IGRA “Show & Tell” Free Zoom Session April 13 Billion Graves #jgs-iajgs #events

Elena Bazes

The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) continues its free “Show & Tell with IGRA” ZOOM series. The next session will take place on April 13th. The topic will be “How to Use the Billion Graves Website”.  

Each session of “Show & Tell with IGRA” demonstrates a different topic. Some will be connected specifically to IGRA, while others will demonstrate how to use other websites or applications – hands on topics you can immediately make use of on your own.

The session will take place on April 13th at 9 pm Israel time (2 pm EDT, 11 am PDT) and will be approximately 30-40 minutes.

There is no need to register in advance. “Show & Tell with IGRA” will be open to those who connect to ZOOM with the following meeting code.

We will do our best to record these sessions and make them available on our website.

Sessions in English will continue to take place weekly on Mondays. The same topic will take place in Hebrew on Wednesday evenings 21:00 Israel time.

IGRA wishes you a Happy and Healthy Passover.

Elena Biegel Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chair 




GINN-SEREFSKY #lithuania


I am researching my maternal grandmother, Zelda Ginn, and her parents, Zalmon Ginn and Sara Serefsky. Her alien Registration file provides no information. other than her entry port (NYC). I can not find a vessel etc. I did locate her brother's family in Denver, Co. We discover a Zalmon Ginn on another family tree on but the moderator claims that it is not the same Zalmon Ginn. I have tested at 23andme and with hits. I have a family tree at My maternal grandfather, Samuel Grass, also came from Kaunas, Kauno Miesto Savivaldybe, Lithuania. I have been able to trace his ancestors. 
any suggestions.

Robert A. Faneuil
62 Noanett RD
Needham, MA 02494




I am researching for my grandfather, LEIZER (ELIEZER DOV BAR) FAINER, and his parents, BARNET DOV BER FAINER AND FEIGA ROTTMEN (ROTTMAN).  His declaration papers indicate that he came from either Wolyn(Volyn) & Sherbowitz(maybe Czernowitz). His naturalization papers say that he came from Hamburg Germany on the ship Pennsylvania. I can not locate the ship or the passenger lists. I have a family tree at I have tested at and No information/no relatives/no contact. Any suggestions. 

Robert A. Faneuil
62 Noanett RD
Needham, MA 02494


Re: Hebrew Book - (Rodelheim Press was Dyhernfurth, Silesia) #germany


I don't know what the original question was, but Rodelheim was (is) a town near Frankfurt a/Main with a prominent Hebrew printer.   Dyhrenfurth (now Brzeg Dolny) was a town near Breslau (now Wroclaw) which also had a prominent Hebrew printer.  They are not the same place, even if the same books were published in both places.

All the best,
Stephen Falk

Major update to the Russian WWII database #ukraine #russia #announcements


An article on the Russian-Ukrainian (non-Jewish) genealogy blog yesterday described the update and provided hints on its use by English speakers.


The URL is


A couple of observations.


The 25 million records were added not yesterday, but most likely in previous several months.  Most, if not all archives in Russia and Ukraine are closed now because of the Wuhan2019 virus pandemic.


It appears that the web site combines data from several other databases, e.g. obd-memorial, which listed only those who were killed or MIA.


A very important addition to the database is the collection of 1985 award records of the surviving War veterans. There are no scanned images of the original documents, only the database records. In the early 1985, The Supreme Soviet passed the law to award all living war veterans with the Order of Patriotic War. For a number of people whose other records were misplaced or lost during the war this may be the only paper trail available to genealogists.


Thus, about two months ago we discovered a record of a man whose fate was unknown to his relatives in the West all these years after the war. (This was a 100% match: misspelled but recognizable name, correct birth date and birthplace). We suggested the genealogist to write to the archives asking for the man’s 1985 address so his family could be contacted, but the archives are closed now and we don’t know what has happed to that inquiry.


Upon reading the article, we reopened a “cold case” of a man, who was presumably executed by the KGB after the war and for whom no documents were ever found. His name showed up in the same 1985 record collection. (Partial match: same name, unknown patronymics, birth year is off by one, same birthplace). Again, the possibility to locate this man’s 1985 address, hence his family is real.


Stay well everyone! Happy Passover

Boris Feldblyum   boris@...

