Re: ROZENBERG in Leeuwarden ; Friesland ; Netherlands #general

Pieter Hoekstra

As Nick mentioned, has quite a bit of data on this name.
Leeuwarden, being capital of Friesland, you will get more data from Frisian records site The site is down for maintenance today but I would not expect for long. Some data can be accessed in English. Switch language top right corner of page. Use a translator such as google to convert any words that slip through the net such as column titles.

The following Fb group is in English and contributors very helpful. "Friesland Groningen & Drenthe Genealogy"
You can also look at which is in English.

I would normally dive into this but I am in hospital post open heart surgery and not thinking very clearly.

W(V)INKOF(V)SKYs from near Dombrova, Poland #poland

Mel Comisarow

I have memoir of one Esther STEIN, who states that circa 1922 her grandmother Sarah VINIKOVSKY had an elderly male cousin living in a small town near Sokolka, Poland (53.408, 23.500). A good guess for this small town is Dombrova Bialostocka, Poland (53.65, 23.35), which is 28 km/17 miles from Sokolka. Does anyone know of VINIKOV(SKY)s/WINIKOFFs from some small town near Solkolka, Poland? Thanks.

Riga and Latvia phone books#latvia


Would somebody have the Riga and Latvia phone books from 1945 onwards (or any selection from 1945 to 1980 approx) or would know how and where to find them?
Best regards
reply to 

Refugee Ship #general


Any descendants from refugee ship, Villa De Madrid  out of Barcelona, June 21, 1941, finally arrived in US July 13, 1941. What happened to the refugees?

Re: Percentages of ancestry - my Ashkenazi father seems to be partly of Italian/Greek descent? #dna

Carolyn Lea

Ethnicity is used as a way to sell tests but not the most reliable part of testing - as Others have said. And if you are even 1/2 Jewish as I am your Jewish "cousins" may be much farther out than what the program says. FTDNA does adjust for this to a degree. For more info on ethnicity estimates see Judy Russell's most recent post on this topic.

She has several others usually with something about soup - Like not soup yet - etc.

And there are more!  

My newest estimate from FTDNA's last update erases all my German ancestry on my mother's side and Judy had this same issue at one time and still does. Now I am Scandinavian. Understanding immigration patterns and the movement of Germanic tribes can help explain part of this. 

Re: Ship Manifest codes #usa

Stephan Owen Parnes

David Rosen is correct about the totals representing the count of males and females on the manifest page.


The reason for the various subtotals as you move down the page has to do with the tally of the passengers by nationality.  Thus, on this page, for example, there are 2 males and 0 females from England, 1 male and 0 females from Bohemia, 2 males and 1 female from Holland, 9 males and 5 females from Germany, and so forth.


The tally is usually to the right of the first mention of a particular nationality as you move down the manifest.  Here, however, you may note that the tally for Germany is found to the right of the second entry for Germany.  Nevertheless, this is how it operates.


I learned about this when I was a volunteer at the now closed genealogy room at the National Archives branch in Pittsfield, MA, in the mid 1990s.


You can read more about manifest notations in a blog entry by Stephen Danko, here and here


Stephan Parnes

Great Barrington, MA


From: main@... <main@...> On Behalf Of Susan&David
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 12:29 PM
To: main@...
Subject: Re: [] Ship Manifest codes #usa


These numbers in the last column are a count of the males - females on the passenger list. It is easily confirmed by looking at the column with the heading "Sex" and adding up the males and the females.  At the bottom of the last column there should be a total, e.g.,  16 -11- 27.   It was common to see this on passenger lists of this period.  There must have been a reason for doing this, but I have not seen it explained.

David Rosen, Boston, MA

#translation #yiddish #translation #yiddish

barbara Schoenburg

Translation please. Have no idea what it says or who it is from or to. It is from someone in Russia or Hungary, I think. Thank you. Barbara Schoenburg

MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Re: Looking for relatives named LEVITES #bessarabia #latinamerica

Valentin Lupu

Hi Anita,
Otaki also known as Ataki is a town in Bessarabia, a distinct territory in Moldova. During the history, Otaki was under  Russian rule, Romanian rule and now is in the Republic of Moldova. ROM  is an independent state and separated from the Romanian Moldavia, although it was part of Moldavia and the large majority of the population is of Romanian origin. What you found in the provided link is about a woman hospitalized in Iasi, the capital city of the Romanian Moldavia.

