Re: GRUSZECKA, Anna S. 1911 marriage in Vienna #austria-czech

Johann Hammer

Hello Jacquie,
The comment refer to a civil marriage, but the marriage was also registered in the books of the Jewish Community of Vienna.
You can find this marriage on FamilySearch:
Source: Austria, Vienna, Jewish registers of births, marriages, and deaths = Österreich, Niederösterreich, Wien, Matriken der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde, 1784-1911
Heiraten [Marriages] (1. Bezirk, Innere Stadt) 1910-März (Nr. 55) 1914, row no. 547
Anna Sophie Gruszecka
born in Warsaw on 10 October 1886, unwed
belonging to the jurisdiction of Cracow (Krakow)
daughter of
Wojciech Gruszecki and
Josefine Anna née Certowicz
Kind regards,

Re: Polish Surname Ending in "-ów" #names #poland #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

in yiddish this -er means, I think, of smbdy, descendant of smbdy, son of smbdy...
this is also the meaning of Russian -ov (and Polish -ow)
In your searching list MESCHER/MEZAK had decided to throw this suffix out. for convenience.
why another your family WEINER/VENER had changed W to V? for convenience. because they lived, I'm sure, in Russia and russian language has no W.
I don't think it should be called translation
Josefr ASH, Israel

Looking for relatives named LEVITES #bessarabia #latinamerica


I am looking for any information related to my background. I don't know much about my family. My father, Sulim Levites, had four brothers: Israel, Aron, Henrique, and Blandina. All siblings moved to Brazil, first in Bahia and then São Paulo. My grandparents' names are Enta and Shaia. I was able to find one record with the name Ienta Levitis ( sure if she is my grandmother though and nothing about my grandfather.

Moreover, my father and his siblings were born in Otaci. I was able to find many records by looking for the Surname "Levites" and phonetically similar. How do I know if any is related to me?

Anita      kastamp@...

Conscription record #russia

Cheryl Lynn Blum

I believe this is the conscription record for my Great Uncle Benjamin, who is 21 at this time. My cousin, his granddaughter, wants to know about the conscription process. We know Benjamin got married in 1912. Is that possible if he was conscripted? 

Re: 1918 flu pandemic lists #general

Ina Getzoff

My paternal  great grandfather who came to the US in 1913 and lived in Brooklyn died of the Spanish Flu in 1918. I have a copy of his death certificate which indicates influenza and because of the time period and previous family history I have heard I believe it was the Spanish flu. 
Unfortunately, there is no longer anyone in the family to verify the story or even t give me a history of what actually happened during that time. Wish there was but all if know about it is what I have read.
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla.

Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Kansas #usa

Jeff Marx

For those of you researching Jewish agricultural colonies in the US, especially in Kansas, my article on the history of the Touro and Leeser colonies was just published in Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains 43, no. 1 (Spring 2020). In it, I advance a new theory for the failure of the colonies. The article also explores the backgrounds of the following Jewish colonists: Adler, Gerson, Herbst, Hindin, Isenberg, Lazarovnik, Mayer, Mogilewich, Retsky, Saibelson, Schulman, Stotter, Warschawski, and Zatulovsky. It is available through the Kansas Historical Foundation (

Jeff Marx

Re: Jewish Argentinians #latinamerica

Yvonne Stern

I endorse Alberto Chester´´statement on the 'Polacas" (as the jewish prostitutes were called ). 
The women mainly came from Poland,Lithuania, Ukraine,  
living in Shtetls in very poor conditions, 
plagued by waves of hunger and  anti-semitic terror.    
Zwi Magdal´s pimps  had little  difficulty  to recruit themoften promissing to marry them. Once crossing the Atlantic , the women were forced to work at  the establishments of the criminal organizantion, mainly in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and New York.  Women from Germany, Austria and Czech Republic didn´t take part of thesgroups
 Sexually exploited,  Polacas knew that, according to Jewish Law,  they were considered impure and sinful and thus  be   buried by the wall of the cemetery, at the side  of suicidals . 
This became a major concern to them  To prevent this misfortune and to guarantee their pensions, Polacas of Rio de Janeiro created  a Mutual Assistance Fund (Associação Beneficente Funerária e Religiosa Israelita,)
Thanks to this Fund, the Jewish prostitutes founded  their own synagogue and purchased land for their cemetery, which became the first Jewish cemetery in Rio de Janeiro.
Clarifying  Mrs, Mitchell´s doubt, nowadays Inhauma Cemetery  is open for use by the community at large, but the 700 graves  of those Jewish women and their relatives  are catalogued (by name) and  cared  by the local Chevra Kadisha.
I would like to ask Mrs. Mitchell what led her to make those statements about the Polacas. Instead of books like the 
one she cited  "Sex and Danger in the City of Buenos Aires", she should  read books by  recognized experts in Social Studies and History.
Finally, this is not a matter of national pride, but about showing respect for the memory of Jews.
Yvonne Stern
Rio de Janeiro  

