Re: Hebrew name question #names


It can be the Hebrew name: Ami which mean "my nation", or shortness of Hebrew names: Amichi, Amiran, Amihud


Zvi BERNHARDT Z"L #announcements

Rony Golan

Dear Colleagues & Friends,


It is with great shock and sadness I am sorry to advise you of the untimely passing of our friend and colleague Zvi BERNHARDT of Yad VaShem.


Zvi was the Deputy manager of the Hall of Names and the Deputy manager of the consulting department at Yad VaShem archive.

Zvi was very knowledgeable and was always there for us in good advice and facilitated access to genealogical resources.


In recent years Zvi advanced courses in genealogy that Yad Vashem introduced together with the Central Zionist Archives.


May his memory be of blessing.


Rony Golan

Rony Golan
Ramat HaSharon, Israel

                        EISDORFER, Hungary
                        SLOMOVITS, Sighet, Romania

New additions to the All Galicia Database; progress on the Identification Project #announcements

Gesher Galicia SIG

In the past three months, the following record sets have been added to
the All Galicia Database, at .

Vital records
- Kroscienko nad Dunajcem: Jewish deaths, death certificates 1902,
1930-1938 (97 records), Jewish births 1919-1926, 1931, 1937-1938 (168
- Lezajsk: Jewish deaths 1827-1866 (1,736 records);
- Stanislawow: Jewish deaths 1934, 1935, 1937, 1938 (1,208 records);
- Stanislawow province, assorted towns, loose assorted Jewish vital
records 1870-1934 (13 records), along with Tyszkowce Jewish residents
1922 (27 records);
- Strusow: Jewish births 1837-1870 (445 records).

Coming soon in vital records:
Kosow B 1842-1868; Stanislawow B 1933, 1934, 1938; M 1938; Strusow M
1853-1859, 1862, 1870.

New taxpayer records
- Narajow, 1936 (77 records); Olesko, 1936 (116 records); Zloczow,
1936 (528 records).
Coming soon:
- Taxpayer records from Zbaraz, 1936; Sasow, 1939; Podkamien [Tarnopol
province], 1931.

Przemysl Identification Project
Details of the latest files to be identified and the identification
verified can be found in the members-only "Members Portal" on the
Gesher Galicia website. Sixty-one files have now been verified, and
around another 25 identified but are still in the process of being
verified. Books, mainly index books of vital records, have now been
identified (not necessarily verified) from the following 27 towns, all
but two within the former Galicia:

Biala Podlaska, Boryslaw, Bursztyn, Drohobycz, Jaworow, Klasno,
Kolomyja, Kozlow, Krakow, Lublin, Mikulince, Mosty Wielkie, Muszyna,
Nadworna, Nowy Sacz, Obertyn, Olesko, Pruchnik, Rohatyn, Skole,
Stanislawow, Stary Sacz, Stary Sambor, Stryj, Tarnopol, Tyczyn, and

Nineteen of the books so far identified are from Drohobycz, and seven
each from Nowy Sacz and Tarnopol. New and revealing information has
been discovered in several instances, with the full record book from
which the index books have been derived either missing or

Our other research projects are continuing, and our online inventories
of Jewish records are regularly updated. Our "Global Search" facility
in particular can be freely made use of at:

For more information on Gesher Galicia's research projects and online
inventories, as well as on the Przemyśl Identification Project, or for
general questions or information about Gesher Galicia, please contact:
info@... .
Please do not reply to this email address.

Tony Kahane
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

Send all inquiries to info@...

Smolyansky (Smoliansky) #lithuania


Dear All

I am looking for the family from Eishishkes Lithuania by surname Smoliansky (Smolyansky).
I have a partial tree based on Revision lists which I can share.
Most of the family perished in WWII but some members I strongly believe survived.
Any information greatly appreciated.

Anthony Smolyansky
Melbourne, Australia

Researching the ROWINSKY family in Kobryn, Belarus #belarus

Roy Ogus

Is anyone researching the ROWINSKY family from Kobryn, Belarus?  I would love to make contact you to discuss whether we have any family in common.
Here are some of the family members in my family branch:
Isadore (Itzyk) ROWINSKY (b. ~ 1880) m. Perel (in Kobryn)
Sam (Schlome), born ~1903, Kobryn
William (Welwel), born ~1906, Kobryn
The family emigrated to the USA during the early part of the 20th Century and settled in Chicago.
Please send me a message if you have any information on this family.
Many thanks
Roy Ogus
Palo Alto, California
r_ogus at

Where might we locate the mentioned records? Jews baptized in Poland #poland

Our Jewish Family History Research

Hello all:
Please see that attached link which
gives insight into the history of Jacob Frank and his followers the Frankists, Jews baptised in Poland. There is mention that by 1790, 26,000 Jews were recorded baptised in Poland. Does anyone know if those records are accessible?  Many thanks in advance.
Jacquie Gruszecki

Researching GRUSZECKI,GRUSZECKA from various areas of Poland

Jacob Frank

Where might we locate the mentioned records? 

