Re: Searching for PHILIPS family possibly from Suvalk (Suwalki) Area -Translate Family Name from Grave Marker? Philips in US #poland #lithuania #translation

Maury Kitces

Here is an interesting possibility.  Tevye Philips, from the Bialystok area, died in Albany.  Like Abraham, is father was also Eliahu.  The Hirsh in Abraham's name probably came from an earlier ancestor, and Tevya had a son named Hirsch.

Tevye's immigration name was Mayer Gaczkowski.

contact me directly for more info.

family at

Re: How can I find NYC naturalization papers with only the record number? #general

David Oseas


There is a good write-up on manifest markings, written by Marian L. Smith (Historian emeritus, USCIS), on JewishGen:

Starting in 1926, the INS required verification of the information on the Petition for Naturalization against passenger manifests, over concern for fraud during the naturalization process. 

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot you can do with the number that you cite:  it indicates that your relative filed to receive a "Certificate of Arrival" in the New York district (2-) in February, 1943.  There is no index to the CofA numbers.  For the people that I've researched, the verification was done anywhere from a year prior, up to two weeks before filing a petition, though the average is about one month prior.

The (404) [or a (505) notation] indicates that the information on the petition differed sufficiently from the manifest that the clerk was unable to certify that this was the correct person.  In my research, I have found that only a few passengers with a 404 or 505 notation went on to successfully naturalize.

Immigrants typically Americanized their names during the naturalization process and this information is recorded within the documentation.  Most naturalization indexes contain both the original name upon arrival, and the new name that the citizen will be using.  The name Meier frequently became Max in the US.

Starting in 1940, aliens residing in the US were required to file an Alien Registration form.  For people that did not become citizens before 1944, those forms were used to start an A-File with the INS.

You may find that a USCIS index search ( ) will be fruitful -- for a (currently) $65 fee, they will search their indexes to see if they can locate a C-File or an A-File for your relative.  Based on the results of the search, you can request copies of the records (currently, an additional $65), or may even be able to locate them yourself.

David Oseas

KLEIN: Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely), Hungary > New York > Los Angeles
OSEAS/OSIAS/OSIASI/OZIAS: Iasi, Romania > Chicago > Milwaukee > Los Angeles
SCHECHTER/SHEKTER: Kishinev, Bessarabia > New York  
SHERMAN: Iasi, Romania > New York > Los Angeles
STECKER: New York > Florida
STRUL:  Iasi, Romania > Haifa, Israel
WICHMAN: Syczkowo (Bobruisk), Belarus > Milwaukee > Los Angeles

New databases for London (Bevis Marks) and Gibraltar #unitedkingdom #announcements #sephardic

Jeff at SG

Re: Searching for PHILIPS family possibly from Suvalk (Suwalki) Area -Translate Family Name from Grave Marker? Philips in US #poland #lithuania #translation


Hi Geniediane,
  I grew up in Marianna, Washington Co, Pa where my best friend was Ted Williams ( not that Ted ). His parents were of Russian  descent- Phil Williams and --- Phillips.  There was a Russian Orthodox church in our little town and which was presided over by Chuck Phillips who was Mrs Williams brother.  Not sure this is what you are searching for, but it might be worth a look.

Passport archive Hungary-Romania? #hungary #romania


Did passports from before ww2 in Hungary Romania have pictures on them?
if yes are these documents and pictures saved by the government?



I did spell her married name wrong.  It is Auerbach..


Steven Turner

Gesher Galicia webinar series got off to a good start last week with Dr. Turner’s presentation on his trip through former Galicia. We appreciate the positive feedback received to date.

This week, we are pleased to announce the posting of two educational programs by Dr. Andrew Zalewski, VP, Gesher Galicia, who presents on:

University Records: Jewish Medical Students
Educational Program Series: Learn about the opening of higher education to Jews, inspect university records as sources of genealogical information, and discover the inspiring stories of Jewish medical students from Galicia. The program brings you archival information from several universities attended by Galician Jews (from 1790’s until 1939), it also informs on our annotated database of Jewish students and other educational material.

