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Chayim Fried

Tzvi and Hertz are not the same name, it only sounds similar to Hersh, but it is not the same and it is possible for a father and son to have tzvi and Hertz at the same time

FURTHER TO my inquiry yesterday Re: Searching for my Grandparents and Great-Grandparents in Hungary #hungary

Amy Winter <amy.winter@...>


The maternal side of the family (Weisz and Mandel) were from Beregszász near Ukraine. 
BirthBeregszasz, Hungary
Death1923 - Beregszasz, Hungary
HusbandAvrum Josef Weisz
Birth1841 - Beregszasz, Hungary
WifeHana Weisz (born Mandel)
BirthCirca 1872 - Hungary
DeathAfter 1940 - Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
WifeHelen Strauss (born Weiss)
Jennie is my mother.  I have found no Hungarian records for Adalbert (or Adelbert) Strauss but have some of his US census records, US naturalization and immigration papers.
The Winter/Friedman/Braun/Schafer side of the family (I forgot to list "Winter" as a family name) were from 
Regina Winter (born Friedman)
BirthAug 30 1877 - Hatvan, Heves County, Hungary
ParentsSamuel Friedman and Fanny (born Braun) Freedman (Friedman)
SiblingsArthur O., Anna, Harry and Ema
HusbandWilliam W(olf?) Winter
ChildrenCharlotte, Sidney, Oscar, Ruth, Margaret, Edward A., Beatrice and Ezra Paul

Samuel Winter
Birth1852 - Miskolc, Miskolci, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary
Death1877 - Miskolc, Miskolci, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary
WifeAdele Winter (born Schafer)
ChildrenWilliam W(olf?), William, Bernard (Bertzi), Julia, Johnanna (Honey) and Louis 
Birth1870 - Hungary
DeathAug 21 1950 - Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

BirthAug 30 1877 - Hatvan, Heves County, Hungary
ParentsSamuel Friedman and Fanny (born Braun) Freedman (Friedman)
SiblingsArthur O.AnnaHarry and Ema
HusbandWilliam W(olf?) Winter
ChildrenCharlotteSidneyOscarRuthMargaretEdward A.Beatrice and Ezra Paul

William Wolf Winter (Grandfather) was said to be an orphan and immigrated to the US at age 16. I have his Immigration document showing that as well as other US documents (Naturalization, Census). Ezra Paul Winter was my father.
However, I have an updated family tree from the (amateur) genealogist which I am trying to re-access. Some of the surnames were confused, so I will send that once I have it again.
Also, two of the daughters, Julia and Johanna were sent to Shanghai to escape and their names appear on a memorial tablet in the Shanghai synagogue, which I have a copy of.
Thanks so much...and I look forward to hearing from you...even prior to sending this updated tree.
Amy Winter

Re: Seeking descendants of eleven LIEBOWITZ children who settled in Toronto, New York and New Jersey #usa


More information would be very helpful. I have some NY Liebowitz families in my tree, but without first names and/or other data, it's impossible to say if they are the ones you are looking for. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Differences between Russian and Hebrew texts in 19th century vital records in Russian Empire #belarus #russia #translation

Shlomo Gurevich

The most of vital records of Jewish births, marriages and deaths issued in Russian Empire appear in two languages – Russian and Hebrew. Sometimes, there are differences between Russian and Hebrew parts of the record. If the researcher takes into account only one part, he is risking to miss valuable information that the other part may contain. Mostly, Russian text lacks mention of person’s belonging to Cohen or Levi tribe, which Hebrew text generally contains. Sometimes, the person’s second name, place of residence, occupation or last name is omitted. Hebrew text often contains various abbreviations meaning that the person is a son of a rabbi, or is dead, etc.  Therefore, when ordering the scanned images of vital records at the archives on the territory of former Russian Empire, one should stress that he wants the two parts of the record.  If asking for help with translation, it is preferable to choose experienced translator, who knows both languages. More details on this issue including examples from the Mogilev vital records can be found at my website at

Shlomo Gurevich
Hoshaya, Israel

Re: Please help deciphering and translating two related documents in German on Poland #translation


My husband, Jim, speaks German as his family came from Austria. His cousin lives inGermany and grew up in Austria. Would either of these 2 be helpful?
Roz Bornheim-Allina

Re: Kopyl (Kapule) #belarus

Bonnie Gould

My grandfather, David (Peker) Becker came from Kapule to Sioux City in 1910, ultimately moving to Milwaukee where there used to be a “Kapule Group” which, I believe, has since disbanded. I was told that people from Kapule primarily immigrated to Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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If you have other gravestones, may I suggest that you post them on the ViewMate page.  It was created for that purpose, and is really the best way to get a gravestone translated.

