Werner and Eisenhandler families. #poland #ukraine


i have been trying for some time to find info on the Werner and Eisenhandler families, in particular Siegfried Sacher Werner, born in Ulanov, and Berta Bluma Eisenhandler, born in Nowe Miasto. Berta's parents, Tobias Eisenhandler and Lea Werner had five children. They were divorced in Vienna around 1920 and Lea and all the children reverted to her maiden name of Werner (although I am not sure how official this was). I would be grateful for any help you can provide.

Re: Seek info about 17th century mixed marriages--Rhineland & Switzerland? #germany #france

Corinna Woehrl

Hello Shirley and Roger,

I would like to support Roger's opinion:
Having done extensive research yet mostly in Northern Germany, I haven't come across one interreligious marriage before about 1880. There have been conversions to mostly Lutheran or seldom Catholic faith before: - in Breslau/Wroclaw I saw quite a few civil marriages in that time where the names of bride and groom and family members gave hints for a possible conversion.

The tolerance of Mennonites towards Jewish faith may resolve them also being in the focus of prosecution. Where Jews were allowed to settle, the authorities may have been tolerant enough to have other religious minorities staying there, too (example Friedrichstadt in Nordfriesland). But this is just my guess.

I have just checked an interesting German database on the distribution of names in Germany. I entered Wilbers which isn't really common and doesn't at all sound Jewish to me.

And here's the link to a database of Jewish families in Krefeld - no Wilbers, also no W. in the Memor-book.


The only way to solve the question is by doing further research going back step by step, keeping the question in mind.
Good luck and kind regards from Germany

Corinna, near Hamburg, Germany

Josef Hermann Löwenthal #austria-czech


Dear all, I'm looking for information about Josef Hermann Löwenthal, *1858 in Iglau / Jihlava, Mähren, today Czech Republic, he passed away 1918. He was  my Grandmother's father. His parents were: Rösy Oppenheimer, born in Mikulov, Okres Břeclav Nikolsburg, Südmähren, today Czech Republic and Maximilian Löwenthal born in Rousinov. They lived in Jihlava.  I wonder whether somebody of you has information about this family, Josef Hermann's death and whether he had siblings. I appriciate your answers, thanks a lot. Regards, Karin Vomhof
Karin Vomhof, Erlangen, Germany

Re: Avram or Abraham Avner #usa


I am related to a Philip Avner from Chicago. His parents were Abraham & Gertrude. Is this your Abraham?
- Bruce Zatz

Searching for Ann Muriel PINKUS , Daily City, California #usa

Kathy Miller

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Hi All
I am searching for Ann MuriePINKUS , born about 1949 ,and who was brought up in Daly City, California near San Francisco.
Her parents were Golda and Ruben Pinkus
I think she attended Westwood ( I think ) High school in Daly City
Is anyone able to help put me in touch with her

Thanks , Kathy Mille  Researching PINKUS, COHEN, EMANUEL


immigration to Cuba #general #latinamerica


Looking for information about immigration to Cuba in the 1920s and 1930s.

1. What shipping lines traveled from Europe to Cuba during that period?

2. Is there any way to get access to manifests for arrivals in Cuba?

Thank you.     Evan Fishman,    -- New Jersey    <ebf2001@...>

(Russia, Belarus) New World War ll Databases Free and in Russian #belarus #russia

Jan Meisels Allen

Vera Miller of Find Lost Russian & Ukrainian Family has informed us about three new online databases honoring the 75th anniversary of World War ll. As all are free and in Russian you may need to use Google translate or Steve Morse’s website for transliterating English to Russian in one step:


The databases are:

soldier photos of men and women who served in the Soviet Army


St. Petersburg Archives has a database of over 67,000 civilian recipients of “Fort Defense of Leningrad” medals. The database is searchable by last name, year of birth or place of employment. There are downloadable scans of award documents for each recipient.


