Re: MAIMON family from Rădăuţi Romania - but which Radauti ? (there are two) #romania

Peninah Zilberman

Dear Carola Murray-Seegert,


The info. you read in J.G. documents are as per

that period they were registered.

However, all are the same location.

If you check in today info. you get the info. below.

This situation has occurred due to the fact that the

Regions have been renamed, either during the

Communist Regime or after the 1989 Revolution.


Rădăuți is a city in Suceava County, north-eastern Romania.

It is situated in the historical region of Bukovina.

Rădăuți is the third largest urban settlement in the county,

with a population of 23,822 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census.



I trust that now the location is better identified for you in order to continue your research.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays.


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Peninah Zilberman

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(US) USHMM Days of Remembrance - Yom Hashoah #announcements #events #holocaust #usa

Jan Meisels Allen

The other day when I posted about commemoration services for Yom Hashoah,  I mentioned that there was nothing on the United State Holocaust Memorial Museum’s (USHMM) website that would be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. That has changed.


On April 21, 2020 at 11 AM ET The USHMM is having a virtual commemoration to reaffirm their commitment to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive.  It will take place on the Museum’s Facebook Live channel. You do not need a Facebook account to participate. You will receive an email shortly before our programming begins on April 21, at 11 a.m. ET, reminding you to watch.



Join from your home: see:


There are several videos and audios that can be accessed:


“memory is What Shapes us”Memory is what Teaches Us”


Live Digital Program: Resilience after Liberaton  April 14, 9:30 AM ET


Survival Amid the Chaos: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising A Survivor’s experience 77 years ago  Listen


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: BAUMAN from Kutno district #poland


Hi Michael

Thanks for telling me about I've never heard of it before.

I had already found a few UK documents and censuses for my grandfather in the UK (I'm subscribed to Ancestry). Israel (Gerald) was my father but he knew almost nothing about his father's life and family in Poland. It's the Polish records that I can't find for him or any other members of his family. I had hoped to find his grave on Findagrave or Billiongraves because that would tell me his and his father's Hebrew names which might give a clue to the names they used in Poland. But it is not listed (yet). Do you know of any other documents where I might be able to get this sort of information?

Many thanks

Lesley Fenton

Gers, France (born London)

moderated Re: JewishGen Independent Study Course #JewishGenUpdates


Hi Joan,

Great info! I noticed you are searching for family with the names Rubin and Katz. I have family with those names from Pruzhany and was hoping to connect with you. My email is harrisonbeiser@.... Thanks.

Harrison Beiser

Lodz Passport Correspondence #holocaust #announcements


USHMM has added a new collection, Reservations regarding the issue of foreign passports, 1936-37, to the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database (HSV).  The collection contains a list of cases and correspondence regarding individuals who applied for foreign passports from the Office of the District Starosta in Lodz.  Some cases include photographs.  Go to
Petre Lande
Washington, D.C.

Re: Nazis in Belarus WAS: Einsatzgruppen in Belarus #belarus

Jx. Gx.

The lead Nazi responsible for the murder of Jews in Slutsk was an Estorian named Mikhail Gorshkow.  You can look him up online.

Jeffrey Gee

Searching Slutsk pre-WWII: EPSTEIN, Abraham, Shulieh Devorah (Celia), and Phillip (Rafoel, "Alter").  

Re: Viewmate translation request - result #germany

Michael Herzlich

Thanks in particular to David Lewin I am just beginning to understand what I have.  The photo I submitted was taken at a DP camp in Ulm Germany just before emigration to Palestine (Haifa) in November 1947.  The family was Elazar (Lazer), Luba and Bern'le (Boris) Shapira (Shapiro).  Now I see that I have more than a dozen such photos with Yiddish inscriptions on the back and some without any inscription I will need to follow up on.  Also many group photos that appear to be taken in the camp. 
Michael Herzlich. Delray Beach, Florida USA
Original Post
Viewmate translation request #translation #yiddish
From: Michael Herzlich
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020 21:18:21 EDT


I've posted a the image from the back of a photo card in Hebrew (maybe Yiddish) for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

From the photo collection of Miriam Magilner.  One of several, some dating back to the 1030's, but I'm submitting this one to get an idea of what I have.  This is the back of a photo card of a couple holding a child.  Does the message have any indication of who the family is?  Does the stamp/marking on the card indicate origin?

