Polish Researchers List? #poland


Does JewishGen have a list of approved/safe genealogical researchers-for-hire that specialize in research in Poland? I was told there is such a list but I cannot find it.
Thank You,
George Mason

Re: Were "nephews" sometimes really cousins? #general


I've definitely seen friends called cousins. In fact, in on case, I traced one of these friends' families back several generations just to see how they might be related, Nothing. They are barely even from the same general region of Poland. 

So, if you don't see an obvious relationship, there possibly isn't one. Though, without further research its hard to draw definite conclusions.

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia, USA

Seeking information on Cohen & Shapiro families from Podu Iloaiei & Iasi, Romani #bessarabia #romania


My grandmother Ethel (Gittel) Cohen emigrated to Montreal as a young girl on the SS Montezuma on July 10th 1910 with her mother Ida (nee Shapiro) and siblings to join their father Moses Cohen. She later married Harry Boyarsky in Montreal. I am looking for birth records etc in Romania and would welcome any suggestions. Strangely Itzik Schwartz-Kara's 'The Jewish Community in Podu Iloaiei' does not list anyone with the names Cohen or Shapiro.
Any help or advice would  be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Nicholas Boyarsky

Re: Do U.S. online phone directories still exists? #usa #general

Eric Mack

Another option for finding phone numbers for people is 

Eric Mack, Jerusalem

moderated Re: Ancestor with Several Different Given Names? in records from 1800s Hungary #hungary

Susan H. Sachs

Continuing the response of Yohanan:  Lipot seems to have been the Hungarian equivalent for "Leibe" (Yiddish) which often combined with Yehuda (Hebrew) as in Yehuda-Leibe.  
Susan H. Sachs, Beit Shemesh, Israel


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Nancy Siegel

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Re: Were "nephews" sometimes really cousins? #general

Jeff Lieberman

I hope someone can answer this question since I've been dealing with a similar situation. I have a photo postcard to my grandfather from Lviv in 1920 from his "niece," but I haven't been able to find anyone with a name similar to hers who could be his niece.

Jeff Lieberman

Re: Fw: Brodie and Binnes family research #southafrica

Howard Lewis

Richard - I have a copy of 1929 South African Jewish Yearbook and the business digest offers brief profiles of Isaac Broude (born in Sokolka, Poland in 1865) and Isidore Broude, presumably his son, (born in Kimberley, SA in 1899. Although the former held a number of senior communal roles, his profession is not stated but the latter was listed as a dental surgeon.

As it happens, there are entries for Barnett Braude, also a dental surgeon and Louis Braude (born in Russia in 1878) who was a merchant. Isaac Broude arrived in Johannesburg in 1887 which coincides with the date for Adolf. Perhaps he was an unknown older brother or a cousin. If you give me your email address, I can forward you photos of these entries.

With all good wishes - Howard Lewis 

Re: Translation of Hebrew and Yiddish phrases #yiddish #translation

Bob Silverstein

A number of people contacted me privately.  In several instances, they went beyond the literal translation to describe the nuance of meaning or origin.  I learned more than I anticipated.  Thanks to all.

Looking for my cousins Tony Fulton and Lesley Fulton #austria-czech


I am looking for my first cousins Anthony B F Fulton, born Q4 1948 and Lesley M W Fulton, born Q1 1951.  They may be in America or Australia.  Their father was Hannes M Farber and their mother was Dorothy W Fulton, nee Ward.  Our fathers Michael and Hannes were Jewish refugees to England from Vienna in 1939.

Re: Translation of Hebrew and Yiddish phrases #yiddish #translation


Number 20: ז''ל meaning  "of  blessed memory" can be abbreviated OBM. הי''ד Stands for Hashem yinkom damo/damah meaning "may God avenge his/her blood" and is used following the name of a martyr. Hy"d can be used as an abbreviation but is only understood in certain circles.

Re: Seeking relatives of Erna EICHMANN of Bad Salzuflen and Cape Town #southafrica

David Shapiro

I have a copy of "Stammbaum der Familie Eichmann 1660-1931", published in Detmold in 1931. Erna is listed on page 23 "geb. 10.4.1903 in Schoetmar". There is no further information about her, but a lot on her relatives, including other 'Erma's and 'Irma's, with least one born in Salzuflen. There are also several HAMLET connections.

My own family is there on page 19 including my father and his brothers. We are descendants of Julius' uncle, Isaak, who came to the U.S together with his father, Selig, and lived in Rochester, NY.

