Kantorowicz/Greenwood/Grinholc, New York City #names #usa

Bob Silverstein

I am looking for Yankel Kantorowicz (b. 1920) who immigrated to New York City and changed his name to Jack Greenwood.  The Greenwood derives from Grinholc.  Although Ancestry has many men who are possible matches, I do not have any other information that might identify the right one.  I do have extensive family tree information.

Can anyone help me with this search?  Thanks.

 Bob Silverstein <bobsilverstein@...>

Research Maurice Leizerson, family of Claude Pasquier and Kronental, Sternis or Berliner #france #poland

Danielle Czal

Leizerson Maurice - Pasquier Claude-  Kronental
I look for  the brother of my grand father who immigrante in USA from Warszawa. he was born around 1886. His father was Slzama Leizerson, ans his mother Sarah Cheindel Chwast.
A cousine of my mother immigrate in USA from Paris in 1942 with heur husband and her son : Marie and Paul Parczeswski. They change their name in Pasquier. The son called Claude Jacqures Pasquier. I look for their family now.
The family of my grand mother called Hawa Kronental (1883), Moszeck(1897) Kronental and Itzack Kronental (1885). There parents called Moshe-Aron Kronental (1859) and Sura Sternis. Sura Sternis had a brother Abraham Sternis (1974) who came in Paris withe his family. The mother of Sura Sternis was a Berliner.
If someone had connections with them, i wil be happy to know them
Thanks a lot Danielle Czalczynski

Looking for descendants of the Wessely family and the Schindler family from Brno #austria-czech


Seeking contact with descendants of the Wessely family from Brno/Moravia (originally from Ivancice) and the Schindler family from Brno. I am also interested in any further information on these families, especially photos and personal documents like letters for example.

The members of the families I know:

My greatgrandfather Walter Wessely (1896-1942?) had five siblings:
Erwin Wessely (1891-1915)
Valerie Nagl (remarried Kubin) (1894-1964)
Käthe Wessely (1905-1941?)
Elsa Wessely (1900-1941?)
Irma Havelova (1902-1985)

Their parents were Maximilian Wessely (1861-1924) and Jeanette Wessely (1866-1941), nee Schindler.

Jeanette`s parents were David Schindler (1832-1920) and Katherina Schindler (1878-1904), nee Rybar. Jeanette had – as far as I know - three sisters: Bertha Schindler, Emma Weichselbaum and Pauline Riess.

Maximilian`s parents were Anton Wessely (1829-1902) and Rosalie Wessely (1832-1918), nee Breth.

Maximilian`s siblings were Leopold Wessely (1858-1912), Arnold Wessely (1860-1916), Alois Wessely (1863-1923), Heinrich Wessely (1866-1926), Sigmund Wessely (February 1871-August 1871) and Hedwig Neumann (1872-?).

Any hint is appreciated. Thank you.

Monika Halbinger  monika.halbinger@...

Looking to trace a "lost" great uncle: FRIDMAN of Dombroven #bessarabia #latinamerica


Dear all,
I'm looking for my great uncle, FRIDMAN /FRIEDMAN (given name unknown), son of Shmuel & Feiga FRIDMAN from the agricultural colony of Dumbrăveni (Dombroveny, Dombroven), Bessarabia.
Born circa 1880-1905.
We know of at lease 4 siblings born 1885-1903). None of the siblings or parents immigrate with him.

He immigrated to La Plata, Agrentina at the beginning of 20th century.
All I know is that he had a son.
I'd love to hear ideas on how to trace this person's info as well as his descendants.

Thanks in advance,
Tsvi ROZENBLAT, Herzliya, Israel

Re: Seeking information on Cohen & Shapiro families from Podu Iloaiei & Iasi, Romani #bessarabia #romania

Dave and Melanie Bloom

My great-grandmother, Devora Cohen, is from Iasi or a smaller town nearby.  Cohen was Anglicized in Canada from Koniac.  I understand there are cousins in Israel that spell it Koniec.  You might try those spellings (Let me know if you have success with those) or other sorta-kinda phonetically close names.  

David Bloom

Re: ship records back to Europe from New York #usa

James <james.castellan@...>

I found passenger lists from NY City to the UK many years ago, I believe on but I assume most other family search record providers would also have them now.

Re: Need to have a Stenographic Shorthand Note Deciphered #translation

James <james.castellan@...>

Mark, email me direct at james.castellan@...  I know someone near you who should be able to help if no one replies directly with a translation/transcription.

Looking to trace a "lost" great uncle: Lewis/Louis ROZENBLAT of Leova/Leovo #bessarabia #usa


Dear all,
I'm trying to trace info about a "lost" great uncle, Lewis (or Louis) ROZENBLAT, son of Moshe & Dvora, from the town of Leova/Leovo, Bessarabia 
Born circa 1880.

He immigrated at the beginning of 20th century from Leova, Bessarabia (then Russia or Romania) to USA.

During my search I found many with the same name, none of which was matching the parent's name or the origin.

