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Yvonne Stern

You probably look for the spanish ship Salvador, sailing under
 the flag of Uruguay.  The passenger ship departed from Istanbul, Turkey on December 11th, 1940, carrying  327 passengers -Bulgarian Jewish refugees. 
She had a capacity for only 40 passengers.  The ship foundered in the 
Sea of Marmara on December 12th, 1940. with the loss of 204 passengersRead more at :
I´d also like to mention that Lorenzo Marques was the capital of  the 
Overseas Province of Mozambique before it  became independent from 
Portugal in 1975. Since then the capital  was renamed Maputo.
Regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil -  Yvonne Stern    <yvonne.stern17@...>

Re: Unsure if these are names! (Breina) #names


Breina could also have been anglicized to Beth. There are no hard rules to corresponding Yiddish or Hebrew names to English ones, it's mostly preference.

Re: Site cite: name adoption list Gailingen #germany


Good afternoon,
Best regards,

Henny Houweling-Zwart, Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands   <hennyhouweling@...>

ABRAMOWITZ -Novarodok19th cent.

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Researching possible ABRAMOWITZ famiIies in Novarodok in mid 19th cent.TIA.

Yoni Ben-Ari,Jerusalem   <yonibenari@...>

ISAACS-PARKER Family #germany #unitedkingdom

Scooby Doo

Hi Everyone,

Hoping everyone is keeping safe & well during this terrible time.
I have struggled to find what happened to the family of Sophia BLOOM (c.1835 Merthyr-1888 Stratford) who married Jacob ISAACS (c.1829 Preußen-1898 Brighton) in Cardiff in 1858.  The family lived for quite a while at 23 Spring Rd, Birmingham.  Sophia Issacs is buried in Birmingham (I have a low-resolution photo of her badly worn Gravestone). 
Jacob Isaacs is buried at Willesden & I manged to locate & photograph his gravestone.
Using the UK Censuses & the GRO Indexes I established that they had 8 children (all born in Newport, Wales), 5 of whom survived beyond infancy:
1-Mark Issacs-(1859-1940)
2-Isidore Isaacs (1861-?)
3-Eli Isaacs (c.1862-?)
4-Sarah Ellen (Nellie) Isaacs (1866-?)
5-Hinda/Hilda Isaacs (c.1867-?)
Here is all I've been able to discover this far:
Most importantly, parts of the family changed their surname to PARKER
Lets start with Sarah Ellen "Nellie" Isaacs who married Joseph MORRIS in London on 20 Feb 1889:
- appear to have had 3 kids all born in Camberwell:
1-Albert Charles Morris b.1889
2-Mabel Sophia Morris b.1889/1890
3-Edith Rebecca Morris b.1891/1892
Have been unable to go any further with this family grouping:   Isidore Isaacs: * Likely to have also changed surname to Parker
* There is an Isidore Stanley Parker buried at Rainham
Mark Isaacs:  * He definitely changed his surname to PARKER
* Mark was 1st married to Maud Constance Woolf (Whose sister, Flora Norma Woolf married Isaac Harris whose mother Hannah Deborah Bloom-Harris, was a sister of Sophia Bloom as mentioned at the start)
* Mark & Maud had a son: Claude MAUDSLEY John ISAACS b.1888
* Maud Woolf-Isaacs died in 1888
* Mark married Kate Woolf (Not a sibling of Maud) under the name of Mark PARKER , in 1893
* Mark & Kate are buried at Pound Lane & I have their gravestone photos
Claude MAUDSLEY John SAACS: * He also changed his surname to PARKER
* His middle names appear as John Maudsley & also as Maudsley John in different records
* He was in the Royal Navy/Airforce- 2 documents at Kew
* He is noted as a commercial clerk in the 1911 Census
* On 20 Mar 1928, he was found not guilty in the "House Coal Association Fraud Case"
* He appears to be the person who married Eileen Maud Reynolds Mackey in 1922
* He appears to be the person whose death was registered in Hammersmith in 1964
* These could possibly be 2 sons born before the marriage?
Births Mar 1912-Parker Richard Bertram , Mother Maiden Name:Mackey St.Giles 1b 1071
Births Jun 1920- Parker George H , Mother Maiden Name:Mackey Fulham 1a 689
With grateful thanks,   Joel Levy, London,  <scoobydoouk@...>

