Schumer families from Rohatyn, Kolomya and Grunhaut families from Ustryski Dolne #poland #ukraine


I am searching for information of any type on these families. My grandparents. 

thanks, Chris 

Re: Torma family #romania #hungary

Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan

Hi Melinda

I should have written, in my first answer, that my (jewish) family, that lived in Torma (family name was "Paas"), most likely had their roots in Hungary.

I could not follow up this (yet) thru documents. I only know it from stories in our family.

Greetings, Ze'ev
[Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan, Har Adar, Israel]

Name change to Gen(n), Gandz, or Gin on immigration to the U.K. c.1902 #names #ukraine #unitedkingdom

Jeffrey Gandz

I’m trying to understand how my family name changed from GEN(N) to GANDZ when my grandfather emigrated from Shpikov, via Łódź accompanied by his wife, Leah and three children Annie, Isaac (a.k.a. Harry) and Louis (a.k.a. Lazer, Luzer, and other variants.  I have been looking in Jewish Gen, English and Scottish records, shipping records.

My ancestors lived on or around the Pale of Settlement from about 1680, perhaps well before that.  The “family name” back then was GEN or GENN) and they would have been in Lyubar, Chudniv, A branch of that family represented by my paternal grandfather, Joseph GENN emigrated from Spikov to the U.K., Via Łódź in1902.  He was a descendant of Chaim (his father) and Shmuel Volf (his grandfather) who were gabayim to branches of the TWERSKY Rebbe, first in Skvyra and then in 

Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Jeffrey Gandz

Ames Family, Lesko, Cisna, #galicia #poland #austria-czech

Alan Tabachnick

I am looking for information on the Ames family, that emigrated to NY after WWI.  The names include Jacob Ames (served in WWI), his father Leizer Ames (died around 1922), Max Ames (Jacob's brother, who likely died in the holocaust).  The family was involved in the lumber business in the late 1800s, I think near Sanok.  They supposedly were involved in the building of a lumber railroad in that area as well.  I just don't have any primary source material on any of this to clarify or support the family information.  Anything that you have to help in any of these areas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Pechora, Ukraine #ukraine #holocaust

Alan Tabachnick

I am pretty sure that members of my family, Shulmans, Gelmans, Schliefers, spent some time in the Pechora camp.  They were from Shpikov and were removed most likely to Pechora.  Does anyone have any records or lists that show what families and/or names of people were listed at Pechora during the 1940s?  I am trying to nail down the movements of my family from their shtetl during the war, and also to help confirm who may have perished.  Thanks.

Re: Holocaust History Question #holocaust

Rainer Borsdorf

Hello Yaron,

when I lived in Weimar, I dealt with Buchenwald history, so I got the Book "Nachbar Buchenwald. Die Stadt Weimar und ihr Konzentrationslager 1937–1945/ Jens Schley, Köln/Weimar/Wien 1999". At p. 44 you can read:

"Nach der Einäscherung der Leichen verblieben die Urnen zunächst in der Urnenkammer des Krematoriums. Auf Antrag der Angehörigen erfolgte die Übersendung zum Heimatfriedhof gegen eine Gebühr von 3,- RM. Voraussetzung war der Nachweis einer eigenen Grabstätte."

Vienna/ Austria was since March 1938 part of the "Reich" (like Bohemia/ Moravia), and so it was no problem to send the urn by Deutsche Reichspost from Buchenwald to Vienna - even during war times. The SS tried so to sell her murdering with an "appearance of normality".

Best regards - Rainer

Re: Holocaust History Question #holocaust

Rodney Eisfelder

The end of 1939 and the start of 1940 were a period known as the "phoney war". After Poland was divided between Germany and Russia in September 1939, there wasn't much fighting until Denmark and Norway were invaded in April 1940. So, sending a shipment of urns from Buchenwald back to Vienna at the end of 1939 was not so extraordinary.

There is some mention of the delivery of urns back to relatives at:

One story I have heard, was that the ashes delivered to the bereaved would not necessarily come from their deceased. This is mentioned at: but seems to be in reference to Auschwitz.

Another article on Buchenwald Urns is at:

Obviously, this practice of sending urns back home was only carried out in the very early days of the Shoah. Later on, there was nobody back home to receive the urn.

I hope this helps
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Looking for details-Mimi family in Budapest #hungary


Any other surnames? Mimi is usually a given name

Re: Staub family #hungary #names


Hello Molly,
Is STAUB in Hungary related to STAUB from Breslau?
Simon Staub (my ggf on mother's side) in Breslau died
in Treblinka 1945. Might have started Staub Pots Co.
now in France??

Dan Weinberg

Re: SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar, STEIGLITZ and similar, and ELLENBOGEN. 1800s #poland

Jill Whitehead

Jebwadne was in Lomza gubernia in NE Poland, and Ellenbogen or Katzenellenbogen was a common Suwalki Lomza name, as well as a common name in Liverpool. My father came from a Suwalki Gubernia  family (the Serwianskis later Servian) that emigrated to Liverpool in the 1870's. Suggest you join the Jewish Genealogical Society of GB to gain acess to its records on Liverpool, and you may be interested in contacting the Liverpool Jewish archivist Arnold Lewis who is helpful on burial sites etc.  Also you can look at the records in old copies of Landsmen, the journal of the Suwalki Lomza Interest Group, at your local large library (NB this group is now defunct) - I am sure they did cover Ellenbogens and similar names.