Here is my reading:


At the top of the stone, inside the Star of David, a two-letter abbreviation meaning “Here lie”


Right side:

Dear mother and beloved grandmother

LEAH BLOCK of the house of SELTZER [in other words, this was her maiden name]

Died on the 17th of Kislev, 5730  [not 5760, as someone else read]

May her soul be bound up in the bond of life.

[This stone is a bit unusual, in that it does not include the Hebrew name of her father.  It does include her last name and her maiden name, which is also a bit unusual.  As to the date of death:  the 17th of Kislev, 5730, began at sunset on November 26th, 1969, and ended at sunset on the 27th.  The stone gives the secular date as being the 26th.  This means that she passed away between sunset and midnight on the 26th].


Left side:

Reb TZVI, son of Reb Hertz

died the 9th of Tamuz, 5723

May his soul be bound up in the bond of life.

[‘Reb’ is an honorific; it does not mean rabbi.  As to the date of death:  the 9th of Tamuz, 5723, began at sunset on June 30th, 1963, and ended at sunset on July 1st.  The stone gives the secular date as being June 30th.  Here, again, it makes it possible to narrow down the time of death to between sunset and midnight on the 30th.]

Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: Passenger arrival records #usa #general

Morton Rumberg

Karen Sanders wrote: >In another manifest, my grandmother, Bacie Siberdi, was listed at "Basic Liberty." I have no idea how they got that so wrong.<

It's easy to get it wrong. Actually, I suspect the interpretation is by the reader of the handwriting. People using script often write some letters that look very similar to others. In this case the s and c and e of the given name look enough alike to misinterpret. I‘m sure the same thing happened with the surname: Capitol S and L can look alike as can the di and ty, depending on how carefully the name was written.

I am a transcriber for some of the old records and it is amazing how language/handwriting gets so garbled. You have to be extremely careful interpreting each letter.

Mort Rumberg
Sacramento CA area

Re: Looking for info on the MYERS family in West London #unitedkingdom

Michael Hoffman

Hello Claire,

Access the JCR-UK database on Jewishgen and do a search for your MYERS Family, pay particular attention to looking for then in the Anglo Jewish Database 1851 and then look for them in the other datasets. 

Best regards,

Michael Hoffman


Fogery: Garson KUGEL, Rochester, NY #general

The Becker's Email

The Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle newspaper on June 9, 1929,p. 25 had an article "Youth Accused of Cashing $50 Forged Check"  The man arrested Garson KUGEL was my husband's grandfather's youngest brother.  I could not find any follow-up articles and would like to find out if he was found guilty and, if so, the details of his conviction.  Where should I look?  My source for this article was

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Re: Family Tree of the Jewish People #general


Dear Amy,

I also attempted to build a personal family tree. I was very satisfied in using the "GenoPro" software. It was right what I needed, easy to use, intuitive, quick for amendments, and easily building even the most complicate inter-personal connections you can find among family members. Other than the tree graphical aspect, it is possible to add lots of information, photo, documents, etc., for any person listed. It also allows building several different trees (e.g. one for any branch of a family), linking the same person in each tree. Not the least, you also have the possibility to organise all the data of people involved in a table format, ordered for any detail entered.

