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Where can I email the photos?

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Norbert Steiner

Sorry I cannot help you with tracing the Mintz name but I am looking for a Karin and Seth Mintz. Karin's maiden name was Hirschkrohn and her son's name was Stephen. I last saw Karin and Stephen in Israel in 1966. I hope you know something about them.

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Victoria Barkoff

I highly recommend consulting Soren Goldenberg from the Botosani research team, who has access to unpublished records. He managed to track down the name and birthplace (Falticeni) of my great-grandmother by discovering a missing link between her and her sister – a brother who appeared in several records. All Soren had to go on were the names of my great-great-aunt and some of her children, my guess at my grandmother’s first name, possible names for their father, and the fact that they might have lived in Piatra Neamt (as it turned out, the sister had lived in Tigru Neamt). His research confirmed and revealed many names and added dozens of birth, marriage and death records and several generations to my research. You can reach Soren via the Jewish Genealogy in Romanian Moldova Facebook page ( or at the email address in this thread.

Victoria Barkoff
Montreal, Canada


Germany: BERGHOFF (Hamburg); DOTTENHEIMER (Markt Berolzhiem); EMANUEL  (Hochberg-am-Neckar);GIDEON (Nordstetten and Hochberg-am-Neckar); GIPPERT/GEBHARDT? (Berlin); HOCHBERGER (Muhringen);

England: FRANKS, MOSS, SLAZENGER (Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, etc.)



Poland (Prussia): MARCOWICZ/MARCO,  SILBERSTEIN (Ostrow Wielkopolski)

searching Austro-Hungary for family #austria-czech #hungary

Norbert Steiner

My father grew up in a town now known as Deutschkreutz in Austria. Though the name is a German name everybody in the town speaks Hungarian. He told me that he had siblings (I know all 4), half siblings and step siblings (none of whom I know). The only thing I know about one of them is that he went to Australia and won a Bronze medal at the Olympics in California for Australia. Can anyone advise me where or how to look for those half- and step-siblings? I believe that I have exhausted all data banks that I know of but there must be others that I know nothing of. How does anyone look for documents without physically going to the towns and villages where they lived?

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Moishe Miller

Hello Group Members, 

I hope my note finds you well and safe from Corona.
I saw the posting in the JewishGen Group, regarding Bircza. My interest in the town is regarding: 
Sender Holtz, born circa 1889 in Bircza and lived and dies in Chrzanow (1936). His parents were Aron Tzvi (Hersh) Holtz and Perel Goldman. Aron Tzvi's brother married Perel's sister. An outline tree is below. My primary goal is to determine who, and from where, were the parents of Aron Tzvi and Perel?
Moishe Miller
Descendants of boy Holtz
1  boy Holtz
........ 2  Ahron Tzvi "Hersh" Holtz b. circa late 1850's
............+Pearl Goldman
...................3  Anna "Annie" Holtzb: 1881
.......................+Moshe Aaron "Max " Grapelb: January 03, 1877 in Krecov, Poland
................... 3  Rose Holtz b: March 14, 1884 in Menorah Home, Brooklyn, NY Residence: Menorah Home, Brooklyn, NY
.......................+Joseph Silversteinb: 1884
................... 3  Alexander "Sender" Holtz b: 1889 in Bircza d: 1936 in Chrzanow, Poland
.......................+Sura Sheva Altmanb: Bet. 1890 - 1895
...................3  Isidore Holtzb: 1891
.......................+Julia ?
........2  Zanvil Holtzb: Abt. 1873 in Bircza, Poland
............+Hinda Goldman
...................3  Alexander "Al" Holtzb: 1886
.......................+Serena Nemet
...................3  Reila "Ela" Holtzb: Abt. 1892 in Bircza, Poland
.......................+Hersh Hendler
...................3  Isidore Holtzb: 1892
.......................+Hannah ?b: 1898
...................3  Kalman "Charles" Holtzb: October 06, 1901
.......................+Nettie ?b: January 01, 1899
...................3  girl Holtz

Re: Romania #bessarabia #ukraine #lithuania (European Union) European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative Launches New Website With Surveys of 1500 Jewish Cemeteries #bessarabia #ukraine #lithuania

Yefim Kogan


I am not sure what was the goal of that project.  It is just a survey, and they did an Ariel photos of the cemeteries.
I knew about this project from a person in Moldova who helped them. But no one contacted JewishGen/JOWBR/Bessarabia about it.

There was another survey in Moldova, done in 2010 not sure who did it,  but the document was written by US Commission for Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad

That report is outdated, and it does not include many of cemeteries we worked on, and many damaged since.

Thanks,  Yefim Kogan

Re: Divorce Among Jews in Poland #poland

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

I have been looking at Polish records from the mid-1800s recently, and divorce is not that rare. I have no idea about reasons, but a number of marriages have either the bride or groom divorced.
I guess my mother was wrong. She said nobody got divorced; just like nobody had children out of wedlock before 1960.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Divorce Among Jews in Poland #poland

Fay Bussgang

I have just been indexing records from Brzeziny for the early 1920s, and have come across several divorce records that are tucked in with the marriage records to which they refer. I am not sure that was true of all towns or all years, but that is how it was done in Brzeziny at a certain time.

Fay Bussgang

Pustilnik(off) from Zlatopol Ukraina #france #ukraine


Looking forward information related to Pustilnik(off) family from Zlatopol in the south gubernia of Kiev in Ukraine, who came to Paris at the very begginning of the 20th century. Please contact patrice.markiewicz@...

