update: Seeking photo of Moses Petschek #austria-czech

Nancy Petschek-Kohn

I am seeking a photo of my great great grandfather, Moses Petschek, born in Kolin, Bohemia in 1822, died in 1888.  Any other photos of the Petschek family and/or information on descendants, especially those no longer bearing the name Petschek (descendants of Petschek-born females who married) would also be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
Nancy Petschek-Kohn

Re: Where are the vital records for Bircza, Galicia? #galicia #poland

Sherri Bobish

Hi Moses,

One branch of my family was from the nearby towns of Tyrawa Woloska and Ustrzyki Dolne.  I have been doing genealogy for 25 years, and have found virtually no records relevant to my family from those two towns.

I have no explanation as to why.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Searching:  WALTZMAN / WALZMAN, Ustrzyki Dolne (Istryker) Poland
LEVY, Tyrawa Woloska, Poland.

Re: Kopyl (Kapule) #belarus

Chicago Bubby

I too have several relatives who came from Kapyl to Sioux City, Iowa.

They were siblings: Shmerel PASSMAN and Chaya (Passman) HARLOW.

They were the children of Yekusiel and Finkel (Perlman) PASSMAN. My husband is a descendant of the Perlman family which was numerous in Kapyl.

There were a number of other siblings who remained in Kapyl, one of which had a son who assumed the surname of SHAPIRA and emigrated to Israel after WWII.

This is the first I have heard that many Kapyl former residents had gone to Kapyl. We always wondered why these relatives wound up there.

I have traced much of the rest of the PERLMAN family, but never tried to find out more of these Sioux City relatives

Cyndee Meystel
Chicago, IL

Petrikov, Belarus #belarus #names


Looking for connections in Petrikov, Belarus.  Louis (Leib) Offenhenden was from this town.  I believe his father Samuel was sister to Miriam Offenhenden (married Samuel Gutman).  Her son Chaim Gutman was sent from Petrikov to Woodbine, New Jersey to live with is uncle Samuel.  Chaim went on to be famous Yiddish journalist.  
Any help appreciated. 

Judy Bowman

Hello, my name is Judy Bowman.  My great-grandfather Israel Bowman's last name was Baumgarten, born in "Wladyslawow, Poland" (which is surely Lithuania)  May 18, 1880(sometimes other dates given).   The last of 16 children born to Jacob Baumgarten from 2 different wives.  Almost all of them changed their name from Baumgarten to Bowman.  We know the names of a few of his siblings: Harris, Joseph, and Israel went to the UK. Sol/Solomon went to Shanghai.  There may also be a Simon Baumgarten.  Israel settled in Port Talbot, Wales, married Esther Fellman from Sakiai, Lithuania and had 3 children: Jacob, Harry(my grandfather), and Anne, all came to the US.  Harris's children Barnett "Barney" and Joseph went to South Africa.  Some Bowmans eventually returned to the UK (Clive) and some went to Canada (Glenda, another Harry and David Bowman).  I would love to find more on Jacob Baumgarten, the father of these 16 children, wives' names.  if I could secure a birth certificate for Israel or any of his siblings, it might have the mother listed.  Or, a death certificate for Jacob Baumgarten or Jacob Bowman which seems to be a common name in the UK. The ones I've found, the dates don't match up.  If anyone has Baumgarten in their families from the UK or Lithuania/Poland, and even Belarus or Riga, I'd love to get in touch to see if we're connected.  For a variety of reasons, I haven't don't DNA testing. 

NEW BOOK (US, UK, CZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVAKIA) #germany #austria-czech

Helen Epstein

FRANCI'S WAR, a manuscript my mother Franci Rabinek Solar Epstein
(1920-1989) wrote in 1974 has just been published in the US, Canada,
UK, Czech Republic and Slovakia. There wlll also be French, Russian,
Italian and Portugese editions later this year. It is an
extraordinarily candid look at what Franci saw and experienced
between1939-1946, in Prague and with a group of young Czech and German
women prisoners during the second world war. You can order it online
as an ebook, paperback or audiobook. I edited it and wrote an


Re: Central Death certificate database from Israel in English is available?

Rose Feldman

If the person knows the date of death and place of burial, it is possible to get a death certificate. It is the first step to have the exact date.
Rose Feldman,  Israel Genealogy Research Association  <rosef@...>     ireneplotzker@... 

