Looking for Graham Jaffee in UK of Golman Family in Belarus # Belarus

Joel Alpert

Please send me his email if anyone knows of him.  Active in JewishGen

Please respond to me privately.

Joel Alpert

Re: Passenger arrival records #usa #general


IOFE family, Vieksniai, Lithuania, Revision List errors? #lithuania


I’m looking for possible ancestors in a IOFE/IOFFE family in Vieksniai, Lithuania.  I have found what I take to be three brothers, Shepsel, Itsyk, and Zundel IOFE/IOFFE, all sons of Abram, listed in the 1858 revision list at Jewish Gen, and born, respectively, in 1776, 1784 and 1787.  The 1834 revision list for Vieksniai also exists and I found a Shepsel IOFE with the same birth year as in the 1858 list, but no Itsyk or Zundel.  I did, however, find an Itsik and Zundel IAPO, both with father Abram and with the same birth years as Itsyk and Zundel IOFE/IOFFE in the 1858 list.  I assume the original list is in Russian.  Is this a likely transliteration error – IAPO instead of IOFE?

Deborah Jaffey, IN, USA

Re: Family Tree of the Jewish People #general

Pieter Hoekstra

Have you been able to download your Gedcom file from MyHeritage Sam?

I have tried a number of times without success and messages sent to MyHeritage to question this remain unanswered.

Re: Jewish Records in/around St George in the East, London, England #unitedkingdom



 Thanks to some phenomenal help from group members (really, THANK YOU)
I have found the records I was seeking. While the man used the name
Sands in later life, the records circa 1905 are all saying Sack.
(Curious if people have thoughts on Hebrew names that might have been
permuted into Sack and Sands?)
  Harry was born in Jul 1905 to Morris Sack and Rifka(Rebecca) Bieber
(Beeby, Beba,Bibey etc) Her mother Fanny lived with them at the time.

By the 1911 census Morris was gone, and Rebecca remarried to a

I have yet to find Morris' death, sometime 1904-1911, Rebecca's
remarriage (after Morris' death and before 1911)
Fanny Bieber (see alternates above) 's death circa 1914 - Killed by
being pushed from a platform and run down by a train, presumably would
be big news in this age.

A marriage event in England or Russia of Morris to Rifka circa 1900 most

Potential Jewish cemeteries and Synagogues to approach in St George in
the East, London.

Likely Orphan asylum that Harry would have ended up at.  He told his
children it was "waling distance" from Piccadilly Circus . Said
orphanage provided a "scholarship" to get Harry to Canada where he moved
when he aged out of the orphanage, in case this might give us some clues.

Thank you so much, and I am willing to dig, if people can point me
toward record sources that I might have missed.

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Looking for any information on or for descendants of JUDA ZITRON/ZITRONENBLATT who was naturalised in 1954 as a resident of Northern Rhodesia along with BLANKA ZITRON/ZITRONENBLATT (presumably his wife).

Looking to establish if there might be a connection to AKIVA ZITRONENBLATT, born 1857 in Lemberg or JAKUB SEWERYN ZITRONENBLATT, born 1925 in L’wow.

Shula Spain, Scotland

Cairo, Egypt or Allepo Syria? How to find records to answer their birth location #sephardic

Alan Kania

My wife's grandfather and several of his siblings came to America, but the official federal records cannot decide where they were born. I'm trying to pin down their actual birthplace in the hope that I can locate a copy of an official record of their birth and start to move the family history further up the line.

Grandfather: Selim (Solomon) GRAZI
Born 16 August 1884 in Cairo, Egypt
Born 7 July 1883 in Aleppo, Syria
Born 7 July 1883 in Cairo Egypt (according to World War II draft registration)
Born about 1882 in Persia (Aleppo, Syria) according to the ship's manifest
Emigrated on 8 December 1909 to the Port of New York

Granduncle: Ezra Joseph Grazi
Born 4 October 1892 in Cairo, Egypt according to his wife
Born 14 October in Egypt, according to the 1920 US Census
Born about 1891 in Turkey, according to a US/Mexican Border Crossing manifest
Emigrated 13 February 1914 to the Port of New York, according to his wife.

