Re: Jewish Postal Employees Welfare League of Manhattan and Bronx #general


I was a member many years ago but donated back my graves. My father was Adolph Bergman. 
Abby Barry Bergman
New York

Lakfish in Oregon? #usa

Jay L Gordon

One my great-grandmothers was named Hattie (Yatta) Lakfish. I can find no connection between her family, which lived in the NYC area 1890s-1920s, and a Lakfish contingent in Oregon beginning about the same time. I do have a fair amount of information about Hattie, her parents, and at least one of her brothers, so I'm trying to find the connection, if there is one.

There may be no connection, of course, but the way the name is spelled is not common (perhaps from Lakovich or similar). There are a couple other miscellaneous Lakfish people on Ancestry, but mine and the Oregon ones are the two that come up the most. Any tips would be much appreciated!

Access to Briefe aus Dannenberg 1835-1839, Harry Bresslau #germany


Dear Group

Does anyone have access to "Briefe aus Dannenberg 1835-1839: mit einer Einleitung zur Familiengeschichte des Historikers Harry Bresslau (1848-1926) und zur Geschichte der Juden in Dannenberg" and would be willing to check a number of references for me, as in lockdown I am unable to access Libraries.

Many thanks

Nick Drey

Drey (Heidingsfeld, Munich, Wiesbaden, Vienna, Odessa, Moscow, London, Manchester, New York, St Louis, Baltimore)
Rothenheim (Wallerstein, Munich, London, Canada, New York)

Re: family tree template #general


I use Legacy as you can start free which gives you unlimited people on your tree and enables data to be stored easily.

Re: Polish or Yiddish Translation #poland #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

Sorry, Elise,
but are you sure you have sent the proper files?
1 there are two records. which of them do you want to have translated?
2 both are neither Yiddish no Polish, but Russian
3 No one of them made in Juzefow, Poland.
so I can translate, but I don't know what to...

Levitts in Lithuania - Ponovehz 1852-1891 #lithuania

Devorah Eisenbach

bs'd Is there anyway to find records by only pertaining to this period?  I know that my ggf Yaacov Levitt was born around1852 and arrived in the 
states in 1889-1891  and can't find any record of his birth of arriage or wife - Ita or children Yosef, Becie, Moshe, Beryl Hirsh, Chaya
Is there anything I can do to find them?

Zelig Zeligman from Liskiava / Leckava and Unknown Segal / Segalowitch from Yahotyn #lithuania #ukraine

Bonnie W.

I'd love to connect with anyone who might have information about my great-great grandfather Zelig Zeligman (Seligman) and his wife Roche (parents of my great grandfather Elias) and another wife of Zelig's I've found listed in JewishGen named Gute (or maybe they are the same person?). Zelig was from Liskiava (Leckava), Lithuania.

I'm having difficulty sorting out the situation about the two wives and timelines. My father knows only that his great grandmother was named Roche (who I found with Zelig as parents in Elias's death record) or Rachel and she was married twice, including to a Segal / Segalowitch (our cousins). He has never heard of Gute (whom I've found in multiple records with Zelig, including a census record where my 2-year-old great grandfather Elias was living in their home) and it's hard to find much about Roche or Gute without knowing their maiden names. Thank you!

Bonnie Widerman

Zeligman / Seligman from Ylakiai and Liskiava, Lithuania
Segal / Siegal / Segalowitch from Yahotyn and Konotop, Ukraine

Re: Meisner Yitschak Rudolf #romania

Peninah Zilberman

Highly recommend to send an inquiry to the Cluj Archives, address on the net

There is a nominal charge but it is worth it.

Due to COVID-19, might take longer but you will hear from them.

Send as much as possible data u have

Good Luck



LOGO tarbut 2015-EMAIL

Peninah Zilberman


Canada 1-416-781-0330

Romania + 40-74-414-5351

Israel 972-54-228-8141


MyHeritage Free Full Access to US Yearbook Collection Until May 23, 2020 #events

Jan Meisels Allen


MyHeritage is offering full access for free for their U.S. Yearbook Collection until May 23, 2020. The collection contains almost 290 million records corresponding to individuals identified and consolidated through name-spotting techniques and algorithmic analysis. Records in this collection will list the person’s name, often their gender, school’s name and location, and likely residence based on the location of the school.


