Looking for information for Charles Levine and Fanny Kahn/Cohen #lithuania #latvia


Hello all,

This is my first post on JewishGen. I am looking for any information on the family of Charles Levine and Fanny Kahn/Cohen who emigrated separately from the Russian Empire (probably Lithuania or Latvia) to the USA in the late 1880s. They settled first in Newark, New Jersey and then moved to Brooklyn, New York in the early 1900s. I realise these names are very common so I tried to provide details. Here is the information I have.

Charles Levine (b. Mar 1871, d. 23 Feb. 926) arrived in the US in 1888. Census records say he came from the Russian Empire. His NYC death certificate, states Lithuania. The certificate says his parents were Leon Levine and Gladys Blitz. 

Fannie Kahn/Cohen (b. Sept.1870, d. 24 Dec. 1941) arrived in the US in 1886.  Fannie married Charles on 3 April 1891 in Newark, N.J. Her death certificate says she was born in Russia and her parents were Herman Kahn and Eva Bider.  Like Charles, I cannot find any information on her arrival with family. They
are both buried in Grove Street Cemetery in Newark, NJ. 


They had six children who reached adulthood.


·       Herman Levine (b. 1893; d. 1959) fought in WWI and drafted in WWII.  He seems to have never married and worked as a chauffeur.


·       Goldie Levine (b. 1895; d. 1977) seems to have never married and worked as a bookkeeper.


·       Albert Levine (born Abraham but seems to have changed his name in adulthood; b. 1897; d.1968) married Stephanie who died after 4 years of marriage and then to Audrey Peters in 1934. 


·       Louisa Levine (b. 1902; d. ??) was also a bookkeeper but cannot find information after 1925.


·       Eva Levine (b. 1905; d. ??) seems to have never married (she is still living at home in the 1940 Census at 34 years old).


·       Lillian Levine (b. 1909; d. ??).  Last information is from 1925 NY Census.


If anyone has information on the family, I would greatly appreciate it.




Malory Greene

Paris, France


Markiewicz family from Kobylnik Belarus #belarus


Looking for information related of my grand-father Markiewicz Piotr and of my grand grand father Kazimierz Markiewicz who married with Efrosyna Gopen or Hopen in Kobylnik before WW2, as well as with family Dziergacz one connected with my Markiewicz family. Patrice Markiewicz from Paris FRANCE.

Re: Trying to find my grandfathers and great-grandfathers families in Hungarian records #hungary

Sue Martin

Your Hungarian genealogist is definitely an amateur!  There are plenty of records.  JewishGen has already been cited.  Try FamilySearch as well.  In fact, even Google can come up with useful information.  See if you can find collateral lines in your family that are more unusual names than the ones you've listed.  Also try alternative spellings, like Strausz, Weisz, etc.

Re: Finding my BREITENFELD family after 60 years #general


I have Breitenfeld ancestors also, from Czech (Luze). Can you help me out who helped you to find your roots?

Re: Traduccion de acta #translation

Alan Shuchat

(Perdonamé, pero no puedo decirlo en español!) This is a certificate from the Kherson Gubernia chancellery giving permission to the Arkushin family to emigrate under an agreement between the Russian government and the Jewish Colonization Association. They are Yudel Berkov Arkushin, age 55, his wife Sura Leybov (50), sons Froim (19), Simcha (18), and daughters Raisa(13), and Zelda (11). The family members signed the document at the bottom. They were living in the Jewish agricultural colony of Izraelevka, Elizavetgrad uezd (district), Kherson Gubernia. There is a Kehilalinks page for this colony at It says that about 100 families from this area went to Argentina in 1904/05. The certificate was signed on June 7, 1904 and there is an exit stamp dated July 24, 1904.
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

JACOBY, MICHELSOHN, MEYER, FRIEDLÄNDER, Braunsberg, Königsberg, Berlin, Frankfurt #germany

Dick Plotz <Dick@...>

In Moses Jacoby's death notice in Berliner Tagesblatt (1904), we have
learned of several of his daughters we didn't know about before:

Ida, m. Amtsgerichtsrath (district judge) MICHELSOHN

Johanna, m. Louis MICHELSOHN

Hedwig, m. Amtsgerichtsrath MEYER

Sophie, m. Apotheker (pharmacist) Oscar FRIEDLÄNDER

The birth dates of these daughters are probably mostly in the 1860s.

If anyone knows about the family of any of these daughters, please let
me know. Based on information we already have about Moses Jacoby's
family, at least one of them had at least one grandchild as of October
1904. We are in touch with descendants of their sister Clara WOLFFHEIM
and their brothers Julius and Hugo.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

Re: Translation: Hungarian to English #hungary #translation


Hello Edith, 
Send it to me. I am quite busy, but will make a try. 

Re: Kopyl (Kapule) #belarus

Butch Hill

I think the Shulkin's are from Kapyl. They immigrated to Sioux City in the 1890s and were followed by a great many of their cousins, including my own ancestors (who weren't from Kapyl). 

Re: Passenger arrival records #usa #general


I had a terrible time trying to find several relatives in manifests. In one case, my aunt's name was reversed!  So try searching for her last name in the given name area. In another manifest, my grandmother, Bacie Siberdi, was listed at "Basic Liberty."  I have no idea how they got that so wrong...they also listed her (in the index) as being from Germany, even though it said on the manifest that she was from Romania.  I found the manifest using the wold card (*) for the first letter of her given and family names.
Don't give up!

Karen Sanders
West Haven, CT

Re: Early History of Chereya #belarus


Hello Joe,

I just saw your message you posted 15 years ago about Chereya on My grandfather Aron Kreynin was born in Chereya in 1912 and I'd love to learn what I can from you. I also learn more about Chereya on my own and will be happy to share it with you. 

Please reply to me if you receive this message.

Vadim Kreynin

Re: Isaac MYERS/MOYERS b1829 Spittalfields, please can you help? #unitedkingdom

Martyn Woolf

A couple of points. If you are trying to find Gravestones and/or burials do try "cemeteryscribes". It is a most useful site.

My family were fruiterers throughout the 18th and 19th and much of the 20th centuries. I have never seen any suggestion that fruiterers were also confectioners and I very much doubt that  was the case.

People missing between censuses may often be nothing more than death intervening.

In the 1820s your family would have belonged to either the Great Synagogue in Duke's Place or the Hambro Synagogue or the New Synagogue. They were all within the neighbourhood of Spitalfields and what was known for many years as the Dutch Tenterground. As its name suggests it was the area to which many poor Dutch Jews came when they first arrived in London.

Martyn Woolf
London, NW3 7TH

Re: JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen LAX from Sighet #general

Peninah Zilberman


Was LAX, the original name form Sighet

Or it was shortened once the descendants or family lived outside of Sighet?


You might consider joining Sighet Generation group on fb

Ask for membership

And answer ur questions

Maybe you can trace family members once you write a request.

Good Luck

Peninah Zilberman

Re: Headstone Translation #translation

Kenneth Ryesky

Dear mother and beloved grandmother / Leah Block of the House of Zeltzer / Died 17 Kislev 5760.

Mr. Tzvi, son of Hertz / Died 9 Tammuz 5723.


My comments:

1.  Gives Hebrew dates (remember that Hebrew day begins at sundown).
2.  Gives Leah's probable birth surname, and Harry's father's Hebrew/Yiddish given name (look for confirmatory info in other records)
3.  The English inscriptions indicate that they were survived by grandchildren and great-grandchildren (and for Leah, the Hebrew indicates grandchildren).   Such information can give clues to chase down as to descendants [Example:  Husband is listed as a grandfather, but wife, who died later, is listed as a grandmother and great-grandmother; indicative of a birth in the interim.]

Best of luck with your searches.

-- KHR
Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, ISRAEL


Ukraine:  Yelizavetgrad:  Broad/Brodsky (also Odessa), Gertzig/Gertzog
Ukraine/Russia/Turkey:  Yevpatoriya:  Israelson, Arshenov

Blumenfeld #romania


Good afternoon everybody! I wanted to ask you to suggest me how to find information about my great grandmother MALCA BLUMENFELD.