Geneslaw (Genieslaw) family of Piotrkow and then Brooklyn #poland

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the children of Sara and Morris (Moshe)
GENESLAW born in 1929 - Rivka Chaya (Rebecca), Chaim Alter, Machi and
Leah. They descend from the Piotrkow HOROWITZ family of rabbinical

Re: Seeking descendants of eleven LIEBOWITZ children who settled in Toronto, New York and New Jersey #usa


Iris,   my Bessie  married a Sam Lippman and they had 7 children.  so not the same Bessie.    If many of the sibling names are similar  maybe there is connection further back since everyone is normally named for past relatives.   unfortunately i havent figured out if my Israel Dovid Leibowitz had brothers or sisters in america, canada  or elsewhere for that matter.  his headstone lists  his father as Elchanon.

Photography in Early 20th Century Poland #poland

Robert Mandelbaum

My great-grandfather's sister had six children, four girls and two boys. Two of the girls (Ida and Anna) emigrated to the United States in 1911 and 1912, and the rest remained behind and perished in the Holocaust. I have a couple of photos of the siblings in Poland (the family came from Skidel, near Grodno) -- one containing the five who were still there in about 1912 (Anna is in it but Ida had gone, and their youngest brother was no older than 15), and the other depicting the remaining four standing around the gravestone of their father, who died in 1926. A third photo of four females and two males includes Ida (born around 1887 or 1888), and so was taken before 1911, but the other people, none of whom are children, are not her siblings. Some of the girls are wearing similar neckties (perhaps some sort of uniform?), and the boys (men) are also dressed alike. I also have several other photos of some of these same unidentified girls, possessed by Ida (who died in 1972). My question is this: Does anyone have any idea why a girl from a shetl might have had studio photographs taken in that era with a group of similar-aged people who were not her siblings? Might these be schoolmates of some kind? Is it conceivable that she would own other photos of such schoolmates, some of which she's not even in herself? If it would be helpful to see any of the photos I mentioned, I will happily send them.

Thank you very much,
Robert Mandelbaum
New York, New York

Brodsky and Gorsky from Tiraspol #france


Looking forward information related to Brodsky who came to Paris from Tiraspol at the very beginning of the 20th century. patrice@ markiewicz@...

Re: Searching for my mothers lost sister from Belaya Tzerkov Ukraine: Chaya Gohfeld #ukraine

Carole Feinberg

Renee, you are a true tzadika! Stay well!

Re: SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar, STEIGLITZ and similar, and ELLENBOGEN. 1800s #poland

Barry Clarke

I did respond a few minutes ago but I perhaps did not send it correctly? Not sure because I don't see it posted anywhere! Anyhow, this is more or less what I wrote. I would be grateful if you could acknowledge, so I know I have hit the right button! 

Thanks, Jill, for your interesting reply. I appreciate the time you took to provide me with this information. I will check out the sources you recommend.

Barry Clarke, Croydon/Edgware/Hove, now Sarasota, Florida

Re: Central Death certificate database from Israel in English is available?

Bruce Drake

Who do you direct the request to?

Families from Kobylnik today Naroc in Belarus #belarus


Looking forward families from Kobylik today Naroc in Belarus who knew Markiewicz, Hopen or Gopen, Dziergacz  Paluczonek and Sereda families much as Smolka, Pazdziatki, Pachamowicz, Zmazejkow, Mozejko, Balasz, Agrecjowicz, Izyvlow, Filipow, Pleszak, Pietkiewicz, Michalowski families
Please contact me: patrice.markiewicz@....

Epsztejn and Cemelinska from Byaroza (Bereza) #belarus

Diane Jacobs



Besides the All Belarus Database (which I do not personally find very helpful), there is the

CPSA (Children of Pruzany and Surrounding Areas database which includes Bereza

and then also go to and check on his links to Bereza.  


Yitzhak Epstein also has family from Bereza and you should be able to get in touch with him

through Jewishgen Family Finder.


There is also the 1993 Kartuz Bereza Yiskor Book and two more books published previously

that should be of interest to you and you can probably find reference to them on Jewishgen,

shtetl links, etc.


My grandfather came from Bereza (Kartuz Bereza) to NYC in 1904 and I know there is information

online and through descdendents that should be helpful to you.


Diane Jacobs

Somerset NJ

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Subject: [] Epsztejn and Cemelinska #belarus




I am doing my family genealogy. And I have found information in line with the “great great grandfather” and “the great great grandmother”.

The “great great grandfather” is called Mowsza Menachem Epsztejn (Мовша Менахемъ ЭПШТЕЙНЪ). He was born in Slonim between the year 1845 and 1850.

The “great great grandmother” is called Szajna-Frajda Cemelinska (Шайна-Фрайда ЦЕМЕЛИНСКАЯ). She was born in Bereza (Bioaroza) between 1852 and 1858.

I know that they did not live all life in these places, since they should have been arrived in Warszawa before 1880 (the birth date of my first brother of my great grandfather)


I would like to know if it is possible to find online database from Belarus Archives or Grodno Province/Slonim Archives. I did not success to find information or data that could guide my search in the Jews census records.


Thank you very much in advance for your help




Diane Jacobs


Andres Carciente

I am looking for descendants from Salomon SCHWARTZ and Helen GOODFRIEND who married in NY in 1914.


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Terry Ashton

I have Dinersteins in my family tree.....there is a branch of the family In London UK.
Terry Ashton

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