Re: Need passenger list for SS NYASSA, Lisbon to Havana in late 1941 #latinamerica #holocaust


I do have a list of passengers of the Nyassa of JAnuary 1942. Could you please give me your fathers full name?.
Alejandro T. Rubinstein

Re: Lara Diamond Webinar on Introduction to Jewish Genealogy on Family Search #events

Lin Herz

I was unable to join this Zoom. As with other Zooms I’ve participated in , it is asking for a meeting ID and password. While I appreciate the opportunity , I hope in the future Lara Diamond includes the meeting ID and password. I keep getting a message “waiting for host.” on both my phone and laptop, but it’s also asking for meeting ID and password. I was really looking forward to this seminar.

Lin Herz
Palm Bay, FL

Re: Sharing family tree information #general

Judy Salomon

I would only share information about dead relatives. I know they can get information on their own about living relatives but I would not share that information. Just my opinion. It would be different if you knew the person.
Judy Salomon

Judith Salomon
VP of Membership, JGS of North Jersey
FREUND Pruchnik, FELDMAUS Lezajnsk
SULTAN, Husiatyn, GOLDBERG Mostiska
SALOMON, HIRSCH, THAL Neumagen, Germany

Re: Brickwall for my Great Grandfather Simon DAVID [Summary of findings and thanks] #galicia


Dear JewishGen and Gesher Galicia community,

I wanted to thank everyone involved in helping me over this brickwall.

Shelley Mitchell and Johanna asked basic questions but they got me to shift to other methods of searching.

I wanted to pass on a hint with Family Search. I searched all Records, Simon Dawid, Bohorodczany - then changed the results on the left to Birth - Central Europe. This changed the results to just Dawid's with a birth in Europe. Up popped my Great Grandfather's Naturalization record. This showed Bohorodczany, Austria.

Allan Jordan wrote a sort of primer on searching for Naturalization records. This was very helpful.

Dr. Steven Turner, head of Gesher Galicia has videos of his travels with a group through Ukraine and Galicia. This video is both very moving and quite informative about the area. Dr. Turner passed by Bohorodczany on his way to Nadworna.

Then within the past few days, Dr. Zalewski, also a major contributor and VP at Gesher Galicia, released 2 wonderful videos on Galicia. I also began reading one of two books by Dr. Zalewski.

After contacting Dr. Zalewksi, who has part of his family is from Bohorodczany, we both connected and found 2 more generations residing in Bohorodczany. I got very lucky. Rare continued, though. Today we found an additional generation's signature that almost completes the generation chain.

I am deeply thankful to all involved. Especially, Doctor Zalewski.

Please support Gesher Galicia by becoming a member to view an amazing amount of information and if you can, to further support the Josephine-Franciscan Project.

Be safe, be careful, be healthy and stay home!

Researching: David (Dawid), Feuer, Yasner, Polsky, Sheinhorn & Glasser

Also researching on mothers side: Bender, Burstein and Wolf

Sincerely, Julien David,  wdsalumni86@...

Re: Ot in census #general

Ralph Baer

I agree that it looks like it was written at a later date. Since Harriett (Hattie) was born in Albany, NY, she did not apply for citizenship.

In case anyone cares, here is her NY Times obit many years later after divorcing her husband David Schulte, marrying for a second time to Paris art dealer Édouard Jonas, and divorcing him also. 
Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Re: Naming a Shtetl in a Family Tree #belarus #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"Then I put in parentheses the current name of the community, i.e., Stolbtsy, Minsk, Russian Empire (now Stowbtsy, Belarus)"
I am also a Database Administrator, so this bothers me. If you intend to search for the place, say the birth place in your genealogy program, you don't want all the extraneous information, as you will never get it all right when you search, so you will never find it. You want the place name "Stolbtsy" then in the Country, Belarus or Russia, depending on whether you want today or when it happened. 
I would suggest using the town name and country as they were at the time, not as they are today, as that is important to keep in mind. I put my ggrandmother's birthplace as Langendernbach, Nassau; it was then in the Duchy of Nassau, and Germany was not then a country (although everybody knew about it). Another ggrandparent was born in Külsheim, Baden, again before there was Germany.
Legacy Family Tree has a Geocode finder, to find out where the place is, but like many things (including FamilySearch) they want how it is today, not how it was 150 years ago. I don't care that Langendernbach is in Hesse, Germany today, so I don't use the Geocoding. This brings up messages from Family Search, but I don't care, as I never want to search in Hesse for it.
Of course, you can make 'Events' in Legacy Family Tree (and probably most programs), which I use for everything. They are much better than Legacy's sources; you can put whatever you want in it. Birth [name of event], Place Langendernbach, Nassau; Date whenever it was; then fill in whatever:  I put "Per Birth record: Born to Haim Löwenstein and Reis Fuld, one of 20 children - mother's name is different in each birth record. Today this is in Hesse, Germany"
You can put whatever you want in these Events and can name them anything: I have one for Schutz  - the protection Jews paid to live somewhere. I'll bet few people have that.
Sally Bruckheimer,  Princeton, NJ   <sallybruc@...>

