Seeking Arie GINZBURG of GADIA family #lithuania #israel

Susan Goldsmith

Dear Genners in Israel,
I am seeking Arie GINZBURG who survived the Shoah and emigrated to Israel from Lithuania.  He would be in his late 80s or 90s.  He is the brother of Feige Ita GINZBURG z"l and son of Aba Yosef z"l and Frida GADIA GINZBURG z"l.  If he is no longer living I would appreciate reaching his family.  If you find his family, you may give my email.

Todah rabah,
Susan Goldsmith
SF Bay Area, CA, USA

researching GOLDSHMIDT, GADIA (and similar spellings), GITTES, SHLIOMOVICH, F(P)ILVINSKY Lithuania; TOBIAS (and similar) Novyy Swerzhen, Steibts, Belarus

(US) USHMM Webinar: The New Americans: Immigrants Who Served Wednesday May 27 9:30 AM ET #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen


Join the Museum and an expert from the United States Military Academy at West Point to learn about Jewish immigrants who risked their lives to fight in World War II.


When Jewish refugees fled the German Reich and immigrated to the United States, they offered unique skill sets to the military. These men and women understood the German language, culture, and psychology and were personally motivated to defeat the Nazis.

















Dr. David Frey, Professor, United States Military Academy at West Point

Dr. Edna Friedberg, Historian, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Watch live at and join in the conversation using #USHMM and #AskWhy.

You do not need a Facebook account to view our program. After the live broadcast, it will be available to watch on demand on the 
Museum's Facebook page   ( ).



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Searching for info re my grandparents Yakob MULLER and Salomea Fenichel Muller #austria-czech #galicia


I am looking for any information re my grandparents Yakob Muller and Salomea Muller born Fenichel such as where they were born, when etc. My mother and her older brother were born in Zakopane, Poland in 1908 and 1906 resp. In 1910 the family  moved to Ostrava Czechoslovakia.

Eldad Meinhard, Toronto Canada  <eldad.meinhard@...>

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Translations: One Yiddish, one Polish document (to English, Russian, French, or Spanish) #translation

Simon Zelman

Hi Genners,

I would greatly appreciate a translation fo the following two documents, if possible. The first one is a letter in Yiddish written from my great-grandfather to my great-grandmother from the front, one month before he was killed fighting in the Red Army. The second one is a marriage record in Polish for my great x4 grandparents from Prienai (Preny), Suwalki. 
(A translation from Yiddish to English, Russian, French, or Spanish would be fantastic).
(Translation from Polish)

Thank you so much!

Simon Zelman
San Francisco, CA


Re: Finding Edith Lewan who because she was 1/2 jewish escaped being murdered in Riga #latvia #russia #holocaust


In addition to my message . If somebody had phone books from after the war for Riga that would be great !!

Ship Manifest codes #usa


In the last column of the attached ship manifest from 1894, there are a few hyphenated codes. The column is titled Date and cause of death, although none of the codes appears to contain a date.
This ship arrived at the end of July 1894 in New York, sailing from Liverpool, England. The individual with "1-3" in that column did not succomb enroute, and, in fact, lived for almost 70 more years. The codes do not resemble those on later manifests relating to subsequent Naturalizations.
Any idea what they indicate?

Seeking Short Translation from Handwritten Yiddish note on Viewmate #translation #yiddish


I've just posted on Viewmate a picture of a note written by my grandmother on the top of a See's Candy box in which she stored important mementos and photos.  She died in 1971, and the box contained some documents from the 1940's.  I've tried but can't find anyone who could read or translate this writing.  I'm hoping someone can read this short note and offer a translation.  If needed, I can try to enhance the picture.  Here is a direct link to the photo, which is 82051.   Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


KUNKIS/LEHMAN/LAYMON from Glubokoye, Disna District, Vilna Guberniya (Northern Belarus/Eastern Lithuania region)
LEIBOWITZ/GRUSINSKY/GRUZINSKY/GRUSIN from Kelme and surrounding area, Lithuania/South Africa
SCHRIER/PACHTER/PECHTER from Yarmolinits/Jarmolincy, Dunayevtsy, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Tarnoruda, Ukraine
KOSSOI/KOSSOY/PEVTZOV/MARGOLIN from Vetka, Gomel, Chechersk, Belarus

Re: 1918 flu pandemic lists #general

Susan H. Sachs

Ina:  I certainly would think that if the death certificate of your great grandfather who died in 1918 states "influenza", that it was the Spanish Flu.  I don't have the impression that "Spanish Flu" per se was an official category that was likely to appear on a death certificate.  Every family who experienced it did so in their own way.  This is the what I wrote about my father's family:
Keep well -
Susan Sachs
Beit Shemesh, Israel

Re: 1918 flu pandemic lists #general

Carol Baird

My husband's father got the 1918 Flu but did not die of it then.  However, what is less reported then is that there were many side effects of the flu, as there are with COVID19, and he did die of Parkinson's several years later which was one of the after effects of the 1918 flu.  So even if a death certificate says the cause of death was influenza or flu then, nonetheless, there were co-morbidities less mentioned in later death certificates.  Just a thought.

Re: 1918 flu pandemic lists #general

C Chaykin

Pneumonia was a typical cause of death for victims of the 1918 flu epidemic. My mother's stepmother's death certificate lists pneumonia as the "chief and determining cause of death" with a second blank filled in as influenza.

