Re: Eastern European surname suffix in transliteration #translation #names

Kenneth Ryesky

Avigdor Ben-Dov asked: "Does anyone know a linguistic reason to prefer a transliteration of the Hebrew suffix bet-yud--tzadik sofi such as in the name Rabinovitz in the absence of documentary evidence? If no rule or reason shouldn't phonetic usage dictate consistent transliterations within one document or book?............."

Complicating the issue is the frequent transition from one alphabet to another.  (Roman alphabet, Cyrillic alphabet, Greek alphabet, Hebrew/Yiddish alphabet, etc.).

-- KHR
Ken Ryesky, Petach Tikva, Israel kenneth.ryesky@...

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Re: Survivors to Israel #holocaust #israel #romania

Rose Feldman

Marty Rice asked: Is there a source for the names of Romanian survivors who made it to Israel 1946 to 1960?

It isn't that lists don't exist, it is the fact there is privacy laws and lists of less than 70 years aren't open to the public.
Rose Feldman, Israel Genealogy Research Association  http:/

Seek information on Bercu LITVAC and Golda YUZVINSKYmy paternal grandparents, who traveled from Vinnitsa, Ukraine, through Bucharest, Romania #latinamerica #romania #ukraine

Lainie Levick

Hello all,

I am looking for information on Bercu (Beryl) LITVAC and Golda YUZVINSKY, my paternal grandparents, who traveled from Vinnitsa, Ukraine, through Bucharest, Romania, where their first son Chaim (Hymie) Felwich, was born on April 5, 1921, and they obtained a passport to the US. They arrived in Ellis Island July 23, 1921, and settled in Philadelphia. Bercu’s two sisters went to Argentina, and his brother David probably stayed in Ukraine. We don’t know what happened to Golda’s siblings Tzvia and Moshe. We know what happened to Bercu and Golda in the US, but not much before they arrived here, or what happened to their families. I have searched the typical genealogy websites, including the DNA sites, but have hit a brick wall. Any information about these families would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Lainie Levick <llevick@...>


Re: Ukraine Brick Wall MILLSTEIN #ukraine


  You said:  "I have been trying to find any documentation/information about my
great-grandfather Shimon MILLSTEIN. He was married to a woman named
Dora who bore him 3 sons: Harris (b. 1885 in Kiev), Joseph (b. 1888,
likely also Kiev), and Julius. ... My searches on JewishGen, Ancestry, Family Search have yielded
nothing for Shimon or Dora (or various spellings, etc) that fits the
dates and information I do have. Any thoughts about how I might
proceed? " ============================================>

   Go to and in the search box type:
   That will turn up a number of people that might be related to you.
   It is free to subscribe to the website, but they do charge for extra information and for documents.
I have found many of my relatives through them though.

Best regards,  Larry Bassist  Springville, Utah, USA

Re: Jewish Argentinians #latinamerica

Shelley Mitchell

One point in history not frequently discussed was the enslavement of Jewish immigrants from 1870 to WWII. They were forced into prostitution, mostly in Argentina. And many of their “owners” were Jewish. It is for that reason alone, many of these unwilling women will be lost to researchers. It’s doubtful that they were buried where their names would be known. Plus many arrived alone from Germany, Austria, and Western Europe. It’s an embarrassing aspect of our history but it must be studied and understood.
Shelley Mitchell, NYC    shemit@...

Re: Illegitimate births circa 1840 #germany

Arline and Sidney Sachs

My g.g.grandfather wrote of his experience in the early and mid 1800s in Kastel (across the river from Mainz).  When he wanted to get married in 1829 he had to get permission from the town, community and state.  To do this he had to prove he would not be a burden on the community.  He was serving as a Chazen and had to have the entire community sign an official paper saying that they would continue to support him. ( I have this document if anyone wants to see it.)  One member of the small community did not sign it.  My ancestor  wrote in his journal that he returned to his room and cried, but the owner assured him that they would make sure he would get it.   Much later the mayor asked the person who would not sign, why he had not signed.  My ancestor wrote "He has yet to answer the mayor".

  Many years later when his daughter wanted to get married, he made the comment about his future son-in-law, who lived in Bischofsheim (now part of Mainz). " Thank goodness he received his permission to marry."
  Remember the early 1800s was a time of great immigration of Germans to America - both Jewish and Christians.

Arline and Sidney Sachs <sachs@...>

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Seeking a Distant FRIEDMAN Connection #ukraine #usa

Matt Friedman

A few weeks ago I viewed an Ancestry map of potential DNA matches and saw a friend, Susan Breslauer, as a potential 4th cousin.  I called her and she exuberantly said that she had recently discovered the identity of her birth father as Marshall FRIEDMAN.  The challenge is that the farthest back known Friedman ancestor from me is 4 generations.  Moshe Leib Friedman who lived in the Horodenka, Ukraine area in a small village Jasienow Polny (with variant spellings).  Two of Moshe Leib's son came to the US.  We know with certainty the identity of all of Moshe Leib's descendants.  None of his European family survived WWII. I am the only remaining male descendant with the name of FRIEDMAN.  The Ancestry list has no Friedmans listed.  We don't know anything about Moshe Leib's extended family.   We don't know if he had brothers or cousins that could potentially have Friedman descendants.  Susan has few details about Marshall but is persuing available records and connections.  So far she has not found a "missing link." Possible geographic connections for Marshall, who would now be in his early 80's, are the Baltimore area and Ohio.  Social media searches haven't led anywhere definitive.  A potential 4th cousin is already a genetic stretch, but it would be wonderful to find a link to other relatives.

