Looking for information on 2 branches of my family #names

Beryl & Gabi Otvos

I am unable to find information on the family of my paternal grandmother, Sarah Leah Monesavitch/Morosavitch born in Lomza and married in a stille chupah in London June 28, 1888. Also searching for information on my maternal grandfather's family, Botstein. I have found a grave in the name of B L Botshtein in Chernigov, Ukraine born 1905, died1965 but no other information. Any ideas would be welcome.
Beryl Otvos
Bojna, Minosavitch/Morosavitch from Lomza. Botstein/Boshtein from Ukraine, Landesman from Brody, Russia/Poland

Re: Surname Adoption derived from Mother #names

Valentin Lupu

There are plenty of such surnames in Eastern Europe. Some few examples:  Bashevis (from Bat Shevah), Sirkin (Sarah), Haikin (Chaia, Chaike),  Rivlin (Rivah), Beilin (Beilah), etc.

Valentin Lupu

IGRA Free Webinar April 26 Historical Maps #events

Elena Bazes

The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) will be broadcasting a free webinar in English on Sunday. April 26th   7 pm Israel Time, 12 pm (EDT).  The topic of the webinar is “Location, Location, Location: How Genealogical Research Can Benefit from Historical Maps” by Ed Mitukiewicz..

Genealogy researchers frequently face the challenges of identifying ancestral towns—in particular those located in Central and Eastern Europe. This presentation demonstrates the use of readily available web-based resources—including digital repositories of historical maps, gazetteers and geographic information databases—that can help to overcome many such challenges.


Edward Mitukiewicz is a mathematician and computer scientist by education, researcher and technology consultant by profession, and amateur cartographer and genealogist by coincidence. Ed has a particular weakness for historical maps - rumor has it that Ed never met one he did not like. Ed worked as editor, translator and map consultant during the production of the 2015 “Raise the Roof” documentary film about reconstructing the roof and painted ceiling of an 18th century wooden synagogue of Gwoździec. At recent genealogy conferences in Poland, Israel and the United States Ed presented illustrative scenarios of using historical maps in genealogical research.


Registration is required as there are a limited number of “seats” available. Reminders will be sent out closer to the date of the webinar. To register go to the link below.


Elena Biegel Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chair 


Re: Discovered my grandmother owned land before the war, what now? #austria-czech #holocaust

Robert Fraser

My late uncle, who fled Austria to Britain in 1939 and
joined the British army, returned to Vienna in 1947 upon
being demobbed.. He went straight to his parents' flat.
There was a nazi couple living there who had moved in
directly after his parents had been expelled and deported to
Riga, where they died.

He suggested that they share this small flat for the time
being, but the man brought a court action against him. The
Austrian judge asked if, at the time of his parents' arrest,
was he in the flat? Of course not. So he had to move out and
that's how it stayed.

The flat is still there - I have visited it.

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia

Robert W Fraser

Perth, Western Australia

Researcher 6342

Re: Discovered my grandmother owned land before the war, what now? #austria-czech #holocaust

dennis gries

I've been reading the various posts on this subject...
My grandparents were victims of the Holocaust.  My maternal aunt made it her work with a Dr.Kempner (a german atty with offices in Phila and perhaps elsewhere) to qualify for and benefit from the West German "restitution" process.  I rather remember her doing this in the 1950s onward.  My father was from an East German area, and I did get some funds about 10 years ago.   
The family before that (both sides) were in the Tarnow area of Poland.  I visited there about 5 years ago, but have no inclination to seek whatever might be possible.  People are probably living on the lands, and have made their lives.  I don't wish to disrupt this.  

List of emigrants from Rheinland 1814-1939 #germany

Andreas Schwab

The Landesarchiv NRW has online an excel file containing persons who emigrated from the Rhineland (Rheinland) between 1814 and 1939. The list contains name, profession, year of emigration, home town, destination and the shelf number and page to find more information from the archive.
Full link:
The link to the excel file is at the bottom of the page.