Hoping to solve this puzzle,
Thanks in advance,
Tsvi ROZENBLAT, Herzliya, Israel

Re: I would like to make contact with the descendants of Alvin Joseph THORNER, born in Brooklyn, NY, July 28, 1892 d. ? April 1965

Moishe Miller

Hello YaleZuss,

Ancestry has a tree, maintained by user Kathryn Thorner, and it lists Annie Fisher, born 1869, as the mother of Alvin Joseph Thorner. It also lists a Brooklyn, NY marriage 10 Apr 1917 to Fannie Leah Rosenswaike under marriage Cert# 8450. Obtaining that marriage record would likely give you the names of Alvin's parents. This tree lists 2 children, both deceased, and links to many records and other trees.

Stay safe, stay healthy,

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY


Aron LEVIN From Vinnitsa #ukraine


Aron LEVIN - born approx. 1875.  Never came to US as far as I know.  Father Yosef, brother Sender.

garyelevin@... <garyelevin@...>

Re: Fw: Brodie and Binnes family research #southafrica

Howard Lewis

Please advise your private email address so I can forward entries, as requested. I replied to your email sent via this site but it bounced back as undeliverable. 

Re: Staub family #hungary #names


Hi Molly .. another lead might be to contact   Facing History and Ourselves in Brookline, Ma.  I think I heard Ervin Staub speak through their organization.

ViewMate - Tarnow death record interpretation #poland

Howard Fink

I've posted a death record from Tarnow (1854) in German (Fraktur) for which I need help reading. These records are tabular, but the handwriting is hard to decipher. While I understand whose record it is, and the event details, I would like to know what additional information is written below his name.

It is on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much,
Howard Fink

Re: Question About Given and Family NAMES Used in Russian Marriage and ARMY Records #russia


Most likely Alexander Fisher, or in Russian (Александр Фишер)
Possibly Alexander converted to Christianity..  It’s very uncommon name for a Jewish man in a middle of 19-th century.

Finding a needle in a hay stack #france #germany #russia


Hi everybody
 am trying to help my russian teacher to find her great grand father who never came back to the Soviet Union after WW2. He was captured by the germans in january of 1945 and was allegedly sent to France. They were told after the war that he remained there  and started a new life (including a new wife and children). Could somebody give advice as to where to search. I have tried ITS without result. 
Best regards
Catherine JUROVSKY

From DANZIG TO GDANSK change of street names #danzig #poland


Hello every one
I tried to locate the street where my great grand parents lived in Zoppot. It seems that all the streets since WW2 have polish names and I could find no map to locate Cecilien strasse. Could somebody give a hint? Thanks in advance

Best regards 

Catherine JUROVSKY

Re: Do U.S. online phone directories still exists? #usa #general

Kenneth Ryesky

When I was still in the USA teaching (I happened to have also been going for my MLS degree at the time at the same institution), the campus library discarded their microfiches of US telephone directories.  When I made inquiry, the answer was that the telephone directories had been put online.  My snide remark in response was that they had just destroyed a valuable research resource, and that inasmuch as Warsaw telephone directory would be relevant in refuting Holocaust deniers, they were facilitating cover for future genocides in America.

-- KHR
Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, ISRAEL


Ukraine:  Yelizavetgrad:  Broad/Brodsky (also Odessa), Gertzig/Gertzog
Ukraine/Russia/Turkey:  Yevpatoriya:  Israelson, Arshenov

Re: Seeking info on ZALMAN family from Moinesti Romania #romania #usa


Hi Alexandra
Do you have more details on family members?
My GGG aunt Creina Schwartz (born circa 1865 in Moinesti) was married to Moisa Zalman (born circa 1865). Moisa Zalman was son of Burah / Baruch.

Do you know anything about you Jacob (usually Iancu in Romania) Zalman's family? Siblings? Parents? Uncles?

Please respond by email so I won't lose your message
Orr Sela

Unable to find names on passenger lists #names

Peter Bush

Why is it that I haven't been able to find the names of my Grandfather or Great Aunt on passenger lists to the USA? I have checked on Ancestry all combinations of names and all records from their town. Are there lists missing?

My Grandfather was Zelman Boezowicz (also know as Solly Bush) and would have travelled to NYC early 1900s. His sister was Celia Levy originally Cyrla, She travelled earlier.

Peter Bush <plbush1@...>

Re: Stillborns #names #usa #general

David Lewin

At 02:21 14/05/2020, Steve Stein wrote:
This is not always strictly the case. The Chevra Kadisha will generally circumcize the deceased baby boy prior to burial (not a bris ceremony). I know of at least one case where a name was put on the death certificate, the name chosen by the family. This will vary from place to place. My case was in postwar Germany.

Steve Stein <steinsteve0608@...>

I am working on the late Florence MARMOR 35,000 records of burials in Mokkom Sholom.  Hope to have that done before too long

The data has very many still births.  Where no name had been chosen it is recorded as child of X and Y

David Lewin

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