Death Records - France #france

Rick Zeckel

My mother and members of her family fled Antwerp in May 1940 and ended up in Bousquet d'Orb. Among that group was my great-grandmother Zizel Balsom and she was the only one of that group who was NOT sent to Camp d'Agde in August 1942 and from there to Rivesaltes. The three women in the camp were sent back to Bousquet d'Orb in September of that year, the two men sent to Auschwitz where it is presumed they died. I know that the next spring my mother and grandmother obtained fake papers and made their way to Grenoble where the spent the rest of the war. The two returned to Antwerp in May 1945 and the remaining surviving women returned two months later. My great-grandmother did not return and the documents I've found indicated she was dead by then. I'm trying to find where and how she died. Any suggestions on how I might access records of deaths in those areas during that time would be greatly appreciated.
Rick Zeckel
Carmel, Indiana  USA
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looking for cousins HARFENES HARFENS in Israel, Romania and Brazil #israel #romania

Jake Jacobs

looking for cousins HARFENS also known as HARFENES. They came from the Arad area of Romania. My cousin, Magdalena HOCHWALD, married David HARFENES (later known as HARFENS). They had 2 daughters that I know of, Miriam and Shifra.  Miriam moved to Brazil after the war.  David, Magdalena and Shifra appear to have lived in Tel Aviv for a time. Magdalena was known there as Malka. They moved to Brazil in 1962.  It appears they moved back to Israel, for Magdalena and David are buried there.  If you know anything about this family, please contact me offline!

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

Anglicised surname #ukraine #unitedkingdom #names


Hello,I am not Jewish but my father in law Abraham was. He was born in Bratslav in Ukraine in 1896, his father
was David and hi mother Frima, my wifes name. Father David was apparently a bandsman in the Russian army.
Abie with his mother and at least one more sibling came to England in 1900, David managed get out of Ukraine and followed in 1901. The family setled in Newcastle upon Tyne and assumed the surname WELSH. Is there a likely previous surname they may have simply slightly altered. The name Velsher has been suggested (which apparently means "stranger").
I have yet to see any mention of Bratslav in your group.
John Robson

Seek Ziva SHAPIRIENE or SHAPIRA of family TATARSKI and GADIA #canada #lithuania

Susan Goldsmith

Dear JewishGen,
I am seeking Ziva SHAPIRIENE, probably from Lithuania who lived in Toronto in 2002.  She filed a Yad Vashem Page of Testimony re TATARSKI and GADIA and I am trying to reach her.  She may use a different form of her last name; she may be elsewhere than in Canada.

If you know her, please feel free to give her my email.
Thank you,
Susan Goldsmith
SF Bay Area, CA, USA

Seeking help regarding Familianten book from Trest, Moravia #austria-czech

Moses Jefferson

Hello fellow researchers,

I recently learned of a genealogical gem available for research in the Bohemia and Moravia regions (I apologise if this is old news to you!). These are “Family Books” which recorded all families living in those lands starting in the 18th century, implemented to restrict the growth of the Jewish population. (Read this article for a brief history).


Currently I’m researching my family roots from Trest, and seem to have found such a similar book. It can be viewed here:


However, I cannot make sense of the columns and what they stand for, could anyone familiar with these books please let me know what is recorded in each cell, since I cannot seem to find a clear guide for this book.


To be more specific, I believe I found my ancestors name in PAGE 10 ”Morris Sinney” (number 86). I would be grateful to receive more specific information regarding my ancestor.

Best, Moses Jefferson
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Looking for the dessendants of Alex ROGATSKY from NYC (and of his son Albert ROGART) #russia #usa

Michael Moz

Dear Genners,
I'm looking for the contact information (phone number or E-mail) of the descendants of Alex (Zalman) ROGATSKY (1891-1956, born in Viazma, Russia).
(Alex was my wife's great-uncle.)

He came to the US in 1913, married Mildred Rabinovich circa 1920 and they had three children:
1. Albert (Abram, 1922-1997), he changed his family name to ROGART.
2. Ruth (b. 1924, married name: ROSENFELD).
   Daughters: Rhonda (married name: SOTO)
   April (married name: Thomas TISCIA)

3. Doris (b. 1930, married name COHEN).
   Daughter: Helene (married Allan WALVICK). They had two children: a son Ronn and a daughter Marissa (married Steven COFSKY).

Some of these people have a Facebook account but they visit Facebook on very rare occasions so I could not contact them.

If you can find some open information about these persons' contacts I would greatly appreciate if you can share it with me.

If you are acquainted with any of them (very small chance but not zero...) then maybe you can ask their permission to give me their contact information,

(I have a lot information about Alex's family in Russia and I'll be happy to share it with the American branch.)

Sorry for possible mistakes in me English.

With great respect,
Michael Moz,
Maale-Adumim, Israel.
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Re: Searching for Yacoby-Jacoby-Jacobi from Grodno, Grodno, Belarus 1800-1900 #belarus

sharon yampell

Try looking up variations of jacobowiec


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA



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Subject: [] Searching for Yacoby-Jacoby-Jacobi from Grodno, Grodno, Belarus 1800-1900 #belarus
I am searching for my grandmother, greatgrandmother, and greatgrandfather. Fannie, Ida, and Abram. Fannie and Ida immigrated to USA around 1900. I have not been able to find their ship manifest or 1900, 1910 census information, via Ancestry. Any information would be extremely helpful.
Thank you.