If you search JewishGen for Levitis in Ataki you'll find many people, most of them in the first half of the 19th century. Regarding your grandparents, the only clue I found is Yeshayahu Levit & family as victims of the Holocaust in Ataki. Shaia is a diminutive form of the Hebrew name Yeshayahu. The information is from the Ataki Yizkor Book  published in 1993 in Tel Aviv. There is a memorial monument in Holon cemetery (Israel) dedicated to the Holocaust victims from Ataki. Yeshayahu Levit name is engraved on the monument.

Valentin Lupu   <lupuval@...>  Israel

Anita  kastamp@... wrote:
I am looking for any information related to my background. I don't know much about my family. My father, Sulim Levites, had four brothers: Israel, Aron, Henrique, and Blandina. All siblings moved to Brazil, first in Bahia and then São Paulo. My grandparents' names are Enta and Shaia. I was able to find one record with the name Ienta Levitis ( sure if she is my grandmother though and nothing about my grandfather.

Moreover, my father and his siblings were born in Otaci. I was able to find many records by looking for the Surname "Levites" and phonetically similar. How do I know if any is related to me?
Anita      kastamp@...

Upcoming IGRA programming: #jgs-iajgs #events #israel

Garri Regev

Upcoming IGRA virtual programming:

IGRA "Show & Tell" Zoom sessions and our Webinar series continues!

The IGRA "Show & Tell" sessions for the first two weeks of June are listed below. The sessions are 9 pm Israel time, 2 pm EDT. (45 minutes)

You need to register in advance for these sessions and you will be sent the entrance link. These sessions are open to all.

Monday, June 1 in English, 9 pm Israel time - Rose Feldman will talk about Election records as they appear in the IGRA database collection. Registration:

Wednesday, June 3 in Hebrew, 9 pm Israel time-

רוז פלדמן תדבר על השימוש ברשומות בחירות כחלק
מסיפור המשפחה כפי שמופיע במאגרים של העמותה למחקר גנאלוגי בישראל



Monday, June 8 in English, 9 pm Israel - Janette Silverman will talk about personal experiences with Travel and Research in Lithuania: Kaunas Region. Registration:

Wednesday, June 11 in Hebrew , 9 pm Israel time –

דניאלה אליגון - איך עולים על עקבותיהם של קרובי משפחה שחיו בוינה (אוסטריה) ובונים את הסיפור שלהם? מסע בין אתרי אינטרנט וארכיונים מקומיים במטרה להכיר קרוב משפחה שנספה בשואה ולא הותיר צאצאים



WEBINAR: 7 pm Israel time, noon EDT - Sunday, June 7

IGRA 2020 Webinar Series - Thierry Samama; Sources for the Genealogy of Tunisian Jews - This webinar will present essential sources for the genealogy of your Jewish ancestors in Tunisia - the last ten years have seen major progress in the publication of genealogical sources, allowing to reach the early 19th or late 18th centuries in many cases.



Join us!

Garri Regev


2 Polish Archival Records Translation Request ViewMate #poland

Nomi Waksberg

Hoping all readers and families are all safe and healthy.

This sheltering in time has given me an opportunity to review and edit
family archival records. I've come across two which have been
previously submitted but were not
translated. I'm not sure why. If it's a legibility issue, please let me know.
I hope someone has the time to review the following records.

They are posted on VIEWMATE:

Please include
_ all names noted, including mother's maiden names if they are included
_ all dates
_ locations
_occupations / trades if they are noted

Please respond only via the form provided in the ViewMate.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and time in reviewing
records which may be challenging to read.

Nomi Fiszenfeld Waksberg

Are there lists of deceased of the Spanish flu in Jerusalem? #israel

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Are there lists of deceased of the Spanish flu in Jerusalem?

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem   <yonibenari@...>

Re: Discussion Group - Tips About Hashtags #guidelines

Joseph Feitler

Thank you. for your precise and wonderful  (which I Hope I can mange.. printing it out first..andfollow the directions -just like knitting directions!)
I hope to learn more and be able to manage it with my  computer. ALlmy best and thank you!!. 

Eleanor G. Feitler, Central NY State   <jgfeitler@...>

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 1:14 AM Nancy Siegel <siegel.nancy99@...> wrote:

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Nancy Siegel 

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Seek history of "ATYI" or ATWI from Zaragosa Spain #sephardic


Looking for information about a specific family "Atyi" or Atwi from Zaragosa Spain that is now in northern Israel, Nazareth and Haifa

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Re: Ship Manifest codes #usa


These numbers in the last column are a count of the males - females on the passenger list. It is easily confirmed by looking at the column with the heading "Sex" and adding up the males and the females.  At the bottom of the last column there should be a total, e.g.,  16 -11- 27.   It was common to see this on passenger lists of this period.  There must have been a reason for doing this, but I have not seen it explained.