Re: Rosenbusch #germany

Dennis Aron

Hi, I descend from the Rosenbusch family of Borken(Hessen). Joseph Rosenbusch is the earliest known with that surname.  He was born about 1743,  His father was Elchanen born about 1710. There are about 1500 members of the tree.
Also,  three brothers of my Wirth family married 3 Rosenbusch sisters from Gaukonigsberg.  I have not researched this family, but am in touch with descendants.
Dennis Aron dennisaron@...
Skokie, IL
My 20170119 Aron Family Tree is public on

Searching GRUNFELD (GREENFELD) family from Maramaros county. #hungary #rabbinic #romania


Prior to the Holocaust, our HEIMLICH family lived in the city of Szilagysomlyo (Simleu-Silvaniei).  We were a large Hasidic family of grandparents, ten families and dozens of grandchildren (one of them was my father).

In recent years we manage to find and connect with descendants of survivors or relatives of those who did not survive (such as a sibling), that made up our large family - except one: NAFTALI HEIMLICH b. 1901 who married GOLDA GRUNFELD b. 1904.

נפתלי הערצקא היימליך שנישא למרת גולדה לבית גרינפעלד : in Hebrew 

Before the war they raised, in Szilagysomlyo, four or five children - after the war no one survived - we lost any contact of Heimlich and Grunfeld families.

We do not know which city Golda came from – we only know that she came from Maramaros county.  The Name Golda We know from page testimony of two survivors written in 1957.  In a civil record from the 1930s we found that her name was written AURELIA.

Golda came probably from Hasidic family, maybe rabbinical family.  If the information above brings up any memory please contact us.



Yehuda Heimlich, Israel (yehudhe@... or yehudahe050@...)

Re: Rosenbusch #germany


Any first names? Dates?

Re: Discovered my grandmother owned land before the war, what now? #austria-czech #holocaust


I hope I am not duplicating information already given by others. Joch is indeed a measure of land :
[One joch is the area of a square 40 klafters (about 83 yards) on a side. This comes to 0.5755 hectare or about 1.422 acres. The plural is joche. Joch is also the word for a yoke in German, so this unit represents an area that could be plowed in a day by a yoke of oxen.]
So your grandmother had 43 Joch of arable land a meadow  - that is the meaning of "Ackerfeld und Wiese" in German. In German all nouns, not only proper names, are written with the first letter capitalized. (Please note how important it is to get the spelling correct when you are doing this kind of research:  the name of the town and the word "Wiese" were not spelled correctly in your message but luckily you attached the original document.)
Sorry to be a bit like a teacher (which I have been, among other things...).

Others have dealt with Mihalany CSR. ...  

Re: REISFELD, LEWIN, KANNER, Rabbi Dr Isaac LEVIN of New York - RZESZOW, Brody, Lviv, New York #galicia #poland

Paul Mayerowitz

Your question related to Rzeszow, however, you have the Reisfeld family name in the header.  Josesh Reisfeld is my great grand father born (1861) in the Ukraine with 11 children.  Could we be related?

My wife's great grandfather is Herman Kanner, born 1870 in Austria, with three children.  Could there be a connection here?

Re: Lost family from russia somewhere #latvia #lithuania #russia


Trade union magazines/newspapers of the era often wrote articles about their members.  There is one about my maternal grandfather in a series called "Pioneers of the Union."  My understanding is that he was a shop steward/secretary, not a very high position, yet the article is probably 20" long, complete with a photo.  If you know that either your grandfather or his brother belonged to a union, check their records as well.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Surname Adoption derived from Mother #names


Does any one know of families adopting a mother's or grandmother's surname? I know that three LEVI brothers residing in Ihringen, Grandduchy of Baden-Durlach in 1809, adopted BLUM as their surname.  I suspect that this was the surname of their grandmother who probably was a member of a BLUM family in neighboring Alsace where BLUM was a surname in use in the 18th century.  Their Mother's maiden name was WEYL, and she too was from Alsace (Ribeauville). 

Dan Bing
Knoxville, TN 

2020 US Census, post census thoughts #general

jeremy frankel

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the 2020 US Census off the front-page news. Obviously people have more important things on their mind. Looking at the California figures, some 47% of households have already responded online, making it the #1 state for online response. Admittedly I didn't fill it out on 1st April (but did it the next day) and got a confirmation number. Hence it was very interesting to receive in the mail (alas unstamped, undated) last week a pristine paper copy. This will augment my digital blank and filled-out copy.

As many of us have now seen, a census it may be, but it has about the least amount of genealogical information since, well, 1850. Why is that? Here's my take; as has already been reported in the BBC News about next year's UK 2021 Census, so many government agencies already have the goods on us; asking us to repeat what they know would be a waste of time. However, to amend the Constitution would be a massive undertaking and there would probably be a huge 'push-back' from the citizens of America. Hence, it's far better, every decade to have a meaningless census than amend the Constitution.