My father's best friend in Liverpool at the Liverpool Institute Grammar school (now Paul McCartney's school for the performing arts) called Nathan Silverbeck (now long dead) had an Ellenbogen mother. The Ellenbogens have all sorts of Liverpool and Suwalki Gubernia connections.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, England

Re: Where are the vital records for Bircza, Galicia? #galicia #poland


Hi Moses,
I have been researching families in Bircza area for many years now. There are very few records left for Bircza and it's surroundings - a lot of documents were burned during and after WWII, but there are some that remained, kept once in local District Office. Land and Mortage records + notary records. Merzels are highlighted in many of these. I offer my help in case you were interested.

Jakub Czupryński

Dr.Josef ASH

Hello, Judy.
You know it, sure, but to those who don't:
the town you mentioned is now called in Lithuania Kudirkos-Novamestis ("new town Kudirkos" in Lithuwnian)
Shabbath shalom,
Josef ASH, Israel

Re: names in old country: #names, #lithuania #belarus #latvia

Jill Whitehead

In my family Louis (or Lewis) was originally Elias or Lazarus, though I do have some Leib or Leybka too.

Similarly, in my family Celia/Cecilia, or its nickname Cissie, was originally Cyza. My great grand aunt was called Cissie Miriam Guttenberg (born Hull, England in 1870's) after her grandmother Cyza Malka Muskatenblit of Rajgrod, Lomza gubernia.

The names will vary by geographical area. Do you mean Russia itself or the Russian Pale of Settlement when the countries included Poland, Lithuania, Latvia etc.?

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Searching for info on Hantz, Hanz #hungary #austria-czech


I have been trying to info on my Great Grandfather Bennie Hantz. I am at a dead end. His immigration paperwork says he came to NY from Barak Silvas Hungary. It says he was born in Bochava Hungary, Now Czechoslovakia. It says he arrived on Feb. 2, 1901 on the SS Amsterdam from Antwerp Belgium. I am unable to find his name on the ship's roster. My Great Grandmother was Rose Hantz and she came to NY on May 5, 1904. They were married in Hungary in July 1876. I really want to know more about this side of my family. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Searching for my mothers lost sister from Belaya Tzerkov Ukraine: Chaya Gohfeld #ukraine

george weiss

My name is George Weiss..I am the son of Brucha Gohfeld(Betty Garfield)..Married name Betty Weiss...When my mother and her brother left Belaya Tzerkov in 1923 to Chicago to live with some relatives, he younger Sister Chaya was ill and could not travel..Until 1961 my mother and her brother Morris Garfield had contact with their sister via letters but in 1961 the Soviet Union cut off all contact with the West...Since 1961 there has not been any contact with Chaya and her daughter Valentina..I am trying to find the Daughter Valentina because do to age my Aunt Chaya would be I assume she is pasted away..I would really hope someone reading this may know her..Please feel free to contact me George Weiss : g.weis@...

Re: family name search Slepian #names #belarus

L Levy

I am researching my Maternal great grandmother who was Chana/Hanna Slepian from Minsk, I’ve found several families with that name both in Minsk and the US. Please contact me if you’d like to compare notes, perhaps I can help. Laura

Re: names in old country: #names, #lithuania #belarus #latvia

Corey Brand

The best thing to do is get pictures of their graves, and hope their religious/original name is written on them. You can usually expect them from the earlier generations. Now it is not so common, but it varies. 

Louis could be Leib, Lipa, Leizer
Willie could be Wolf, Velvel
Celia could be Tsirel, Sarah, Tsipa, Sala

Those are guesses. Keep in mind that many Jews have two names, and though they often stuck by one of them, there is a chance they are recorded as the other. And sometimes you’ll find wildcards, names that barely resemble the original name. 

Corey Brand
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Re: How do you ?????? #general

Max Heffler

I have also had great response from John and Brother’s Keeper has the ability to “Add spouse or partner (same sex)”


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The answer depends on the software you are using. I suggest you write
the developers and ask them for help.

I have had good responses from John at Brother's Keeper.

I have not tried your problem, but define each person
without spouses and then add them together using the databaseID number.

For marriages, I just enter the information.

I repeat, each software has their own solutions.


When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

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Hi genners,


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.


1)  list same sex couples?   Who do you put in the female slot?  And who in the male slot?


2)  2nd marriage to the same person.   Married - divorced - remarried same person.



Thank you,   Trudy Barch,   FLorida


Web sites I manage - Personal home page, Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society, Woodside Civic Club, Skala, Ukraine KehilalLink, Joniskelis, Lithuania KehilaLink, and pet volunteer project - Yizkor book project:

update: Seeking photo of Moses Petschek #austria-czech

Nancy Petschek-Kohn

I am seeking a photo of my great great grandfather, Moses Petschek, born in Kolin, Bohemia in 1822, died in 1888.  Any other photos of the Petschek family and/or information on descendants, especially those no longer bearing the name Petschek (descendants of Petschek-born females who married) would also be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
Nancy Petschek-Kohn

Re: Where are the vital records for Bircza, Galicia? #galicia #poland

Sherri Bobish

Hi Moses,

One branch of my family was from the nearby towns of Tyrawa Woloska and Ustrzyki Dolne.  I have been doing genealogy for 25 years, and have found virtually no records relevant to my family from those two towns.

I have no explanation as to why.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Searching:  WALTZMAN / WALZMAN, Ustrzyki Dolne (Istryker) Poland
LEVY, Tyrawa Woloska, Poland.

12561 - 12580 of 655021