Re: Staub family #hungary #names


Hi Molly,
I do not have information regarding Ervin STAUB (but the email Valentin found looks good), but I found out your husband Martin (assuming his father was Adolf, 1897-1944 and grandfather was Samuel, 1864-1944) was my husband's 2nd cousin once removed!  Samuel's sister Leah married Yehuda Frankel. They had a daughter, Etta, who married Jeno Katz. Etta and Jeno's daughter Vivian married William Plotzker, who became the parents of my husband Richard.

Regards,   Irene Greenwald Plotzkert  ireneplotzker@... 

Re: Where are the vital records for Bircza, Galicia? #galicia #poland

Mark Halpern

Dear Moses:

Unfortunately the Jewish vital records of the town of Bircza have not survived. Bircza was a registration town where Jews from Bircza and many other smaller towns and villages registered their vital events. The easiest way to determine what records are available to Jewish genealogists for a town is to search Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation website - and click on Archive Documents. 

Mark Halpern


On 2020-05-08 4:15 am, Moses Jefferson wrote:

Dear fellow researchers,

While trying to trace my family roots, I’ve discovered a branch of my family tree originate from the village Bircza, located in the Premyśl County, south-eastern Poland.

Although the village had a thriving large Jewish community until the war, I cannot seem to find any trace of records from this village.

Perhaps they registered in more larger towns nearby?, but nevertheless I did not succeed finding my ancestors names mentioned in any index on JRI-Poland.

Does this perhaps mean they actually did register BM&D in their local town, meaning the register you books are gone forever??

I would appreciate if someone can shed light to this mystery.

Moses Jefferson

Searching for MERZEL / MERZIL / MÖRCEL from Bircza.

Searchable lists now on line: Sered, Slovakia Concentration Camp #austria-czech #holocaust


Two lists of Jews held at the Sered, Croatia concentration camp have been added the USHMM (HSV) collection.  They may be accessed and searched at
Sered Concentration Camp XXVI/1, Slovakia (ID: 19482)
It contains 382 names
Sered Concentration Camp XXVI/3 / Slovakia (ID: 19481) 
It contains 510 names.
Peter Lande,   Washington, D.C.    <pdlande@...>

Re: names in old country: #names, #lithuania #belarus #latvia

Simon Zelman

There is no set rule for name "translations" from Yiddish to English, but in my research I've typically found that Louis is Leyb, William is Velvel (diminutive of Vulf), and Celia is Tsilya. But again, there's absolutely no guarantee that those are the names your Jacobsons went by. 

Simon Zelman,
San Francisco, CA

Re: How do you ?????? #general

Dahn Cukier

The answer depends on the software you are using. I suggest you write
the developers and ask them for help.

I have had good responses from John at Brother's Keeper.

I have not tried your problem, but define each person
without spouses and then add them together using the databaseID number.

For marriages, I just enter the information.

I repeat, each software has their own solutions.


When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 05:11:24 PM GMT+3, Trudy Barch <cousintrudy@...> wrote:

Hi genners,


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.


1)  list same sex couples?   Who do you put in the female slot?  And who in the male slot?


2)  2nd marriage to the same person.   Married - divorced - remarried same person.



Thank you,   Trudy Barch,   FLorida

Re: How do you ?????? #general

Carolyn Lea

Trudy - if we are addressing contemporary gay couples most people I know use "partners" until or if they marry. Then gay men refer to each other as husbands and lesbian couples refer to each other as wife. I am part of the community and live in Oklahoma and that is what I see here. Several of my favorite authors are lesbian (not why I read them - had no clue when purchased) and if married they refer to their "wife" on their blogs or about the author info on Amazon. 

If you are sticking to your old software you will probably have to just enter notes on the relationship. I use Legacy and know some great uncles were gay but as far as I know they were never in long term relationships - a different era. 

Carolyn Lea (Schwarzbaum) 

Seeking photo of Moses PETSCHEK #austria-czech

Nancy Petschek-Kohn

Does anyone have a photo of Moses PETSCHEK, my great-great grandfather?  Thanks!
Nancy Petschek-Kohn, Westchester, NY

SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar, STEIGLITZ and similar, and ELLENBOGEN. 1800s #poland

Barry Clarke

This is my first post; hope I'm doing it right!