#belarus #russia #belarus #russia

Lindawilson3 <lindawilson3@...>

 Mollie Lipshitz (my grandmother) always said she was from Minsk Russia.  Look at her husband(Philip May) naturalization.  Says his wife was from "Hovman?" maybe Hovnow?  I need help determining where this is.  Is it in Minsk?  Is it a Shtetl?  I don't know where to look for her records.  She came to US I believe in 1905.    I appreciate any help.  Thank you, Linda Wilson

Re: 1918 flu pandemic lists #general

sharon yampell

As previously mentioned, there are many books on this topic, including “The Great Influenza;  The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History ”by John M. Barry, that mentions my second cousin twice removed Alice WULOVITZ, who was a 16 year old nursing student in Philadelphia who died after two days of helping to take care of patients.


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA



From: Ina Getzoff
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 9:08 AM
To: main@...
Subject: Re: [] 1918 flu pandemic lists #usa



My paternal  great grandfather who came to the US in 1913 and lived in Brooklyn died of the Spanish Flu in 1918. I have a copy of his death certificate which indicates influenza and because of the time period and previous family history I have heard I believe it was the Spanish flu. 


Unfortunately, there is no longer anyone in the family to verify the story or even t give me a history of what actually happened during that time. Wish there was but all if know about it is what I have read.


Ina Getzoff

Delray Beach, Fla.


Re: Is there a way to find out who livved at an addres in Riga in 1922? #latvia


Hello Moshe, 

I recently was doing research on my family tree in Riga as well, and discovered that there seem to be Riga city directories available. You can search the web for "Rigasches Addressbuch." I was able to find Here is some more information that might help: You should be able to search by street or surname. 

If you want to see what the street looks like *now*, you can go into Google Maps, and search for variations of Roumanoff. The map should have the current street name, which is in Latvian ("iela"). ex: Roumanoff iela  (Strasse is the German word for street, as it was under German control at that time.)

Hope that helps!
Rebecca Benzer

Davidson, Bespaloff, Haits/Latvia

Re: Jewish Argentinia pimps etc #latinamerica

Saul Issroff

There is a very well researched (25 years) book on the subject of Jewish criminals, trafficking, pimps and prostitution, covering Southern Africa north and South America, Europe, Russia, India, England etc .The Fox and the Flies. The World of Joseph Silver  Racketeer and Psychopath.
Charles van Onselen. Jonathan Cape, London, 2007.
It’s well organised and has a lot of detailed research into Argentina.
Saul Issroff

Looking for relatives-Bariot and Pukelny #belarus

Susan Megerman

I am looking for descendants of the Bariot and Pikelny families in Minsk or other locations in Belarus
Bariot first names: Parents Moshe Chaim, Sura Esther (Pikelny), children Izrail, Malka, Hinde: son and one daughter were married. Thanks

. Please excuse any typos.

Re: Percentages of ancestry - my Ashkenazi father seems to be partly of Italian/Greek descent? #dna

Sarah L Meyer

First ethnicity percentages are estimates - not set in stone.  As more data arrives they get revised.  I do suggest that you upload your results (download the raw data from FTDNA, then upload the zipped files (do not unzip them) to MyHeritage, which has more Jewish categories, such as Sephardic and Mizrachi.  I do agree that very small percentages are to be ignored.   As far as Gedmatch is concerned - the J test is outdated, and the other tests do not have Jewish categories, but are interesting. You can also upload to living DNA, but be aware that they do not have ANY Jewish ethnicity categories-- but you will get new matches.  The most important results that you get from any of these services is not ethnicity, but the matches, which allow you to hopefully expand your family tree.   You can definitely do an mtDNA test, but that should only pick out her Irish ancestry.  In order to get a handle on your father's Y haplotype, you need to test male first or second cousins on your paternal side.  For the second cousins they need to be sons of sons - so that you are looking at the "surname" line.  In my case I ended up testing two male second cousins - two sons of two of my paternal grandfather's brothers. (My father had only one sister and she died at 14 months).  However his father had two brothers, I tested them both with Y tests at FTDNA and with family finder.   We were all related using Family Finder - the autosomal test.  However, the two "second" cousins had different Y haplotypes - and were actually a second cousin and a 1/2 second cousin.  If your budget only extends to one second cousin - choose the grandson of the brother closest in age to your grandfather.
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Seeking "SEIDENFRIED" from Krakow #poland #galicia

Michael Hoffman

On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 04:01 PM, <bshifman@...> wrote:

I would suggest that you do searches for Teichman or Teichner on the following website 

This website is the successor to the website 

Michael Hoffman


Re: Jewish Prostitution (was Re: Jewish Argentinians) #latinamerica

Peninah Zilberman

There's a film "The Longing", produced by Gabriela Bohm 2007, deals with the exact subject....there was another book the ring i think...these beautiful girls were promised work, marriage until they got on the boats on the way to Argentina...too late...parents would get some money for them....very tragic a bunch of Polish Jewish man were the organizers....

Fundatia Tarbut Sighet
+40 74 414 5351

Rezekne Shoah #holocaust #latvia




I've been researching by Latvian side, from Rezekne. 

I am told my relative, Moshe Shmuel Goldberg, was humiliated by being made to force to sweep the streets. He was then gathered in the town square with other Jews and murdered. 

I am seeking to find documents to prove his tragic fate. Any help on where to look would be great. If anyone has researched the Shoah in Rezekne and could share any info, that'd be much appreciated. 

Thank you, 

Yoav Aran

Re: Fani Jurowics in NY with Berta Davidowitz : Ship Manifest #general

Moishe Miller

Thanks for the thinking it might be Varick. I tried a reverse search in the census for 1910, looking at both Varick in Brooklyn and Manhattan, but there was either no "120" or no Yurowitz at that address. The same was true for a different suggestion, NEVINS. I have not found the Yurowitz at that address either in 1910. 
I will try this for your suggestion of Third Street.
Thank you,
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY