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I can't open the cards. Sorry

Angel Kosfiszer

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JoAnne Goldberg

My local library network has a subscription and I was able to access it
from home using my library card number. I wouldn't have thought to check
if not for this thread!
JoAnne Goldberg - Menlo Park, California; GEDmatch M131535


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Donna Guy

I spent 10 years researching this topic in Argentina, Great Britain, and the US.  The Jewish prostitute  and pimp population were a quite visible minority due to legalized prostitution and the fact that many legal prostitutes registered with municipal governments and Jewish groups in Argentina and elsewhere decried the visibility of Jewish pimps and prostitutes to protect the women and lower anxieties about Anti-Semitism.  In fact, the Jewish prostitutes represented about 20% of the prostitute population, and most were Italians, Spanish and native-born. There are many books on this issue in English, Spanish, and Hebrew, and I would recommend them any time over encyclopedia articles.  My book is called Sex and Danger in Buenos Aires: Prostitution, Family and Nation in Argentina.  Other scholars include Sandra McGee Deutsch, Mir Yafitz, Haim Avni, and Edward Bristow.  All have extensive bibliographies.  Please read them.

Re: Libraries with Ancestry Remote Access Through ProQuest Has Been Extended Through June 30 #announcements

Seth Nasatir

I'm not a NYPL subscriber, so I can't test it, but I found this page which has a link to the database:

Re: When were Jews in Galicia (Poland and now Ukraine) allowed to have passports? #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Galician passport (Reise-pass)

In the second half of the nineteenth century, the citizens of Galicia enjoyed many personal and political freedoms.
A person crossing state borders did not have to be controlled by border services since during the time of the constitutional monarchy, there were no passport requirements in Austro-Hungary.
The final lifting of the mandatory control of passports at the state border took place by the imperial decree of November 6, 1865.
Instead, an obligation has been introduced to identify the bodies authorized to do so at each request.
Following the instructions of March 6, 1857, police authorities within the country could demand the presentation of an appropriate document only from a person suspected of having violated the law or even seemed "undesirable".
Therefore, it was in the traveler's interest to present a travel document, as it could be evidence of innocence in the event of a suspected offense.

Passports issued in 1900 had 16 pages. They were issued on the identical, printed form.

Personal details of the passport holder, such as: name and surname, employment, residence in the poviat, the crown country were shown on the first page.
The second page contained a description of the owner (Personsbeschreibung des Inhabers) and his signature.
The third page provided the purpose and duration of the document, the fourth page mentioned persons (with a sketch) traveling with the passport holder.

Detailed guidelines regarding all the required requirements to be met when issuing passports in Galicia were contained in a rescript of the Galicia c.k. Governorship from August 12, 1890.

This included information about the documents required for travel to America: "To avoid possible obstacles on the road, may Austrian male subjects, provided they are under 45, obtain one of the following documents before traveling to America:

1. Passport issued for a trip to America; or
2. Confirmation of the " starostwo" administration that he had fulfilled his duty to appear before the Conscript Committee 
3. Proof of payment of the military fee or release from it, or
4. Certificate  releasing person from the Army, Navy or the National defense, if the certificate does not contain the provision that the owner of the same is still obliged to appear before the Recruitment Commission; or
5. Briefing from military service ("Abscheid"); or Landstrum-pass ") or
6. For men over 45 years old, and for women and adult girls, a workers' book or a certificate of morality 

Minors must have a passport or a permit to travel to America, issued by their father or guardian and confirmed by the relevant c.k. Governorship or municipal office.
Such permission is even necessary if the minor travels in the company of his mother, who does not have any official document, confirming that she is the only guardian of the minor.
Please note that above text is Google translated from the article titled: "Galician Passport" (Reise-pass) from the publication of Rzeszow Ethnographic Museum. It also exhibits sample of the Galicai Passport at


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

Re: Renseignements sur Nilou ( Daniel ) Sternberg né en Roumanie vers 1898-1899 mais demeurant à Paris dans les années 1940/ information on Daniel Sternberg Romania/Paris #france #romania


A Facebook group dedicated to Jewish genealogy in 
Romania Moldova is helping
to conduct research. They
acquired archives from
several cities. You can write to this group. Thanks to them I have the
copy of the civil acts of the 7 brothers and sisters of my
great-grandfather, born in
Vaslui. And 
from one thing to another I found back a cousin in Israël.
happy to help. 
Olga Ricard

Re: Question re Polish parents' anglicised names on 1896 UK Naturalization Certificate #unitedkingdom #poland

leslie rubinson <lrubinson@...>

I have seen the same thing on u.s. Certificates. My relative,s mother,s maiden name was listed as Sophie sheinerockel on his death cert in 1921. it took me a few minutes to figure out her name was really sheine  ruchel. I later found a record on jewishgen confirming this.

Leslie Rubinson

Re: Question re Polish parents' anglicised names on 1896 UK Naturalization Certificate #unitedkingdom #poland

Sheila Toffell

Hi Barry,
Yes I have seen this in NYC death records where the parent's names were Americanized but the parents never set foot in the US. It can be very frustrating if you were hoping to find the original names of the parents or spouse of the deceased.