Cadastral Surveys: Names, Houses and Land Records
Educational Program Series: Unlock genealogical information from early population surveys by learning about the Josephine and Franciscan surveys. Hidden gems about Jewish members of Galician communities are shown through records; the transition between patronymics and hereditary surnames can be also ascertained in few instances. The program points to an additional material on this topic, which is available to Gesher Galicia’s members.

The speaker's bio: Link

To access videos, please make sure you are logged into your Gesher Galicia account before clicking the link below.

Gesher Galicia Webinars

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Dr. Steven S. Turner
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Re: Name on holocaust survivor list #lithuania #names

Jill Whitehead

Henia is often tranlated as Hannah - as in my ancestor's name Henia or Hannah Serwianski (my great great grandmother) from Sejny, in Suwalki gubernia.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: About Philippe Solinski Family SUWALKI #names #poland

Jill Whitehead

You mention Gorfunkel/Gorfunkle. Two of my Guttenberg great aunts and uncles from Sheffield, Yorks, UK (their parents came to Hull in c1865, then Grimsby and then Sheffield) from Rajgrod in Lomza gubernia and Razcki  in Suwalki gubernia) married a brother and sister Gorfunkle from Manchester, whose parents had also come from Suwalki gubernia in the 1860's. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Malat/Moletai Landmanshaft in S. Africa #southafrica #lithuania


Love to hear about this as well as my ancestors are from Malate/Moletai


Susan Miller



Looking for any help in finding information on Nathan (Nachman) Rosen (Borokowsky), Molly Borokowsky and Borach Rosen from “Roshever/Roziveh” Kiev Gubernia.  


Nathan (1891-1941) was the son of Molly (maybe Malka) Borokowsky (b, 1865) and Borach Rosen. 

Nathan married Ethel Chernibolsky (b. 1894). They settled in Chicago, Illinois.


Our ultimate goal is to find the third sibling of our grandfather

Samuel (Shaul) Packer/Peckar (c.1880 “Roshever/Roziveh”-1924). Samuel and his wife, Eva Dorman, settled in Baltimore, Md.  


We  know Samuel had a sister in Chicago named Anna Nechome Becker who married Joseph Gorodetsky (Gore).  But, his third sister, Malka, we have not been able to find.  


We were told by Nathan’s daughter that he was the nephew of Samuel, which would mean that Mollie is our Malka, however the surname Borokowsky is a mystery.  It should be Packer/Peckar if she was the sister of Samuel.


We understand that Samuel’s father was Mordechai Eidel.


Any information or suggestion will greatly appreciated.  

Thank you,

Susan Miller




Re: Please help decipher this English word #names

Marvin Lauwasser

That he is an infant suggests the word might be "child".

Re: Headers of birth registrations books in Galtizia 1900 to English #translation #poland #germany



Thank you and JRI-Poland for signposting us to this very useful information.

Malka Flekier
London, UK

Family Tree Chart Especially for Cousins etc. #general

joannegrosman joannegrosman

Thank you everyone who responded about where to download a family tree chart. I was particularly interested in cousins etc. as one of these distant relatives in Israel is on Geni and I get matches that are even more distant. Now I can visualize who these people are! On another point, I used to believe my last name 'Grosman' with one 's' was significant, but now on Geni I have seen distant relatives who have the same last name with two 'ss'. Maybe a transcription issue.
Thanks again,
Joanne Grosman
researching Grosman, Kremsdorf, Bocian

Re: {Where can I get a blank] Family Tree Chart? #general

Judi Gyory Missel

Family Tree Magazine's website offers many free forms, included an basic 5-generation tree. You have to sign up for a free account, but they have over 60 free forms for research, census records, correspondence and much more. I suggest it for all my classes. Website is:

Good luck and stay safe,
Judi Missel
Mesa, Arizona


Vernon Kronenberg

It is possible that the name you are looking for is AUERBACH rather than Aurebach as you spelled it in your message. 
KRONENBERG - Warsaw, Lodz
BLUMENKOPF - Garwolin, Warsaw
ORZEL - Warsaw


Reclaim The Records wins lawsuit for the Missouri birth and death index; judge smacks down state Dept of Health with scathing judgment, fees, and fines! #announcements



Reclaim The Records is thrilled to announce that we won our long-running Missouri Sunshine Law suit for the first-ever free and public copies of the Missouri birth index for 1920-2015 and the Missouri death index for 1968-2015! These text indices are finally going to become available for the state of Missouri and are going to go online for free public use, both searchable and downloadable -- and they'll never be locked up by the state again.