Per 1896 UK Naturalization Certificate of MAX CLARKE, his parents, who would be my great-great-grandparents, were MARKS/MATTHEW and ZLATO/LOTTIE CLARKE. The family name originally was SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar; on one UK document it was spelt SHKLARKIEWITZ. I am told that was probably how it sounded, so simply a phonetical spelling. Max's Naturalization Certificate stated he was born in JEDWABNE. That would have been around 1870. His sister, my great-grandmother's, anglicised name was MOLLY. She was born around 1862. She married a STEIGLITZ or similar who died or was killed in the early 1880s. Their son, my grandfather, was SAMUEL, born April 1881. Molly emigrated with infant Samuel to DUBLIN, Ireland, she married a JACOB CLARKE from SEDLICE, then they lived in LIVERPOOL, England, then SOUTH AFRICA  (via for Max, at least, RHODESIA). We believe too from a photograph in the late 1800s/early 1900s that there may have been a family relationship with ELLENBOGENs, the link most likely dating back to the early to mid-1800s. (Molly's three CLARKE children were SAMUEL, GERTIE, HENRY. Max married ESTHER LANDSBERG. Their three children were MONTAGUE, NORMAN, EVELYN. All in South Africa).

I would be grateful to hear of any links or information about any of these people; preferably by email to bbclarke98@...

Thank you,

Barry Clarke (British, born 1946, living since 1990 in Florida)

Looking for LABUSHINSKY emigrants from London, England #unitedkingdom


My paternal grandfather Solomon LABUSHINSKY left his wife and 2 children abt 1921 to live with his mistress, Emma RUBINOFF, in Whitechapel, East London, England. They had a daughter Judith LABUSHINSKY, born April 1924. Solomon died in 1931. I would like to trace Judith (my aunt) and/or her descendants, if any. I’ve been unable to find either a record of her marriage or death (or her mother’s death) so assume they emigrated. Perhaps, like my father’s sister to Canada after WW2, or USA?
Lilian Gellnick (ID 2975)

Re: IOFE family, Vieksniai, Lithuania, Revision List errors? #lithuania

Russ Maurer

There may be a simpler explanation. When one is transliterating back and forth from Cyrillic into Latin characters, in a moment of inattention it is easy to forget which alphabet one is looking at. The Cyrillic lower case "f" can look a lot like the Latin  lower case "op". Such mistakes happen. You would have to examine the original record to be sure.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation coordinator, LitvakSIG

Re: How to correct error in Vilnius Ghetto List? #holocaust #lithuania

Russ Maurer


You have misunderstood this record. It is from a census of those who were alive in the Vilna ghetto in May 1942 (as part of a country-wide census at that time). His listing implies nothing about his fate, although, needless to say, most of those listed were later killed. I am glad to know that your relative was a survivor.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation coordinator, LitvakSIG

Recording of sephardic webinar available for free #sephardic #events

Daniel Horowitz

Hi all
Schelly Talalay Dardashti recent lecture for Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston is now is available for free at The lecture will introduce the growing field of Sephardic research, surveying websites, discussion groups, books, journals, conferences, archives and libraries, ongoing research projects, researchers, and DNA projects. She will include information on the Sephardic presence in Eastern Europe, a topic that has not been explored widely by researchers. Schelly will present another session about "Jewish Ethnicity: History, Migration, and DNA" live on Thu, Jun 11, 2020 6:00 PM EDT and you can enjoy it by registering at
Best regards
Daniel Horowitz

Re: Landau family 18-19th centuries #poland


Isak:  We have corresponded before about LANDAU family(ies).   Stanislaus (Salomon) LANDAU (1822-1898) was a son of Gerson LANDAU (ca.1796-1860) and Dobra (Carolina) KOHN of Czestochowa.  From my review of index records of Czestochowa, I believe that Gerson's parents were Marek LANDAU and Rochla LANDAU.  Presumably, Marek and Rochla were born in the 1770s (or a bit earlier).  I have not been able to get further back.

Since you are descended from a Gerson LANDAU (d.1793) after whom this Gerson may have been named, I have thought there may be a connection, but I have not found it.

I am in contact with members of this family and their family has the story, as do many, that they are descended from the Noda b'Jehuda.

All the best,
Stephen FALK
Point Roberts, WA, USA

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