ViewMate translation request - 4 Yiddish postcards #translation #yiddish

Wladi Fridman

Dear all,

I've posted four postcards from our family archive in Yiddish for which I need a translation (and if possible a transcription in Hebrew block letters). It is on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you so much for your help.

Wladimir Fridman

Child, FEIGE/GUSSIE lost in Transit approx 1902...arriving into New York alone

Marcella Shames

Feige aka Gussie [MATUS/MARCUS] was lost in transit  and arrived in New York in abt 1902, alone.  The story has her being 4 years old at the time but she may have been as old as 8…b 1894-1897 Panevesz Lithuania

She may not have been able to convey her last name properly when she arrived.  She was transported to an orphanage. ….? 

Somehow she eventually found family, last name Marcus and by 1925 was married to NATHANSON….she was always known as Gussie in her later life

Any suggestions on how to find Gussie’s earlier days in the orphanage or passage to New York - are most welcome

Thanks   Stay safe and well    Marcella Shames   <marcellash@...>

Re: Discussion Group - Tips About Hashtags #guidelines


This is very helpful.  I have noticed quite a few people using the #general hashtag, so many as to make it meaningless.
Can we not restrict the use of this hashtag to procedural questions rather than specific issues regarding our research?
Barbara Sloan, Conway, SC   <jbonline1111@...>

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ViewMate translation request - Yiddish #yiddish #lithuania #translation

Michael Herzlich

I've posted two short handwritten notes for which I need translations.  They both appear to be in Yiddish.
I do appreciate getting more than one translation as there can be small differences that can be significant to me.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
The notes are on the back of photo cards are from the album of a person related to the following families from the area near Merkine Lithuania:

Thank you,  
--   Michael Herzlich Delray Beach, Florida USA

List the surnames/towns that you are researching in the JewishGen Family Finder.
Go to and click on ENTER/MODIFY.

Birth records Mulheim, Cologne, Germany 1895 - Ida GROENER #germany

Mary Henderson

Hi, all!

Is anyone aware of a resource that I can use to find a birth record
for Ida GROENER who was reportedly born Apr 13 1895 in Mulheim,
Cologne (Koln), Germany to Heinrich GROENER and Helene ROSENBAUM, or
for her sister, Alwina, born Dec 29, 1897 in the same place? Alwina's
death record lists Helene Rosenbaum as her mother, but I am trying to
substantiate that and find more information on Helene - right now all
I have is her name.

Thank you very much!!!

Mary Henderson  <gengenres@...>

Search for descendants of Mrs. A. SCHUSSLER, Humboldt Street, Brooklyn NY circa 1923 #usa

Shlomo Katz

I am searching for descendants of Mrs. A. SCHUSSLER, who was living on Humboldt Street, Brooklyn NY in 1923.
She is believed to be the sister of my wife's great-grandfather, whose last name was KALKSTEIN.
Shlomo Katz,  Silver Spring, Maryland, USA  <shlomodkatz@...>

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Re: When were Jews in Galicia (Poland and now Ukraine) allowed to have passports? #galicia

Lewis, Megan

In the 1920's and 1930's Jews were able to get passports.  USHMM has records from the Stanislawow region. I cannot speak about earlier periods because that is out of scope for our collections.

Megan Lewis, reference librarian
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Looking for Phone books of Poland, Lithuania, Lativa and Belarus from 1918 #russia #poland #belarus #lithuania #latvia


Looking forward for consulting phone books of Russia until 1918, Districts of Vilno, Postov, Kaunas ans Riga; of Poland from 1919 until 1939, gubernia of Vilno, District of Postawy; of Belarus from 1945 until today. Contact please patrice.markiewicz@....

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Moravian census (was Re: Familianten book from Trest, Moravia) #austria-czech #announcements

Lewis, Megan

The Moravian censuses from 1857-1910 are now online in beta form at  (The image viewer in particular is clunky to use.)
The website is completely in Czech but easily translated using GoogleTranslate or DeepL.  
The census books are in German or bilingual German/Czech and include columns such as birthdate, marital status, birthplace, etc. Apparently in later years information such as disabilities was also recorded.
FamilySearch digitized some of the census books a few years ago (but I don't know if they are indexing them) and the archives digitized the rest in the last 2 years. The 1921 census was also digitized but is not online yet because of privacy regulations.

This information was posted today on the discussion list of The list covers the entire Austrian-Hungarian empire so if you are interested in the region it might be worth it to you to subscribe.  The posts are usually in German, but most of the regular posters speak good English. The website has a lot of information about Jewish communities so is also worth a visit.  I have no affiliation with GenTeam- I just find the website and discussion list very useful.

Megan Lewis, reference librarian,  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Update on Wohyn (Lublin, Poland) Project #poland #announcements

Smadar Gilboa

Dear fellow Lublin area researchers,
I am working on a vital records project for a town called Wohyn in the Lublin region of Poland.
If you are interested in an update for this project, please contact me directly.
Smadar Gilboa,  Los Angeles, California   Wohyn Townleader,   gilsmadar@...  