Searching: Harry Berens #unitedkingdom


I am searching for a Harry Berens. His address was given as, 39 Northern Grove, West Didsbury, Manchester in 1925/6.
Many thanks.
Valerie Featherstone

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Re: Ship Manifest codes #usa


Hello Judith,

Those numbers in the Cause of Death column on Customs Lists have long been a source of confusion.  They are annotations made later by gov't statistical clerks when "coding" the documents for official US immigration statistics.  Clerks used that column for this data because it was usually the largest block of available empty space on the page.

Occasionally the column was used during the voyage to record a death, and those notations will typically contain an obvious date and sometimes a cause of death, or even "buried at sea."

Marian Smith

Re: help with Romanian nicknames #names #romania


Likely there are multiple choices. For Dutu (sounds like Dutzu) one could be SANDU which is also a nickname from Alexandru. Fanciu -- never heard of but could be from STEFAN.FANE/FANCIU.

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

Re: What Do You Pay a Translator for a 50 Page Document in Pollsh #translation

Theo Rafael

The site I actually had in mind where you can ask for price quotes is this: 
As a bonus, the site is an Israeli start-up :)


Re: Ship Manifest codes #usa

Jim Peskin

I don't know the meaning of those codes, but I do work at Ellis Island. The Ellis Island Foundation Staff is working online while the museum is closed. Here is the contact info for the Foundation that runs the Immigration Center.  It's only a form, but they will direct you to someone who can help.

Re: 1918 flu pandemic lists #general

Sylvia Fleck Abrams

I also had been told my maternal grandfather, Benjamin HANF, had died in the flu epidemic. I found his name in a list for a group memorial conducted by the Elks (a fraternal lodge) for the 1920 fatalities in a Buffalo, New York newspaper. I used newspapers,com. You might try a similar search in historical newspapers for your location.

Sylvia Fleck Abrams
Beachwood, Ohio

Information request - Registration of a death in Poznan area in 1914 #poland

Peter Wollinski

Before beginning a search for a death certificate at the archives in Poznan, it will be appreciated if advice was received as to whether I may be wasting my time.  
In this case, a  notice appeared in a newspaper in 1914 which advised that a lady had been found frozen to death in the Jaktorow Forest near Samotschin (Prussia) now Szamocin Poland. The lady was identified as living in Gollantsch now Golancz Poland (Poznan area), which is some 20km from where the body was found. 
In this situation would her death have been registered with the civil authorities, and if so, by whom. It is unknown whether the lady had any relatives.   

Peter Wollinski

Information about Philipp Schussler born about 1742 #germany


I am seeking information about  Philipp Schussler.

died 29 dec 1800 in kaefertal, Mannheim, Baden -Wertenburg, Germany.

Married Margaretha Schuk. Then Married Catharina Lollbach on 20 November 1797 in Kaefertal.

I am seeking his place of birth and parents names. Any information or advice would be gratefully received

familysearch of great grandparents Stammer #ukraine


searching for information about the death of my greatgrandparents Leybush Stammer(b.1858/9  in Ostrog) and his wife Liba Leiserovna Pamu(b.1862 in Odessa). It is said they were killed because salt was found on their ground.
 They married 1880 in Odessa and had about 12 children.

Sabine Schmidt, Cologne, Germany

Re: ROZENBERG in Leeuwarden ; Friesland ; Netherlands #general


Dear Marie
Being Dutch born [but living in NZ now for 62 years], I wonder whether you have accessed Dutch genealogical websites, such as Stamboom, see "Stamboom Forum" <genealogie@...>. On its website, they also refer to  which has 219 million records from 90 archives. But perhaps your Dutch is not good enough to cope.
I am reluctant to offer my services in spite of all the free time we should have under Covid-19...!
Amicalement, Nick

Re: Illegitimate births circa 1840 #germany

Paul King

Limiting fertility was often a state or municipal (local) policy aimed at economically dependent or religiously undesirable populations and should not be considered as solely aimed at controlling Jewish demographics. Nevertheless, the Familiant Decree, introduced in Bohemia and Moravia in 1726 allowing only the eldest son of Jewish parents to marry, remained in force with various attenuations for some 125 years, and was honored more in the breach than in its observance. During and after the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), Protestants faced marriage constraints in Catholic jurisdictions; throughout the "second serfdom"  (16th-18th c.) serfs required highly-priced marriage licenses and faced monetary penalties, incarceration and deportation for marrying illegally. Political authorities sought to guard against pauperization of potential families without means. By and large, these punitive measures acted as a deterrent to marriage. Amongst the Jewish population, far less so, despite intermittent calls by guilds to expel Jewish competition.




Re: Sharing family tree information #general

Faye Detsky-Weil

I try to establish a direct relationship between myself and the person asking.  I don't share living people with the person looking at my tree unless I know we are related and can verify it with other relatives.  Of course I have to be able to see their tree, as well.  Once I feel comfortable that we really are related via ancestors, I am happy to share.

I was amazed to see that someone put a large part of the family tree on JewishGen, including living people and their children. I am a bit concerned about this.

Re: Discussion Group - Tips About Hashtags #guidelines

David Shapiro

Thank you for the clarifications about the use of hashtags. Recently I had an interesting case, and I didn't know how to deal with it. There was a message ( seeking information about a distant relative of mine, with a hashtag #southafrica. I had information about the family from Germany, and I replied, but I would have wanted to add a hashtag for Germany, since people who were interested in Germany, but not in South Africa, might have missed. I didn't (and still don't) know if it is possible to add a hashtag to a reply or how to do it. Could you explain what to do in such a case?

David Shapiro

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