Seeking Relatives of Mark Yosifovich GEKBLIT #russia #israel #belarus #ukraine

Renée K. Carl

I am writing on behalf of Peter Lyons, who has some eyesight challenges.
Peter is seeking contact with the family who dedicated a new headstone in the Slavuta Cemetery. The headstone, translated, reads:

Mark Yosifovich [Mark Gekblit, son of Yosif]
1868 - 1934
Monument restored 2002
[by his] grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren
in Belarus, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and USA

In the USA, the family changed the spelling to HORBLIT. Peter's mother's maiden name was HORBLIT, and the family was from Slavuta and Shepetivka. He would like to determine how his mother might have been related to the family of Mark GEKBLIT. If you know of HORBLIT or GEKBLIT (or phonetic similar spellings), especially any connection to Slavuta, Shepetivka or Zaslav, please contact me and I will facilitate contact with Peter.

Thank you,  Renee Carl, <rkcarl@...> on behalf of Peter Lyons

MODERATOR NOTE: Please always include the country (present or historic) when writing a town name in your message. (If it is not obvious like Jerusalem, New York, or Berlin.)

Need for education on how to post [Find it at:] #guidelines

Howard Kaufman

I must confess, I find it difficult to believe  that people who do genealogy research
cannot understand the format for submitting postings to Jewish Gen.

I suggest that there be included at the bottom of each email
guidance on how to post, particularly putting FAMILY NAMES being researched and no other text in ALL CAPS,
putting a reasonable question in the title and in the body,and putting the sender's name and location when signing off.

I don't know why people would expect to have help when they seem so careless and thoughtless in postings.

Howard H Kaufman, MD JD MPH MA    hhkmdjd@...

Re: A boy named Israel #names #general


The first child of my great great grandparents died at a year of age. Yet, 10 years later, a child with that name is travelling with them to NY. And no record of her after that. I suspect they were transporting a friend/cousin's child.

Jeff Goldner   <goldner_jeff@...>

Paul Silverstone  paulh2@...  wrote: On May 27, 1887, my great-grandmother Doba Rosen arrived in Quebec on the s.s. Circassian, with her eight children.   With her was boy named Israel, age 13. This boy was not her child, and I do not know who he was. Perhaps someone is missing a male family member named Israel who arrived in Canada
in 1887.

New Discoveries from the film "Shoah" #holocaust #events

Sam Eneman

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum is hosting a free virtual event May 13, 2020, 9:30 AM EDT (US) on their project to preserve the outtakes, digitize them, and put them online.
Sam Eneman,  Charlotte NC   <sam.eneman@...>

Need help translating Hebrew writing on a card from Rabbi RABINOVICI of Minneapolis Congreation Sh'arit Israel (defunct) #translation

Aline Petzold

Hello All:
 I have in my possession a calling card from Rabbi Rabinovici of Congreation Sh'arit Israel.  This was a Minneapolis synagogue, but is sadly no longer in existence.   I am wondering if someone can help me translate the Hebrew printing on the front of the card and also the writing on the back of the card.
Thank you,   Aline Petzold   <linypetzold@...>

World War II Enlistment -- strange civil occupation #usa

Josephine Rosenblum

William MENDEL's WW II Enlistment Record has most information correct, including 4 years of college, but his "Civil Occupation" is  listed as "Actor (Motion picture actor.) or Director, Motion Picture (Motion [picture director.) or Entertainer".
   I knew Bill, who later changed his surname to MENDELL, and asked him about this.  He had absolutely no idea why the Army wrote this.  He was born in Columbus and lived there.  He had never been in any facet of show business.  He was positive he hadn't written it, either seriously or as a joke.  He was a businessman.
   I have seen similar errors in other Enlistment Records, but nothing as far from the mark as this.
   Any ideas why this occurred?  Thanks in advance for your input.

Josephine Rosenblum,  Cincinnati, OH   <JoRose@...>

FW: Confusing Birth Place #russia #belarus

Mary Ellen

In researching my husband's family, a cousin has written down place of birth
as Minsk, Krasnoyarsk, Russia (1836).
I can find Minsk as being the capital of Belarus but when I look for
Krasnoyarsk I find it is located in Siberia.
Can someone help me understand this?
Thank You,
Mary Ellen Pollack

Re: Searching SHEDLOVER from Kiev area #ukraine

Hello! I know Shydlowers that has a kind of Kamenny Brod (Zhytomyr region). Some of them went to the United States and Cuba, while other family members remained in Ukraine (Kiev) and Russia. If Your family members were connected with the place Kamenny Brod, then we are definitely relatives.

Suwalki Lomza Journal #poland

Carol Waggoner

Have all the records found in the published Suwalki Lomza Journal hard copy
been made available digitally on Jewishgen?