My grandfather was named FROIM BLUMENFELD, born in Husi, on October 24, 1906. He arrived to Argentina in 1928.

His father was called MINASE or MINASI BLUMENFELD (my great-grandfather) and his mother's name was MALCA BLUMENFELD (my great-grandmother)

The problem I have is that in all the documents and photos (which are very few) she appears with the surname BLUMENFELD. 


For example, in the birth certificate of his son (my grandfather) and in a photo I have of her grave ... Always with the married surname BLUMENFELD (last name my grandfather had, my father and my family) .


I am sure that my grandfather was born in Romania (Husi) in 1906, but I don't know if she was also born there. Her date of birth is approximately 1870.


What do you suggest to me?


Thank you in advance!

Re: Need help finding records of great-grandfather TESZLER from Romania/Hungary #hungary #romania

Peninah Zilberman


You should contact the  BAIA MARE ARCHIVES

They should be able to find for you some info.


Crecunesti- as we call it in Romanian was a large community

Today there is only the Jewish Cemetery left


In Rehovot, Israel used to be the Crecunesti Rebbe and his Dynesty


Borsa, there is an Yizkor Borsa  book , with all the names of the families registered and other info.

Until the deportations


The Tessler family has a large number of descendants in Israel and around the world


You should ask for friends member at SIGHET GENRATION fb pg.

Just answer the question and I will approve ur membership


You can post there ur requests

There is another fb pg.


Mainly in Hebrew

גם אני נצר ממרמוריש

Check on fb, who has last name Tessler also

I just know this spelling



You can also visit our website

we offer “Family Roots Journeys”


I can also put you in touch with some Tessler people- if you wish

Good Luck

Peninah Zilberman


Re: Bessarabia SIG #Bessarabia Re: Bessarabian archives #bessarabia


hi Yefim
I'm looking for information about my grandfather, Moises/ Moshe Vashbein.
His family was from Kalarash and he made alia in the 20's.
Can you point me to sources?


Re: Family Tree of the Jewish People #general

Sam Wachs

I strongly recommend using My Heritage. The free version will get you started, and the paid version will connect your tree with thousands of others and send you a notice when a match is found, thus enabling you to maybe contacting members of your family that you didn't know that exist. This is how I discovered relatives on my grandfather living in the US.
Good luck in your endeavors.
Sam Wachs- Israel

Re: Headstone Translation #translation


Rabbi Zvi Ben Herz
Jewish death date
תנצב"ה is a common inscription on tomb stones meaning may his soul be bound in the bond of life