Re: calendar of Torah and Haftarah portions #general

Dr.Josef ASH

David, sorry, in Bereshit the part is "weiira", Kaf"Alif

2020 RootsTech Sessions Available Online for Free Access #events

Jan Meisels Allen


RootsTech 2020 is past but there is public access for the keynote sessions and some of classes for free.


Keynotes and general sessions:


RootsTech Sessions:

These includes:  Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist

Crista Cowan, Ancestry

Blaine Bettinger on DNA

Mike Mansfield, MyHeritage

And more…


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Former Neveklarsfeld Website #hungary

Hilary Osofsky

Does anyone know whether all of the information on the former Neveklarsfeld website ( has been transferred elsewhere, and whether it is currently on-line?

To date, Yad Vashem seems not to have the deportation information that was formerly available on Neveklarsfeld - at least not as to my family members.

I'm particularly interested in the status of the following lists: 

- Jews conscripted for forced labor by the Hungarian government
- Jews prior to deportation drawn up by Hungarian officials
- Surviving Jews registered in Budapest after World War II

Thank you.

Hilary (Stein) Osofsky
Orinda, California

NUERNBERGER Zalesie, Podolinec, Hagy, Soporna, Vysne Ruzbachy, Hafka, Presov, and environs
WOLF Huncovce, Vysne Ruzbachy, Bucovce, Malý Slavkov, Satu Mare, and environs
REICHER Benadikova, Vrutky, Halvan, and environs
FRIEDLENDER Benadikova and environs
STEIN Vychodna, Kral'ova Lehota, Liptovsky Hradok, Zalesie, Budapest, and environs

Re: Manifest Question #poland

Lee Jaffe

A few follow ups, corrections and comments about my post and the replies I received here and privately.

I didn't provide as much detail as some asked or expected.  I didn't imagine that others would try to research my family for me.  Also, I wrote the note on my phone and tried to same myself typing more than absolutely necessary.  I have reasonably good records of some key highlights of my family history once they arrive in the US.  But only sketchy information about life in the Pale and immigration.   I do  have the yizkor book for Suchowola which features a passage (with a photo) about my great-great-grandparents Leyzer and Freydl Jaffe, and a long obituary of Henry's brother Zalman, who died in Tel Aviv, 1954.  I have naturalization papers for Henry and individually for his sons Samuel and Albert, the manifest for Bessie, Samuel and Charles.

I have census records for the family starting 1900 with a farm in New Jersey (one of Baron de Hirsch's scheme).  In the 1900 census, Bessie reported having 8 children, 8 living.  Seven are recorded in the household in 1900.  Elexander (Samuel), Charles, Jacob (born in Russian (Poland), Elizabeth (Memphis), Maurice and Freda (Phila.) and Solomon (NJ).  Albert remained behind to finish rabbinic studies and immigrated in 1905, settling in Pittsburgh.  I have various family entries from city directories, draft registrations. death certificates  ...  I'm in touch with Albert's granddaughter and Solomon's son.   Henry, Bessie, Charles, Jacob and Elizabeth are buried in the family plot outside of Philadelphia (Mt. Sharon). 

My ggf Henry didn't immigrate in 1875 as I wrote.  (1875 was reported as his arrival date in the 1910 US census but 1887 arrival, reported elsewhere, is more likely.)  He filed his intention to become a citizen in 1890 and I have what looks like the original Certificate of Naturalization filed in criminal court in Shelby County, Tennessee, 20 May 1895.  Neither form provides information about his arrival.  There is some family lore that Henry went back and forth, looking for a place to settle his family, apparently fathering some of the children during visits.  I heard from a couple of sources that he and his brother Zalman went to Ottoman Palestine in the early 1880s.  Henry left, either because of allergies or because he didn't like laws prohibiting Jews from owning land, but Zalman remained.  

Henry apparently followed his younger brother Moses to Memphis when he arrives in 1887(-8).  I have my ggm Bessie (Pesche) Steel Jaffe on a manifest traveling with two sons, Sender (Elexander or Samuel) and Gedale (Charles), arriving NY on the Red Sea from Bremen, 17 July 1893.  I was able to line up Pesche, Sender and Gedale with Bessie, Samuel and Charles with the names on their gravestones, and the Last Residence entry on the manifest reads Suchowola, which we know to be their hometown.  