Carol Waggoner


Pinkus Hardstein, Malke Loewy #hungary

John Anderson

I'm having difficulty reconciling the date of birth of Pinkus HAR(D)TSTEIN with the data I am seeing. First, from a cousin and other family tree information, I see 12 Nov 1835 in Tiszadob, Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg, Hungary. He was married to my great-great aunt, Malke (Mollie, Amalia) LOEWY around 1866. They had 5 children, all born between 1867-1881 before they came to settle in Fargo, Cass County, North Dakota in Jun 1885. One of the hints I am seeing indicates the Hungary, Select Citizen Census, 1869 showing 
This appears to be the same family. The one child I have born before 1869 is Isidor M. HARTSTEIN (Jul 1867-26 Jul 1951). However, I also have Bert (06 Jul 1870/1872-31 Dec 1958) and 3 others who don't appear on this census. Is this just coincidental or are the dates off? The location is also different, or appears to be so; I don't know the areas in question, and would appreciate any insight into this.
John Anderson,
Orlando, FL

Re: Translation of the Memorial Book of Bacau, Iasi and Podu Iloaiei, Romania at reduced price #romania #yizkorbooks

Laura Isenstein

What years are covered for these three cities? I am interested in mid to late 19th century and beyond (1875 going forward).
Family name was Eisenstein. Thank you.

May 12: Genealogy Webinar for Teachers and Parents from the Center for Jewish History #events

Moriah Amit

Every Tuesday at 3:30 pm ET, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for Genealogy Coffee Break, a short talk on a specific topic with one of our genealogy librarians. Discover recommended resources and strategies for online research, and have your questions answered live. This Tuesday (May 12), join us as we demonstrate an activity you can use to engage your kids in genealogy research. If you have a topic you'd like us to cover, write to us at gi@.... Catch up on the entire series here

Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian at the Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

A boy named Israel #names #general

Paul Silverstone

On May 27, 1887, my great-grandmother Doba Rosen arrived in Quebec on the s.s. Circassian,
with her eight children.   With her was boy named Israel, age 13.
This boy was not her child, and I do not know who he was.
Perhaps someone is missing a male family member named Israel who arrived in Canada
in 1887.   
Paul Silverstone 

Re: searching Austro-Hungary for family #austria-czech #hungary


The only Australian to win an individual bronz medal in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games was Eddie Scarf in Freestyle Wrestling Lt. Heavyweight event.

If he was born recently enough, check the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Game medalists. Google Olympic Games medalists.

James Castellan
Montreal Games 1976

Finding Treasure in the Archives: May 24 MNJGS Virtual Mtg #events #jgs-iajgs


On May 24, 2020 from 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM, The Minnesota Jewish Genealogical Society, the Berman

Upper Midwest Jewish Archives and TC Jewfolk will be hosting Kate Dietrick and Susan Weinberg

speaking on Finding Treasure in the Archives.  The meeting will be held online and a link will be

provided upon registration.


Register at

Pogulyaev and Pugliev family #belarus #ukraine


I am searching for my fathers family. My father was born Igor Pogulyaev 1929, Kyiv, Ukraine. Until recently we did not know who his parents were as they disappeared when he was very young. We now believe his father was Aleksi Danilovich Pogulyaev born 1907 Novozybkov, Belarus. Through my fathers Ancestry dna matches I am searching for family of
Moshe Meir Pugliev Bogdanoff 1851-1915 father Tuvia from Novozybkov, Belarus
Shlyoma Pogulyaev 1804-1842 father Nokhim from Novozybkov and Dobrush of Gomel
I have searched through Arolsen archives, Ancestry, J-roots, Vgd,, Ukrainian archives and any other site I can find but can not find the connection between these two families or where my father might fit.
Thank you in advance for any information or advice on where I might look next
Helen Craddock 

Re: ViewMate - Polish translation request - Uscieczko, Galicia (1763) #translation #galicia

Emily Garber

For some strange reason my URLs all point to the first ViewMate post:

I also posted the second page of the record with the same headings to help translators if the writing on the first page was not clear.

The last post was the title page for the record:

Emily Garber

Perelmiter and Langer from Kamenny Brod and Baranovka #ukraine

Hello! I have been professionally researching genealogy for many years by the lastname of Perelmuter (Perelmiter) and Langer from Baranowka and Kamenny Brod (Ukraine) 
There is a family tree of Langers and Perelmuters  from 1816!
Perhaps someone will be our relative. Write to me about it.

Shklyar, Pinkhasik and Reznik from Slutsk and Kletsk #belarus

Hello! I have been professionally researching genealogy for many years by the lastname of Shklyar, Pinkhasik from Slutsk and Holtchitci shtetl (Belarus) and Reznik from Kletsk (Belarus) 
There is a family tree of Reznik  from 1740!
Perhaps someone will be our relative. Write to me about it.

Feldman from Ushomir #ukraine

Hello! I have been professionally researching genealogy for many years by the lastname of Feldman from Ushomir (Ukraine).
There is a family tree from 1770!
Perhaps someone will be our relative. Write to me about it. 

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