Re: Finding records of my family’s entry to USA #general

Risa Heywood

Have you considered that they changed their surname? If you have no evidence that their name in Iasi was Schwartz, and you have researched your direct ancestors and their extended family in the United States, then a name change is a very likely answer.

I am working on a project on my Skorochod family line. I've discovered that different members of the extended family took the surnames, Hoodof, Rudolph, Rosenthal, and Badion. Any descendant looking for a passenger list with the American name would hit a very hard brick wall.
Risa Daitzman Heywood

Where to Donate Family Letters from Lodz, Warsaw, Bronx and Palestine #poland #israel #usa


Does anyone have any advice to where I can donate over 100 letters (that are already translated and scanned) from my grandfather''s sisters, step mother and step brother from 1920s to 1960s? I am thinking YIVO as the KEILES family was originally from Vilnius. I also visited the Israel Archives in Jerusalem and it is an option. Any others?

My Grandfater BERGMAN from Warsaw #warsaw


My "brick wall."  After over 10 years of searching, I still do not have any information about my grandfather, Isidor Bergman.  He was apparently born in Warsaw in May 1880 or May 1882.   I have many records about his mother and his mother's parents and GRANDPARENTS, but nothing about Isidor himself! He died in 1970 and his tombstone indicates his father was Abraham, but in researching further, his Social Security application and his Ketubah indicate that his father's name was Simon. (When researching further, I found that it is common to list the father's name as Abraham if it was not known at the time of burial.) I know a great deal about his mother, Feige (Felicea) Bergman. She came to the U.S. in 1890 as Czippe Bergmann. She was apparently a concert pianist. She was born in Lublin in 1837 and her first husband, Dawid Bogulaski died in 1864 while she was pregnant with her first son, Samuel David Boguslawski (later Boguslau. I have her family traced to the mid 1700s. Her surname was intially Elbaum, later Kierer. Feige's parents are buried in the Okopowa Street Cemetery in Warsaw. YET, I know nothing about Bergman, how my grandfather got here, or about his father. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. (Attached photos: Felicia Bergman, c 1890. Isidor Bergman (the shorter one) and his half brother, c 1895)

Re: Passenger arrival records #usa #general

Marjorie Geiser

I'll share one other thing in regards to finding ship manifests.
I also had a heck of a time finding the manifest for my grandfather, Jacob Levine (unfortunately, not related to the original poster..). I had his naturalization papers, which said he immigrated in 1906. I knew he had to have come with his mother, since he was born in 1902.
I FINALLY found his manifest, with his mother and two older sisters... in 1905.
So, my point is that even naturalization papers may not be accurate.
Marjorie Geiser
Northern Arizona, USA


Finding records of my family’s entry to USA #general


I have all of my family’s records in this country starting from the early 1900’s. But none of how they got here. I have checked Jewish Gen, Ancestry, Ellis Island and the records of the lost manifests from Ellis Island. Its as if they did not exist. 

Any suggestions?

The name is SCHWARTZ and they were from Iasi. But it also could have been from a suburb of Iasi. I have been at this for years and have found nothing.

HELP!!! Would be so grateful

Re: Searching descendants of my G-uncle Robert ABRAHAMSOHN who lived in Portland, Oregon. #germany #russia #usa

Paulo Abrahamsohn

I received many messages with very valuable information, photos, newspaper articles, videos, regarding the search about my grand-uncle Robert Abrahamson as well about his wife and child. I am deeply grateful to all of you who provided this information, as I have been looking for it for a long time. I will now continue and try to find  his living descendants.  Paulo Abrahamsohn. Sao Paulo. Brazil.

Translation Yiddish in Hebrew script #translation


This was sent in 1948 from Europe to one of my family.
A translation into English is requested. Thanks

Re: How much did a shojet (ritual slaughterer) earn in Galitzia in 1900 ? #galicia

Lee Jaffe

My grandfather told me that the tax system in his town (Suchowola) involved an auction for the right to collect taxes based on animals slaughtered.  An amount to be levied by type of animal was set and the bidders bet that they could collect more from the year's take from the shokets than they had bid.  The town got their money up front from the winning bidder who then had to collect her/his due from each slaughterer during the year. I guess the shokets passed the tax onto their customers.

Lee Jaffe

Fleischfarb #names


I am searching for any descendants of the Fleischfarb family from Piencowice, Medyn, or Zbarazh

Searching for RABINOVITCH AND ARON families (from Ovruch, Ukraine and Vilna, Lithuania) #ukraine #lithuania #belarus #russia


Hello!  I am searching for my paternal grandfather's side of the family.  My great grandparents were called Sora Aron who was from Vilna, Lithuania and David Rabinovitch who was from Ovruch, Ukraine.  They had 3 children:  Esther Mura who was born in 1900 in Vilna, Lithuania and Marie who was born in 1901 in Minsk, Belarus and my grandfather Michel who was also born in Minsk, Belarus in 1904.

