Translation of the Memorial Krosno, Polandle at reduced price #poland #yizkorbooks

Joel Alpert

Krosno by the Wislok River: Memorial Book of Jewish Community of Krosno, Poland

Yizkor Books in Print is happy to make this book available at severely
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List price: $55.95, available from JewishGen for $38

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Joel Alpert, Coordinator of the Yizkor-Books-in-Print Project


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Translation of the Memorial (Yizkor) Book of Rozniatow, Ukraine (Rozhnyativ) available at reduced price #yizkorbooks #ukraine



Hessen Gatermann database #germany

Roger Lustig

Users of the Germany databases may have noticed that links to the images
associated with the Hessen Gatermann database are going to a blank
viewer screen, not the desired page.

The Hessian archives have informed me that they've changed their URLs.
Before setting out to rebuild the database I'm hoping to convince them
to add in a redirect routine.

In the meantime, note that the images can be accessed via

Roger Lustig,    research coordinator, GerSIG   <GerSIG.Research@...>

Looking for Schmuel MITSCHNER family in New York City in 1923 #usa #russia

Milton Koch

Schmuel lived in NYC in 1923. He was listed as a friend of Chaje Dickovsky, from Elisavetgrad, Russia-where he also came from.
Chaje was on USS Lithuania to be with her daughter. However, she listed Schmuel as a “friend” she was visiting.
I am looking for any information related to Chaje in particular.
Thank you.

Milton Koch   <mjk1944@...>

JewishGen Class starts May 15 - Research in Galicia #JewishGenUpdates #galicia #events

Nancy Holden

Research in Galicia has a few more places
This is a JewishGen private forum class open 24/7
$150. for three weeks May 15 - June 5

Here is the description

If you have questions, just ask.   email:  nholden@...
Nancy Holden,  Director of Education

Accessing Russian Archives #russia #latvia #warsaw


My ancestor, Schimel Mozeson, born: 1859, Father: Hirsch, Mother: Libe, registered as Merchant of the First Guild in Riga. Lived in Warsaw 1883-1915. Lived in Moscow 1915-1917. Had a tailor shop or clothing store at Ul. Nalewki 18 in 1900. Got into the mechanical [automated] laundry business in Warsaw and made a lot of money. Expanded his mechanical laundries into Moscow, Odessa, and St. Petersburg around 1915. Unfortunately, during the 1917 Russian Revolution, all of his businesses were nationalized and he lost all of his money. Question: being a merchant of the First Guild within the Russian Empire and having traveled to Moscow, Odessa, and St. Petersburg, would the Russian Empire have kept a file on him, somewhere, perhaps with a photograph of him? If it still exists, where would I find such a file and who would I have to contact in Russia, these days, to obtain that information?

Thank You,
George Mason

Re: Other names for Ruth #names #hungary

Shelley Mitchell

I think the most common equivalents are Ruchl and Rivka.
Shelley Mitchell 

What or where is Divirol #names

Butch Hill

I have a photo of some missing family members that was dated 1917. The back has some information in Yiddish. Recently I uploaded it to Viewmate and someone was kind enough to translate it for me. One section contains the phrase "In Divirol with the husband." Of course, that sounds like she is in a place called "Divirol" with her husband. But, I've searched for references to "Divirol" as a place and/or as word with a special meaning. But, I can't find it anywhere. Is anyone familiar with a place of that name or of any other meaning associated with that word?
I've attached a snapshot of the back if it's of any help. The phrase is contained on the upper portion of the right-side.
This photo and the writing on the back is the only information I have about these individuals (my grandfather's sister and family) as they eventually disappeared. So, any additional insight would be of great value.
Thanks so much for any assistance.

Re: Manifest Question #poland

Marvin Lauwasser


So when did Jacob Jaffe come over?   Here are some considerations from a guy who only dabbles in genealogy.


My GM Molly came through Ellis Island in 1921 bringing my 18 year old mother and a 15 year old "son", Reisik Leib Wiezisky.  That should have been my then 14 year old aunt Bella, but she arrived in December 1925 at age 19.  There was no son Reisik in the immediate family.  I expect he was snuck in as a favor to someone.   The visa application might have been of interest but I never pursued it.