Sheila Toffell
Glen Rock NJ


Re: My maternal grandmother, Fanny RECHTSCHAFFNER #ukraine

Barbara Ellman

Judith asked about birth record for her grandmother from  Strzeliska.  
If you look at the listing of records on JRI Poland it shows the years for which records exist.  There are missing years from these records.  So it is likely that the birth took place during those periods.  You might look in neighboring towns as sometimes the family moved or a birth took place in the mother's hometown.

As you do not know if your grandmother came to the US, try other US records such as census and death records.

Barbara Ellman
Secaucus, NJ

Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ USA
ELLMAN, COIRA, MAIDMAN - Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS - Ulanow, Poland

Re: Libraries with Ancestry Remote Access Through ProQuest Has Been Extended Through June 30 #announcements


I can successfully access ProQuest using my New York Public Library. However, I can not find the link to In ProQuest genealogy sites I only see newspapers. I have the same result when starting with ProQuest and logging in with my library barcode. I also tried to start with but could not find access. How do I access Library Edition?  Please be as specific as possible. Thank you in advance. 

Reba Harris Solomon
New York/Florida

Translation Request #latvia #russia




Attached is a handwritten Soviet report of the Nazi atrocities that occurred in Rezekne. 

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could translate parts of it to English. 

Shabbat Shalom, 

Yoav Aran
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Re: pre-war telephone directories #poland #warsaw #belarus

Gerald and Margaret

Can I suggest you make contact with a group called the Together Plan which is working with Jewish communities in Belarus, by helping them to help themselves.  They have recently branched out into genealogy, knowing that this is such a growth activity, and they are trying to promote working together between Belarus and the Western World.  

See below,
Margaret Levin, London UK

Try this:-

genealogical research services | Together Plan

We also offer bespoke written reports with photographs of locations of interest and details of how they look todayWe can include information on local Jewish activity as well as information about local communities and important heritage sitesEvery family is unique so please contact us for more information and a quote for our services

Re: Question re Polish parents' anglicised names on 1896 UK Naturalization Certificate #unitedkingdom #poland

Barry Clarke

Your response and confirmation much appreciated. Seems likely the case is the same in the UK.


Barry Clarke

Re: ISERSTEIN FAMILY #austria-czech

Thomas Salzberger

Hi Peter,

Have you had a look at

It is a valuable source for research in Austria but also covers parts of neighboring countries.

It is absolutely free, just requires resgistration, and has an English interface, too.

Hope all good in Sydney.
(Have been there many times.) 

Thomas Salzberger

Re: Earliest Use of Surnames in Europe/Romania? #romania #general #names

Theo Rafael

Bennett Muraskin compiled in 2012 some of the origins and meanings of Ashkenazi last names. The photos and links inside the article are dead however:

This version of the article is visually more pleasing but incomplete:

Theo Rafael

Re: My maternal grandmother, Fanny RECHTSCHAFFNER #ukraine

Diane Jacobs

Have you searched all the passenger manifests arriving other than new York?

Go to and see all the other ports. Also search the Canadian passenger
Manifests and Canadian Border crossings. 

People entered from other ports And be sure to search phonetically and starts with.

Diane Jacobs

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Subject: [] My maternal grandmother, Fanny RECHTSCHAFFNER #ukraine

I have been unable to determine when my maternal grandmother, Fanny RECHTSCHAFFNER, came to the US and the town of her birth.  I know her sister came with her parents in 1899 from Strzeliska, which at that time was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and is in present-day Ukraine.  I have been unable to find any record of her birth or her immigration to the US.  I have searched the Ellis Island records and JRI-Poland.  Any suggestions as to how I might search records from Ukraine?  Is anyone familiar with this town?

Judith Gertler
Wellesley, MA

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Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: Renseignements sur Nilou ( Daniel ) Sternberg né en Roumanie vers 1898-1899 mais demeurant à Paris dans les années 1940/ information on Daniel Sternberg Romania/Paris #france #romania

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris, 
I reply in English to be understood by most of our fellow detectives.
When persons lived in France for some decades, as Daniel Stenberg did, there is a high probability they became French citizens.
They had to give a lot of documents for their naturalization file : parents identity, list and identity of siblings (even living in foreign countries), places they lived since they left their bith country, places where they worked, they survived WWII, etc...
This file is in French National Archives near Paris and is accessible upon a special request on their web site
File is not available on line, but you can come to scan it on place or ask for a copy, but delays are in months.
These archives are still closed due to lockdown.
For persons who lived in Paris, you can get also data in Paris city Archives :
You must understand that French policy of privacy protection does'nt fully open all these archives online and it's much more difficult to recover our parents' past.
Bernard Flam
Archives and history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund / Workmen circle) of France
Flam, Agid, Stoltz around Lemberg
Zysman, Kronenberg, Rottersman around Lodz

Re: ISRAELOVICI, ISRAILOVICI from Braila or Galatz, Romania. #general

Cristina Ichim <ichim.cristina17@...>

I have found the se with the name Israelovici from Romania, I do not know if it has something to do with your search...

Cristina Ichim

Re: pre-war telephone directories #poland #warsaw #belarus

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Two days ago, you had the perfect answer in post #643578 by Jenny Schwartzberg :
May 28   
"A lot of these phone books are searchable at:
A list of the directories included are at:
Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL, USA

Re: Transcript Please #germany

Reuven Stern

Thank you very much Ernst Peter Winter.
Reuven Stern, Kfar Vradim Israel
Researching families Behr, Stern, Markovits, Lebovits, Suessholz, Joseph

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