Re: Surnames and patronymics in Germany #germany #names


It is possible & probably that it was patronymic, particularly since Gottlieb was a common first name. But you cannot be absolutely certain. Mainz was on the left bank of the Rhine, which was under French control from the 1790s until 1815. Thus Jews living in Mainz were subject to the 1808 Napoleonic Name Adoption edit which you can find on line (Imperial Decree, Bayonne, 20 July, 1808). Samuel Gottlieb & Sarah are most likely pre-1808 names. I think it they were not, the record would have said Sarah geboren her maiden name. But some Jews, like my ancestors in Speyer, also under French control, had surnames before 1808. My third great grandfather & his son did, but they adopted different first names & surnames in 1808. This may have been done  for patriotic reasons - he named his son Napoleon. But if I had to choose, Moises was born about 1771 & Samuel & Sarah may have died before 1808. You can find the Mainz Name Adoptions on   where you will see that Moises pre 1808 name was Moises Gottlieb & that he likely had a son named Gottlieb Samuel who became Gottlieb Samuel Pfan.
       Jonathan Rose

Re: Surnames and patronymics in Germany #germany #names


Dear Peter,

Here's a thought:
I was struck by the fact that the first witness's name was Gottlieb, same as the father's "surname."  This, and knowing that deaths were often reported by family members, I was suspicious of the similarity of the surnames Mann vs. Pfann.  I looked up this original death document on, and confirmed that there was a transcription error, that the witness's name was actually Gottlieb Pfann.

I suspect that the witness was either an older brother or cousin of Moises, named after the grandfather, giving further credence to the theory that Gottlieb is a patronymic.

Hope this helps!

Joan Zeller
Pittsford, New York, USA

JewishGen Education offers New Couirse: Immigration Study Group April 17-May 3 #announcements #JewishGenUpdates

Nancy Holden

Mentored Study Group April 17 - May 3

This study group will be on IMMIGRATION: how did our ancestors get
from their shtetl/village/town (their last residence) to their final
destination? How did they travel from the port of departure to the
port of arrival?

This course is intended for students who love a mystery, are willing
to research a topic together and post their finds to the group. We
will start with your personal mystery. For example "How did the BEIER
family from Melitopol travel to Boulogne Sur Mer to sail on to the S.S.
Rotterdam embark at Hoboken and from there travel to New Britain, CT?"
Together we will map your ancestor's journey and learn the borders that
were crossed, which routes were viable, smugglers, border guards, and
the part taken by shipping companies.

Students must feel comfortable with computers, with database research
searches and with posting to the JewishGen private education forum.
Class is open 24/7. Cost is $50. for two weeks.
To Register:

For information, please email the instructor, Nancy Holden.
mail to: education@...

Re: BAUMAN from Kutno district #poland

Michael Hoffman

In the UK, Lewis Bowman & Rebecca Weinstein had 2 children, Fannie & Israel, see the indexed births on the website of 
There is also the indexed ref. for the Marriage of Lewis Bowman to Rebecca Weinstein in 1910.  
There is an entry for Lewis Bowman in the database of in the 1911 Census  for England & Wales this is a paid for website.

If you need any further advice in UK research you could contact me, or put a message on the Facebook page of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain.  Regards,

Michael Hoffman, Borehamwood, HERTS UK

MAIMON family from Rădăuţi Romania - but which Radauti ? (there are two) #romania

Carola Murray-Seegert

In beautifully clear handwriting on a 1906 passenger manifest, Jechil Maimon's last residence is identified as "Radauti, Roumania". He gives the same information (with the alternate spelling "Radautz, Romania") on his Declaration of Intent in Chicago in 1910.  
 My problem is that the JewishGen town finder identifies two places with this name - one, a village on the Prut River in the Dorohoi district,  the other a large city in the Bucovina district. A note on the locality page warns the researcher against confusing the two.
I see that the Bucovina district was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the end of WWI,  when it was ceded to Romania in the Treaty of Paris of 1919.  So am I correct in thinking that Jechil must have come from the shtetl in the Dorohoi district, as shown by the pre-WWI dates on his documents?  Or were there historic / cultural reasons why someone from the Austro-Hungarian city would have preferred to identify himself as Romanian?
What do you think, Romania experts?
Carola Murray-Seegert
Oberursel Germany
Researching MAIMON, CLEIN, TALMAGE (Raddauti & Iasi Romania, Philadelphia & Chicago USA) 

Re: News from GenAmi, France #france

David Lewin

At 07:50 14/04/2020, Micheline GUTMANN wrote:
Dear Friends,
Even if I don’t post a message to announce all our publications,
GenAmi continues to be written and published on our website
Where we have an English version for all the titles.
On the last issue, you may find the story of the Ephrussi descendants.
Do you know the story of this fantastic family  from Odessa ?
And of course, we stll answer to your questions.
Best regards to all of you.
Micheline Gutmann, Paris, France

L'absence de virus dans ce courrier électronique a été vérifiée par le logiciel antivirus Avast.

Is there a way to use to make the site bilingual?  It is so very much better than

David Lewin

Re: BAUMAN from Kutno district #poland


My grand grand mother was Sura Bauman (maiden name).
I have about a hundred of names on this side of the family, back to 1750.
The names you mention sound familiar but except for Henryk Bauman I can't find them in my tree (yet?)
Trick is, my Bauman's family is from Ciechanow, now 1h55 drive from Kutno. So maybe it won't lead us anywhere, but it might worth having tchat to try figuring if we are related.

