Jewish Genealogy in Poland webinar available for free #poland

Daniel Horowitz

Hi all, 
There is a great webinar recording for those interested in Jewish Genealogy in Poland done by "Your Roots in Poland" 
Its titled Mishpokhe. Jewish Polish Genealogy, Part 1: Pre-WW II Jewish Family History
It requires free registration but I definitively suggest you to view it till the very end, including the Q&A

Very soon they will advertise Part II. I will try to keep you updated so you can enjoy it live.
Best regards, stay safe and do genealogy

Daniel Horowitz

Re: Passenger arrival records #usa #general


Mort makes an important point about the opportunity for errors during transcription.  I would only add that there were multiple opportunities for such errors and that might make the problem worse in some cases.  

From the late 19th c. through to World War I, the name given when purchasing the steamship ticket was the name captured on ticket-sale documents.  Those were then forwarded to the steamship line at the port of departure, places like Hamburg, Germany, or Havre, France, or Southampton, England, where the name was transcribed from the ticket-seller's return onto a manifest form.  That transcription happened at least once and could happen multiple times in the manifest-preparation process.  Each transcription was an opportunity for error.

Then a century or more later the data was transcribed from the lists (now often on faded microfilm) again to create our searchable online indices.  This transcription again opened the door to possible errors, but might also further mangle a name already erroneously transcribed long ago.  

Given this game of telephone in creating the records and indices I'm often amazed at the quality of most of the data.

Name variations for HALLAY, ZAGON, DIMANSKY and PAAS #poland #hungary

Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan

The family names of the Jewish part of my family are written in different ways (depending on were the documents come from) and I am wondering, what the Jewish original could have been. They lived in Holland, Germany, Estonia, Poland and before in Hungary.

Does somebody have similar names in his (Jewish) family and does he know, what the original is and where it is coming from, geographically?

1. HALLAY (Hallaij, Hollay, Halloy,...) -> is this HALEVY? (I was told, HaLevy comes from Irak...)

2. ZAGON -> is this ZAKEN? (this is a common Kurdish Jewish name)

3. DIMANSKY (This was in Poland, I don't know where this name comes from and if it is typically Jewish at all)

3. PAAS (The family lived in Estonia, but I don't know a lot about this name)
[Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan, Har Adar, Israel]

How do you ?????? #general

Trudy Barch

Hi genners,


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.


1)  list same sex couples?   Who do you put in the female slot?  And who in the male slot?


2)  2nd marriage to the same person.   Married - divorced - remarried same person.



Thank you,   Trudy Barch,   FLorida

Re: Kopyl (Kapule) #belarus

Butch Hill

Here are two items you might find of interest. First, follow the link below for info about Kapyl and associated settlement in Sioux City.

Second, do a Google search on "Abe Shulkin Torah arc". He was from Kapyl and settled in Sioux City where he carved a Torah arc that's now found in "The Jewish Museum" in NYC. There should be links to photos of the arc and biographical information that might be of value to you.



I have made several researches about this family. Boruch KSIAZKOWSKI from Minsk Mazowiecki dead before 1881 with a son called Dawid Berek KSIAZKOWSKI born in 1862. A village called CEGLU near should be the start point of the history. 
I'm looking for the ancestors of Boruch who's wife was Esther LIUBETCZIKOW.
Thank you very much for help


Re: IOFE family, Vieksniai, Lithuania, Revision List errors? #lithuania

Joel Ratner

To my way of thinking, it is quite difficult to confuse the Cyrillic letters for the Latin "f" and "p". Here is my explanation and I'd like to ask the Russian speakers to give me some leeway in my explanation. 

The Cyrillic letter for the Latin "f" is similar to the Greek phi. IF you recall, the Greek phi is the letter with the circle and the vertical line going through it. In Cyrillic, the handwritten 'f' takes a similar form although the shape is not circular, but does have the vertical strikethrough. It is a very distinct letter The Cyrillic "p" is most like the Greek letter "pi' which has two vertical lines and a wavy top connecting the two. Examples of the two letters in question can be seen in the attached files. The list of names used for this was from the YIVO Archive, Record Group 24, F160, Part 1. These are records for the Vilna Rabbinical School and Teachers Seminary from 1872/3.  I selected these records to use as examples due to the neat, clear handwriting not always found in some revision lists and vital records. 

In the first image, an example of the Cyrillic "p" is shown. The name in this list is listed as number 46. The name is PAS, Manuel. In fact, Manuel almost received all "A's (a grade of 5). It is easily seen how the first letter of the surname PAS resembles a Greek pi. Another example is just below for number 47 on the list, PREIS, Leyzer.

In the second image, name number 57 is FRUKHT, Khatskel. The next name, number 58 is FINKELSHTEYN, Mendel. Here you can see the resemblance of the leading letter of the two surnames to the greek "phi". 

From the examples, one can see how it is difficult to mistake the two letters for one another. I have also attached a copy of examples of Cyrillic letters which can be mistaken for one another. Thanks for this list go to the developer, Joe Armata.