At some point my great grandfather David and his brother Boris Rabinovitch started a Metallurgical company in St. Petersburg, Russia.  I don't know the exact year they left Russia if it was before, during or after the Russian Revolution of 1917.  I do know that when they left they first went to Berlin, Germany and then by 1922 they moved to Paris.

A genealogist in Russia helped me find my great grandparents marriage records and also found that she had 7 brothers and sisters.  I haven't been able (so far) to find any family members on that side of the family.

On the Rabinovitch side, I found a living relative in Israel but unfortunately she's a bit elderly and either has Alzheimer's or Dementia because when I have spoken to her on the phone, she mixes everyone in the family (For example she said her father was her son and her aunt was her mother).  She has no children and her husband has passed away so on her side, I can't get any more information.

If you have any information, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

Maria Amalia Robbin

Seeking my ZEPEL ancestors #ukraine


Hello, I have a question regarding the surname Zepel. I have been struggling finding information regarding my 3x great grandfather Itsko Ichack ZEPEL. I don't know the exact date when he was born. I do know that his son Hersch Zepel (2x great grandfather) was from Smotrich but then Moved to Moldova (Chisinau) where my great grandfather Louis "Leib" ZEPEL was born. I was wondering if anyone can assist me with this surname. Please let me know. Thank you so much.

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Kalarash Bessarabia


Grandfather was Itzik Harol from Kalarash, Bessarabia.  His father was David.  Looking for info

May 5: Webinar on U.S. Census Records from the Center for Jewish History #events

Moriah Amit

Every Tuesday at 3:30 pm ET, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for Genealogy Coffee Break, a short talk on a specific topic with one of our genealogy librarians. Discover recommended resources and strategies for online research, and have your questions answered live. This Tuesday (May 5), join us as we discuss why genealogists love census records and more. If you have a topic you'd like us to cover, write to us at gi@.... Catch up on the entire series here

Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian at the Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

Traduccion de acta #translation

marcelo kisnerman

Quisiera saber si alguna persona me puede decir lo que dice esta partida. Gracias
Marcelo Kisnerman de Argentina

Searching for info on Choiniki #belarus

Joel Baker

Looking for info on my father who came to US in 1922 from this shtetl.
Anybody else connected to Choiniki?
Joel Baker


Jewish Records in/around St George in the East, London, England #unitedkingdom


  I have a birth record for a Henry Sands, Jul 1905 in the above
district of London. His parents are listed as Morris (other records say
Shmuel/Samuel.) and Rifka/Rebecca (nee Beeby)
  I have been unable to locate records via the GRO indexes, perhaps
because of a lack of understanding how they sort their records for this
  Apparently his parents died within a few years of his birth. I am
seeking their death records, burial information, etc.  The parents may
have been married in England? and may have been relatively(?) recent
  Any orphanages which might have catered to Jews in particular, or
children in general?

What would be the appropriate Synagogues or Cemeteries to focus on in
that area which might be a source of some information?

  Thanks for any pointers, I am quite willing to dig if people can
point me in the right direction to dig.

#London #England #Deathrecord #Marriagerecord #immigrationrecord

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Translation: Hungarian to English #hungary #translation


I am new to jewishgen.  I am writing a book about my great grandparents' immigration to the United Stated. Zaly Friedlander (Re-named Sadie when she got to the US) was from Serespotok. Edward Taub was from Nereghauser (sp?).  Zaly had a diary which is in half English, half Hungarian. I need someone to translate the Hungarian parts. It appears that there are two love poems in two different handwritings in the diary, one by Great Grandpa Edward and one by someone else-- apparently Great Grandma (a very attractive woman in her day) had two suitors! I wonder what each of them had to say?
Edith Reese

Seeking descendants of eleven LIEBOWITZ children who settled in Toronto, New York and New Jersey #usa


Looking for lost cousins!  My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Liebowitz.  She was the oldest of 10 or 11 children. Most of the children settled  in Toronto and two is New York and Edward, the youngest in New Jersey.  Anyone know anything about a family with these parameters? 

Have so far not been able to make any connections, but am still hopeful.

Thanks for reading.       Fred   <userflw@...>

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Was my 4th Grandfather Raffael CIACCIA Jewish ? #sephardic #dna

heidi kinsman

Hi, my 4th Grandfather Raffael CIACCIA was born in Naples 1792 but we have found no birth records for any of his children so I was wondering if he could have been Jewish? I’m so sorry if This isn’t the right place to ask but I have been curious for a long time since my Father took a ydna test which came back J-m92 

 heidi kinsman <heidi_kinsman@...>


Rabbi Adam of Rohatyn, about 1750 #galicia #rabbinic


Rabbi 'Adam' (David Moshe Avraham, ish Treves Ashkenazi), the author of Mirkevet Hamishne, had descendants in Rohatyn who were surnamed Nagelberg. Can anyone fill in the gap between him and the grandchildren/descendants like Moshe Nagelberg who eventually had Rabbi Adam's book published in Lwow in 1895?
(My great-great-grandfather around 1850 was Samuel Nagelberg of Czahrow, 17km SSE of Rohatyn),


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