"It (the medal) was awarded to active participants in the heroic defense of the city on the Neva - all those who, despite hunger and cold, shelling and bombing, stood by the machine, extinguished incendiary bombs, nursed the wounded, dug trenches, supported the urban economy, taught and cared for children, holding thereby personal victory in the battle for Leningrad," says the website.


The Soviet government gave the award to 1.47 million recipients (according to Wikipedia) so the database is a work in progress.


Another database is Explosion of Partisan based on documents from the Central Headquarters of the Partisan Movement at the Headquarters of the Supreme High Command.

Information on more than 8,500 people awarded for their involvement in the war's partisan movement are detailed in the database, which also is a work on progress.


This database can be easily searched by surname. Information provided on award recipients can include full name, birth year, place for call of service, place of residence, partisan group name, award presented, presenter of award and file location of record.


Requests to obtain scans of records can be sent to rgaspi@.... It is highly recommended to write in Russian.


So far, most WWII databases from Russia have focused on soldiers of the Soviet Army.


The other database comes from the Republic of Belarus- A Book of Memory  (,

an effort by the Office to Perpetuate the Memory of Defenders of the Fatherland and Victims of Wars of the Armed Forces of Belarus.


The database provides information on people who died in Belarus during WWII and those who came from Belarus and died elsewhere during WWII. Users can find the following information in the database: full name, year of birth, place of birth, place of call of duty, place of service, position, date of death, cause of death, burial number and place of burial.


Those seeking information on their relatives or ancestors from Belarus will need to look page by page or know their full name- first, patronymic (name derived from father's first name such as Ivanovich) and surname.


Some people on this database can be found on Memory of the People (

but others are only found on A Book of Memory. (See above)


There are ~2 million photos posted to Dear Memory ( of men and women who served in the Soviet Army during World War ll. The photos on Dear Memory can also be found on Memory of the People (see above). To read how to search Dear Memory see:


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: BERGER, FRAJND records / Bilgoraj, Poland #poland #russia

Bryan Langer

I’m not sure why you sent this to me. I forgot to tell you I started researching what I think will be a free listserv alternative with built-in image uploads. It’s a forum that works both online and through email, all moderated.

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Bryan Langer
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On May 16, 2020, at 8:25 AM, Stanley Diamond <SMSDIAMOND@...> wrote:

Yeruham Zvi Artlich ירוחם צבי קינסטליך wrote:

"I am looking for original documents of my mother 's parents....they lived in Bilgoraj, 

The Jewish records of Bilgoraj and close to 600 towns in Poland have been
indexed/extracted by Jewish Records Indexing-Poland

In addition to the records online, JRI-Poland has data for more than 200 towns
that is not yet online.  For more information on the status of records for your
town, go the "Your Town" link on the JRI-Poland home page or write to:

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

<Logo Only_Thumbnail_2018-06.jpg>

<Logo Only_Thumbnail_2018-06.jpg>

Re: Unable to find names on passenger lists #names

Marlene Etlinger

My father remembered sitting around the table with his father filling out my grandfather ‘s naturalization papers. My grandfather was young when he arrived so they were trying to invent the name of the ship he came on. In this case the name of the ship on his naturalization papers was useless.

Last residence of Riga in 1920 before immigrating to US, says the passenger manifest #usa #latvia #lithuania

Corey Brand

David and Saul (Zelman) MILLER (many spelling variations of surname) came to the US in 1920, in their twenties. They are my third great uncles. They were from Krekenava, now in Lithuania. Their last place of residence was Riga, Latvia, according to the NYC passenger manifest. I want to find out why they were in Riga. Was their relocation because of World War I? Is it possible they were Russian soldiers? Any databases I can use to find out? Or, does anyone know another reason they could be in Riga for?
Thanks, Corey Brand, South Florida, USA   <coreyabrand@...>

Link to Passenger Manifest

Researching MILLER, MELLER, and many spelling variations   From Krekenava, now in Lithuania > Pittsburgh, NYC, and Los Angeles, USA Free Access Through May 17 11:59 PM MT #events

Jan Meisels Allen is a member of the Ancestry family of companies.