Samuel FINKELSTEIN #general

Paul Silverstone

My grandfather’s uncle Chaim Finkelstein had two sons, Samuel and Samson.   Samuel Finkelstein married Minnie Liss and they had seven children, the last being Sadie, born in 1913 in Winnipeg.   It is my understanding that Samuel also had two children Zona and Lloyd, born 1912 and 1916 in Canada  with another wife.   I have not found birth records for Zona and Lloyd.
Minnie Liss and her unmarried children were living in Chicago, according to the 1930 census.
Samuel Finkelstein, now Stein, shows up in Seattle listed in the 1920 & 1930 censuses with his wife Sarah      and two children Zona and Lloyd.   
Ordinarily I would have dismissed the 1920/30 censuses as listing another Samuel Finkelstein.  However when my great-aunt Eva laid out the whole large family to me in the 1940s, I recall her specifically mentioning the second two children because of the unusual name Zona.   
His brother Samson added the initial R. before his given name to distinguish himself from his brother according to his naturalization papers.  There is no reason to believe that Samson was the father of the two children.
Was Sam Finkelstein/Stein  a bigamist?   Was Zona born out of wedlock?   But for Aunt Eva, an intelligent and educated woman, I would not find these events problematic.
   Paul Silverstone,    Vancouver, BC  <paulh2@...>

untranslatable word in Tykocin Memorial Book #translation


Moderator note:  This question is off-topic to this group. (Not genealogy). Reply only by private Email to  <selwyn@...>

The NYPL source book on Tykocin gives the following sentence in Hebrew on page 325 :
יעקה משה זלצמן - נולד בויסוקו ליטובסק במחוז בריסק. מפחד הגיוס נמלט לביאליסטוק. שם פגש את דויד טבל אלטשולר שהביאו  למיידן שלו שביער סמוך לטעקטין. כעבור שנתיים פתח בית מרזח בקפיץ שליד זבד.
The word outlined in red (mem-yod-yod-daled-nun) is problematic: It appears in Even-Shoshan NOT as a prime reference but as an alternative spelling to the single-yod version (with diacritics) and the added secondary definition as  "'me'yaden' an implement used in handling hazardous materials". Does anyone have any further information or knowledge on this word beyond what Even-Shoshan gives, because the context of the source text gives no clue?

Reply only to 

ViewMate translation request: Yiddish card #translation #yiddish

Lauren Shulsky Orenstein


I wonder if someone can take a look at this card on Viewmate.  It is hard to read with something written over it, but even a translation of snipets would be helpful.   Please reply only using the form at ViewMate.

Thanks so much.  Chag Shavuot Sameach to all.

Lauren Orenstein,  lauren@...  New York, NY

When were Jews in Galicia (Poland and now Ukraine) allowed to have passports? #galicia

Richard Stower

When were Jews in Galicia (Poland and now Ukraine) allowed to have passports? Where would applications be found?

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                            Full name and place of residence & email address is even better.

Richard Stower <rstower@...>

ISAACS family and CHANSFORD in London #unitedkingdom #names


My Isaacs ancestors were already established in London by the late 1700s. Earliest official record is the marriage of Michal (Meir) Isaacs to Hannah Davis in the Hambro Synagogue, London, 18 August 1819. Michael’s father is shown as Yehuda ben Michael Chansford  I have a substantial family tree for them and there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that they are related to Sir Rufus Isaacs one time Viceroy of India and his uncle who was Lord Mayor of London. My question relates to the suffix ‘Chansford’. It also applies to the families Elias, Solomon, and Levy whose marriages are listed in the Great Synagogue Marriage Registers 1791-1850. This also lists a Lazarus marriage with the groom’s name suffixed ‘Hansford’. There is some accepted wisdom that Chansford is a corruption of Chelmsford (the English town in Essex), but for several reasons too long to list here I think it might refer to the German town of Hainsfarth which had a large Jewish community. If anyone has ever researched this before or has other suggestions I’d be pleased to hear. 

Christine Lawes, Wales, UK  <christine_lawes@...>

ISERSTEIN FAMILY #austria-czech

peter isert

They are my great grandfather, grandfather, great uncle & father (b. 1921 & alive) respectively.
Thank you
I’d appreciate any information you may have
Dr Peter Isert
Australia 🇦🇺
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately with family information

Re: 2 Questions about my great aunt's entry on a passenger manifest #general


Probably b i l = brother in law, perhaps confirming they were sisters. 

Possibilities to consider include:  Chane died sooner rather than later, or the Gelfands changed their name, or moved across country, or went back, or divorced, or the sisters fell out.  You will need to research the Gelfands. 

Paul Hattori
London UK

MINDEL, MINDELL from Utena and Vyzuonos, Lithuania
FELLER from Pabrade, Lithuania

Re: Illegitimate births circa 1840 #germany


This was very common. Weddings performed by Rabbis were not recognized by the government. I have found several birth records of my ancestors in Galicia that are all noted as illegitimate.

Ed Rosenblatt

Re: Anglicised surname #ukraine #unitedkingdom #names

Jill Whitehead

The answer is Yes and No. The migrant may have anglicised their name - in my family's cases Brin became Brown, Serwianski became Servian, and Guttenberg became Graham. However a significant number reverted back to their patronymic name. So again in my family's case, Ceglarski became Abraham and then Abrams after my great grandfather Nathan's father's first name Abraham/Abram.Yet others used names that related to occupation or bore no apparent relationship to anything. So my great grand uncle Baruch Serwianski became Barnet Servian and then Barnet Silverman - he made mirrors which required silvering - and later when he emigrated a second time from Liverpool to Chicago (after 40 years in Liverpool) he became Bernard Maxwell (after his father Mordecai or Max). My great uncle changed his name from Abraham Jacob Servian to Albert Lynam. We do not know where this name came from.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: 2 Questions about my great aunt's entry on a passenger manifest #general


I wasn't able to view the attachment, but assume you are talking about an arrival at New York on the Rjindam Aug 20 1906.

Chane is going to her husband, and Sima is going to the same person.  Sima is going to her "br.i.l." (brother in law).  That would make Chana and Sima sisters in law, shortened to "sis" in the notation.  

Whether this was truly their relationship I cannot say, but the annotations tell us that's what the immigrant inspector understood their relationship to be.

Marian Smith

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