information from those who choose to join this group.  That said the point of the book was the difficulty of leaving the group and the challenges faced by those who do.  It was a very good read.  I suggest the book for those who prefer to read books.  I am not a movie watcher and do not know how closely the movie follows the book.
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Ukraine plans to sell Jewish cemeteries and massacre sites 2018 #ukraine

David P Cohen

Re: Finding family in Hungary #hungary

Lorraine Rosengarten

Re: Looking for Info on Lena Leibowitz and family in New York #lithuania #unitedkingdom #usa


I have a Lena Leibowitz on my tree but she married Jack Leibowitz and I have her originally as Lena Markowitz. I don't have other info about her.

Re: Looking for Info on Lena Leibowitz and family in New York #lithuania #unitedkingdom #usa

Sonja Marder nee Reichman

have you tried


sonja marder

Re: Cologne cemetery #germany

Elana Broch

I believe there is more than one cemetery.  Here is the person who helped me.  I'm sure he'd know the others.

Daniel Lemberg
Cemetery director
Jewish Cemetery Koeln-Bocklemuend
Venloer Str. 1152
D - 50829 Koeln (Cologne)
Telephone:  0049 - (0)221 / 50 81 19
Fax:                 0049 - (0)221 / 992 54 65
E-Mail:           friedhof [at] sgk. de
Internet:       www. sgk. de

Re: Name IDA #names

Carl Kaplan

Not to throw out another loop, but my grandfather Charles, had the Yiddish name Chatskill or Yechezkel back in Minsk. The reason given was that the guard at Ellis Island said his name was too hard to pronounce so he said, "now you're Charles/Charlie".
Thus, no logic behind the name evolution. 

Re: Selecting, scanning, identifying and desicarding old paper photographs #general

Michael Hoffman

Hello Joanne Grosman,

The Royal Air Force Museum in London, England has a Photographic Archive and would probably be interested in you Bomber Command Photographs.

You can contact them by email at

Best regards,

Michael Hoffman

Re: Prohibition Bootleggers and Sacramental Wine photo #usa


What a great photo. Do you have a source on it? Do you know whether it's in the public domain yet?

Re: Selecting, scanning, identifying and desicarding old paper photographs #general

Butch Hill

I was in a position similar to Ellen. I inherited a large portfolio of old photos from my mother and had no idea what to do with them. I have a great many cousins and one gave me the idea of posting them on Ancestry. So, I've now scanned several hundred photos and uploaded them to an extended family tree that I built on Ancestry for that purpose. Many of those have now been copied by a surprisingly large number of people. Some of those are immediate cousins, but others are extended cousins (3rd and 4th cousins) and others are researchers from the spousal families of Aunts and Uncles. Some have been copied by researchers assembling large regional collections. Hence, they now free of my possession, having a life of their own. 

Bakalarzewo #poland


I'm looking for data on the Schidlowski and Kokoshowski families in Bakalrzewo,in the vicinity of Suwałki.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

Re: Selecting, scanning, identifying and desicarding old paper photographs #general

Judy Floam

There is a museum in Washington called the National Museum of American Jewish Military History.  Their web address is

Re: Selecting, scanning, identifying and desicarding old paper photographs #general


I am very thankful I have a few photos of some of my great-grandparents and other relatives beyond my immediate family and grandparents.  I also have pictures of people I can't identify because no one thought to write their names on the back.  But I know so much was lost.  For decades, I've been trying to learn what happened to my paternal grandfather's parents and sister during the Holocaust.  My sister recently told me that my aunt and uncle had a copy of a letter that was sent to my grandfather - possibly from the International Red Cross - in response to his inquiry about his family.  After my aunt died unexpectedly and my uncle passed away not long afterwards, though, the letter, family photos, and other items were carelessly thrown out so their house could be sold.  One cousin managed to save one or two boxes and has scanned and shared those photos with me.

I have no idea what to do with my photos, family records, and extended family tree files, as I have no children, but it would be shortsighted of me to let them be thrown out or destroyed after my death.  What should I do with the digital files and the photos once they've been scanned?  Some of my first cousins have children, and even grandchildren; however, they aren't really at the point of wanting to dig into their family history.  I'd love to hear your suggestions.



Re: Selecting, scanning, identifying and desicarding old paper photographs #general

joannegrosman joannegrosman

I will look into this. I do feel it is a weight to figure out what to do with all this archival material I have. Photography runs in my father's family professional and amateur and I have a vast quantity of photographs. I have a lot of military WWII photos as he flew in Bomber Command and was responsible for documenting their tours. I will look into your tips.

Joanne Grosman
researching Czestochowa/Radomsko

Re: Ukraine plans to sell Jewish cemeteries and massacre sites #ukraine

Stephen Katz

There's no link to the documents you mentioned.

IAJGS - Stern and Stedman Grants - Nominations now open #jgs-iajgs #announcements


IAJGS is now inviting nominations for the Rabbi Malcolm Stern Grant and the John Stedman Memorial Grant (US$ 3,000 each).

These unprecedented times of lock-downs and quarantines, are bringing long periods of difficult to manage social isolation to many individuals and families.Consequently, IAJGS has decided to introduce special arrangements and criteria for the 2020 Stern/Stedman grants.  The grants for this year are aiming to help fast-track projects which not only benefit those undertaking Jewish genealogical research but also help to improve the level of social interaction within and between families, and also between researchers.

The grants are for not for profit organizations including Jewish Genealogical Societies.  Please make appropriate organizations aware of these grants.  Self nominations by organizations are allowed. The closing date for nominations is 30 April 2020. 

For further details see Stern/Stedman Grant Special Arrangements for 2020

Any questions about these grants should be sent to me using email Laurence.Harris@... 

Laurence Harris
Chair, IAJGS 2020 Stern/Stedman Grant Committee
Email:   Laurence.Harris@...

Finding family in Hungary #hungary


How can I find any Taub in Hungary Past or present
Thank you

Re: Re: Seeking SEIDE from Rogoźno [Pol], Rogasen [Ger], Rogozhin [Yid], Rogóźno Wielkopolskie #germany #poland

David Lewin

See attached ROGASEN info

At 17:47 01/04/2020, bseide@... wrote:
Searching for information on my family (Seide) immigrated from Rogasen (Prussia) Poland to Birmingham, England around 1850 and then onto the United States around 1860.  Finding it difficult to uncovered much information from Rogasen.

Re: Searching: NADWORNY and KRUGLYAK #poland #ukraine

Steven Turner

I am the founder of the Nadworna Shtetl Research Group and I can confirm that we do not have any members associated with the surname Nadworny.

Steve Turner

Re: JewishGen Education DNA II class April 26-May 16 #dna

L Fagan

Thanks for your question.  You don't need to know the content of DNA I in order to take the DNA II course. The goals are different--DNA I helps to explain the different kinds of tests that are available and what information they can provide.  DNA II is designed for someone who already has received the results of one of the tests and want to understand how to use the data for their genealogical research.

We originally planned to teach DNA I in this time period for those who have never ordered one of the tests.  When we started advertising the course, we realized that there are many JewishGen members with existing results and are currently interested in analyzing the information while they are at home, so we swapped the order of the classes.  We plan to teach DNA I in the summer time and then offer DNA II again with enough time between the two classes to get results back from DNA companies.

    Larry Fagan

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