Matt Friedman   <mlfriedman@...>

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Seeking ancestors of my paternal grandfather Simon (Shimon, Yehoshua) BERNSTEIN in Kremenchug, Poltava in 1870 #ukraine


I am continually searching over many years for the origins of my paternal grandfather’s family BERNSTEIN.
lsrael Zvi and his wife Cissie (Shayne) gave birth to my paternal grandfather Simon (Shimon, Yehoshua) in Kremenchug, Poltava in 1870.
That information I found on my grandfather’s British citizenship certificate from Kew Archives, London.

Simon married Chana Likhtmakher (Lightman) in Vilna... or on the way... the family settled in Leeds, UK at the side of the Lightman families.
The Bernstein g.grandparents could have been “in migration “... The Pale... South to Kremenchug, maybe originating in Galicia, Prussia, Lithuania.
Up until now... I have absolutely no new ideas and need some help. 

Brenda Bernstein Habshush, Israel   <brentsi@...>

Volume VI in the series Jewish Life in the South African country Communities #southafrica

Saul Issroff

The Country Communities project of the South African Friends of Beth Hatefusoth have recently published  Volume VI in the series Jewish Life in the South African country Communities.
Jews settled in over 1500 country towns. The research does not cover the larger cities and towns like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, East London and Port Elizabeth

This volume covers these areas:



East Rand









Mid Rand




Southern Highveld



















Southern Great Escarpment




The price of Volume VI  is SA Rand 600. All other volumes are SA Rand 500 but some are now out of print. This excludes postage or shipping costs.

For further details and orders please contact Museum@.... .

Saul Issroff
 I assist with some genealogical work but have no financial interest in this amazing project.

Re: Percentages of ancestry - my Ashkenazi father seems to be partly of Italian/Greek descent? #dna

Todd Warnick

Hi - There were known Sephardic families in Lithuania. In the shtetl of my grandparents, Kopishok (Kopiskis), there was even a small Sepahrdic synagogue, so the fact that you might have some Sephardi DNA is no surprise. 
Best regards, 
Todd Warnick

Suggestions for finding Dr. Anne Bernstein #bessarabia #romania


My great aunt, graduated from University of Geneva in 1907 as a medical doctor and returned to Romania / Bessarabia.  There is reference that she was from Bacau and she graduated from Gymnasium Franceses, Kishinev, in 1900. Any suggestions for tracing her.

Re: Information about Proskovov, Russia requested #russia #general

Barry E Chernick

On my Krasilov KehilaLinks site I have some information on Proskurov. Go to and scrool down to mid page, click on "Proskurov".

Re: Percentages of ancestry - my Ashkenazi father seems to be partly of Italian/Greek descent? #dna

SarahRose Werner

Many thanks, everyone!  Jill, you recommended getting my myDNA tested.  I have, it's V15a.  However, my furthest back known maternal line ancestress - my great-grandmother's great-grandmother - was from Ireland, probably from County Donegal to judge by her last name and her husband's last name.

I haven't been able to interest my brothers or nephews (the brothers' sons) in taking a Y-DNA test.  My furthest back known paternal line ancestor, who was presumably Ashkenazi, was my great-great-grandfather from (per family lore) David-Gorodok in the Minsk Gubernia.

SarahRose Werner
Saint John, New Brunswick 

Re: Warsaw birth record - house number but no street? #warsaw

Kris Murawski

This information is available on the 19th century Warsaw Homeowners‘ Lists. Those lists include the plot number, street name and house number for the real estate of the city of Warsaw.

To make it easy, I will be glad to provide you with the street address of the property if you send me the house number.
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, NC

Re: Survivors to Israel #holocaust #israel #romania


After WW2 there were about 435,000 Jews within the new borders of Romania. In 1965 via several waves of emigration, about 100,00 were left. I very much doubt such a list exists but likely Israeli immigration records do show the country of origin. Unless by survivors you do mean something else.

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

Re: Sharing family tree information #general

Robert Hanna

I couldn't care less if people steal my research or have misinformation in their tree.  I have several trees online.  I will share them with anybody, but don't allow anybody to write to them.  The only tree I can't control to a great extent is  However, I do use it to find leads to information that I don't have.  But I don't treat it as factual information until I check it out.  I don't give out info on living people.  I don't give out info that I feel is secret.  I don't post pictures of living people without their permission.  And I don't post pictures of children ever.
Robert Hanna

Re: Nowy Dwow #russia

Peter Lobbenberg

Novy Dvor in Belarus, perhaps? (the Polish name is Nowy Dwor)

Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

Looking for Pacht relatives /Bukovina #general


My great uncle, isaac Pacht, wrote that he was born in Millie, Bukovina. His parents, Nathan Pacht and Beila Ruchel Hochstadt Pacht, were also born there. Nathan's father (I believe) was Solomon Lieb Pacht. If you have any information concerning these folks, please contact me! Thanks so much.

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Shklov Facebook Group #belarus



I have created a Facebook group for fellow genealogists who are researching their Jewish roots in Shklov, Belarus. Our group is called “Jewish Families from Shklov, Belarus.” We have over 220 members. We post information about our families’ personal connection to Shklov. We also post information related to Shklov research. Members have used the group to find long lost relatives. If you would like to join us, visit this link to join the Facebook group.

Re: Survivors to Israel #holocaust #israel #romania


Good morning Marty:
I emailed to Israel a few days ago and got a good long list of references that might be helpful. If you send me your email I will forward it to you. 

Lisa B

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