Access to Publisher Extra papers on will be free until 17 May 2020 at 11:59 p.m. MT. After the free access period ends, you will only be able to view Publisher Extra papers using a Publisher Extra subscription.

You will have to register with your name, email address and password.  Go to:


When you click on your search results you can view the results but to see the actual record and save it you must register.


Once your record is open you can print or save the record.


“This month, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of V-E Day, the formal acceptance of Germany’s unconditional surrender in Europe. Though the war would still rage on other fronts for three more months, this milestone brought hope and freedom to millions of people. To help mark the significance of V-E Day and to honor the legacy of WWII soldiers, is opening all our newspapers for free, available until May 17th. We hope this will give you a chance to discover more about what role your ancestors played during WWII and the personal stories that lie behind that period of history.”


I have no affiliation with or Ancestry and am posting this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

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(Canada) Ancestry Canada Free Access May 15-18 for Victoria Day Weekend #events

Jan Meisels Allen

Ancestry Canada is offering free access to its entire collection from May 15-18 to celebrate Victoria Day. You must register with Ancestry Canada. Your other subscriptions other than a worldwide subscription will not result in free access.


Go to:  scroll down page to where the on the lower right of the screen says free access to all records from May 15-18 and click on the search free.

When you get the results from your search click on the record you want and if you wish to save it to your computer click on the green save box in the upper right hand corner.


I have no affiliation with Ancestry and am posting this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

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Re: Looking for Information on Harry FEINGOLD and Bessie WEISS, from Poland to Phoenixville, PA and NYC 1890s #poland #usa

Kenneth Ryesky

Some years ago, the Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center moved its materials to the Temple University Paley Library Urban Archives.

I have been out of Philadelphia for 30-something years, and my last visit to Temple University campus was shortly before my Aliyah about 6 years ago.  The Urban Archives staff had always been very helpful and facilitative during my personal visits over the years (but that was in a different era before this COVID-19 madness).  

You might wish to make inquiry there.

As for Phoenixville, the last I heard they still have a synagogue there, perhaps that might be a tree for you to bark up.

Best of luck in your searches,

-- KHR
Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, ISRAEL


Ukraine:  Yelizavetgrad:  Broad/Brodsky (also Odessa), Gertzig/Gertzog
Ukraine/Russia/Turkey:  Yevpatoriya:  Israelson, Arshenov

Re: Seek info about 17th century mixed marriages--Rhineland & Switzerland? #germany #france

Roger Lustig

There was no such thing as a "mixed marriage" involving one Jewish and
one Gentile party in the 17thC. In fact, that was generally true in
Germany, Switzerland, etc. until at least the middle of the 19thC.
Conversion of one party would have to precede the marriage, and
conversion to Judaism was not an option in most places.

As to LEHMANN coming from Lac Leman (Genfer See/Lake Geneva), it's
unlikely, especially as nobody would have caught the reference. LEHMANN
is about as common a surname as the German-speaking world has, with
literally 10s of thousands of entries in the White Pages.
( It means, literally, "liege man," i.e., a vassal.
Quite a few LEHMANNs in Germany were Jewish, but they made up at most 5%
of the total. And before around 1800, Jews generally didn't use surnames
at all, and those who did are not known to have used LEHMANN.

Nor is WILBERS known to have been used by any Jewish family in Germany.
(Source: Lars Menk, _A Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames._) Again, if
the surname existed in the 17thC, and wasn't one of a small number of
surnames used by Jews in big cities, it's not a Jewish surname.