Re: Researching Stalavichy. Molczadski, Mohl #belarus

Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear Isabelle,

Part of my family is also from Stolovichi, the Kolpenitzky family.  I suggest you read the Yizkor book for Molchad which is in print:

I think it has material on Stolovichi and may give you some information on the educational resources available for Jews.

Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL

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Subject: [] Researching Stalavichy. Molczadski, Mohl #belarus
I am researching my grandfather’s town of origin which is now called Stalavichy.  I am unable to find much about the Jewish community there in the late 1800’s.  Any suggestions would be most welcome.  My grandfather and his brother were apparently somewhat educated before they arrived in the US.  Grandfather studied at Cooper Union and became a civil engineer.  Great uncle was a pharmacist.  Would like to know more about how Jewish boys would have been educated in Stalavichy in late 1800’s.

Isabelle Selikoff

Jenny Schwartzberg
Acquisitions & Collection Development Assistant

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Re: 1918 flu pandemic lists #general


I found evidence in the town in which relatives lived by searching in that community's newspaper.
One of my husband's family lost all 3 of their children within 1 week in Dec. 1918.

Jewish Prostitution (was Re: Jewish Argentinians) #latinamerica

Ittai Hershman

There is a fine line between genealogy and history, but I thought this recent scholarship might provide some helpful contextualization to the discussion on JewishGen.  In her 2019 book "Sarah Schenirer and the Bais Yaakov Movement", Professor Naomi Seidman includes the following footnotes on p. 26:

Ittai Hershman
New York City

Polish Surname Ending in "-ów" #names #poland #translation

Paul A. Auerbach

I recently found two of my relatives, Jciek Lew and Jtta Lew, in the JRI-Poland database.  They were twins born in Przasnysz in 1862.

According to JRI-Poland, their mother's maiden name was Ester Meszker.  Their underlying birth records, however, show their mother's maiden name as Estery Mesków.  Does anyone know why Meszków would have been translated as Meszker?

Paul Auerbach
Sharon, Massachusetts, USA
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately


ARONSON /ARENSON (Podolia (Gubernia), Ukraine), ATTELL/ETTEL (Krakow, Poland),  (AUERBACH / AVERBUKH (Chisinau, Moldova), BARR (Kreslavka, Latvia), BECK (Krakow, Poland),  
BENJAMIN (Ostrolenka, Poland), BLODEK/WLODEK (Krakow, Poland), CALKE / SELKA (Ostrolenka, Poland), CHAKIM / KHAKIM (Maisiagala / Musninkai/ Vilnius, Lithuania), 
DAVIDSON (Traby, Belarus), DREYEK (Krakow, Poland), HALTZMAN/HOLZMAN (Chisinau, Moldova), HURWITZ / HURVICH (Musninkai, Lithuania), ITCHOFF (Lechowitz, Belarus), 
KAPLAN (Dzyarzhynsk / Minsk, Belarus), LAZAROWITZ / LEISEROVICI (Iasi, Romania), LEVINE /LEVIN / LEWIN (Traby, Belarus), MESCHER/MEZAK (Odessa, Ukraine), 
MINKIN (Rezekne / Kaunata, Latvia), NEEDLE / NUDELL (Odessa, Ukraine & Lechowitz, Belarus), NESIS / NESSIS (Zinkiv, Ukraine), PELICAN / PELIKAN (London, England & Tarnow / Krakow, Poland), 
ROSENLICHT (Krakow, Poland), SHAFFMAN (Lechowitz, Belarus), TAFFET (Krakow, Poland), WEINER/VENER (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Re: ID card microfilms reels for Lodz ghetto workers: searching link in Polish State Archives web site #lodz #holocaust

Bernard Flam

Thank you Megan, thank you Howard for your quick answer.
But I must be more precise :
  • I know these ID cards of ghetto workers have been indexed by a team of JRI-Poland and we can get a person's card on-line through JRI-Poland.
  • these cards are ID cards of ghetto workers, edited after 1943 : they have nothing to do, and I don't mix them, with family registration cards started during german occupation of Lodz ca 1916, and filled till 1921.
So my question is still open : who knows if and where are these 13.000 cards of microfilm reels 673 to 695* in Polish state Lodz ghetto archives ? 