Someone suggested I try to research and collate as much family data as possible to 1) look for other relatives who could have brought Jacob over with them and 2) establish as much data about Jacob to help search other arrival dates.  To the first point, I can identify no other relatives on the Jaffe side who could have brought Jacob in time for him to be enumerated in the 1900 census.  The only family remaining behind arrived in 1903 or later.   The missing piece, which might provide an answer,  is his mother Bessie's family.  I barely know her parents' names (from her death certificate) and know nothing of siblings or other relations. Once I accept that Bessie came with two of her sons but left the youngest behind, the most likely scenario was that he arrived with other family, but I haven't found a record showing when or how this happened.   For the second case, I have a spreadsheet with every data point I've encountered.  Jacob reports immigrating 1892 (1910 census), 1893 (1900 census), 1897 (1920 census), 1899 (1930 census) and naturalized 1892 (1920 census), arrived 1893 and father naturalized 1895 (on Jacob's passport application).  His year of birth varies from 1884 to 1888 depending when you asked.  

Finally, at least two of you suggested using the searches available at  I've looked at this site but haven't discovered anything I wasn't able to find using the Ellis Island manifest search.  Specifically, someone suggested searching simply by the Residence name but no service I've tried allows me to search without entering a family name.  If there is a search tool that allows a broader approach, please provide a name or other pointers,   Thanks.


p.s. For those who might be interested, the story my grandfather told me (and I recorded) is that he made the crossing at the age of 13, accompanying a younger cousin.  They were smuggled across the Russian border and put on a train to Antwerp.  The train was delayed and they arrived too late for the boat, requiring them to wait a week for the next ship.  Since he was at leisure, my grandfather decided to explore the city.  While in a public park surrounded by nice houses, a well-dressed man approached my grandfather and said to him, in perfect Yiddish, "Would you do me a favor?   I need you take something to one of the houses here.  Someone will give you an envelope in return.  Bring it back to me.  I'll be waiting for you." My grandfather said he knocked on the door and a woman answered, holding an envelope as if she expected him.  He gave her his package and took the envelope back to where the man was waiting.  The man took a large denomination bill from the envelope and gave it to my grandfather and walked away.  (When I asked my grandfather what he thought that was about, he just shrugged.)  He continued his trip, arriving in NY, where the cousin's family received him, took him to the baths and gave him a set of "modern" clothes.  On the way to the baths, a ruffian called my grandfather a "greenie" and they got in a fight ("I got the best of him, believe you me.").  The next morning they put him on a train to Philadelphia, with a note instructing the conductor where he needed to get to.  Arriving in Phila., the conductor handed him over to a policeman who escorted him to his father's address.  At his father's home, they were told that everyone was at work and the policeman took him there.  However the foreman had them locked in and only after negotiations, one of the brothers was allowed to leave to take Jake to the house. 

There are so many holes in the story, I don't know where to begin.  Maybe he was telling someone else's story.  Maybe it came from a book or a movie.

Looking for history books or research papers on the social and economic organization of a Galitzian shtetl in 1900 #galicia

Alberto Guido Chester

Of special interest to me is the organization of the Jewish community, its employees (shames, shojets, cantors, etc.) in any shtetl about 1900.
Not looking for novels, stories or creative writing but historic research.
Please answer your suggestions privately and I´ll try to put them together into a unique mail for reference.
Thanks in advance
Alberto Guido Chester,  Buenos Aires, Argentina   <agchester@...>

Re: Manifest Question #poland

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>


1. every census that your grandfather will appear in should have a column asking either "How long has this person been in the US" or "What year did they arrive in the US".  Many states (especially NY) did their own censuses in between federal census years and also asked this question.  From the answers, you should be able to get a good approximation of the year that your grandfather arrived.

2. if any of your foreign-born family members naturalized, or, if any of the foreign-born males registered for the WWI draft, those documents will list the town from which your family came.

3. if you know the name of the cousin that family lore says your grandfather came with, so much the better"
Not necessarily true. I have seen censuses and WW I draft notices which don't give this information.  Just because you have seen the year of arrival on a couple censuses, that doesn't mean they all have them.
And if family lore says somebody came with somebody, that isn't necessarily true either. My mother, for example, mixed lots of stuff up. My grandfather was born in Missouri or Wisconsin or somewhere, for example.
Sally Bruckheimer,   Princeton, NJ    <sallybruc@...>

Seeking Edith/Miriam FRANKEL #general #hungary

abbee corb

Good day all,

I am working for a family in Jerusalem who is seeking the whereabouts of Holocaust survivor - Edith/Miriam FRANKEL born August 4, 1933 in Hungary. Edith worked as a social worker in the greater Montreal area. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

With thanks,     Abbee           Abbee S. Corb, PhD, CAS, CMAS     Email: abbeecorb@...