Laditzky/Ladisky of Russia #russia


My great-grandfather Wulf Laditzky & wife Rebecca came from Russia in the 1880's to NYC.
Wulff was a tailor & so was his son Abram. They could have come from Kiev or the Brest area.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Ladisky Lee

MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately with family information <otchpap@...>

Surname Novotny #austria-czech


Searching for Ashkenazi ancestors with surname Novotny in or around Dobšina or Košice, Slovakia.

moderated Re: Which name do I use to enter into my family tree program---the old Russian name or the USA name? #general #names


One thing to keep is that the "old Russian name" was spelled using the Cyrillic and/or Hebrew alphabets.  Spellings in the Roman alphabet are transliterations of the original and there can be a number of different transliterations of the same original name. This is something I've run across in my own family that I've needed to consider in researching the genealogy.

Another issue is that, on arrival to the US, the Russian version of the name sometimes was changed to the German or English versions by the immigration authorities.  Again, I've run across this in my own genealogy.

Re: Genealogy Research on LIEBERMAN South African Family Member Originally from Belarus #belarus #southafrica

Risa Heywood

I would suggest contacting the archivist at the South African Jewish Museum in Cape Town. Their mission is to document the history and cultural life of Jews in South Africa and they may have information on Jewish-owned department stores. Their email is info@.... Once you have a list, you could research the owners. The museum is located in a complex that includes a library (and also the Gardens Synagogue), so the museum archivist could also refer you to a librarian for further research. Perhaps the husband is listed in The South African Jewish Year Book with a bio. JewishGen has an index and the Gardens library has copies of the books.

Risa Daitzman Heywood

Looking for family related to Moshe-Dov SLIPIAN and Sosha MARGOLIES from Minsk, Belarus #belarus

Teri Reid

I am Looking for family related to Moshe-Dov SLIPIAN and Sosha MARGOLIES from Minsk, Belarus. They stayed behind when their adolescent children came one at a time to Ellis Island between 1903-1910. My maternal aunt Dora and my maternal grandmother Temla were the youngest.Would also like info on finding names from the Minsk Ghetto. Thank you.

Teri Friedman Reid, treid7765@...  Oriental, NC

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Burials in Arad County, Romania #hungary #romania

Jake Jacobs

Trying to find graves for my g'g'grandparents, Fulop (Pinchas) Hochwald (may have changed last name to Havas) and Terez/Rezi/Rosa Friedman.  He died in 1885 in Butin, Romania (then Buteni, Hungary), and she died after 1906.  I have a death record for him, not for her. There doesn't seem to have been much of a Jewish community in Butin (it's not listed on the Gazetteer on Jewishgen). It is possible she is buried in Gurahont, Romania (then Honcto, Hungary). Any suggestions for finding these graves?

Many thanks,  Diane Jacobs,  Austin, Texas   <jake6621@...>

Sharing family tree information #general

Carol Gurstelle

I would like some advice on how much information to share with someone, unknown to me but distantly connected. After discovering shared relatives via another site, I contacted this person.  He has asked for birth, death, marriage, children information about my branch of the family. I am certain the connection is valid, but I am uncertain the protocol for sharing information, particularly for living relatives. While I well understand the desire to fill in as many blanks as possible, I'm not completely comfortable with sharing these details for living persons.  I am certain the connection is a valid one, and I want to be helpful, but... How have you handled this situation?