Roger Lustig, Princeton, NJ USA
Research coordinator, GerSIG

Re: Unable to find names on passenger lists #names

Joel Hayflick

Hi Joel,

My SPITKOVSKY ancestors came through Castle Garden arriving on July 6, 1882 aboard steam ship “Australia”. There is a gap in the arrivals manifest, identified by passenger numbers jumping from one page to the next, on the digitized microfilm for this ship arrival in NY and that gap led me to ask the park service to investigate further. As bad luck would have it, my ancestors were on the pages in this gap. The park service wrote back in response to my inquiry about the nature of this gap in the record and indicated that the page was either missing or in such bad shape as to be unreadable hence was not photographed.

After 15 years searching in vain on microfilm records for arrivals into the US, I uncovered a newspaper article that mentioned the year in which my ancestor arrived. As a next step, I went to the Hamburg lists which proved to be instrumental to breaking through this brick wall. After finding them on the departures list, which has much less information than on the arrivals lists, that pointed me to the ship name and departure date. Using Stephen Morse’s One Step search tool I found the arrival date and city for the vessel.

Joel Hayflick,  Palo Alto CA USA   <jhayflick@...>

Re: Re: Searching for Leah Noah Da Costa #unitedkingdom

Laura Isenstein

There is a DaCosta family in Charleston SC dating back to the mid 18th Century immigrated from London UK. There is a Solomon DaCosta. Not sure of Leah, but you might try researching the family name in Charleston South Carolina USA. Hope this is helpful.

 Laura Isenstein <ljisenstn@...>
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Re: Stillborns #names #usa #general


FWIW, my aunt, the first child of my maternal grandparents, was stillborn in NYC in 1916 and was not given a name.  As my grandmother was Orthodox, if it had been customary to give a name, I'm sure she would have been given one.  

Another possible Hebrew name for Louis is Eliezer, which was my paternal great-uncle's original name.  He adopted the name Louis after emigrating to this country around 1900 or so. He died in 1916. My father, born in 1917, was named for him and also had the name Louis, Hebrew name Eliezer. 

Barbara Sloan,  Conway, SC    <jbonline1111@...>

Avram or Abraham Avner #usa


Seeking info on Abraham Avner who immigrated through Galveston, TX in 1913 and went to Chicago, Ill.

Marc     <c2aggie@...>
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Re: Unable to find names on passenger lists #names


On 5/16/2020 12:34 PM, Hilary Henkin wrote:
Rhonda,  don't give up hope.

On one of my grandfather's several Border Crossing Records between Toronto and New York, he specifically stated the name of the ship he immigrated with (SS Corean) and the specific arrival date in 1908.

I did the same sort of multiple checks of that manifest, and several dates around his date, with no luck.  After all, someone wouldn't make up a ship name like SS Corean, would they?

Yep, he did.  A few years later, I found his departure record out of England.  He traveled in 1906, on a completely different ship.

Hilary Henkin
Los Angeles area

Lublin, Poland:  KATZ;  JARMUSZ

On 5/16/2020 8:20 AM, via wrote:
Sadly, the naturalization applications do not always have the full information. My husband's grandfather Aaron Foreman (later name changed to William Aaron Foreman) applied four times for naturalization and I have all copies but there is no mention of a ship name. It says UNKNOWN. He was 7 years old in April 1904 which is arrival date obtained from naturalization application. It says they traveled from Liverpool to NY. The date of arrival on the 1910 census says 1905. I know he traveled with his mother Libe Katz. She married in June 1905 to Sameul Shenker in Boston, but died before she was naturalized. I have gone page by page on ship manifests on all dates in 1904 to the first half of 1905 looking for a woman with a 7 or 8 year old boy and have not been able to find anything. 

Re: another search for Karin #usa


I was able to locate a high school friend by contacting her alma mater (college, that is).  I found her, though she chose not to make contact with us, her close senior year friends. At least I know she was okay.  The point is you might try the library, if you know which system, or her school alumnus society.  Probably neither one will give you her address, but you might prevail upon them to send her an email or letter for you, asking that she contact you. 

I have luck at times simply Googling the person's name with the state, too.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

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