Re: Loction of Kisenovich town. Romania? #general #romania

Yefim Kogan

Well,   again the spelling.   I am pretty sure that it is about town Kishinev or Chisinau... 

Here is a very old story I remember from my past travel in the the Soviet Union. It is my first encounter of spelling issue.  By the way I was born in Kishinev, USSR,  now - an independent country Republic of Moldova (or Moldova).  Also between world wars Kishinev was part of Romania.

I traveled with my family in Carpathian mountains.  We having dinner in a cafe.  One of the dishes got my attention:  "Кæшенёвские котлеты". (æ - as in word "bad").  I asked a person, what is Kæshinevskiy cutlet...  the answer was - hey, you should know, there is a town somewhere south, called Kæshinev...?!

My suggestion to you Bob, and to everybody,  if you want to get a location of a town or village, and you think you know the spelling of it,  please include into your message also an image of that spelling in the original language or at least how the name of the town was pronounced.

All the best, Yefim

Re: family tree template #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"Can you upload a GEDCOM to that?"
Which THAT do you mean? If you want information, you need to tell us what you want.
The same goes for the person who wanted docs translated. She didn't have the language or the place of the docs specified. Sometimes language is difficult if you haven't seen Russian before (after 1868 in the Kingdom of Poland and before the end of WW I) or Polish or even Hebrew.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Passenger records Rotterdam 1921 #general


Hi Mary

I have just found the passenger manifest on familysearch (it should also be on ancestry).
But she didn't mention her parents, she mentionned two uncles. 

SS Noordam from Rotterdam Oct 11, 1921 and arrived in the US on Oct. 23, 1921
uncle Mr. S. Zinekowski, Berlinerstrasse 40, Cologne (Köln), Mulheim
uncle Mr. J. Wiesen, 1605 Clybourn Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
This is all typewritten, but above the line with "uncle Mr. J. Wiesen" it is handwritten:
Temp. Sister Odgera, 609 E 5th Street, New York City

New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island) 1892-1924 on familysearch.

Corinne Iten

Re: Hungarian Forced LaborCompany 108-58 #holocaust #hungary #ukraine

Judy Petersen

Hi Alex,
     I don't know of any resources for Hungarian Labor Battalions, but if you are simply trying to determine the current name of the Hungarian towns, there are several things you can try.  1) the JewishGen Gazetteer and or Communities database.  It lists current and previous names of most towns.  2) Hungarian wikipedia.  Enter the Hungarian name in the search field and you will find the town according to that name and it will give you the current name as well. 3) If the town is in German and you need the Hungarian name, this web site might help:

         Judy Petersen
         Fort Collins, CO

Re: Ursula Wyss FREY, 16th century religious crossover? #general

howard sachs

If the Geni line to her grandfather is correct, he was buried in 1535 in the Jewish cemetery for Endingen-Lengnau, according to Findagrave.  HFS

Re: Immigrants to Palestine 1927 onwards #israel

Trudy Greener

Try the Zionist Archives in Jerusalem.  They do have an English-language search site. Not sure how they are working these days due to the Corona limitations.  

Re: ot in census #names


You did NOT provide the cited material or other relevant material .  

Re: Immigrants to Palestine 1927 onwards #israel



Good morning,


Try Israel Genealogical Research association (IGRA) in Jerusalem.

Shalom, Malka Chosnek

"Prussian spy", executed 1794 #poland

howard sachs

If interested in a Polish rebellion "Dreyfus case", with an unhappy ending, check out Wolfgang Heymann, son of a prominent Breslau (Wroclaw) Jewish businessman--an ancestor (the father that is).--executed in Warsaw in July 1794.  Howard Sachs

Lifshitz Solomon Slepnicks #romania #russia #names


Researching Fannie Solomon b. 1882 (abt) Romania married Max/Morris Lifshitz b. 1870-1880 Russia. Immigrated to Brooklyn, NY. Divorced, remarried Slepnick. Variations in spelling. Family lore suggests Solomon from Transylvania? Morris Lifshitz, son, changed his name to SOLOMON (mother's maiden name) because of lack of relationship with Lifshitz.  Married Mollie Steinberg, raised family Chicago, IL. Any help/connection appreciated.

Nancy Solomon

Emigration to Palestine #austria-czech #israel

Peter Heilbrunn

My aunt, Theresia Feldmann emigrated to Palestine in 1933. Where can I find records of arrival in Israel. She married a David Rosmarin and lived in Haifa. Are there any Israeli census records available.