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Trying to locate Valentin KHAIAT in Nof HaGalil #israel

Bonnie Gould

Sorry, this is my first post and I am a true novice.  I am trying to locate Valentin KHAIAT who may be a distant cousin.  He completed a Testimony at Yad Vashem in 2005 for my PEKAR cousins.  I am unable to read the address on the page of testimony but the city he lived in at that time is Nazareth Illit which I am told, is now Nof HaGalil, Israel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Gould,   Los Angeles, California   

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Translation of the Memorial (Yizkor) Book of Podhajce, Ukraine (Pidhaytsi) available at reduced price #ukraine #yizkorbooks

Joel Alpert

The Memorial (Yizkor) Book of Podhajce, Ukraine (Pidhaytsi, Ukraine)

Yizkor Books in Print is happy to make this book available at severely
reduced pricing by ordering through JewishGen

List price: $59.95, available from JewishGen for $38

For more information and directions for ordering go to:
Go toward the bottom of the page below "Available at:" for the link to
start your order.

For information on the other 95 other Yizkor book we publish, go to:

Joel Alpert, Coordinator of the Yizkor-Books-in-Print Project

Viewmate – do you recognise this family called BAUMAN? #poland #names


Are any of the people in this photo on Viewmate familiar? I know their names from the back of the photo (Jozef, Sabrina, Bela and Henryk Bauman) and believe them to be related to my BAUMAN grandfather but can find no evidence. Does anyone recognise them? There are more details in the link.
Thank you.

(née Bowman in London)

Re: Refugee doctors who had to requalify not just UK #general

Irene Newhouse

National medical societies have been very protectionist for a long time. My earliest story concerns my aunt, who received her MD degree after studying medicine in Munich & defending her thesis in Berlin. This was just before WWI. She came down with TB & had to move to Switzerland to live at higher altitudes in those pre-antibiotic days. She was unable to pass the Swiss licensing exam, though she tried 3 times before she lost heart & gave up. My father was convinced that, as German medical schools of the time were the world's best, she should have been able to pass any reasonable exam.
My next example is from the diaries of a Viennese pharmacist. He received his pharmacy degree from the university of Vienna. When he came to the US as a Holocaust refugee, he learned he'd have to attend pharmacy school for 2 years in the US before even being permitted to take the licensing test. He pointed out bitterly in his diary that if he had the money for 2 years of university, he wouldn't have to work. He earned a living working in various private testing laboratories in the NYC area. Finally, after he retired from lab work, he was hired by a private Jewish hospital as pharmacist (obviously they knew how qualified he was, and as a private hospital didn't have to worry as much about US credentials) where he was very happy for several more years.
My third example is a man I knew personally - his path crossed my parents' in the Dominican Republic. He took the US licensing test. He was told he got a perfect score & he must have cheated, because no one gets a perfect score. So he took it again. This time, he was the only test-taker in the room & there was a proctor staring at him the whole time. He got another perfect score. He was told that although they couldn't figure how he could possibly have cheated this time, he must have, so they turned him down again. He took the test a third time. This time, he deliberately put down a wrong answer on 3 questions & passed.
He did not stay in the DR for many reasons, but one of them was that Jewish refugees were accepted into the DR if they "would not become public charges, and would work only in agriculture" - Kaplan, "Dominican Haven" ISBN 0-97-16859-3-2, p 25. Yet another country whose professional establishments did not want competition.
Irene Newhouse
Kihei Hawaii USA

Re: Prayer Book Translated by B Meyers Alexander#general

Paul King

I would certainly be interested in locating a subscription list. But let us be certain about particular details of this Prayer Book: location of publication, language or languages of text. I can provide the following information of an Alexander who began printing Hebrew Sephardic prayer books with English translation for the entire liturgical year (1771-1776). He began printing Hebrew books in 1770 but I don't know which ones.. His full name was Alexander Alexander (d. 1807) and lived in London. One possible identification source: Simeon Singer, "Early Translations and Translators of the Jewish Liturgy in England," Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England 3 (1898-1898, pp. 36-71.

Paul King

Photo Marian Cohn/Hans Dreyfuss 1928 #germany

Melody Schloss

In going through some early Schloss family photos from the late 1920s and and early 1930s in Hannover Germany, I came across several that have individuals identified in them. In the event that there are family members interested in those individuals I have posted them.

To view the photo with Marian Cohn and Hans Dreyfuss;

Melody Bredbenner Schloss
Santa Barbara CA USA

Re: Yiddish Publishers in Warsaw #poland

Abuwasta Abuwasta

I assume that you came also across the Groszen Biblitek  (גראשען ביבליאטעק)

"I am looking for information on two Yiddish publishers in Warsaw."

Jacob Rosen



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