Best regards from Paris
Bernard Flam

* reference to these reels appear page 166-167 of Finding Aid  RG-15.083M of Lodz ghetto archives edited by USHMM

JGS of Georgia Meeting, Sunday May 31 Breaking Thru Your Brick Walls with Gary Palgon #events


Join the JGS of Georgia on Sunday, May 31 at 2:00 EDT as Gary Palgon discusses questions that he has received from other researchers, answers questions from the audience, and talks about techniques to get past the road blocks that slow our genealogical progress.

Preregistration will be required for this Zoom meeting, but it is free.

Re: Nowy Dwow #russia

Dr.Josef ASH

to make the search even more complicated I add two Nowy Dvors in Belarus, about 110 km apart, SW and NW to Grodno. 
Many New Yards they have built, those poles! 
Josef ASH, Israel

Re: Percentages of ancestry - my Ashkenazi father seems to be partly of Italian/Greek descent? #dna


This is the tale of one side of my family....from Spain to Portugal to expulsion and migration eastward to locations that would allow them in.

Khamisa, Labi. Mimon, Gridish, Arud/Barud Dabush, in Zliten, Khoms and Msellata Libya #general



All these families seem very interrelated. I've hit a brick wall in the early 1800s in Libya. I'm pretty sure they mostly came from Tunisia 1810-1830 which is why I've hit a brick wall. Is anyone else researching this area?

Seeking "SEIDENFRIED" from Krakow #poland #galicia


We haven't been able to find records in Poland for my great-great grandfather, Heinrich Seidenfried (married to Malka Teichman or Teichner) from Krakow, more specifically, Piaski Wielki and/or Podgorzh. The name appears to have died out completely: among descendants I've been able to trace, some became Seidens and some Frieds. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!


Re: 1918 flu pandemic lists #general

Susan H. Sachs

Their death certificates might state the cause of death was influenza - or it might state pneumonia, with or w/o noting that influenza was the precipitating cause.  Then again, it might not - either because of a reluctance to acknowledge the flu, or because the doctors were overwhelmed.  


Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland virtual meeting on June 3, 2020 (Ohio, USA) #jgs-iajgs

Sylvia Fleck Abrams

Join the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland for a virtual program on
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
at 7:00 pm A Mid 2020 Review

Betty Franklin has been busy making enhancements to its website. The goal is to have as many items free and available online as possible. In addition there are learning centers, community groups, activities to involve the whole family and new ways to add sources to Family Tree or to merge individuals. We will discuss the changes and some of the upcoming changes to
Betty Franklin, a volunteer at the Westlake Ohio Family History Center, is a retired preschool special education teacher who loves helping others research their families. She has a bachelor of science in education degree from Northern Illinois University and a masters degree in curriculum and instruction from Cleveland State University.
She has volunteered in the Westlake Family History Center for twenty-five years and loves seeing pedigree charts and family group sheets grow. Her own research has taken her back to the early 1600's in Germany. She recently has broken down walls on her husband's Swedish and United States lines. The covid 19 isolation has afforded extra time for researching and updating family records. She loves turning the names and dates into remarkable people by using the records to read between the lines.
Betty has presented workshops for local conferences and genealogical organizations on beginning genealogy, FamilySearch, FamilySearch Wiki, FamilySearch Family Tree, state census records, German research, reading old handwriting such as early American and German script and working with the various premium sites available at Family History centers. 
This program is free and open to the public, but space is limited.
Preregistration is required and  must be requested by 6:00 pm on June 3rd.
To preregister, send an email message with your Name, Email address, current location, and Zip Code, by clicking here: rsvp@... 
After you register, you will receive an email reply acknowledging your message and details for joining the meeting, including a link and password.
If you have any problems registering for the program, please contact:  

We will be using  Zoom meeting, so you may watch, listen and participate from the comfort of your own home.

Submitted by Sylvia F. Abrmas
Immediate Past President
On behalf of the Program Committee

Finding Edith Lewan who because she was 1/2 jewish escaped being murdered in Riga #latvia #russia #holocaust


I thought that all my family living in RIga had been murdered during the holocaust. Yesterday I discovered that my great aunt had had a child from a first marriage with a non jewish latvian man. While my great aunt Dora and uncle Abram and their daughter Lea perished, Edith survived. On Yad Vashem she appears as Edith Lewan jewish resident born on the April 27, 1920. The cousin whose autobiography we retrieved and who mentioned Edith said  that at the end of the war she was a secretary to a soviet general. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to find her. Best regards to all
My email catherine.jurovsky

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