1875 Revision List Review/Translation Assistance #translation #ukraine



I am trying to locate persons with the surnames below in the 1875 Revision lists (available on Alex Krakovsky's website) listed next to their names. I don't believe there is yet an index for either list. Are there any services available to find/review/translate the Ukrainian? 
Happy to make a donation to JewishGen or pay a professional as needed. Is anyone in fact currently indexing these? Grateful for any guidance.




Looking for Hele Graber #general


I am trying to find relatives or details about Hele Graber.  He was born about 1890 at Volusia, Lithuania (Volozin, Lita) to Yitzhak and Pesia.  He was the brother of my grandmother Chaya Libe Pollack Ginzburg.  He immigrated to the USA in the early 20th century, about the same time that my grandmother, her mother and younger sister immigrated to Israel, around 1906.  I don't think that he had any children.  I had another uncle who corresponded with him until mid-20th century (nothing remains of these letters).  I will appreciate finding out any more details about Hele Graber (born Pollack) and his family.


Thank you in advance,

Re: Epsztejn and Cemelinska #belarus

Jill Whitehead

Try "Belarus SIG" online, or via JewishGen.

Jill Whithead, Surrey, UK

Re: Eastern PA Naturalization #usa

EdrieAnne Broughton

I'd look for a parent's naturalization.  At age 14 in 1912, he was probably included in his father's naturalization.
                          EdrieAnne Broughton
                          Vacaville, California


Eva Blanket


I've posted a vital record in CZECH for which I need an ENGLISH TRANSLATION please. 
It is on ViewMate at the following address …

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much,
Searching Names: 
HERMAN - Nisne/Also Vereczke
LIPSICZ - Paskocz; Munkacs; Bukocz; Zsdenyovo
BERNSTEIN - Perekreszna; Perechin; Paskocz; Holubina; Solotszina; Munkacs; Also Vereczke; Mezoterebes
DAVIDOVICS/DAVIDOVITS - Also Szinevir; Zsdenyovo; Huszt
VEISZ/WEISZ - Talamas; Zugo/Hukliva
NEUMAN - Torunya; Zugo/Hukliva

Help with gravestone artwork and translation for Sarah P. Weiner #translation #usa

Corey Brand

Hi. Does anyone know what the significance of this beautiful artwork is on Mrs. Weiner’s gravestone here? I can read Hebrew but not speak it, so I know her original name, but can anyone tell me what the first line says? Any indication she’s a mother?
Thank you very much.

Corey Brand

In this case, researching:
VINTSIUNSKI (changed to WEINER) - Punia, Lithuania to Boston
VAINER - Punia, Lithuania
DOMBROVSKI - Punia, Lithuania 

If the picture is blurry:

Looking for the oldest son of Jankel-Mendel and Peshe-Freide (Fradel) FLESSER / FLEYSHER from Prienai #lithuania #usa

Denise Fletcher

Jankel-Mendel FLESSER / FLEYSHER (b. 1845 Prienai, d. about 1898 Prienai) and his wife Peshe-Freide /Fradel (neé Bialobrodka, b. 1858 Balbieriskis d. 1929 Prienai), apparently had 12 children, the oldest of whom left Lithuania for America before the turn of the 20th century.  He would have been born before 1879, we think.

Six of the children left Lithuania for the UK around the turn of the 20th century:

Betty / Bessie (Basia), b. 1879, married Chaim Amdorsky
Woolf, b. 1883, married Betsy 
Leah - possibly married somebody Lazarus
Kitty - never married
Max, b. 1888, married Mary 
Davis (aka David) b. 1889, married Milly Goldstein

Two left Lithuania for South Africa in the 1920s:

Benjamin, b. 1891, married Leah Binski
Morris, b. 1896

A daughter, Feyga, b. 1880, perished in Lithuania in the Holocaust, and we don't know what happened to a son, Zalman, b. 1893.

We don't know the name of the oldest son or where he went, but if any of these details ring any bells, or if anybody has any ideas of how/where to search for this missing brother, please contact me at dfletcheroz@...  

Denise Fletcher
Sydney, Australia

Looking for ROTHBART family members originally from South Africa #South Africa #general

Denise Fletcher

My grandfather, Moritz Jacobson, had an older sister Sarah who married Philip Rothbart.  Sarah and Philip had 3 children: Blanche (married Philip Zimmerman and also Percy Eagle), Jukie/Julius (married Bebe Shapiro) and Barney (married Miriam Bessels).
I believe Blanche had a son with Philip Zimmerman and 3 children with Percy Eagle, while Jukie Rothbart had 2 daughters, possibly called Sharon and Riva.
I am keen to make contact with any members of the Rothbart family for family tree purposes.  I can be contacted on dfletcheroz@...
Denise Fletcher
Sydney, Australia

Re: Divorce Among Jews in Poland #poland

Shelley Mitchell

It is my understanding that the decision to give a get was the husband’s. A wife might ask for one but she usually needed her husband’s consent.

As more European Jews came to the US, husbands often used the threat of refusing to give a get in order to get a very favorable civil divorce settlement. Over time, in places like NY, judges had to deal with that Jewish issue. I believe they ordered men to give their wives a get. Without a get, a religious woman could not remarry in the eyes of the community.
Shelley Mitchell 

Re: Eastern PA Naturalization #usa

Emily Garber

The number you have is  the number attached to his certificate of naturalization. That is not something that one can ordinarily use to look up a record. However, FamilySearch has records from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on their website (free with registration). I searched on the name Snader and found him as David Snader, naturalized on 24 September 1912. The way I can tell it is the record you cited is that on the last page (his oath) it shows the number of his certificate: 320893.

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

Translation of the Memorial Book of Bacau, Iasi and Podu Iloaiei, Romania at reduced price #romania #yizkorbooks

Joel Alpert

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Re: Eastern PA Naturalization #usa

Judy Salomon

Naturalization for Abraham Snador. Look at your timeline. If Abraham arrived in 1902 at age 1 year then in 1912 he would only be 11 y.o. and would not be naturalizing on his own. He could be naturalized as dependent of his father at that time. You may have the wrong person.
Judy Salomon

Judith Salomon
VP of Membership, JGS of North Jersey
FREUND Pruchnik, FELDMAUS Lezajnsk
SULTAN, Husiatyn, GOLDBERG Mostiska
SALOMON, HIRSCH, THAL Neumagen, Germany

National Genealogical Society Conference goes virtual (and features several Jewish genealogists) #events

Emily Garber


The National Genealogical Society (NGS), the premiere general genealogical society in the United States, has announced that its end-of-May 2020 in-person conference is going virtual. For those of you who have not attended an NGS conference or were not planning to attend this one because of the cost in time, flights and/or hotel, this is a great opportunity to access some terrific presentations for a fraction of the usual cost of attending the conference.

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To participate in NGS 2020 Live! register by 15 May 2020.

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NGS 2020 Live! on Wednesday, 20 May, 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (EDT), kicks off the virtual conference. It features the following lectures by five genealogy rock stars:  

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  • “Echoes of the Women Who have Gone Before—Celebrating Women’s Suffrage,” Steffani Raff  
  • “Breaker Boys and Spinner Girls: Child Labor Laws and Their Records,” Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGLSM
  • “Turning Witnesses into Evidence,” Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
  • “What If? Learning About DNA Through Case Studies,” Blaine Bettinger, PhD, JD
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For more information about NGS 2020 Live! and NGS 2020 On-Demand! or to register, visit the conference website.
Emily H. Garber
Phoenix, Arizona

Aaron Moses Wander #names


I am trying to find the mother, father and spouse of my great, great grandfather, Aaron Moses Wander from Brest Litovsk. Any other advice on the Wander family would also be very welcome. Aaron's son, Benjamin, migrated to London around 1890 and married Esther Levinson in 1892 at the East London Synagogue. Around the same time the family name was changed to Wonder.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.
Bernard Wonder (Australia)

Re: Seeking descendants of Alexander Rothschild and his wife Rebecca born Hubert #usa #germany

Eleanor Richmond <anvn019@...>

I think Kurt Rothschild lives in Toronto Ontario Canada and in Israel. If you can't find him, try the Talmud Torah Eitz Chaim Toronto to help contact him.
Eleanor Richmond

ViewMate - Polish translation request - Uscieczko, Galicia (1763) #translation #galicia

Emily Garber

I've posted the title page and headers from some 1763 records from Uscieczko, Zaleszczyki, Galicia. I would like them translated to English from Polish. There are three images on ViewMate at the following addresses:
Special thanks to Matthew Sacher for sharing these records.
Please respond via the form provided on each ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
 Emily Garber

Re: Seeking descendants of Alexander Rothschild and his wife Rebecca born Hubert #usa #germany

Eleanor Richmond <anvn019@...>

Eleanor Richmond

ViewMate translation request - Russian (possible second marriage to sister in law?) #translation #russia #warsaw

Paul Cina

Hi Everyone,

I've posted a vital record in Russian on viewmate ( and I would be grateful for a translation.

This is potentially the second of two marriage records for my wife's 3rd great grandfather Uszer (Asher) Lopata; this record (akt 21) is what I suspect is a second marriage, recorded in 1872 in Warsaw between Uszer Lopata and Mindla Rozenberg. Mindla is possibly the sister of Uszer's first wife.
I'm looking for any additional info in the translation (ages, name of parents, mention of first marriage etc) to establish if it is the same Uszer Lopata as the first record and, if so, whether his first wife died and he then married her sister.
The first marriage (viewmate link) was on 18th May 1855 in Warsaw between:
Uszer Lopata (27 years old), son of Hersz (his patronymic is Dawid) and Chai
Sura Rozem(n)berg (21 years old) daughter of Aron and Frajda Ryfka (her patronymic is Zelig)

Thanks in advance,


Occupation in Poland #poland

Robert Mandelbaum

I recently obtained a photo postcard of a couple from Poland who perished in the Holocaust. Although I do not speak or read Yiddish, I am told that in the letter on the back, the author identifies himself as Itzke the "Kinminker" and explains that he worked with the addressee's father, Alter the "Kinminker." Does anyone know what "Kinminker" means? Was it perhaps an occupation? If it would be helpful to see the writing on the postcard, I would be happy to send it.

Thank you very much,
Robert Mandelbaum
New York, New York

Looking for my roots in Proskurov #ukraine


I am looking for information on Gavrilovich, Shoichet and Mazover families in Proskurov, Ukraine. Thanks. 

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