Davide Csermely

Bankruptcy: Louis BLOOM Rochester, NY #usa

The Becker's Email

I found an article in the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle newspaper for Sept. 15, 1933, p.21 as follows:
"Voluntary petitions in bankruptcy were filed in United States District Court yesterday by Louis Bloom, tailor, of 529 Conkey Avenue, listing liabilities of $31,646.57, assets of $250 and secured claims of $9,500...."  Where do I find more information?  This is my husband's grandfather.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

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I would add that the abbreviation before Tzvi is for  Reb, a title more like mister than Rabbi. 
As an aside, the Yiddish names Hertz or Hirsch mean a deer, as does the Hebrew name Tzvi. Tzvi Hirsch or sometimes Tzvi Hertz are common combination names and someone known as  Hirsch or Hertz could actually have the Hebrew name Tzvi. In this case it is unlikely that Tzvi's father Hertz had the Hebrew name Tzvi since children aren't usually named after living parents in Ashkenazi custom. Another name combination is Naftali Hertz (the tribe of Naftali is symbolized by a deer in Jacobs blessing to his son), it is therefore possible that Tzvi's father Hertz had the Hebrew name Naftali or that he simply had only a Yiddish name.

Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Polish Military Records #poland


I’ve been trying to get military records for my uncle who served in the Polish military in WWII. He lived in Kamien Koshyrski, Ukraine. Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Can You Identify This Partial Document from Russia? #translation


''To hereby certify that this passport is issued by the Russian Consulate in Canada (Montreal)  for a free travel. 29 July 1922.''

Edinet (Yedinitz) Cemetery #bessarabia

Harvey Kabaker

Any word on the Edineț (Yedinitz) cemetery? Also interested in Briceni.
Harvey Kabaker
Silver Spring, MD

Translating Russian from back of photograph #ukraine #translation

Carol Perloff

This photo was sent to my grandfather in NYC in 1912. Would like to figure out who sent it to him from Ekaterinoslav. Thank you.

Nowy sacz #poland #galicia


I have downloaded some gravestone pictures with a number next to it from nowy sacz  cemetery at Jewish gen and can’t figure out where they are located in the cemetery does some one know who took does picture or has some one a map of the cemetery according the numbers of the pictures or has some one a clue where in the cemetery the started to take pictures 
Thank you 
Benny Katz 

Looking for information for Charles Levine and Fanny Kahn/Cohen #lithuania #latvia


Hello all,

This is my first post on JewishGen. I am looking for any information on the family of Charles Levine and Fanny Kahn/Cohen who emigrated separately from the Russian Empire (probably Lithuania or Latvia) to the USA in the late 1880s. They settled first in Newark, New Jersey and then moved to Brooklyn, New York in the early 1900s. I realise these names are very common so I tried to provide details. Here is the information I have.

Charles Levine (b. Mar 1871, d. 23 Feb. 926) arrived in the US in 1888. Census records say he came from the Russian Empire. His NYC death certificate, states Lithuania. The certificate says his parents were Leon Levine and Gladys Blitz. 

Fannie Kahn/Cohen (b. Sept.1870, d. 24 Dec. 1941) arrived in the US in 1886.  Fannie married Charles on 3 April 1891 in Newark, N.J. Her death certificate says she was born in Russia and her parents were Herman Kahn and Eva Bider.  Like Charles, I cannot find any information on her arrival with family. They
are both buried in Grove Street Cemetery in Newark, NJ. 


They had six children who reached adulthood.


·       Herman Levine (b. 1893; d. 1959) fought in WWI and drafted in WWII.  He seems to have never married and worked as a chauffeur.


·       Goldie Levine (b. 1895; d. 1977) seems to have never married and worked as a bookkeeper.


·       Albert Levine (born Abraham but seems to have changed his name in adulthood; b. 1897; d.1968) married Stephanie who died after 4 years of marriage and then to Audrey Peters in 1934. 


·       Louisa Levine (b. 1902; d. ??) was also a bookkeeper but cannot find information after 1925.


·       Eva Levine (b. 1905; d. ??) seems to have never married (she is still living at home in the 1940 Census at 34 years old).


·       Lillian Levine (b. 1909; d. ??).  Last information is from 1925 NY Census.


If anyone has information on the family, I would greatly appreciate it.




Malory Greene

Paris, France


Markiewicz family from Kobylnik Belarus #belarus


Looking for information related of my grand-father Markiewicz Piotr and of my grand grand father Kazimierz Markiewicz who married with Efrosyna Gopen or Hopen in Kobylnik before WW2, as well as with family Dziergacz one connected with my Markiewicz family. Patrice Markiewicz from Paris FRANCE.

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