Have you checked for your GF's arrival in other ports of entry?  My father came in through Canada and I found that in Family Search.


I played around in the SM site using search filters: Jaffe/male/birth 1884-88/arrival 1892-99.  There are 14 hits.  The first one is a Jaffe with given name obliterated.  He's an 11 yr old arriving June'95 from Glasgow going to Philadelphia.  Seems to be with a mom and 2 younger sibs.


Among the 14 Jaffes I see another spelling for the town.  Using the filters without Jaffe but with Suchawola, there's a 9 year old Jankel Weinstein arriving 1898 from Antwerp.


You might try to skim through Bertha's manifest for others from Suchowola.  Truly a long shot.  Or maybe the gubernia that the town was within.


Hope this helps.


Re: Hebrew name question #names


what you're seeing is probably, an abbreviation for "hamekhuneh", which means "who is called", to indicate that a nickname follows.  typically "yaaqov hm' qobi" or "yehudah hm' leib", etc.

....... tom klein, toronto

At 3:04 -0700 1/5/20, main@... wrote:

Hebrew name question #names

On a document a relative has a name that looks like  HAY MEM YOD. Does anyone have any idea what this is ?

Re: Manifest Question #poland

Ben Karlin


It is hard to keep up with the updates made to the various Genealogy websites as they are “improved” but my experience is that FamilySearch does allow searching only on the place field. For example, my grandfather was born in Yanow ad Pinsk in Belarus and emigrated from Yakowlewo, near there.

The caveat is that there are easily a dozen alternate names and spellings (as well as their being located in four different nations depending on the year) for each of these cities. And these are only the legitimate alternatives. Add the misspellings and transcription errors .... I would consider it impossible to find all of the listings from either place.

In some cases I have been pleased and surprised by the results in US draft and military records, archives of Jewish immigration agencies, Yad Vashem, and passenger manifests. Not all of these are available through FamilySearch.

As a reminder, FamilySearch requires free registration for reasonably full access to its records. Many records online refer to indices of records on microfilm, some of which are accessible only at LDS Family History sites or affiliated public libraries. At present these are not all open but it should not be difficult to compile relevant records and, once the outdoors reopens, view them.

Hope this helps,
Ben Karlin
Aurora, IL

Researching KARLIN, KARLINSKY and KAROLINSKY: Motola, Yanow ad Pinsk, Yakowlewa Belarus; Israel; Baltimore, MD and Chicago, IL
TURNIANSKY, TURNER and TURNOY: Kobryn, Yakowlewa, Belarus; Israel; Chicago, IL; Wing, ND and South Haven, MI
RICE, RICH, REICH, REISEN, REIZEN, REICIN and RAJCZYN: Zhitomir and Cherniachiv, Ukraine
SAUER, SAUVER and SAUWER: Buenos Aires, Argentina and Belem, Brazil

Need a Manifest Maven! Beila COIN and 2 small daughters from Taurage, final destination Chicago ca 1894 #lithuania #usa

Carola Murray-Seegert

I'm going cross-eyed from staring at passenger lists and hope a sharp-eyed Manifest Maven can spot this family for me! I'm looking for the passenger manifest for Beila COIN from Taurage, Lithuania. She was a widow b. around 1847, travelling with daughters Nechama ( b. 1884 or 1886 - 'Anna' in the US), and Elizabeth (b. 1891 - I don't know her original name). Final destination Chicago, where Beila's sons Louis and Joe COIN, daughters Rebecca SCHLOSBERG and Tillie SHAPIRO lived.
As far as I can tell from Census data, Beila and the girls arrived in the US in 1893 or 1894. Beila  ("Belle") was never naturalized and died in Chicago in 1920.  The name is sometimes 'Cohen' on US records, but the family preferred COIN. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated (and my ophthalmologist would thank you,too)!
Carola Murray-Seegert
Oberursel, Germany
Researching COIN - Taurage Lithuania; MAIMON- Radauti-Prut Romania; FELDBEIN, RABINOWITZ - Byerazino and Pahost Belarus; LIFSHITZ, SHEFTEL - Shklov and Moskva
Coordinator, Igumen District Research Group