Jeremy Frankel
formerly: Edgware, Middlesex, England
now: Sacramento, California, USA

Gilman family in Kochonov of Orsha district of Mogilev Gubernia #belarus


Seeking info. on Gilman Family

Re: Lost family from russia somewhere #latvia #lithuania #russia

Nancy Seibert

In my experience searching for relatives who emigrated from the former Russian Empire, I've found that documents after 1917 will show a country of residence/birth more specific than "Russia". A town/city may be provided earlier than that on a ship manifest.
If you do happen to find that your Rosenbergs originated in Latvia, please see "LatviaSIG" and "CourlandSIG" in JewishGen (though recently, read that these Special Interest Groups groups soon will be called something else).
In CourlandSIG, regarding Cossacks in Courland, see: - "Jewish Communities in Courland: In Memory of My Native Town Windau" , by Dr S. Lipschitz, in "The Jews of Latvia", Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews in Israel", 1971.
Dr. Lipschitz relates a history of the 1905 Revolution in Courland, saying that Cossacks were dispatched to Courland to quell the uprising. My own family history includes stories of Cossack raids in Courland, the increasing frequency of which prompted my family to leave, beginning in 1906.

Nancy Seibert 
Researching: Seibart/Seibert/Tzibart; Sandel/Sader; 
Allman/Ullman; Shalkovsky/Zalkoff in Latvia

Re: Discovered my grandmother owned land before the war, what now? #austria-czech #holocaust

Jim M

My family comes from Kamenna Poruba, a town near Zilina in Slovakia.   My brothers and I visited the town in 2017 and arranged a meeting with the  mayor.   He told us that our great-great-grandmother, Julia Millichova in their records, was the last known owner of a plot of farmland outside town.   She died in 1925.  The land had been collectivized in the 1950's.  Our guide (and translator) took us to one of the fields on the edge of town, where we touched our past.   All we brought back was a picture of me running my hands through the soil.

We have made no steps regarding ownership and don't plan to.   The experience was enough.

Jim Milch
pursuing MILCH, HAAS, and SPECHTER  near Rajec, Solvakia.

Re: Lost family from russia somewhere #latvia #lithuania #russia

Sheila Toffell

Hi Jon,
where in England is the major thing. Do you know if it was the East End of London? if so, it is possible they were taught their trades by the Jewish Board of Guardians.  this is a section from a Wiki on the org at   where there is a lot more info.

Education, Apprenticeships and Employment[edit]

The Jewish Board of Guardians main aim was to create a self-supporting class. They focused on education and apprenticing the future generations to stop them becoming impoverished. "The work committee acted in conjunction with the loans committee and became the industrial committee in 1872."[27] The Board aimed to provide apprenticeships for boys and girls.

Laurie Magnus states that, "Following the loans of sewing machines the industrial committee used this money to accomplish 2 main purposes:

  1. Loan of tools and implements to carpenters, cabinet makers, show-makers, printers, book-binders and other mechanics on the same basis as the on which the loans of sewing-machines to tailors and umbrella makers had hitherto conducted.
  2. Giving security for tailors and mechanics to enable them to obtain work from warehouses and workshops."[27]

"In 1903 a ladies sub-committee was enacted which focused on the apprenticeship of girls".[28] The Board considered education one of its main aims, to create an educated class and to keep skilled workers in long-term employment.

Jewish Board of Guardians apprenticeships [29]

Re: Lost family from russia somewhere #latvia #lithuania #russia

Kathryn Kanarek James

A site called TheGenealogist has British census records for 1991 and 1911. You can sign up for free to search those records. I hope this helps.

Brick wall with Abraham Siduche #russia #ukraine

Kathryn Kanarek James

My grandfather, Harry Sader, came from Justingrad/Sokolievka to NYC with his mother, Dora. Their Ellis Island names were Herschel and Dworie Siduche. I know that Dworie was a member of the Wegodner family, for which I have quite a bit of information. Harry’s father was Abraham/Abram Siduche (later Sader) and I have no information about his family. He came to NYC before his wife and child arrived, he outlived Dora, remarried, and died in Buffalo in 1925. His three married daughters lived in Buffalo, as did his other son, Louis Sader. If anyone knows anything about Abraham, please let me know. Thanks!

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