News from GenAmi, France #france

Micheline GUTMANN

Dear Friends,
Even if I don’t post a message to announce all our publications,
GenAmi continues to be written and published on our website
Where we have an English version for all the titles.
On the last issue, you may find the story of the Ephrussi descendants.
Do you know the story of this fantastic family  from Odessa ?
And of course, we stll answer to your questions.
Best regards to all of you.
Micheline Gutmann, Paris, France

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Re: question about Russia to France immigration and name change #names #france #russia

Rodney Eisfelder

Searching JRI-Poland with surname begins BAR and town phonetically like Plock turns up the following family in the book of residents:
Josek BARABEL & Ryfka Ruchla (nee KWIATEK), with children Pejsak Majer (born 1878), Jochejwet (born 1881) and Dawid Jakub (born 1886).
There is also the marriage record in 1877 and birth records for the three children and a fourth child: Abram Isaak, born in 1893.

Apart from the father's name being Josek/Josef instead of Benjamin, there is a good correlation with the family you are searching: Majer->Mark, Jakub->John and Abraham ->Adolph.

The book of residents gets you back another generation, because it gives the names of the parents of Josek & Ryfka Ruchla.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation #poland

Paul Cina

I would be grateful for a translation of this marriage record of Adela Klotz and Zysza Radzijewski which is from Konin in 1893.
I am interested in learning all the names, places and dates in this marriage certificate and what the actual surname is - JRI Poland has it listed as Radzenkowski but all other records have it as Radzijewski.
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.  Thanks,
Paul Cina

Re: Surnames and patronymics in Germany #germany #names

Corinna Woehrl

Dear Peter and all list-readers,

all the other people mentioned seem to have surnames. I just looked up: name adoption was „forced“ in Mainz from 1808 on, yet there have also been Jewish families in which a surname/„Geschlechtsname“ was used before.
You may use the name Gottlieb as an assumption for further research, but unless there isn’t a proof (this one mentioning in the death-certificate is no proof), I would keep my research broader.

Good luck and kind regards from Germany

Corinna (Woehrl nee Goslar) from Hoisdorf (Hamburg), Germany
Corinna Woehrl
Hoisdorf, Germany (between Hamburg and Luebeck)

researching mostly in Northern Germany
ROSENSTEIN (Neustadt am Ruebenberge, NaR)
WUERZBURG (Luebeck, Mecklenburg)
KARPEL (Lissa/Leszno, Breslau/Wroclaw)

Teleshevsky's from Mogilev and Cherikov/ Krichev #belarus


I am searching for the descendants of a Lezier Teleshevsky who lived in Krichev, Cherikov, and Mogilev and eventually immigrated to England and a Khatskel Teleshevsky who died in Mogilev sometime between 1904 and 1929. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MANSON family in Leeds, UK and Rabbi Menchen MENELE (sp?) from Kalvaria (Kalvarija, Lithuania?) #lithuania #rabbinic #unitedkingdom

Ravelle Scherer

Hi, this is my first time posting, although I have been doing genealogy for the past 30 years.  I have been researching the Rev [Joshua] Simon MANSON from Leeds, England. He was born in Russia (possibly Darishinishok) and died in Leeds on October 14, 1924. He was a Reader, Cantor and possibly a ritual slaughterer with the New Briggate Synagogue.  On his tombstone, it mentions his father N. Solomon MANSON who died in Leeds in 1892 and a grandfather who is listed as Rabbi Menchen MENELE.
from Kalveria.  I have tried to find a Rabbi with this name and have had no luck. I looked in information for Kalvarija, Lithuania and do not see a Rabbi by this name.  Is there another Kalveria?  Could the spelling on the tombstone be wrong.  Does anyone have any clue about this Rabbi or other members of the MANSON family.  I have already looked at on-line birth and marriage records for New Briggate 

On View Mate, Individuals were kind enough to translate the tombstone from Hebrew.  Here is the translation:

the first three lines are telling the visitor to this grave to think about the person buried here and to take a lesson from the way he lived his life. These lines are followed by:]

A precious person, may his light shine, he was a “Shochet u-vodek” [ritual slaughterer and examiner of meat to make sure that it is kosher] for his flock

He led his congregation loyally for 40 years

He went to great effort and worked hard to achieve permission from the administrators of hospitals,
to bring in kosher foods for the Jewish ill
And his work was very successful; his memory is a blessing because of his achievements.

Is he not the honored YEHOSHUA ARYEH son of Reb Shlomo Yosef
to whom G-d said, “come up to me”, and he came up
at the age of 70
on Tuesday, the second day of the holiday of Sukkot of the year 5685
May his soul be bound up in the bond of life.k

It is the English part at the bottom that mentions Kalveria.


Ravelle Scherer
Algonquin, IL  USA