And thanks to the somewhat unusual facts of the case, we were also awarded our attorneys fees by the judge! Thanks, Missouri taxpayers!

And in an extremely unusual move, we even were awarded fines against the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), for their four separate "knowing and purposeful" violations of the Missouri Sunshine Law! Fines against government agencies are allowed under Missouri's law, but they're very hard to get in practice, and as far as we know, no one has ever won multiple fines against a state agency all within a single Missouri Sunshine Law case before.

But we did! The judge smacked down DHSS with $12,000 in fines for four separate (and disgustingly well-documented) yes-they-really-did-it-on-purpose knowing and purposeful violations of the law. Mwahahaha.

Read all about it in our latest newsletter!:

Or you can jump right to the judge's fifty-three-page order, in our Motion for Summary Judgment here (PDF).
We're partial to the parts of the ruling where the judge writes sub-headings like "DHSS Executes the Secret Plan" and "DHSS’ Shifting Hourly Rate Charges", and the sentences like "The secret plan advocated by Mr. Land, the former State Registrar—which DHSS followed meticulously—is a textbook case of a purposeful violation of the Sunshine Law." Oh, and also the part where she refers to the state's plan as "devious" and the part where she writes that it "represents an utter disdain for “the public policy of this state". Fun reading!

Our sincere thanks go to our intrepid attorneys Bernie Rhodes and Taryn Nash at Lathrop Gage in Missouri, for shepherding this case through four and half years of hard and careful work. If you should ever feel the need to file a lawsuit under the Missouri Sunshine Law, we recommend hiring them.

Some recent news coverage of our win:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Tony Messenger, a recent Pulitzer Prize winner whose beat includes covering Sunshine Law cases, has been tracking and writing about our case for years now:
"Messenger: Judge blasts state of Missouri over ‘blatant’ violation of Sunshine Law"

Here's Dan Margolies at Missouri's NPR affiliate KCUR:
"Court's Ruling In Missouri Open-Records Case Could Clear Way For More Access To COVID-19 Data"

And Glenn E. Rice at the Kansas City Star:
"Judge fines Missouri agency $12K for violating public records law with ‘secret plan’"
For more information about Reclaim The Records and our ongoing work to free genealogical records from recalcitrant and/or naughty government agencies, please check out our website at or follow us on Facebook or on Twitter at @ReclaimTheRecs.

And Reclaim The Records is a US 501c3 non-profit organization, and your generous financial support is always very much appreciated. 😁

- Brooke Schreier Ganz
President and Founder, Reclaim The Records
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Rivka Distenfeld-Eisen-Zlochew d.1938 #names

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My wife's grandmother Rivka EISEN (DISTENFELD) , died in Zlochew (then
Poland) about 1938. Her husband, Zvi Hirsch EISEN had left to New
York sometime in the 1930s (not sure exactly when).

Anyone have Rivka in their family tree?

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Looking for Sarnek, Voln. (literal from brith act) #ukraine

Alexander Sharon


Place was known as Sarnki, located near town Bursztyn in Rohatyn Powiat. Those were actually trzy adjacent villages by the same name: Sarnki Górne (Upper) with largest Jewish population of three villages of 78, Sarnki Dolne (Lower) with Jewish population of 36 and Sarnki Srednie (Middle) with Jewish population of 6 residents.
Places are shown in JG Gazetteer as follows:

Sarniki, Sarnki, Sarnki Gurne, Sarnyky populated place 49°18' N 24°44' E G Ukraine 433.1 kilometers WSW of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E
Sarniki populated place 49°36' N 24°21' E G Ukraine 450.1 kilometers WSW of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E
Sarnki Dol’ne populated place 49°16' N 24°44' E G Ukraine 434.3 kilometers WSW of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

Re: Headers of birth registrations books in Galtizia 1900 to English #translation #poland #germany

Ina Getzoff

You did not include the information that you are looking for in your e-mail but maybe if you post either to the group or on view mate someone can be of assistance.
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla.

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