Yearbooks are an invaluable resource because they can provide such fascinating information on people we may only have known later in their lives. These records can tell us where and what those people studied, what their interests were, who they hung out with, and how they looked during this formative period.


If you try to access the collection after the deadline you will be invited to subscribe to MyHeritage.

Go to:

To read more see:


I have no affiliation with MyHeritage and am posting this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Jewish Postal Employees Welfare League of Manhattan and Bronx #general

Stephen Cohen

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Dear Jewishgenners:

Does anyone have any actual connection or contact information with a real person who is a member of the Jewish Postal Employees Welfare League of Manhattan and Bronx? This is in regard to deeds and ownership of burial plots.

I am NOT looking for ancient Guidestar or other non-profit information from the 1970s. What I seek is a living person who is a member of this benevolent society.


Steve Cohen  drstevecohen@...
Central New Jersey

Passenger records Rotterdam 1921 #general

Mary Henderson

Hi, all!
I'm hoping to locate emigration information on Ida Groener/Groner who left Rotterdam for the United States on the SS Noordam and arrived in the US on Oct. 23, 1921, according to her petition for naturalization.  I thought I would be able to use the City of Rotterdam (Netherlands) Archives passenger lists of the Holland-America Line:
But it looks like the records only go through 1920.  Are there any other resources I can use to find her emigration papers from 1921?  I'm hoping to find something that will confirm who her parents are - her mother is believed to be Helene Rosenbaum, but I don't have anything to substantiate that.
Thank you!   
Mary Henderson 

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FW: Nasz Przeglad Update #JewishGenUpdates #poland



JewishGen is pleased to announce that an additional 2274 records has been added to the Nasz Przeglad Warszawa Death notice database.  The database now contains over 20,000 death notices covering the time period of 1923 to 1939 with over 53% of the records now linked to online images.   This database is significant for Warszawa researchers as vital records are not publicly available after the year 1915 and post- World War I records are extremely limited.  These newspaper death notices are possibly the only information you will find on your Warszawa ancestors. 



You can access these records by visiting and selecting Poland as the region.


The Nasz Przeglad Project is part of the Warszawa Resesarch Group.  More information on the database can be found at


Hadassah Lipsius

Warszawa Research Group


Re: Seeking birth records for 1880s/90s, Biharudvari, Hungary for FRIEDMANN family #hungary

Beth Long

Actually, I see it has its own record set:

"I am hunting for records of the family of Izsak and Szidonia Friedmann who lived in Biharudvari, Hungary in the late 1800s, I am trying to locate the birth records for their children (Margit Friedmann; Ferenc Friedmann; Szerén Friedmann; Regine Friedmann; Ernest Friedmann; Irén Friedmann and Kalman Friedmann) so it will help me to work out when they moved to Vienna. I have found Kalman and Ferencz in the civil records in 1897 and 1898 but would like to see the older children too. I would be very grateful if someone could help me to find the synagogue records for Biharudvari for before 1895.            Very many thanks,"

moderated Re: Which name do I use to enter into my family tree program---the old Russian name or the USA name? #general #names

sharon yampell

I would use whichever each branch uses….


I have numerous last names on my tree that various branches use different permutations….on the older generations , like those who never came to America, I use what was known as the original last name and then used whatever permutation each branch decided to use.


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA



From: Cindy Zsenai
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 6:00 PM
To: main@...
Subject: Re: [] Which name do I use to enter into my family tree program---the old Russian name or the USA name? #names


If the family arriving in the US used Kahn, but the family arriving in Israel used Kan, what name should I use?


Thank you.



Re: Loction of Kisenovich town. Romania? #general #romania

David Oseas

Could it be Kishinev, Bessarabia (today Chișinău, Moldova: )?