If you are interested, I can send you a pdf copy of the Stammbaum.

David Shapiro

Re: Were "nephews" sometimes really cousins? #general

Miriam Bulwar David-Hay

Yes, it's possible they were younger cousins. It's also possible that they were grand-nephews rather than nephews. It's also possible that they weren't actual nephews but were the husbands of nieces, who were writing on behalf of their wives (as was seen as proper in some circles). I've seen both those situations in my own family.

All the best,
Raanana, Israel.

Do U.S. online phone directories still exists? #usa #general


I just tried to find a land line number of a person who moved from one Boston suburb to another. Zabasearch still has the old number, all other directories, including WhitePages, hide the info or switch to a commercial web site intelius. It occurred to me to dial directory assistance at 617-555-1212 and I've got the number (don't know if it's right, it's my father-in-law's friend; will find out later).


As this seemed rather strange, I repeated the experiment using my own name (my address and the phone have not changed in over 30 years.) Zabasearch showed my brother's old street address and two numbers I did not recognize. WhitePages produced my brother's old address and two of his old numbers.


Is there a normal simple U.S. web-based phone directory without gimmicks?


Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

Re: calling card #yiddish #translation


The Yiddish is as follows:

Dear devoted friends, Efraim and Perele Wechsler may you both live,
We wish you from the depths of our hearts, a good blessed year, full of all the good as you desire for yourselves, all in it's right auspicious time- Amen!

Your close friend, from way back
Rabbi Menachem mendel Rabinowitz and his  honored (?)  Wife  Miriam, may she live.

moderated Re: Ancestor with Several Different Given Names? in records from 1800s Hungary #hungary


In Austro-Hungary Jozef could have been a none-Jewish secular name. As Jacob mentioned in his previous comment,
Josef's Hebrew name could have been Ze'ev which is also Wolf and Wilhelm. 
The same could have applied to Lipot- Samuel though I have no explanation to how  Isidor got into here.
Unless his secular name was Isidor, his Hebrew double name Samuel - Yehuda and Lipot could have been the Hungarian version of Yehuda.
Yohanan Loeffler, Melbourne Australia

Hinde BEIN (nee Zucker) #names

Karol Swanson

I'm trying to contact a Mordechai Zucker or anyone else who is searching for the above person.

I look forward to hearing from you.
K. Swanson

Deceased researcher. #ukraine,

yael polat

I wanted to contact the researcher Marcia R. Kahn (#8876), but sadly enough, she is noted as deceased. 
Maybe some one in this forum has been in touch with her in the past or knows how to contact her family?
Yael Polat
Researching especially the village of Khashchuvate

Stillborns #names #usa #general

Corey Brand


I found that my third great uncle Louis Miller and his wife Mollie Edith Goodman, did have one child, a male stillborn on 21 May 1914 in Los Angeles. The child was not given a name on the birth and death certificates. The child also seems to be buried in a non-Jewish cemetery in Los Angeles. 

In the religion, are Stillborns given names and proper funerals? I was shocked to find out the cemetery wasn’t a Jewish one. Maybe it’s a mistake? 

I haven’t been able to find Louis’ passenger manifests. Seems like the date and/or ship on his Massachusetts naturalization papers weren’t too accurate (1 or 15 Mar 1903, from Hamburg to NYC, on a ship called Deutschland). Something along the lines of Meller was the true last name. I assume he was Leib(a), after his paternal grandfather (he had many cousins named Louis). His grave doesn’t say a Hebrew name, and the Louis and Mollie are buried in a Jewish Cemetery. 

Any incite is appreciated. Thanks,
Corey Brand
Fort Lauderdale, FL

MELLER, MILLER, and many other spelling variations
Family hailed from Krekenava, in modern Lithuania and settled in Boston, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. 
Other names in the MILLER family: WEINER, from Kovno (unsure if from city or gubernia); LIBMAN/LIEBMAN, from Panevezys; GOLDBERG from Krakes; SHER from Krekenava. 

Looking for details about Vashbein from #bessarabia


My late grandfather, Moshe Vashbein was from Calarash and immigrated to Israel in the 20s.
After his death I've found out he had 2 brothers and 2 sisters, of whom or whoever was left I had no knowledge.
I know that one of the sisters immigrated to New York.
I'm looking for relatives of any degree.
I also know that a niece, named Pessy, was living in Lima, Peru.

Shahar Klein

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