David Rosen, Boston, MA

On 5/27/2020 10:18 AM, plutsk@... wrote:
You don't say above what information those numbers are coding, though presumably not for the cause and date of a death.  Is there a guide to what those codes mean, and might they be of any genealogical interest?  Thank you.
Steve Gold

"Those numbers in the Cause of Death column on Customs Lists have long been a source of confusion.  They are annotations made later by gov't statistical clerks when "coding" the documents for official US immigration statistics.  Clerks used that column for this data because it was usually the largest block of available empty space on the page.

Occasionally the column was used during the voyage to record a death, and those notations will typically contain an obvious date and sometimes a cause of death, or even "buried at sea.""

Marian Smith

Looking for descendants of Leibl GOLDBERG (originally from Falticeni) #romania #unitedkingdom

Dexter Moseley

Looking for descendants of Leibl/Leibel Goldberg (d.o.b 15 Dec 1890 in Falticeni), son of Moshe ben Avram/Morris Goldberg (killed by a mob outside a synagogue in Falticeni) and Rosa (nee Itic/Itzic/Swarz) who later emigrated with family to the UK, along with brothers Marcu/Marcus/Max d.o.b 25 May 1895 and Mendel d.o.b 02 Sept 1889. Leibl/Leibel Goldberg is believed to have left the UK in 1915 (possibly to the US) under the name Louis Goldberg

The descendants of Max Goldberg who still live in the UK appreciate any contact concerning Leibl/Leibel/Louis' descendants.

Send replies to this this message by private email to dextermoseley@... or use the "reply to sender" link.

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 dextermoseley@... <dextermoseley@...>

Dov Cohen's list if Izmir brides and grooms #sephardic

Jeff at SG

In Paris, at the 1997 Annual Meeting of the International Jewish Genealogy Conference Professor Dov Cohen presented  a list of names of 7,300 Brides and Grooms from the Jewish community of Izmir. That list of names was never published and remained difficult to find.

Good news: Prof. Cohen has just made available an expanded version of this list, containing 11,280 names. 

This new searchable database is available at

and provides the following data elements:
Surname, and alternatives, Given Names and Aliases, Year of the marriage, and Sex of the individual. The marriages took place between 1820 and 1933 in Izmir.

For those researching ancestry in Turkey, Prof. Dov Cohen has also made available another list, this time of burials at the Gürçesme Izmir Cemetery. This covers burials during 1927 and 1928. It can be searched at:

Thank you Dov Cohen

Jeff Malka   <jeffmalka@...>


2 Questions about my great aunt's entry on a passenger manifest #general

Ryan Cramer

I have 2 questions about Sima Silberstein (my great aunt)'s designation on the passenger manifest that I was hoping someone could shed some light on.  I've outlined both in red.  
  1. The first question is the "sis" designation next to her name.  Am I to believe that she is Chane Gelfand's sister?  I haven't yet found any other records tying the two of them together, even when they are in the states (i.e., none of the Gelfands are mentioned in any sibling or parent obituaries, etc).
  2. In the column which designates who they are going to join (i.e., relative, friend), Chane indicates she's joining her husband "S. Gelfand", but I'm unable to decipher what was written for Sima in that column.  It looks like a "6" or a "b", followed by an "r" or an "n", an "i", and an "l" or an "e".  Any ideas?   Thx in advance!
  4. rycramer@... <rycramer@...>

Request translation of Hebrew on ZWEIGMAN gravestone #translation


I would appreciate a translation of the Hebrew writing on this gravestone.  Thank you so much in advance.
Erika Gottfried, Teaneck, New Jersey   Reply o n l y  to   <erikagottfried53@...>

Ellis Island deportation hearings, BOROFSKY #usa #russia


A Detroit free press article in July 1913 describes a family of a wife and three children being held at Elis Island for potential deportation back to Russia having been described as potentially indigent by their husband/Father. The family name is Borofsky. Does anyone know if there are records of such events/hearings and if so where?

 alwitz@... <alwitz@...>
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Re: Discussion Group - Tips About Hashtags #guidelines

Sarah L Meyer

What happens when there are two hashtags – one of which you have muted and the other one was not muted?  Also if you did not mute a hashtag does that mean that you are following it?

Sarah  Lee Meyer Christiansen

Georgetown Texas









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