Granduncle: Vita Joseph Grazi
Born 3 April 1893 in Cairo, Egypt
Born 2 March 1892 in Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt
Born 7 January 1893
Born 2 March 1892 in Egypt (according to the World War I Draft registration
Born 2 March 1892 in Aleppo, Syria (according to the World War II draft registration

Grandaunt: Farida Grazi
Born 15 February 1884, Aleppo, Jabal Samaan, Aleppo Governorate, Syria

Grandaunt Latife "Lottie" Grazi
Born 15 December 1887 in Syria
Born circa 25 December 1895 in Aleppo, Syria

My brother-in-law went to Aleppo, Syria several years ago and was able to photograph much of the Aleppo cemetery and found no gravestones representing the Grazi family. Family lore says that the Grazi family were prominent merchants and their subsequent ship manifests between Havana, Cuba; Colon, Panama, New York City, and other trading ports attest to their trading business. 

Allegedly, (again according to several generations of the living family), someone in the family was a "translator" for one of the Princes during the Ottoman Empire. The Arabic term "translator" is supposedly "Tourgeman" (or something similar.  A second branch of the Grazi family has a family named "Tourgeman" also from the Aleppo area. Family members insist that their families all claimed they were from Aleppo.

The majority of the modern family are in Brooklyn, NY and Deal NJ. The offspring of Selim Grazi moved to Denver, CO where I live.

Any suggestions of how we can definitively determine the relationship between Tourgeman and Grazi; and determine the birth location of the family?

Alan Kania

Re: Polish Military Records #poland


I, too, am seeking such paperwork--if any exists--for my late father in law who spent 18 months in 'basic training' prior to the War, and was pressed into active service during the war.

Please share whatever you learn.

Re: Headstone Translation #translation

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"Tzvi and Hertz are not the same name."  And, he says Hirsch is.
Tzvi and Hirsch are not the same name ether; one is Yiddish and German, while and the other Hebrew. They have the same meaning, a stag, but they are not the same.  Hertz is a spelling variant of Hirsch.
When you ask if something is the same, it isn't easy. Ze'ev is not the same as Wolf, it is a translation.
Our ancestors often used the 'sounds like' when going from Russia or somewhere to English, and ignored the meaning.
However, I had a great aunt Doe, who was probably Tzvia, the female meaning, well, Doe. She was the exception that proves the rule.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

SEGAL Seduva, Lithuania to Darby PA #names #lithuania

Jules Feldman

I am searching for the family of Isaac SEGAL who was born in Seduva, Lithuaniain 1866 and died  on 11 Feb 1937. and  was buried in in  Mount Lebanon Cemetery , Darby Township, PA.

His wife's name is not known

He had 11 children



ii. Molly SEGAL.  She married a MARKS.

iii. Golda SEGAL.  She married a MANDEL.

iv. Abe SEGAL.


vi. Julius SEGAL.

vii. C SEGAL

viii. D SEGAL.

ix. Eli SEGAL.  He married Gussie.

x. Max SEGAL.



Isaac had 3 brothers in South Africa.

In about 1976 one of the South African family met 4 of his children who then lived in Norwich CN. There was also a sister who lived in NJ.


If you can connect us  with this family or can add details we will be grateful.

Please reply privately.


Jules Feldman

Kibbutz Yizreel, Israel

בלי וירוסים.

Re: Translating Russian from back of photograph #ukraine #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

for a good memory to my dear uncle Boris Benenson from nefew Iliya Rogov(?) 6/7 1912

Deciphering Meisels -Perlmutter marriage act (1888) #translation #poland

Alberto Guido Chester

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a deciphering and  translation. 
It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Libre de virus.

Polish Genealogical Word List #poland

Alberto Guido Chester

Just to share an interesting file on Polish words and their translation to English, found by chance.
Hope this helps

Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Re: Bankruptcy: Louis BLOOM Rochester, NY #usa

A. E. Jordan

Bankruptcy files are going to be with the court but based on the age they could be in storage or at the National Archives.

Start by contacting the court records room and asking them about the files.  You may need to go there or pay them to do a search to find the file number.  Based on date and the file number will impact where it is stores.

You could also check the courts website or do an online search.

I know in New York City a lot of the old personal bankruptcy cases were ultimately stored at the NARA location I think outside St Louis.  If you have the file number and are willing to pay the file can be brought back to the court or else someone has to request it from NARA and go there and read it.  Maybe you will get lucky and upstate will be easier.

Allan Jordan

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Subject: [] Bankruptcy: Louis BLOOM Rochester, NY #usa

I found an article in the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle newspaper for Sept. 15, 1933, p.21 as follows:
"Voluntary petitions in bankruptcy were filed in United States District Court yesterday by Louis Bloom, tailor, of 529 Conkey Avenue, listing liabilities of $31,646.57, assets of $250 and secured claims of $9,500...."  Where do I find more information?  This is my husband's grandfather.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Re: Traduccion de acta #translation


Marcelo, Te lo puedo traducir si quieres con gusto, español - ingles.  (I can help you translate if you still need it)
Lia Sragovicz

Re: Traduccion de acta #translation


I can help translate   spanish - english if you need it.   