David Oseas

moderated Re: Which name do I use to enter into my family tree program---the old Russian name or the USA name? #general #names

Jeff Marx

When it comes to deciding which name to use in a family story (as opposed to a database), I use the most recent name they utilized, followed by their original name in parentheses:  Louis (Lippa) Schwartz.
Jeff Marx

Making the Most of FamilySearch for Jewish Research JGS Oregon Program for Sunday, May 31, 2020 (Webinar) #events #jgs-iajgs


Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon

Sunday, May 31, 2020
10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time
Making the Most of FamilySearch for Jewish Research
Speaker:  Todd Knowles, AG

The FamilySearch Web site ( holds more than 6 billion records worldwide, making it the largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records, and resources in the world.  In this presentation, Todd will guide us through the FamilySearch site with an emphasis on finding our Jewish families.  We will also learn how to use the Knowles Collection, six databases that contain the records of more than 1.4 million Jewish people.  These databases are "The Jews of the British Isles", "The Jews of Europe", "The Jews of North America", "The Jews of South America and the Caribbean", "The Jews of the Pacific Islands", and "The Jews of Africa, Middle East, and the Orient."  Todd will show us how to access the collection and how best to apply it to our own family research.

W. Todd Knowles, Accredited Genealogist, is a member of the International Patron Services team at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  After being introduced to family history at the age of 12, he soon discovered his Jewish roots.  The journey to find these Polish Jews led to the creation of the Knowles Collection (, which grows almost daily and is now part of
This presentation is free and everyone interested is welcome to attend.  Please register for "Making the Most of FamilySearch for Jewish Research" at

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about how to join the webinar.
Save the date:
June 28, 2020:  Helping Hands
Our next planned event is an online Helping Hands session using Zoom.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message to JGSOregon@....
Janice M. Sellers,  acting President 

Need passenger list for SS NYASSA, Lisbon to Havana in late 1941 #latinamerica #holocaust

MElissa GOuld

I am looking for the SS NYASSA passenger list from the crossing my father made from Lisbon to Cuba (Havana?)--I'm guessing in late 1941.  He always told me it was the last voyage the ship made before Pearl Harbor changed its usual Transatlantic schedule.

Where might I be able to locate this list?  From what I know the NYASSA was not part of a shipping line but was privately owned and went back and forth with refugees.

moderated Re: Which name do I use to enter into my family tree program---the old Russian name or the USA name? #general #names

Cindy Zsenai

If the family arriving in the US used Kahn, but the family arriving in Israel used Kan, what name should I use?
Thank you.

Re: Simplest & Best Way For Extended Family To View/Comment On Digital Photos? #general

Jay Paul

In terms of labeling photos, I have always started photos with the date, and then a description of at least who was in the photo. For example, if I knew that a photo was taken on the date of my grandparents’ wedding, I would label it 1915-09-05-wedding-(my grandparents’ names). That way, all photos sort chronologically. If I only know the year or month, that’s how I would start the name of the file (e.g., 1915- or 1915-09-). If I was unsure of the date, but making a likely guess, I would note the year followed by a “ca” for circa (e.g., “1915ca”), which puts it in a certain chronological order as well. I use Dropbox to share photos (and other files) with family, but that doesn’t allow for comments per your suggestion, which is a great idea.

All the best,
Jay Paul
San Francisco CA 94117

Researching SUMBERG ( Pilvishok/Pilviskiai, Lithuania), LANGERT (Pilviskiai & elsewhere in Suwalki gubernia), KAHN (Ranstadt, Germany), GOTTLIEB (Grebenau, Germany), PAVLOVSKIY, PAVLOVSKY (Mala Antonivka, Bila Tserkiv, Vasyl’kiv, Kyiv gubernia, Ukraine), LEVITSKIY / LEVITZSKY (Yasnohorodka, Vasyl’kiv, Kyiv gubernia), KOTLER (Vistytis, Lithuania), LEIBSON (Lithuania), WOLF (Austro-Hungary), SCHWARZ (Austro-Hungary), STERN (Austro-Hungary).
Jay Paul, PhD
San Francisco CA 94117
Researching: SUMBERG (Pilvishok/Pilviskiai, Lithuania), LANGERT (Pilviskiai & elsewhere in Suwalki gubernia); KAHN (Ranstadt, Germany), GOTTLIEB (Grebenau, Germany), PAVLOVSKIY / PAVLOVSKY (Mala Antonivka, Bila Tserkiv, Vasyl’kiv, Kyiv gubernia, Ukraine), LEVITSKIY / LEVITZSKY (Yasnohorodka, Vasyl’kiv, Kyiv gubernia), KOTLER (Vistytis, Suwalki gubernia), WOLF (Austro-Hungary).