Joel Ratner

Re: Bessarabia SIG #Bessarabia Updates for the month of November, 2013 #bessarabia


how can I enter Bessarabia SIG?
Shahar Klein

Re: Seeking descendants of eleven LIEBOWITZ children who settled in Toronto, New York and New Jersey #usa

Tracy Fish

To echo Barbara Sloan’s comment, do you have any other information or where they originated prior to NY/NJ? My fathers maternal family was Leibowitz from NY. 
Tracy Fish
Nevada/Brooklyn, New York
IG: @tsfish

Saint Petersburg, Russia: FISH/FISCH

Re: Polish Birth Certificate--plus death? #general



My grand mother on my mother side, Rosalie PICH from Rozborz Okragly (near Jaroslaw in Poland S-E) born in 1916, and who got married with Pawel BUJOK, had a cousin Zofia PAWLOWSKA who lived in a city near Zielona Gora in Poland (East). I do not know if my grand mother sousing Sofia has as previous name Dwojra Malka GOLDIN Borned ZYLBER. I could ask her daughter with whom I am in contact?

Patrice MARKIEWICZ from Paris FRANCE.

Re: Kopyl (Kapule) #belarus


My paternal grandmother was a  Rivin (Levin) -   I was born & raised in Sioux City as we’re both my parents.   I remember the Shulkin family.  The ‘old man shulkin’ carved the the ark in the Kapulia shul.   It was closed in the mid 50s & the carvings are in the big Jewish museum In nyc.  
I’d say that 90% of Sioux City was either from Kapulia, Tinkovitz, Kletsk or Urevitz  all within 7-10 miles apart.    

Jerry Sadoff 


Andres Carciente

In order to get a copy of a birth record from Nagyvarad ( ORADEA) in Romania from 1945 what is the procedure?




Andres Carciente

Central Death certificate DATABASE from ISRAEL in english is available? #israel

Andres Carciente

Central Death certificate DATABASE from ISRAEL  in ENGLISH is available?

Specific dates: 

. Database from Har Hazetim and database from Har Hamenujot ( Jerusalem)  Thanks



Looking forward information related to my grand grand mother Efrosyna GOPEN or HOPEN, born in 1882. She got married with Kazimierz MARKIEWICZ in Kobylnik around 1903 and who died ion the 9th of September 1937 in the village of Naposki near Kobylnik. Her father was Bornislaw HOPEN or GOPEN. She seems to have two brothers, Jozef and Izydor. Please contact me. Patrice MARKIEWICZ from Paris, FRANCE.

(United Kingdom) British History Online Free Access Through July 31, 2020 #unitedkingdom

Jan Meisels Allen



The British History online (BHO) founded by the Institute of Historical Research and the History of Parliament Trust in 2003 with over 1,270 volumes, is a digital collection of key printed primary and secondary sources for the history of Britain and Ireland, with a special focus on the period 1300 to 1800. To 31 July 2020  they're making all transcribed BHO content freely available for individual users.

To start your search go to:

To read more about this see:



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Looking for any information about Eizig Moshe Kremer from Zagreb, Croatia #scandinavia #holocaust #israel


Eizig Moshe Kremer was born on 11/26/1890 in Slatina (Solotvina) Maramureș, Romania/ Ukraina
His parents where Rachel nee Friedman and Isaak Hirsh Kremer.
He was married to Ruza / Rozalita nee Zalmanovitz
Living in Zagreb Croatia, they had 3 children: Lea, bella and Herman. I found same hints to the possibility they had another daughter.
They all were murdered at the Holocaust except for one unidentified daughter who made alia to Israel before the Zazi occupation of Croatia. I'm looking for her along time. Can anyone help me in locating her and with ant information about the family? According to source Lea had any connections to Sweden.
I'm Amir and I live in Jeruzalem, Israel.

DAAR, Julius #galicia


I am looking for my fathers family.  They lived in Dembica

Translation of the Memorial Book of Gostynin, Poland at reduced price #yizkorbooks #poland

Joel Alpert

Memorial Book of Gostynin, Poland

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Joel Alpert, Coordinator of the Yizkor-Books-in-Print Project

Re: Headstone Translation #translation

Chayim Fried

you are partially right
Hersh is a translation of Tzvi, mostly people who are called hersh, the real name is Tzvi, and only called hersh, i know a few that are called Tzvi hersh both at a time but also rare, but very rarely (or if at all) will someone be called hersh alone,

Hertz ( even if the origin might come from hersh, which i dont know) i have never heard any one be called Tzvi Hertz, we hear alot Naftula hertz.
Zev and wolf, yes wolf is a translation of zev, we see some called zev wolf, rarely wolf as self

Re: Looking for info on the MYERS family in West London #unitedkingdom

Eleanor Richmond

This must be more of a coincidence. I think my friend Claire Klein from England to Toronto Canada had the maiden name Meyers..
Her Father may have been( Isaac), a widower, who also emigrated to Toronto Ontario Canada.
If you are interested I might be able to contact her daughter.
Eleanor Richmond

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