dear mother and kind grandmother Lea Blak from Selzer family
Jewish death date

  as aboveתנצב"ה

The Bravery of Abe Cohen during World War One #belarus

Zvi Peretz Cohen <sabagrampa@...>

The Record of the Occupation of Bogushevichi, Belarus
Retold by Grandfather Abraham Zalman Cohen
"The Story of a Saber"
During the German occupation, I was taken to work many times myself also with the horse and wagon. This was mostly for a day or two. Then they let me go. Any occupying army can confiscate anything or commandeer anyone to do whatever they want since they have the gun. The Polish army was the worst. They occupied our country for a while. They were bad. This is something to wonder. The Polish people were split up under three governments, the Russian, the Austrian and the German for many years. They should have known what it means to be under somebody's rule, but they behaved miserably. They treated people like slaves.
.... I went back to the front position to be the lead wagon and they loaded my wagon with boxes of ammunition. The command came to move up closer to the front. As luck would have it, I happened to be up front, the first wagon. We started out. We did not go a half a vyorst and we see soldiers coming towards us from all sides. They are yelling, "Zavrutch, zavrutch", which means turn back. Now I am only a civilian and my orders were to go forward. So I don't turn. One soldier grabs a hold of my horse and turns him around and as I am the first in line, it turned the whole train. All of a sudden, the lieutenant who gave me the order to go forward came galloping on his horse and started yelling and cursing how come I turned when his order was to go forward. He is seated astride his horse, his gun on his side, the saber on the other side towering over me, a small boy, standing by his horse. I told him that the soldiers turned me around when they were running back. He kept cursing me with the choicest Polish curses. He grabs out his saber and a thought flashed through my mind. In a minute my head will be at the side of the road. As he swung the saber, he turned it and hit me with the flat side. It circled around my shoulders. I carried a blue decoration around my shoulders for a couple of weeks but I also still carried my head on my shoulders. I suppose I could not blame him much in the heat of the war. I was taken yet many more times for various services. They were a mean lot, the Polish army.
הגבורה של סבא אברהם זלמן כהן במלחמת העולם הראשונה
יומן הכיבוש של בוגושביץ
״מעשה בחרב״
מסופר על ידי סבא אברהם זלמן כהן
בזמשך הכיבוש הגרמני של רוסיה הלבנה (בלרוס) נלקחתי פעמים רבות לבד לעבוד עם הסוס ועם העגלה. בדרך כלל זה נמשך יום יומיים והרשו לי ללכת. צבא כיבוש יכול להחרים מה בראש שלהם ולחטוף כל אחת לכל מטרה כי הם הכח החמוש.
הצבא הפולני גם חנו לידינו זמן מסוים והם היו הגרועים ביותר. הם היו רעים. אני לא מבין איך הפולנים שארצם חולקה בין שלש מעצמות: רוסיה, אוסטריה וגרמניה, וסבלו כיבוש, יכלו להתנהג בצורה מרושעת כל כך. הם התיחסו לאנשים כמו עבדים.
אני חזרתי לעמדה הקדמית בשיירת העגלות והעמיסו תחמושת על העגלה שלי. נתקבלה פקודה להתקרב קרוב יותר לחזית, ועוד אני העגלה הראשונה בשיירה. התחלנו לנסוע אך לא התקדמנו יותר מחצי ויורסט כשראינו חיילים רצים לקראתנו מכל הצדדים. הם צעקו "זאברוטש! זאברוטש!" כלומר תסתובבו! תסתובבו! עכשיו אני הייתי רק אזרח ולא חיל והפקודות שלי היו להתקדם, אז המשכתי לנסוע קדימה. חיל אחד תפס את הרסן של הסוס שלי ומשך אותו לאחר. מכיוון שאני הייתי בראש השיירה כל השיירה הסתובבה אחרי. פתאום הופיע הסגן שפקד עלי להתקדם לכיוון החזית. הוא דהר לקראתי וצעק עלי וקילל אותי. אני נעמדתי ליד העגלה. הקצין שאל איך יכול להיות שהוא אמר לי להתקדם ואני נוסע לאחור. הוא העמיד את סוסו לידי והיה ישב גבוה על האוכף, כשהרובה שלו לידו. הוא הרים את חרבו ביד ימינו ואיים עלי, נער בסך הכל. סיפרתי לו שהחילים סובבו אותי מפני שהם נסוגים. הוא המשיך לקלל אותי בפולנית. החרב הורמה ואני חשבתי לעצמי שעוד מעט ראשי יפול לשולי הדרך. כשפגע בי הוא סובב את ידו כך שנפגעתי מהצד השטוח. החרב הגמישה התכופפה ונכרכה סביב כתפי. למשך כמה שבועות היה לי סימנים כחולים על הכתפיים, אך לפחות ראשי היה מחובר לצוארי. אני מניח שאי אפשר להאשים אותו בגלל שהוא היה מתוח מלהט הקרב. נלקחתי עוד הרבה פעמים ולקחו אותי למשימות שונות. הם היו רשעים - החילים הפולנים.

Picard #france


Cerf Mayerle Isaac PICARD or PICQER from Foussemagne ; 90049 ; Franche-Comté ; France married Guttel SALOMON in 1740 in Wettolsheim ; 68365 ; Alsace ; France.He was the son of Raphael.
I'd like to know more about this couple and their origins.

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