Re: Seeking Morris KIRSCHNER (landed in the US under the name Morris DRESSLER) in 1907 from Buczacz, Galicia, Austria. #usa #galicia


Professor Omer Bartov, also a Buczacz descendant, has written two books about the town and some of its Jewish residents.
Judi Zimmer
ROTHSTEIN - Smela, Russia, AUERBACH - Mikulince/Wasilkowce, Galicia
SHUPLER/SCHUPLER - Buczacz, Galicia, ABROMOWITZ/ABRAMOWITZ - Radomysl nad Sanem, Galicia
KOSMINSKY - Smela, Russia (and possibly Cherkassy, Russia), BAER - Buczacz, Galicia
SCHNEIDER - Buczacz, Galicia, ISENBERG/EISENBERG - Radomysl nad Sanem (?)
BETT - Nisko, Galicia, GOLDSTEIN - Nisko, Galicia

Re: Belarus SIG #Belarus Belarus Archives Address? #belarus


Anthropomorphic Maps #general



The URL Sam posted for a 1914 map of Europe is actually a caricature of anthropomorphic maps. Before the advent of portable written media (parchment, papyrus), these maps were generated by configuring the gigantic virtual body of a god or goddess over the area to be mapped. The name of each part of that body became the name of the area under that part. This produced a mental image whose place names indicated the approximate location, direction and size of each area in relation to all other areas on the same map whose name was produced in this manner.

Based on linguistic evidence, I discovered Phoenician body-part maps of West Asia and North Africa. Because Hebrew and Phoenician are both Western Semitic languages with a similar lexicon, many of the geographic names on them sound Hebraic. Descriptions of these maps are in the two attached Anthropomorphic_Maps files. These maps indicate there is a psycho-linguistic aspect to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Unbelievable but genuine folk etymologies for many of these area names are in the CarlMasthay_email_exch file.

On these maps, internal parts are subdivisions of external parts. The Aphrodite_Map_pics file indicates that Goshen was Aphrodite's kidney. You may want to print out a page or two for use at your Pesach seder.

At the time of King Solomon, Ethiopia / Abyssinia (Hebrew kHaBaSH) stretched all the way across central Africa. The South Atlantic Ocean was known as the Ethiopian Sea. Cassiopeia was the queen of Ethiopia. Queen Sheba's name is a reversal of kHaBaSH.

Look at the SoundChangeHandOut file first. It describes ancient changes in the sounds of some Hebrew consonants. 

Best regards, Izzy (Israel A. Cohen)

Re: Hebrew Book

David Lewin

At 17:02 04/04/2020, dredel@... wrote:
Does anyone have any information on this printed in Rodelhem.

Try    Israel ntional library                                         Israel State archive

David Lewin

Search & Unite attempt to help locate people who, despite the passage of so many years since World War II, may still exist "out there".
We also assist in the process of re-possession of property in the Czech Republic and Israel.
See our Web pages at and at

Re: Origin of the name Liss #names

Peter Dreifuss

Dear Nancy and  other Jewishgeners,
Outside of the question of the geographical origin of your family, a good starting point for the origin of most Jewish names can be obtained searching the records of Beit Hafutsot.
A search for Lyss yields the following:

Surnames derive from one of many different origins. Sometimes there may be more than one explanation for the same name. Lys is a toponymic (derived from a geographic name of a town, city, region or country). Surnames that are based on place names do not always testify to direct origin from that place, but may indicate an indirect relation between the name-bearer or his ancestors and the place, such as birth place, temporary residence, trade, or family-relatives.

Lyss and Lys are spelling variants of Liss, which has links with Lissa, the German name of the village Lysa Nad Labem in central Bohemia; with Leszno, near Poznan/Posen, in western Poland, also called Lissa, where Jews lived since the 16th century; with Leipsos/Lipsos, whose Italian name is Lisso, an Aegean island in the Dodecanese, Greece; and with Lodz, the city in western Poland which the Germans call Litzmannstadt. The family names can also be related to Lis, the Polish term for "fox", applied as a nickname to cunning people and/or redheads. Yet another possible association can be made with the French meaning of Lis, for the flower "lily".
For more specific placement I recommend consulting one of the more thoroughly researched books written by Alexander Beider, such as
A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire.

Pete Dreifuss
Silver Spring, MD


Beider's books on Mediterranean regions #sephardic

Jeff at SG

Alexander Beider's last 2 name dictionaries covered regions with large Sephardic communities. Searchable indexes of these two books are now available at

Jeff Malka
   MALKA family website:

Re: Origin of the name Liss #names

Peninah Zilberman

Good Day,

It is possible that the person who used LISS as a  last name used their first  to make it last,

Liss is some kind of a short form for …. Elyse, Elisa, Elise etc. like in Jewish its usually becomes Esther

Maybe they arrived to the New World and didn’t want to have a Jewish sounding name.

Good Luck




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Peninah Zilberman

Happy Passover & Happy Easter

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Re: Origin of the name Liss #names

Eric M. Bloch

In researching the surname LISCHINSKY, I've found some of the families changing their surname to LISS.

Eric Bloch
Milwaukee, WI

LISHCHINSKY  (Belaya Tserkov, Vasilkov uyezd, Kiev giburnia)

Re: Origin of the name Liss #names

Sherri Bobish


On the Ellis Island Database there is an Abram Lisser arriving 14 Nov 1900 from "Motow."
Perhaps this is actually Motol?  I've seen plenty of misspellings on passenger manifests.

Take a look at the manifest, and see if any of the other information seems familiar.

