Re: How do you ?????? #general

Trudy Barch

Thank you everyone for your responses.   I am glad to hear that the 'newer' programs now allow you to list partners rather than previous male/female only.  My program  is 'old' and out of date.   I decided to list my relative in the male/female spot of their gender and then their partner in the other.   Not necessarily the correct way but the way that is best for use with my program.

Is Partner the correct/polite word to use today?   What happen to significant other,  companion?   Are they outdated words?

Thanks,   Be well.   Be safe.     Trudy

Looking for details-Mimi family in Budapest #hungary


Looking for details about the late Mimi family in Budapest during the Holocaust
Last name Kalman Her father Shlomo Her mother Margit
And my mother's name is Magda
The father was murdered in the Holocaust, apparently a soldier
Her mother and mother arrived in Israel after the Holocaust
Their residence was close to the Great Synagogue, where they would pray

Re: Central Death certificate DATABASE from ISRAEL in english is available? #israel

Yariv Timna

If you'll write the names, maybe someone can help you find them.

Re: Jewish Memorial in Halberstadt #germany #holocaust

Rainer Borsdorf

Hello Josh,

try to get in contact here - I'm sure they can help you:

I'd do it too, but I live 200 km far away...

Best regards -

Re: volunteers to the u.s. army circa 1915 #usa

Barbara Regenstein

There are several online sources for US Military records from WWI. Here are a few:

World War I United States Military Records, 1917 to 1918,_1917_to_1918

Research in Military Records National Archives

Military Records by State National WWI Museum and Memorial

US Military Records (All War) Ancestry


Warnick/Viernik from Zvenigorodka or Vainshtone/Weinstone from Odessa #ukraine #lithuania

Todd Warnick

Hi - Researching about the WARNICK/VIERNIK family from Zvenigorodka and the WEINSTONE (VAINSHTONE) family from Odessa, though they have also originated from the Kovno region. Thanks. 

Re: Origin of ULLMAN/ULMAN Family. #general

Todd Warnick

Hello. I have a Joffe family member in my family - I believe her name was Berta and she married a great uncle, Movsa Muler. The couple and their 2 children were murdered in Kopiskis in July, 1941. As to other Joffe family members, I think there were Jaffee's that emigrated with other people from Kopiskis (and Skopiskis) to Bellingham, WA. You might want to check on that. Best regards, Todd

Re: Torma family #romania #hungary


Hi Ze'ev,
Thank you for your answer. 
I don't think that my grandma had a connection betwen the name of the village and the family name. As I know my family have roots in Romania/ Hungary. Maybe there are alternate spellings for the surname in different times and regions.  
I don't know to have any ancestors in Estonia, but never knows.
Anyway, I have some inexplicabile feelings  for the nordic countries, so maybe is there something :)
 Have a nice day.

Cavalieri and Kawaler / Foster Kawaler #france #names


Dear all,

I am a French women researching her Jewish ancestors and cousin. My grand mother's last name was Cavalieri. Her ancestors came from Ferrara and her grandfather had links with this town when he was young. I am trying to trace the Cavalieri lineage and I would like very much to get in touch with anyone who worked on the Cavalieri family, or on the polish Kawaler family from Ferrara. One of my ancestors was named David Cavalieri, as was one of the ancestors of the Kawaler branch of the family. Would someone be able to make me contact Rabbi Foster Kawaler, who worked a lot on the family ?

Truly yours,

Marie Frey



Seder Ha-Tefillah Translated by B. Meyers and A. Alexander, London: W. Tooke, 1770 #general


Dear fellow genealogists, 

Hope you're all well. 

I was just wondering, has anyone come across the prayer book titled : 

Seder Ha-Tefillah Translated by B. Meyers and A. Alexander, London: W. Tooke, 1770

Someone called Isaac Bellam is in the subscriber list. I really want to find out more about him, but can't find anything! Bellam is the surname of my ancestors, so I think he must be related, as it's not a very common Eglish Jewish name. 