Carol Gurstelle, Roseville, MN USA


Re: Emigration to Palestine #austria-czech #israel

Glazer Family

Write to the Central Zionist Archives    cza@...

Include the complete name of your relative and the names of the parents.

Stephen Glazer, Jerusalem

Looking for where my 3X cousin Livia/Lilla (Neger) KONIG is buried in Budapest #hungary


I am looking for where my 3X cousin Livia/Lilla (Neger) KONIG is buried in Budapest. I have her death record, (died on 27 Nov. 1959 in 2nd district of liver malfunction, her husband reported the death. Their last address was Lorantffy Zsuzsanna lepcso 60, Budapest).

She converted to Roman Catholic Jan. 15, 1939 and married Roman Catholic Janos Konig in 1926. She is not buried in the Farkasret cemetery with her husband, nor where her parents are buried in the Kozma Jewish Cemetery in Budapest.

Any help will be appreciated!

NTalbot <ninaitalbot@...>

Mandate Palestine ship records (1920-1948) - images #israel

Michael Moritz

A number of posts have recently come up about ship records to Mandate Palestine.  I've put together the attached list of links to the Israeli Archives' website to review ship records from 1920-1948.  These are links to the actual images; they are not yet indexed.
Michael Moritz, New York 

Re: Ot in census #general

Peter Cohen

It is worth noting that the OT in this case does not appear to have been written at the same time as the other information. It may nave been a notation that was made when that person applied for citizenship. It may be a code or it may be the initials of the person who verified the entry information for a later purpose.


moderated Re: Which name do I use to enter into my family tree program---the old Russian name or the USA name? #general #names

Shelley Mitchell

With Ancestry, I have found that by adding all versions of a name will yield greater hints. You’re giving the system more to work with. I start with the original name, space, first variation, space, second variation, ...
Shelley Mitchel . NYC. Shelley.Mitchell@...>

Genealogy Research on LIEBERMAN South African Family Member Originally from Belarus #belarus #southafrica


Hello all,

I am researching my family history. I am searching for information about my great-great-aunt who moved to South Africa sometime around the beginning of the 20th century (she was born somewhere in what is now Belarus probably around Minsk or Byerazino). My family has lost contact with her part of the family a long time ago. I am told her husband owned a South African department store. Her maiden name is LIEBERMAN / LIBERMAN but I do not know what her husband's first and last name was. I am not sure how to track down what happened to her and her family. Below is information about the rest of her family.

Her brother, my great grandfather, Henry Lieberman (I think he was also known as Hillel), was born in Eastern Europe (probably Berezina or somewhere in/near Minsk) around 1882 (give or take a few years). Their father's name was Zvulun Lieberman (maybe also known as Julius) and their mother's name was Rachel (maiden name Frumkin). I am told that Henry/Hillel was one of six children. Besides for his sister that moved to South Africa, he had a brother (youngest of the siblings) Yosef that we think stayed in Russia/Belarus, a pair of twin brothers that moved to the U.K. (and both got married) and a sister Bayla/Beckie/Rebecca (or maybe also Zlota?) that moved to the U.S. and got married. Henry/Hillel escaped from Russia/Belarus around 1904 and then lived with his twin brothers in the U.K. for a few months before making his way to America, his final destination.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to track down what happened to my great-great-aunt who moved to South Africa and any children she may have had? Does anyone know of any Jews that owned South African department stores in the first half of the 20th century? I assume they lived in Johannesburg or maybe Cape Town because that's where most Jews live. Also, if anyone thinks they may have a connection please let me know.

Thank you so much,  Jason jliebe97@...>

Re: Immigrants to Palestine 1927 onwards #israel

Kalman Appel

FWIW I believe that in the past, Avotaynu had a microfiche available that listed immigrants to Palestine pre-1948.  If memory serves me correctly, that list was compiled from listings of new immigrants that appeared in the Palestine Post. You might want to check with them.

Kalman Appel

28941 - 28960 of 671948