Manager, Byerazino/Pahost KehilaLInk
Manager, Moskva KehilaLink 

Re: Manifest Question #poland

Sally Bruckheimer

Children weren't coddled in the 19th century. My ggrandmother came alone, at age 8, after her mother died and father remarried.  She wasn't in steerage, but she was sent to an aunt and uncle (probably at least) in NYC.
Children came in steerage too, at young ages.
Sally Bruckheimer,  Princeton, NJ   <sallybruc@...>

Re: Slovakia deportations: Volunteers needed #general

Judy Petersen

I can help.  Is there a suggested time frame in which to finish the assignment?
My eyesight isn't great, but as long as the images can be enlarged I should be fine.

Re: Refugee doctors in 1930s had to re-qualify before practising in UK #unitedkingdom

Gerald and Margaret

Thanks so much to all those people who replied.  
Within a few hours, I had the answer and more.  What a worldwide community we  are at the moment, with so much generocity of time and spiritl.  

I'm incorporating my newly gained  knowledge into  a project which has been set up to gain something positive from this pandemic:  a group of friends are going to write their  family story, showing the lasting effects of persecution.  

Margaret Levin (nee Stein, formerly Levene)

Re: Smolyansky (Smoliansky) #lithuania

Michael Hoffman

Hello Anthony,

You should do a search on the Find My Past website at there are a number of entries for   

Smoliansky including the 1939 Register and some passenger records that you could be interested in.

Best regards,

Michael Hoffman


Re: Hebrew name question #names

Jeffrey Cohen

My thanks to those who provided answers to my question and the consensus is that “hay mem apostrophe” means “known as”. In this case Ariye known as Leib.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars Extends One Free Webinar A Day through May 31 #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen






Legacy Family Tree Webinars, part of the family of MyHeritage companies has extended its one-free-webinar a day through May.

They will be unlocking one Legacy Family Tree webinar from the membership library to be available to watch for free. They've chosen the classes around a 7-day rotating theme:

  • Sundays - Methodology
  • Mondays - DNA
  • Tuesdays - Ethnic Genealogy
  • Wednesdays - TechZone
  • Thursdays - Around the Globe
  • Fridays - Beginners
  • Saturdays - Technology

To see the list of webinars by day go to:


I have no affiliation with Legacy Family Tree webinars nor MyHeritage and am posting this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Free Guide to American World War ll Records #usa

Jan Meisels Allen



The (US) National World War ll Museum is offering a free guide on Researching American Military and Civilian Records from World war ll.  You can download the free guide by going to:  Scroll down to “request a guide”

More than 16 million American men and women served in the US Armed Forces during World War II, and another 3.5 million worked as federal civilian employees during the war.  The purpose of this guide is to assist veterans and their families in obtaining copies of their military personnel files from the National Archives in St. Louis, Missouri. Yes there was a devastating fire in 1973 and many files were destroyed. The website gives suggestions of alternate locations for military records.

Details include the types of records available, where they are located, and how to obtain copies. The latter part of the guide details the information available on WWII units and ships. By researching the unit or ship to which a veteran was assigned, you can begin to piece together his or her unique wartime story, and better understand what the war means to your family.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Online Exhibit of "Pre-War Cities, Towns and Shetls Drawn From Memory After Shoah #poland

Jan Meisels Allen



An online exhibit permits you to visit pre-war cities and towns and shtetls in six countries through maps drawn from memory after the Shoah. The exhibit is called “Atlas of Memory Maps”. The exhibit is mounted by the Grodzka Gate NN Theater Center in Lublin, Poland

The six countries are:  Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova and Slovakia. 



By clicking on the Gallery of Maps  (Galeria map pamieci) the list of drawings by town are avaialble. Many of the drawings aare from the Yizkor books of that town.


The website is in Polish. It is best to use Chrome as your browser as it will prompt you by asking if you want it translated.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Former Neveklarsfeld Website #hungary

Hilary Osofsky

I want to thank one and all who so quickly and ably responded to my query about the status of the former Neveklarsfeld website (www, databases.
There is a good amount of information and many suggestions in these responses which, for better or worse, I now have plenty of time to investigate.
Wishing everyone a safe weekend.
Hilary (Stein) Osofsky
Orinda, California

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