Re: Unsure if these are names! #names

Valentin Lupu

Hi Marylin,
All three words are Ashkenazi Jewish names from Eastern Europe. Leiser (Leizer, Lazar)  is a shortened  form of the Hebrew name Eliezer. Cerne (Czerne Czarna) is a name of Slavic origin meaning Black. Examples of using this form are:  The renown Russian-born Hebrew poet Tchernichovski, the Infamous nuclear plant at Chernobyl, Czarnogora (Black Mountain) the local name of Montenegro and so on. Breine / Breina is the female Slavic name derived from Braun (German) translating to Brown.
A good reference book for the meaning and origin of Jewish names is "Jewish Family Names and Their Origins"  by Heinrich and Eva Guggenheimer.

Valentin Lupu,  Israel

Re: Unsure if these are names. #names

Rachelle Litt

My Great Aunt had the given name Czerne and it became Claire when she emigrated.

Rachelle Litt
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Re: Seeking 1940 ship name and manifest Lisbon to Mozambique Portugal Lourenço Marques #general

Paul Silverstone

Try the Lloyds records at the Guildhall Library in London.  They have all Lloyds once-secret voyage records.   Someone there should be able to help you.

Paul Silverstone

Re: searching for the maiden name of my great-grandmother Riva/Rivke BERENSON #ukraine

Alan Shuchat


It may be that your ggf's marriage record will eventually appear in Alex Krakovsky's postings of Ukraine records. Lara Diamond posted about Krasnoye records from the mid-19th century at

Alex has posted records from Shpikov, which is nearby Krasnoye. His Ukrainian-language siteЄврейське_містечко is organized by location, and you can use Google Translate to get an approximate translation into English. Or, see this site for the Podolia records

Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA


Elise Cundiff

The Brina in my family went by Blanche in the USA.   My uncle was named for his great-grandfather Lazar, and was called Lawrence. So you see there are many examples to show that any name with the same first letter could have been chosen for use in America, 

Re: Searching GRUNFELD (GREENFELD) family from Maramaros county. #hungary #rabbinic #romania

Peninah Zilberman

Shalom Yehudah,


Tarbut Foundation has organized a few All Generations Gathering

in the past 5  years in Marmaures.

I came across a few Grünfeld and Greenfield,

will send you introductions to your personal Email.

Best regards




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Miriam Bulwar David-Hay

Leizer is short for Eliezer, a Hebrew male name. Cerne is probably Czarna (pronounced Charna, with a ch like in charm), a woman's name, from the Polish word for "black." Breine or the diminutive Braindl or similar is a Yiddish name for women, meaning "brown." Polish and Yiddish names were quite common among Jews, especially women, and not everyone had a Hebrew name. As far as what their English equivalents might have been, people who anglicized their names often chose something that sounded similar to the original, or started with the first letter/s of the original, but not always.

All the best,
Miriam Bulwar David-Hay,
Raanana, Israel. 



Leiser - nickname for Eliezer; Louis is a common corresponding English name but people sometimes chose a different name for some reason.
Cerne or Tserne often came out as Shirley or Cecilia in English but again people cold chose whatever name they liked.

Brick wall 1: the missing DAHL sisters #germany #general


I've decided during this Corona period to gradually outsource to the JewishGen readers the major brick walls in my family tree research. Here is the first one.

Elias Heimann DAHL and Sibilla MEYER had 12 children; 9 of them have available records showing their births, marriages, families and deaths.

However 3 of the sisters only have birth records: Rosette DAHL, born 30 Apr 1842; Rosalia DAHL, born 5 Feb 1850; and Mathilde DAHL, born 7 Sep 1854. They were all born in Geilenkirchen, Germany. The Geilenkirchen archive has no further records relating to these sisters and they don't have graves in the Geilenkirchen Jewish cemetery. (Geilenkirchen is North of Aachen, close to the Dutch border.)

There are no additional details and several years of online and direct enquiries have not uncovered additional information.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Richard DAHL,
Rehovot, Israel

Re: At a dead end: searching for the siblings of Oskar Wurzel #poland


Thank you Sherri!
This is very helpful.


