Dinerstein surname #general


Hello everyone,
   I have hit another roadblock in my family tree. The Surname Dinerstein is in my family tree but i am unfortunately not able to go any further than my 2x great grandmother (Maternal side) Celia Dinerstein and her father's hebrew name Tzvi. Unfortunately I can't go beyond that. Supposedly she was from Lithuania Vilnus area, but I looked on Litvak for anything regarding her name and nothing comes up. Please help. Thank you so much.
Joshua M. Mintz

Divorce Among Jews in Poland #poland

Wendy Newman

My research has revealed a new relative (by marriage) that immigrated to New York from Poland in 1921.  Shortly after, he filled out a Declaration of Intention, stating that he was divorced, and had 3 grown children who were either in NY already or would be joining him shortly (all born in Warsaw).  In 1927, his petition once again claimed he was divorced, yet on the 1930 census, he declared he was married and was living with his 3 children.  His wife is my interest, as she is the relation to my family.  I don't think she ever came to the U.S.  I never came across divorce before in Poland and just wanted to confirm it did happen.  And ask if there is anything I can do to further research the wife that was left by her family?

Wendy Newman
researching Edelstein, Nudelman

Re: Central Death certificate database from Israel in English is available?


Is this also true for a death that occured in 1910?

IGRA Show & Tell Zoom sessions #events #jgs-iajgs

Garri Regev

The IGRA Show & Tell sessions this week are dedicated to the JewishGen Unified Search. The sessions are 9 pm Israel time, 2 pm EDT. (45 minutes)
You need to register now in advance for these sessions and you will be sent the entrance link. These sessions are open to all.
Monday, May 11 in English - Registration:
Join us!
Garri Regev

Re: Searching for my mothers lost sister from Belaya Tzerkov Ukraine: Chaya Gohfeld #ukraine

Renee Steinig

Yad Vashem's Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names (https://yvng.yadvashem.orgincludes a Page of Testimony for David Gokhfeld from Belaya Tserkov, son of Moisey. Possibly there's a family connection. 

The good news: the Page was written in 2016, so the submitter, Bronislava Bank Gokhfeld (or Gokhfeld Bank?), may well be alive. Some challenges: she's in Moscow and wrote the Page (attached) in Russian. 

The Page includes Bronislava's address. If someone translates that for you, you might try writing her.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

George Weiss <g.weis@...> wrote:

<<<... I am the son of Brucha Gohfeld(Betty Garfield)..Married name Betty Weiss...When my mother and her brother left Belaya Tzerkov in 1923 to Chicago to live with some relatives, he younger Sister Chaya was ill and could not travel..Until 1961 my mother and her brother Morris Garfield had contact with their sister via letters but in 1961 the Soviet Union cut off all contact with the West...Since 1961 there has not been any contact with Chaya and her daughter Valentina..I am trying to find the Daughter Valentina because do to age my Aunt Chaya would be I assume she is pasted away..I would really hope someone reading this may know her..Please feel free to contact me George Weiss : g.weis@...>>

Seeking WEISS family history in Hungary / Romania #hungary #romania


My grandmother  Rose WEISS was born in Maros-Vasarhely, Hungary 1898.  The town Is now Targu-Mures, Romania. She lived there with her family until they came to the United States in  1913.  Her father Ignatz WEISS was born in 1873  in Egresto Hungary.  Her mother Theresa SOLOMON was born in1877.  I don't know which town.  I can find no records  of her family in Hungary/Romania.  I am especially  interested in finding any brothers and sisters my great grandparents had.  I would also like to find who their parents were.  My grandmother came to the United States with her immediate family. I do not know if any of my great grandparents brothers and sisters came to the United States. I appreciate any help that I can get.           Thank You.

Ronald Wasserstrom,   Dayton, Ohio USA   rwasser_98@...

Looking for descendants of Joel GARTENBERG (1816-18711) #galicia

Michael Cohn

I am looking for a list of descendants (names & dates) of Joel GARTENBERG (b. 1816, Bratkkowce, Stryj - d. 1871, Drohobycz) and Golda Golde WIESET (b. 1817 - d. 1855, Stryj).

More specifically I am looking to learn if this couple had a son named David (or Dawid) and when and where was he born.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Michael Cohn   <mikec@...>

Translation of the Memorial Book of Horodenka, Ukraine at reduced price #yizkorbooks #ukraine

Joel Alpert

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Nisenson orNissensohn #names

Leon Nisenson

Hoping to get information regarding the Nisenson / Nissensohn family.  Grandmother Molka arrived in US in 1889 with my Uncle Sam. Any information will greatly appreciated.