Thanks very much, 


Where are the vital records for Bircza, Galicia? #galicia #poland

Moses Jefferson

Dear fellow researchers,

While trying to trace my family roots, I’ve discovered a branch of my family tree originate from the village Bircza, located in the Premyśl County, south-eastern Poland.

Although the village had a thriving large Jewish community until the war, I cannot seem to find any trace of records from this village.

Perhaps they registered in more larger towns nearby?, but nevertheless I did not succeed finding my ancestors names mentioned in any index on JRI-Poland.

Does this perhaps mean they actually did register BM&D in their local town, meaning the register you books are gone forever??

I would appreciate if someone can shed light to this mystery.

Moses Jefferson

Searching for MERZEL / MERZIL / MÖRCEL from Bircza.

Landau family 18-19th centuries #poland

I am looking for information on early ancestors of Stanislau (Salomon) Landau, born in Poland around 1820 but spent almost his whole life in Germany (Breslau, Berlin). He married Anna (nick name Andzulku or Anschulka) in 1846 who died in Berlin around 1919. I am in particular interested in the early ancestors who lived during the second half of the18th century.
Thank you
Isak Gath, Haifa.

Re: Seeking descendants of eleven LIEBOWITZ children who settled in Toronto, New York and New Jersey #usa


I am a descendant of the Liebowitz family from Starobin and Slutsk, Belarus.

Stuart Frank
Atlanta, Georgia

Holocaust History Question #holocaust

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,

According to archived information I've found,
- A resident of Vienna was sent to "protective custody" in Buchenwald and died there in late 1939.
- Then, a couple of weeks later, his urn was brought to proper burial by relatives in Vienna.

I am wondering how his urn could have been transferred from Buchenwald to Vienna, hundred of kilometers apart, when the war has erupted.
How was that possible?
Insights appreciated, and I'd also be grateful if anyone can refer me to literature describing similar handling of burials of Buchenwald victims.

Thank you  - Yaron

SFBAJGS, Webinar, Sunday, May 17, 2020: MyHeritage’s Unique Technologies #events


Topic:  MyHeritage’s Unique Technologies to Research Your Family
Speaker:  Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage

Sunday, May 17, 2020
2:30–3:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time

An overview of new and previous features available on MyHeritage. You will learn how to navigate across the tree, invite and share information to work collaboratively with family members and other researchers in 42 languages. Take advantage of Matches, Discoveries, Statistics, PedigreeMap, Events, ConsistencyChecker, Global Name Translation, and other technologies MyHeritage has, to help you find long-lost relatives and historical records for every person in your family tree.

Daniel Horowitz is the Genealogy Expert at MyHeritage, providing key contributions by liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers, and media, as well as lecturing and attending conferences around the world. Dedicated to genealogy since 1986, he was the teacher and study guide editor of the family history project "Searching for My Roots" in Venezuela for 15 years. Daniel is involved in several crowdsource digitization and transcription projects and holds a board-level position at the Israel Genealogy Research Association.

Register at  You will receive a confirmation via e-mail with a link to attend the Webinar.
This Webinar is free, and everyone is welcome to attend.

The San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society is pleased to welcome Daniel to explain all the intricacies of what MyHeritage has to offer, but it should be noted that SFBAJGS is not endorsing this product over any other.

Janice M. Sellers, Publicity and Programming Director
San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society
Helping Bay Area Jews discover their family histories.

Everything turns out all right in the end. If it's not all right, it's not the end.

Re: Marguerite Siph - Brussels, Brabant, Belgium #general

Renee Steinig

Hi Dan,

From what you've written, it appears that you don't know the names of Marguerite's parents.  Possible sources for those names:

- her marriage record 
(1902 New Jersey according to Ancestry -- State File Number: 543, Place of Marriage: 15971 -- Margarita Sipf and Isidore DePass. Contact the New Jersey State Archives*:

- her death record
(You can obtain this from the Florida Department of Health*: 


* It would be best to wait until life is more normal. For sure the NJ archives are currently closed.

Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 10:02 AM Dan Evans <evansdd84@...> wrote:
1871-1955, died in Broward County, FL.  With my maternal great-grandpa Isadore Orlando DePass, no marriage record so far, they lived in NY and NJ.  That's the little I know about her.  I am wondering if any other researcher has information on the Siph family.  She had a son, Fandell Leopold DePass, and a daughter, Marguerite Juliette DePass. Thank you.
Dan DePass Evans

Re: How do you ?????? #general

Deborah Blankenberg

It undoubtedly will vary depending on what software you're using. I use Ancestral Quest, which lists same-sex spouses as Partner1 and Partner2, and shows each partner's gender accurately. 
Deborah Blankenberg (JewishGen ID #613395)
Lodi, CA
Researching BLOCH/BLOCK (Germany to New York, Colombia and Missouri), BLINDER (Kishinev to New York via Poland? and Paris), KUSHER/KUSZER (Lodz vicinity to New York via Paris), GOLDSCHMIDT (Germany)

Re: Looking for information on Israel Jacob Wainer and Rebecca Gilgore (Zhitomir/Zhytomyr) #ukraine

Karen <kgschneider@...>

Hi camilleart1,

Yes, I agree with Chuck. It would also be helpful to know if you are trying to go back or forward in time with the family. But in the meanwhile, I have found a few things that seem to relate to the family in the U.S. If you are searching for the descendants of Israel and Rebecca, these names and dates might get you started.


The subscription site published some articles of interest from both Delaware and Pennsylvania. I have attached a few of those postings. Several of them also mention the synagogue the family belonged to which you could perhaps contact for information as well.


From the newspaper names and dates, I was then able to find one family tree for Israel Wainer and Rebecca Gilgore on Ancestry and have attached a brief family chart for them as well as a U.S. passport application with photograph for their son Perry Wainer and a death certificate for another son Max Robert Wainer. The person who compiled that tree might wind up being on JewishGen and contact you through this posting. But if they are not a member, and you would like to try getting in touch, email me privately and I will message them on Ancestry with your email address so they can get back to you directly.


The family grave and headstones can be found on the Find a Grave site through this link:

Hope this assists.

Karen Gregar Schneider
Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA

Researching: Gregar, Popper


Re: Looking for information on Israel Jacob Wainer and Rebecca Gilgore (Zhitomir/Zhytomyr) #ukraine


Am seeking as much background on the family in Ukraine (and earlier Russia) as possible. Is believed that surname was changed to 'Wainer' during naturalization process when arrived in the US. Uncertain if name was similar in the Ukraine or entirely different. Also possible Zhitomir was nothe family town but an embarkation point following the pogroms. 
Please find below additional information:

Israel Jacob Wainer (b. Ukraine on 5 Jan. 1859, d. Wilmington, DE on 27 Feb. 1925)

Rebecca Gilgore (b. Ukraine on 5 Apr. 1859, d. Wilmington, DE on 4 Oct. 1949) 


Details on four of their children:


·       Max Wainer, Colonel (b. 1885; d. 1959) fought in France during WWI.


·       Perry Wainer (b. 1888; d. 1962) 


·       Isaac J Wainer (b. 1895; d.1971) 


·       Louis Juda “Lou” Wainer (b. 1898; d. 1965) 

Re: Marguerite Siph - Brussels, Brabant, Belgium #general


You need to have some dates and more facts, before you are able to search in Belgium.
Did the marriage took place in NY/NJ or in Belgium? are the children born in NY/NJ or in Belgium? 
Did you find them in the census lists in NY and NJ, especially in the year 1900?
Because the 1900 census lists not only the year of immigration but also the year of the marriage.
Did you find their ship manifests or if they were naturalised, their naturalisation papers or passport applications?