Re: Seeking relatives of Erna EICHMANN of Bad Salzuflen and Cape Town #southafrica

Sherri Bobish

Hi Anne,

I found a 1937 marriage record for Erna.  She married Eitel Fritz HAMLET in Cape Town.

Erna HAMLET passed on Nov. 1978, and there is a probate record in Cape Province, SA.

Hope this info helps,

Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Re: Translation of Hebrew and Yiddish phrases #yiddish #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

1 died in 1932 in Lods, there was burried
2 something like: Yosele when you see it green, believe your eyes and don't tell it is blew (Yiddish)
3 by eye seeing 
4 among all other sons of Israel
5 passing away, 
6 Simon the eldest boy,( he who was born thr first to his parents)
7 with the G-d's help
8 among  the first ones in the old cemetery ...
9 maceiva - tomb stone. Jizkor - memorial prayer
10 history
11 choice
12 was buried in the new cemetery in Lodz
13 ... old...
14 died in 1932 in Lods, and was burried there in the new cemetery
15 ...may their name be blotted out! Damn them!
16 to 120 (years life)
17 the little dolly (Yiddish)
18 = 14
19 I would spell it Tsvi, The Hebrew letter is Tsadik, sounds like German Zimmer, in Yiddish 2-tswej
20  this looks like "of blessed memory"   the right letter with apostroph means God, it is the first letter of His name which is forbidden to tell. The left letters MAY BE  the word Yid - a Jew, but I cannot understand the connection...

Josef ASH, Israel

Re: searching Austro-Hungary for family #austria-czech #hungary

Try the indices in the following link

The town was known to Jews as Tselim to avoid saying kreutz cross.

The records are available online on the Familysearch website.

Jacob Shayzaf Israel   <>

Norbert Steiner  <steiner71@...>  wrote:
My father grew up in a town now known as Deutschkreutz in Austria. Though the name is a German name everybody in the town speaks Hungarian. He told me that he had siblings (I know all 4), half siblings and step siblings (none of whom I know). The only thing I know about one of them is that he went to Australia and won a Bronze medal at the Olympics in California for Australia. Can anyone advise me where or how to look for those half- and step-siblings? I believe that I have exhausted all data banks that I know of but there must be others that I know nothing of. How does anyone look for documents without physically going to the towns and villages where they lived?

Volunteer opportunity: Help transcribe and index Holocaust documents from Arolsen Archives #holocaust

Kfir Ovadia

Arolsen-archives is seeking for people to help expand their database based on the documents they have.
Most of documents are in good condition and are simple to read.
Information at:

Make an effort to join the team and help transcribe and index the documents ! 

(There's also a similar project on ancestry and another at USHMM -  on other documents)

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moderated Re: Ancestor with Several Different Given Names? in records from 1800s Hungary #hungary

Jews used Hebrew or Yiddish given names. The secular names used in documents were sometimes connected (a translation), the first letter of the secular name had the same sound or were not connected.
I have similar issues of the sane person with several secular names in different documents.
In your case I guess the Jewish name was Wolf (or Ze'ev in Hebrew). Farkas is a wolf in Hungarian and Wilhelm has W like Wolf.
The name Jozsef is either not connected or he had 2 names.

Jacob Shayzaf, Israel   <>

Re: ship records back to Europe from New York #usa

Molly Staub

I had a similar situation with my paternal grandfather. he lived in Dumbraveni, Moldova, and sailed to New York from Liverpool to join family in Philadelphia. The family story is that he was mugged, had a steel plate inserted in his head, and had amnesia. He eventually returned home because he learned his father was dying, and he died in Dumbraveni. However, no one knew how long he had stayed in America. At our Jewish Genealogy of Palm Beach County meeting, we had a speaker from HIAS. For $35, he located my grandfather returning through England after 10 years, having changed his name from Einoch to Emil. You might be as lucky if you try that.

Molly Arost Staub    <staubmolly@...>

Re: Help with gravestone artwork and translation for Sarah P. Weiner #translation #usa


Most candelabras on gravestones seem to have two candleholders.  This one has four.  Many women have a tradition of lighting one candle per family member.  The following is just a guess, but this MAY mean that she had two children.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA



Do you have a Krieger passenger sheet when they first arrived in the US? My family is Krieger from Petersburg, but I try not to miss all Jewish speakers of this family name.
The names Harry and Morris are American names, they were definitely different at birth.
Harry’s name was often taken in America by Aron or Hirsch, but this is of course not necessary.
Morris could be Moses, Morduh, or even Mendel.
Did you find a family similar to yours at  If so, pay attention to the grandparents indicated in the birth records or census family . Usually, children were given names in honor of deceased close relatives. For example, if you find a birth record for Esther, whose grandfather was named Morduch (or Moses, or Mendel), and Morris is Esther’s brother, then pay attention to this family.
I know of one family registered in Krakinawa, but living according to the 1897 census in Livengof, Dvinsky county. These are Meer (72 years old) and Hana Krieger (71 years old). Unfortunately, there is too little information from you to understand the relationship between Esther and the rest, their approximate age ...