Lia Sragovicz

Re: Searching for Richard PARLIMAN (?) my Jewish Grandfather#latinamerica


Hi Karen.  I live in bogota right now, if I can be of help.  You can email me at Lsragovicz@... and tell me more.
We are a small community so it might be fairly easy to get info.

Lia Sragovicz

Re: Fogery: Garson KUGEL, Rochester, NY #general

Sherri Bobish


Try this free site for old digitized newspapers:
It began as NY State only, but has expanded to newspapers of other states.

Also, from the site
"The Monroe County Clerk’s Office is the source for criminal records filed by the New York State Supreme and Monroe County Courts. Only felony convictions are filed in the Monroe County Clerk’s Office."

Perhaps once the Covid lockdown is over you can contact The Monroe County Clerk's Office and ask if they retain records from that time period.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Fw: FURTHER TO my inquiry yesterday Re: Searching for my Grandparents and Great-Grandparents in Hungary #hungary

Amy Winter <amy.winter@...>

The maternal side of the family (Weisz and Mandel) were from Beregszász near Ukraine. 

BirthBeregszasz, Hungary
Death1923 - Beregszasz, Hungary
HusbandAvrum Josef Weisz
Birth1841 - Beregszasz, Hungary
WifeHana Weisz (born Mandel)
BirthCirca 1872 - Hungary
DeathAfter 1940 - Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
WifeHelen Strauss (born Weiss)
Jennie is my mother.  I have found no Hungarian records for Adalbert (or Adelbert) Strauss but have some of his US census records, US naturalization and immigration papers.
The Winter/Friedman/Braun/Schafer side of the family (I forgot to list "Winter" as a family name) were from 
Regina Winter (born Friedman)
BirthAug 30 1877 - Hatvan, Heves County, Hungary
ParentsSamuel Friedman and Fanny (born Braun) Freedman (Friedman)
SiblingsArthur O., Anna, Harry and Ema
HusbandWilliam W(olf?) Winter
ChildrenCharlotte, Sidney, Oscar, Ruth, Margaret, Edward A., Beatrice and Ezra Paul

Samuel Winter
Birth1852 - Miskolc, Miskolci, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary
Death1877 - Miskolc, Miskolci, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary
WifeAdele Winter (born Schafer)
ChildrenWilliam W(olf?), William, Bernard (Bertzi), Julia, Johnanna (Honey) and Louis 
Birth1870 - Hungary
DeathAug 21 1950 - Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

BirthAug 30 1877 - Hatvan, Heves County, Hungary
ParentsSamuel Friedman and Fanny (born Braun) Freedman (Friedman)
SiblingsArthur O., Anna, Harry and Ema
HusbandWilliam W(olf?) Winter
ChildrenCharlotte, Sidney, Oscar, Ruth, Margaret, Edward A., Beatrice and Ezra Paul

William Wolf Winter (Grandfather) was said to be an orphan and immigrated to the US at age 16. I have his Immigration document showing that as well as other US documents (Naturalization, Census). Ezra Paul Winter was my father.
However, I have an updated family tree from the (amateur) genealogist which I am trying to re-access. Some of the surnames were confused, so I will send that once I have it again. Here is what he said:
In your original records you stated that ’Adel’ Schaffer was married to Samuel Winter and she died in 1872 in Miskolc.
Fani Schaffer is a woman married to Samuel Winter and she died in Miskolc in 1872. So it looks like she is Adel. 
She can not be a sister to Fani as they could not have been married to the same woman the same time.
It is also possible Adel was a first marriage to Samuel in another rabbinate whose records we can not see and died before the marriage of Samuel to Fani. IT would be absolutely logical for a widowed man to marry a sister of the first wife.
Please check your sources, what says Adel and why did you have her death in Miskolc in 1872.
Also, two of the daughters, Julia and Johanna were sent to Shanghai to escape and their names appear on a memorial tablet in the Shanghai synagogue, which I have a copy of.
Thanks so much...and I look forward to hearing from you...even prior to sending this updated tree.
Amy Winter

Re: Headstone Translation #translation

Chayim Fried

Tzvi and Hertz are not the same name, it only sounds similar to Hersh, but it is not the same and it is possible for a father and son to have tzvi and Hertz at the same time

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