This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #lithuania #yizkorbooks

Bruce Drake

A section of the Yizkor book of Švencionys, Lithuania is titled “Heroism.” It contains the accounts of “the Jewish heroes from the region about the daily battle they fought in the ranks of the various partisan units within the regular Lithuanian division. In simple language, in plain words, the heroes, these heroes recount their experiences.“

The subject of “The Revenge on this Bright Day” was an odious Nazi named Freidrich Olin (I could not find out any more about him) who showed up in Sventzian in “a dark, chequered suit, recently pressed, his patent leather shoes stepping lightly, quietly shining from far away.” He had brought with him a new camera and the ensuing slaughter that he oversaw was, for him, like a “suspense film never seen on screen. He is enraptured.”

A young partisan named Shimon tells his commander: “For our tortured people, for those who were murdered – I shall kill and the enemy will be defeated. I promise you, Comrade commander, Olin will not escape my hands!…”

He was true to his word.


Bruce Drake

Silver Spring MD

Re: Need help to decode abreviations & symbols on Detained Alien Passenger List #usa


RR is for "railroad."  In this case, a woman and her daughter traveling alone, it probably means they were released to the custody of the railroad for delivery to the waiting relative.  In some such cases the railroad company was required to return a receipt to the Immigration Service documenting the immigrants were delivered to said relative at the destination.  Some railroad lines employed women "matrons" to ride the trains and accompany groups of women and children "traveling alone" and deliver them at stops along the route.

Marian <portofentry@...>
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Re: Suwalki-Lomza Landsmen Journal #poland

Jill Whitehead

Two of my Guttenberg great aunts/uncles, brother and sister Abraham Simon (b Hull 1872) and Rachel Guttenberg (b Hull 1882) married Gorfunkles, Minnie and Isaac. Both the Guttenberg and Gorfunkels (spelt various ways) came from Rajgrod in Lomza Gubernia and both came to UK in the 1860's. The Gorfunkels went to Liverpool and the Guttenbergs went to Hull, Grimsby and then Sheffield. Minnie and Isaac were two of the children of Lazarus and Sprinza Gorfunkel. They can be found in the Liverpool Censuses of 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911. Minnie and Mina Gorfunkel sound like a family naming pattern.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Warsaw birth record - house number but no street? #warsaw

Elizabeth Jackson

I have received a birth record from Warsaw.  It is interesting that the house numbers for my family and the witnesses are indicated, but the street name is not given.  How might I learn the street name?

Elizabeth Jackson   <cattheater@...>

Warsaw birth record - why registered 3 months late? #warsaw

Elizabeth Jackson

I have received a birth record from Warsaw for my Great Aunt.  It was registered three months following the event.  Why might they have waited so long to report it?

 Elizabeth Jackson <cattheater@...>

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Re: Austria, Vienna: Exit questionnaire & visa documents #austria-czech

Michael Hoffman

Hello Leah Heilpern Snider,

Contact World Jewish Relief in London, England as they have an archive documenting Refugees from before and after WWII.
The website page that you want is as follows:- 
Jerry Springer obtained his family records from World Jewish Relief.

Regards,  Michael Hoffman,  Borehamwood,   HERTS, UK   <mikeh25@...>

Seek English translation of Professor Dov Levin's 12-page research paper on Riga Ghetto Underground Resistance Movement #latvia #holocaust


Can anyone tell me if there exists an English translation of the late Professor Dov Levin's 12-page paper, "The Tactics of the Gestapo towards the Underground Resistance in Riga Ghetto in the light of German documents" ? It was originally presented by Professor Levin at the Sixth World Congress of Jewish Studies held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1973. My Uncle was a member of the Underground Resistance in Riga Ghetto and I would be very interested to know the contents of Professor Levin's paper.

Thank You,   George Mason   <gmason3815@...>   USA

Re: Need a translation of word in Hebrew letters in the last will of Salomon SCHLOSS, Mömlingen #germany #translation #yiddish

Ernst-Peter Winter

Thank you to all who have replied to me. I am sure that
Salomon Schloß meant "shalom", in the deeper meaning of the
word. Since often words in the German text are written in
the way they are pronounced in the Franconian dialect of the
Lower Main, some words are not immediately apparent to
German readers too - only speaking loudly leads to

I should perhaps have added that the text was written on 12
July 1868. He died the same day. Salomon Schloß left behind
a fortune of over 23,000 guilders. Salomon was married
twice. After his death, the children of the second marriage
acted as the principal heirs, as the father had wished. The
siblings from the first marriage, or, as two were already
dead, their children, received more than they would have
been legally entitled to. One brother, Nathan Schloß, had
died in Richmond, Virginia (unfortunately no further data

Ernst-Peter (Winter), Münster, Hesse

Re: Sharing family tree information #general


Regarding the entering of family tree info on a website such as Ancestry, it's a good idea to ask first. When I first followed Ancestry' s policy of leaving the names of living relatives off of the tree, I received so many complaints from family members who were UPSET that they WEREN'T listed, that I now ask first. Only one small family group ever declined, as the husband worked for the government.
Neilan Stern

Re: Austria, Vienna: Exit questionnaire & visa documents #austria-czech

Stephen Katz

Have you tried contacting the IKG Wien directly? The website is
Stephen Katz 

Re: Need a translation of word in Hebrew letters in the last will of Salomon SCHLOSS, Mömlingen #germany #translation #yiddish


I think the word is "Shalom" = Peace (שלום). Only it's written as it heard in a Yiddishe dialect שולם = "Sholem".