Re: family tree template #general


Can you upload a GEDCOM to that?
Nancy Solomon
Barrington, IL USA

Budapest, Hungary Kohner de Szaszberek family #hungary


Hi everyone, 

I am very happy to have found this site. I am looking for relatives of the Kohner family. There is a lot of information about many of the Kohners due in part to Baron Adolf Kohner, who was an art collector, bank owner, etc. Baron Adolf Kohner was the cousin and brother in law of my great grandfather, Baron Simon Wilhelm Kohner de Szaszberek. Once the Kohner family became barons, many of the put the name de Szaszberek after their name. My grandfather had at least six other siblings who survived into adulthood. He also had many cousins. 

As far as I know, my grandfather, Wilhelm Kohner was married twice before he met my great grandmother, Franziska Schmidt Kohner. He allegedly never had any children with his first two wives. It's also unclear if he ever actually married my great grandmother, even though she did take his last name. They had two children, Suzanne Kohner Shaw and Francesca Kohner Rader. Both Suzanne and Francesca eventually ended up in the United States. 

I am interested in finding any distant relatives who may have known of my grandmother and great aunt, or any of my other Kohner relatives. I have connected with a few people who have been very helpful, but I am looking to find more. I am particularly interested in finding out why my great grand parents appeared to never actually get married, and hearing possible stories and information about my grandmother and great aunt as children. 

I do know that both my grandmother and great aunt did not have their father's name Kohner on their birth certificates. This was saved their lives during the Holocaust and the Nazi invasion of Budapest. I now assume this is because my great grandparents were not married at the time of their births. 

Thank you so much! I appreciate any advice or thoughts about where to look next. I am on geni,com which I have found to be extremely  useful. 

Chessie Shaw
Boston, MA

Immigrants to Palestine 1927 onwards #israel

Veronica Zundel

How would I find out immigrants to Palestine from 1927 onwards? Are there lists? Searching for specific names from my mother's birth family.

Re: Jewish Postal Employees Welfare League of Manhattan and Bronx #general


I was a member many years ago but donated back my graves. My father was Adolph Bergman. 
Abby Barry Bergman
New York

Lakfish in Oregon? #usa

Jay L Gordon

One my great-grandmothers was named Hattie (Yatta) Lakfish. I can find no connection between her family, which lived in the NYC area 1890s-1920s, and a Lakfish contingent in Oregon beginning about the same time. I do have a fair amount of information about Hattie, her parents, and at least one of her brothers, so I'm trying to find the connection, if there is one.

There may be no connection, of course, but the way the name is spelled is not common (perhaps from Lakovich or similar). There are a couple other miscellaneous Lakfish people on Ancestry, but mine and the Oregon ones are the two that come up the most. Any tips would be much appreciated!

Access to Briefe aus Dannenberg 1835-1839, Harry Bresslau #germany


Dear Group

Does anyone have access to "Briefe aus Dannenberg 1835-1839: mit einer Einleitung zur Familiengeschichte des Historikers Harry Bresslau (1848-1926) und zur Geschichte der Juden in Dannenberg" and would be willing to check a number of references for me, as in lockdown I am unable to access Libraries.

Many thanks

Nick Drey

Drey (Heidingsfeld, Munich, Wiesbaden, Vienna, Odessa, Moscow, London, Manchester, New York, St Louis, Baltimore)
Rothenheim (Wallerstein, Munich, London, Canada, New York)

Re: family tree template #general

tony allan

I use Legacy as you can start free which gives you unlimited people on your tree and enables data to be stored easily.

Re: Polish or Yiddish Translation #poland #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

Sorry, Elise,
but are you sure you have sent the proper files?
1 there are two records. which of them do you want to have translated?
2 both are neither Yiddish no Polish, but Russian
3 No one of them made in Juzefow, Poland.
so I can translate, but I don't know what to...

Levitts in Lithuania - Ponovehz 1852-1891 #lithuania

Devorah Eisenbach

bs'd Is there anyway to find records by only pertaining to this period?  I know that my ggf Yaacov Levitt was born around1852 and arrived in the 
states in 1889-1891  and can't find any record of his birth of arriage or wife - Ita or children Yosef, Becie, Moshe, Beryl Hirsh, Chaya
Is there anything I can do to find them?

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