Re: Seeking descendants of eleven LIEBOWITZ children who settled in Toronto, New York and New Jersey #usa

Iris Donahue

Hi Sean,  your family seems familiar to gm Ida Goldstein Goldberg Leibowitz(Lebowitz) brother Michael married a Bessie Leibowitz and had 3 children.   Bessie had many siblings with the names u mention above.
Her parents were David and think Mom was a Sarah or Rebecca...not sure of the name but Bessie's siblings were like above.   They lived in the lower east side of nyc and Michael and Bessie lived for many years
later in the Bronx.  If you see any connection, please let me know.  thanks  

Iris Levy Donahue
Miami Beach 

Cohan/Podgar #names #russia #lithuania


My husband's grandfather was a cohan and when he immigrated to the USA he was given the last name Cohan. About 10 years ago I discovered that his family name in Russia (maybe Lithuania) was Podgar. I have not been able to find out any more information and wonder how this name might have been spelled in Russia. Is anyone else researching this family?

Re: Belarus SIG #Belarus Where is Strez and Ekaterinoslaw... #belarus

Carol Perloff

How do I find the Ekaterinoslav Area Study Group?

Re: Belarus SIG #Belarus Where is Strez and Ekaterinoslaw... #belarus

Carol Perloff

How do I find the Ekaterinoslav Area Study Group?

GRAZI Family From Aleppo and Cairo #general

Abuwasta Abuwasta

For some technical reasons I have not seen a posting by Alan Kania about the GRAZI Family.

I do not have Alan's email and would ask him to contact me since I published several months ago an index of Jewish families in Cairo.


Jacob Rosen


Luoke, Lithuania #lithuania


My great grandfather, Mayer Kaplan, married Zeitzel and had 3 children, including my grandfather Joseph.. She apparently died in childbirth with their 3rd child in 1882 and Mayer married her sister Gitel (Katie), with whom he had about 9 more children,a few in Lithuania and the rest in Chicago. Since the two wives were sisters, they obviously had the same surname and I'm trying to find out what Zeitzel's last name was.
Leonard Kaplan

Brick wall - WITTY immigrant to Boston, Massachusetts #names

David Hamermesh

I am looking for help breaking through a brick wall. My great-grandfather Jacob WITTY came from Poland to Boston in the early 1890s. I haven't found a record of his arrival in the US or any information from Europe. I haven't found any European records under WITTY, so it's possible the name changed somewhere along the way.
Here's what I do "know" from his Declaration of Intention, completed in 1938:
Born in Kalisz, Poland, January 3, 1877.
Arrived from Glasgow, Scotland, to Boston, Massachusetts, in August 1893 (vessel unknown).
Although most records I have from after 1900 are consistent with the January 1877 birthdate, the 1900 census lists his birth as March 1873, and his marriage certificates (both before 1900) imply 1870-1872 birth.
The 1900 census lists his arrival in the US as 1890.
Jacob's parents' names - as shown on his marriage certificates - were Joseph WITTY and Rose MARKOVITS.
I don't have his death certificate (1948) yet, but I'd be surprised if it helps much.
Any ideas, suggestions, or discoveries would be most welcome. Please reply privately to david@... unless you think it's of general interest.
Thanks for your help,
David Hamermesh
Jackson Heights, New York

Re: Papa/Devecser/Travel to Hungary and Request about Carei/Nagykaroly #hungary


I have been to Hungary many times with my father, who passed away last year at 93. He was born in Nagykaroly (I have not been there) but his father was born in Demecser. That Jewish cemetery is well cared for through HFPJC, a maintenance company in Brooklyn NY. There’s a plaque with their info plus a Holocaust memorial marker. There are no names but people leave stones. I have photos of the small cemetery as well. Let me know if you’d like the photo. 



I am searching the name KRIEGER from Ramagala and nearby Krakanova, in Lithuania. First names  Ester (or Bertha), Rose, Harry and Morris. They came to New Jersey in the early 1900s.

Looking for a paternal relative Yakov Meir Sokolovsky #usa

Sherwin Sokolov

Seeking information about Yakov Meir Sokolovsky who lived in Brooklyn, NY. He was know as Meyer.

Re: Central Death certificate DATABASE from ISRAEL in english is available? #israel

Theo Rafael

Just to add that there's an English version for the page about death certificates here:

Theo R.

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