Re: Help on serveral ukrainian ancesters #ukraine

Chuck Weinstein

Just to be clear, prior to 1991, there really was no practical difference between Russia and Ukraine.  Although Ukraine S. S. R. was nominally an independent country from 1919, it was completely controlled by Russia, who determined its boundaries.  Crimea was ceded by the Russian Soviets to Ukraine in 1954, but was reconquered and annexed by Russia in 2016.  Presently, there is no access to archives in Crimea.  It is considered by Russia to be a security zone.  The few records on line are all there are likely to be for some time.  

Chuck Weinstein
Towns Director, JewishGen Ukraine Research Division

Help identifying a Jewish Soldier from 1919 #latvia #lithuania


Attached is a photo of my Grandfather. His name was Iossel Gernov. I believe it was taken around 1918-1919.
He was living in Riga, Latvia at the time, but originally was from Lithunaia.
Any information you can provide based on whether the uniform was Soviet or Latvian, the military division, rank or other relevant information would be appreciated.
I was told he died while in military service, so if there is a source for death records, or service records I would appreciate a link to those as well

Re: Help on serveral ukrainian ancesters #ukraine


Dear Sébastien,

I read your posting with big interest since I'm looking for my ancestors from Crimea. Even though none of the names are familiar to me, I have a comment. Why you say "ukrainian"? Crimea became a part of Ukraine in 1954; in 19th century it was a part of Russia.

Jane Liss
New York

Looking for TEMCHIN, Finkel from Kerch, Odessa, Pinsk (Poland), Vilno (Vilnius) (Lithuania)

Re: Need help translating Hebrew writing on a card from Rabbi RABINOVICI of Minneapolis Congreation Sh'arit Israel (defunct) #translation


Hi this is Jacob and the following is the translation on the back of the card: To my loved and cherished friends Efroem and Perl Wachsler may you live.We bless you from our deepest of hearts, a good and blessed year, with all good. How I would bless my self, in the right time. Amen. Your very strong friend Rabbi Menachem Mendel Rabinovich and his wife Miriam she should live.

Pontisov/Pontesoff from Minsk #names #belarus


My grandmother’s surname was Pontisov or Pontisof and she was from Minsk , Belarus. It has been very difficult to find anyone with this surname but I do have it on official documents. 


Re: Feldman from Ushomir #ukraine


My great grandparents were Jacob and Rose Feldman but they came from Romania in the area around Botosani and Falticeni.

David Schaffer
Vienna, Virginia

Re: Understanding Yizkor Book Master Name Index search #yizkorbooks


Look for the Town Gura/Gora in Poland

Eisenberg in Raseiniai, Lithuania #lithuania

Leslie J. Eisenberg

Hello, I'm looking for descendants of "Eisenberg" from the town or district of Raseiniai (Rasein, Rosseny) in Lithuania. I have been able to trace back as far as my 4th great grandfather, but have not found any of their siblings. I must have many unknown cousins out there. There is also mention of the town of Batakiai in the Taurage district in one of the online records. thank you.

Re: Help with gravestone artwork and translation for Sarah P. Weiner #translation #usa


Hi Corey
The artwork depicts a candelabra which is a common symbol on womens' gravestones. It signifies the lighting of Shabbat candles which is a special mitzvah for a woman and also seems to connote motherhood (I am guessing here but maybe as she is the light to her family, or based on the Talmud that connects lighting Shabbat candles to meriting upright children). The candelabra is flanked by 
the letters of an acronym meaning "here is buried". The acronym at the bottom means "May her soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life".
The first line says "A beloved mother from an upright (important) lineage."
So to answer your question, yes, it is clear that she was a mother despite dying young. I would not have concluded that from the artwork alone but the inscription settles it.
Just to make sure you are not misunderstanding the name, it doesn't list a maiden surname (resembling Peshevar), rather it is her full name and father's name. Sarah Pesha bat Reb (abbreviation) Yaakov Moshe. I wonder what her middle name in English was with the initial H and if it had any connection to Pesha.
Good luck,
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Re: Understanding Yizkor Book Master Name Index search #yizkorbooks


Soda water (Zeltser) refers to the profession of the person. People would mix CO2 with water, fill  bottles and deliver to homes. The 1939 business census of Poland available in Jewishgen lists that kind of business and the name of the person/s that did it.

Re: Shklyar, Pinkhasik and Reznik from Slutsk and Kletsk #belarus


Not sure how to open family tree?
My family is from Slutsk and Kletsk --- came to USA around 1900.
The family name is Kronick.

Re: searching Austro-Hungary for family #austria-czech #hungary

Michael Hoffman

Do a search on the website of the Australian National Archives, you should be able to find Military and Immigration records, and if you are lucky
you will be able to download them to your computer.

Michael Hoffman

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