Re: Need a translation of word in Hebrew letters in the last will of Salomon SCHLOSS, Mömlingen #germany #translation #yiddish


It may be supposed to say "shalom" peace. The spelling is a bit confused though,it  seems  to read שולם instead of שלום. 

Re: Cong. Lechas Yosher in Brooklyn, N.Y. & Nesvizh Societies anywhere #usa


I can't directly help with your request, but I was suspicious that Lechas Yosher was misspelled from Lekach Yosher or something else. I did a simple Google search and found some information about a congregation Leches Yosher which makes more sense. You may want to try that.

Re: Davidic Ancestry in the First Century? #general

I totally agree with Jeff. Besides the high probability that there has never been a King David, at least in the form described in our "Tanach", there is a vast literature on Branching processes starting with "the rate of extinction of surnames along the generations" by Galton and Watson, 1875. It has been further shown that for a generation duration of around 25 years, and given a certain "David", after 500-800 years the whole population will be his descendants.  Even if we consider "Assortative mating" (Endogamy), common to very many Jewish communities, this process of disseminating the "Davidic" traits is only moderately delayed.

We used this modelling to understand the spreading of mutations typical for the Jewish population, and gave an example of the spreading of the genetic disease FMF (Familial Mediterranean Fever). See: Levi and Gath, Effects of mating patterns on genealogical trees: Assessment of the high carrier rate of Familial Mediterranean Fever in rural Israeli districts, Journal of Theoretical Biology,  443 (2018) 92–99.    


Prof. Isak Gath MD, DIC, DSc

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering             Tel. Office #972-4-8294115

Technion Israel Institute of Technology             Home #972-4-9835704

32000 Haifa, Israel


Re: What Do You Pay a Translator for a 50 Page Document in Pollsh #translation


My translator from Old German/Modern German to English charges $2 per page. I think that's very fair.

Re: help with translation #bessarabia #yiddish


In Russian:

На долгую память дорогой мамочке от младшей дочери Раи.
Если встретиться нам не придется,
Если наша судьба такова,
Пусть на память тебе остается
Неподвижная личность моя.
Станция Исеть, 12 мая 1952 г.
На вечную долгую память брату и снохе от сестры Раи.
Пройдут быть может сколько лет
И вами буду забыта
Пусть карточки оставит след
Что вместе было пережито.
Станция Исеть, 26/12/54
In English:

For a long memory, dear mother from the youngest daughter Raya.
If we don’t have to meet,
If our fate is this
Let you remember
My still person.
Iset Station, May 12, 1952
To the eternal long memory of his brother and daughter-in-law from Sister Raya.
Maybe how many years will pass
And you will be forgotten
Let the cards leave a mark
What was experienced together.
Iset Station, 26/12/54

Re: Samovics family from Benedike/Benedikovce/Benedykivtsi #hungary

Jacob Heisler

There are two places I'd recommend going for Benedike records:

1. which has a
database of a ton of records from Subcarpathia, the area in modern-day
Ukraine that was formerly part of the Kingdom of Hungary pre-WW1 and
Czechoslovakia in the inter-war period. The database itself is free,
but it closets $15.75 to order the record itself. For Benedike they do
have a bunch of birth records available, and when I searched for
Samovics I found a number of records, with two sets of parents for the
records: Herman and an Izraelovics (who had children between
1881-1903), and Pinkas and an Engelman (who had children between

or the Ukrainian WIkipedia page for Shtetl. For the last several
years, Jewish records have been digitized from all over Ukraine and
uploaded to the page, including a significant number of Subcarpathian
records. Google Translate can translate the page into English, and
while the records themselves aren't text-searchable the Subcarpathian
records are in the Latin alphabet and it's fairly simple to scroll
through the pages until you find what you're looking for. They have
Benedike records from 1863-1895, which should include both birth
records mentioned in the Sub-Carpatia website I mentioned before along
with marriage and death records that are not in the database. Fair
warning, a significant number of those records are for towns part of
the Benedike district.

To sum up, you can get Benedike up to 1895 for free from the Wikipedia
page, but after that you'd need to buy them from the Sub-Carpathia

I hope that helps!

Jacob Heisler
Boston, MA

On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 7:39 PM t s via
<> wrote:

Based on ship manifest records from 1899-1909 and from the Auschwitz-Buchenwald Transport during January 22 & 26, 1945, I discovered that my Samovics relatives were from Benedike (a.k.a. Benedikovce during WW II) in what was then part of Hungary (it is now part of the Ukraine and is referred to as Benedykivtsi). I am looking for advice about how to specifically access records from this town.

Todd Samovitz

#translation #poland #translation #poland


Hi, I posted some documents for translation on Viewmate. They are Polish Book of Resident entires written in Russian. I would appreciate any help in translating, 
thank you!
Julie Zack

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Prisoner-Hidden Items Found at Auschwitz #holocaust #poland

Jan Meisels Allen



Items hidden by Auschwitz prisoners were recovered from a chimney in the concentration camp.  The objects were found in Block 17 of the former Main Camp at Auschwitz as part of the renovation work undertaken by Austria’s National Fund for the vVctims of Nazism.

Prisoners with special manual skills were housed in the building where the items were found.

To read more see:

Original url:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Fold3 Free Access Through May 25 #events

Jan Meisels Allen



Fold3, a member of the Ancestry family of companies, is offering free access to its collection of 550 million records until 25 May 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET.  After the free access period ends, you will only be able to view the records in the featured collections using a paid Ancestry® All-Access or Fold3® membership.


Go to


You can view without registering,. If you want to print or download you need to register with your name, email address and password. See the tool icon on the upper right side of the screen.


I have no affiliation with Fold3 or Ancestry and am posting this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

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