(Scotland) Scotland's People Announced Due to Pandemic They are Unable to Process any Certificates #unitedkingdom

Jan Meisels Allen



Scotland’s People, the government organization that provides vital records for Scotland, has announced with advice from the United Kingdom and Scottish government to delay the spread of the Corona virus has closed their search rooms in Edinburgh and stop production of all types of certificates an official extracts until further notice.  The notice from the National Records of Scotland may be read at:


There is also information in that notice allowing for registrars to take “remote” registration for deaths by telephone or electronic means.  Registration of births has been temporarily suspended whilst registration offices are closed to the public.


Marriages and Civil Partnerships are not permitted during this time without a Schedule for which registrars have been instructed to stop during the pandemic.


While visiting the Soctlands’s People’s site you may find their records of interest:

civil registers, church registers, census returns, valuation rolls, legal records and poor relief and migration records. You can search them free of charge and pay for copies using credits or vouchers. The exceptions to this are the Highlands and Islands Emigration records (within the 'Poor relief and migration records' category) and the 1881 LDS transcribed census records (within the 'Census returns' category). These can be searched and viewed for free. To see what you can do for free go to:


For information about fees for copies and certificates please see their charges page.


Thank you to Jeanette Rosenberg MBE, JGS Great Britain, for sharing the information on Scotland’s People.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: #translation Yiddish #translation


i can try to  help you call/text me 447973696548
eli schwartz

Re: My great hunt Rachel Levinsky #names #israel

Lynn Franklin

On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 06:41 AM, JOSEPH GODELNIK wrote:
Hi, my name is Yossi Godelnik and I am working on my mother family tree - Ginzburg. I try to find relatives of my mother - hunt Rachel (Rochel, Rychel) Levinsky - Ginzburg. Rachel ginzburg was born at April 15, 1885 in Jerusalem to Shmuel Yosef Ginzburg. She married to Levinsky, I think he was Rabbi, and immigrate with him to USA at early 20th century (I think 1909). I know for sure that they have a son and might be they have also a daughter. Around 1950 she came back (alone) to Israel and stay in Bnei Brak (she was very religious women). She died on 2.2.1979. I will appreciate to find more details about her family.


I've found more, including someone else in the US researching this family.  Her name is Michelle Levan, and I shared your post with her.  Hopefully, she'll get my message and decide to respond, and will be able to figure out how to do so.

I found a record of Michael Levensky's death in Chicago in 1939.  I'll attach the transcription to this post.  Also, a birth record for a son Aaron Joshua Levensky, who may correspond, or not, with Gilbert.  I'll attach this record also.  I found a copy of the Levensky family entering the US from Canada in 1912, but no children older than Esther.  I will try to attach this also.

I sure hope that this is the family you're looking for.


Re: My great hunt Rachel Levinsky #names #israel

Lynn Franklin

Hi Yossi,

In looking further, I found the 1920 US census for this family.  It lists Michael as a Rabbi.  It's interesting that Joe and Gilbert aren't shown as living with them on census day in 1920.  Perhaps they were visiting family elsewhere.  Anyhow, here's a copy of the 1920 census attached.  Also, no older children than Esther listed...

Good luck with your hunt!

Re: My great hunt Rachel Levinsky #names #israel

Lynn Franklin


I was able to find a 1930 US census record from Chicago, Illinois, USA that showed a Rachel Levensky, born in Jerusalem of Russian parents.  It doesn't state her parents names.  Her husband was listed as Michael, a book dealer.  Their children are Esther, Judith, Joe, Ruth and Gilbert.  

Her age is given as 38, her husband 48, in 1930.  But a few columns forward, she says that she was married at 18 years old, her husband was 22.  If her husband's age in 1930 was 48 years, he would have been born about 1882.  If she was four years younger when she married, she would have been born about 1886.  I think that this may be a case of a woman trying to appear younger, which is fairly common on these census reports, in my experience.

Given that her oldest child, Esther is listed as 18, Rachel would have been 30 by my figuring, when Esther was born.  I would look for more children, one born when Rachel was between the ages of 18 and 30.

At least this gives you the name of five of their children, if you decide that this is the correct Rachel Levensky.

I've attached the census page here.  If you can't read it for some reason, let me know and I'll be glad to email it to you.

Let me know if you think that this is the person that you are looking for.

in Tennessee, USA

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