Regards,   Sherri Bobish   Princeton, NJ

Re: Origin of the name Liss #names

Clifford S. Goldfarb

My grandmother, Sarah Leah Eisenberg, came from Chmielnik, near Kielce, in Poland. Her family had married twice into the Liss family of the same town in the 19th century. My father Max Goldfarb was in contact with one of his Liss cousins who had survived the War and was living in Paris. There is a family tree for the Kielce area Liss family in Charles Van Onselen’s somewhat controversial book, The Fox and the Flies.


Cliff Goldfarb  cgoldfarb@...

Re: Seeking Morris KIRSCHNER (landed in the US under the name Morris DRESSLER) in 1907 from Buczacz, Galicia, Austria. #usa #galicia

Joel Alpert

Are you aware of the translated Yizkor Book on the town available from the Yizkor Books in Print project?

Joel Alpert, Coordinator of the Yizkor Books in Print project

Update: Bessarabia Research Division #bessarabia #JewishGenUpdates

Yefim Kogan

Dear researchers,

Here is an update for the Bessarabia Research Division projects for the month of March 2020.

Bessarabian Databases. Updates:
-- Revision Lists, plan to upload to JewishGen in June of 2020. A number of Revision List sets are going to be completed for towns of Kishinev, Khotin, Bendery, Beltsy, etc,, see the progress at
There are already 3198 records already completed.
Special thanks to Claire Stuart, Yuriy Daylis, Alan Levine.

-- Miriam Weiner Archival Database. New 430 records from 107 families/groups with 46 images were added to the database. You can see more records of Jews from towns of Beltsy, and Soroki.
Click to get directly to the Miriam Weiner's collection: The highlights of the this load are a number of Births and Death records, and also from voters list for a Rabbi in synagogue in Soroki.

Jewish Cemeteries. Updates:
-- Completed indexing Vila Mariana Jewish Cemetery, San Paulo, Brazil. Jews were originally from Bessarabia, Moldova and Podolia. Sent to JOWBR 503 burial records. See the cemetery report with more information, photos, etc. at Villa Mariana, San Paulo, Brazil cemetery:
Many thanks to a team of people from Brazil and USA: Alen Biscevic, Terry Lasky, Charles Goldenzon and
Eduardo Joelson.

I just want to mention to those interested in Ukraine research, please take a look at the cemetery report. There are a number of Jews from towns in Podolia, Czernowitz and a few from Iassy, Romania. All the records are going to be uploaded for everybody's view at the next load time, probably in June or so.

Genealogical Conferences. Addition:
-- Hopefully we will have a conference this year, and here is information about our Bessarabia Research division participation' at Jewish Genealogical conference in San-Diego in August of 2020:

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or you want to help us in our projects.

Inna Vayner, Yefim Kogan
Co-Directors of Bessarabia Research

Status of Landsmen and Suwalk-Lomza SIG #lithuania #poland

Allen Avner

While publication of Landsmen has halted and many of the other activities of the Suwalk-Lomza Interest Group have been temporarily placed on hold, its goals and efforts as described at
remain.  Copies of past issues are expected to be available for ordering in Fall 2020.  The suggestion that "someone ... scan the Landsman articles and family histories on to the net..." would be illegal (they are protected by copyright), unethical, and inappropriate.
We thank all who have supported the work of the SIG for their patience.
Allen Avner,
Champaign, Illinois, USA
For the Suwalk-Lomza SIG Editor, and the Technical and Production Assistance Team

Need help with the translation of documents in Russian #russia

Terry Ashton

Dear Jenners

I sent an email to the group a few days ago requesting the translation of 5 documents in Russian which I have uploaded on ViewMate. So far the response has been very limited and I am just wondering if it is possible for those who are skilled in translating Russian documents, if you could find the time to help me please.

I know that these are stressful times and I would very much appreciate your help. The documents on ViewMate are numbered: 79079/79080/ 79081/79082 & 790983.


Stay well and healthy and however you are going to celebrate Pesach this year, I hope it goes well.  Thank you,

Ms Terry Ashton,  Melbourne, Australia



PRASHKER: Kalisz,  Poland/SZUMOWSKI: Gorki, Zdunska Wola, Lomza,  Poland/WAJNGOT: Poland/WIERZBOWICZ: Gorki,Kossaki, Lomza/GOLDMAN: Blaszki, Poland SEGAL/SEGALOVITCH: Vilnius, Lithuania/HOLTZ: Dvinsk, Russia (now Latvia)


Re: Hebrew Book - (Rodelheim Press was Dyhernfurth, Silesia) #germany


I believe Rodelheim Press was Dyhernfurth, Silesia. My family, the Kroners were in publishing there. But I don’t know this book or the title. Did you look in Jewish Encyclopedia? You can search key words online in this 19th century compendium.   Excuse any typoes

Sydney J Levine,  Los Angeles CA and Berlin, Germany  Sydney@...

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