Re: ISRAELOVICI, ISRAILOVICI from Braila or Galatz, Romania #romania

t s

In response to your question, I discovered that my great-great-great grandfather was Itzik Izraelovits/Israelovics. As of 1881, he was listed as being from Benedike, Hungary. However, perhaps there is some connection given the similarity of the last name.
Todd Samovitz

Re: TEDESCO surname in Italy #holocaust #usa #austria-czech

Joyce Field

To do research on Sephardic names in particular and Separdic genealogy in general, I can recommend two seminal books: Tagger and Kerem, Guidebook for Sephardic and Oriental Sources in Israel, and Malka, Sephardic Genealogy: Discovering your Sephardic Ancestors and their World.
Joyce Field
W. Lafayette, Indiana

Re: TEDESCO surname in Italy #holocaust #usa #austria-czech

Chana Bonn

Tedesco was also used, at least during the Renaissance, to designate, in Italian, that a composer was of German origin.  .

Re: Polish Surname Ending in "-ów" #names #poland #translation

Nicole Heymans

"ów" is a genitive plural ending, often tagged on to maiden names, when it means "of the house of". Often the final syllable is cut off before adding the declination, so it's not always obvious what the proper name is unless the father's surname is mentioned in some other document.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium


Linda S. Mintz

My grandfather Morris Weinstein received his draft notice into the Russian army in November, 1905. He was told to report, or show reason not to. I have the original notice on light green flimsy paper. He brought it with him when he arrived in New York on January 6, 2006. I also have a store receipt, he saved, which shows he bought socks and shirts in Hamburg, before his departure. My grandfather was a draft dodger, thank goodness.


of registration with the Selective Service Section of 

the City of Riga

Registered in the City of Riga under the social status and tax bracket No 128.

Meier Zelik Leizerov Weinstein, born 5 August 1885, under article 112 of the War Regulations, issued 1897, for the fulfillment of Military Service, is registered at the City of Riga Selective Service Section.

Religious affiliation:  Mosaic Law

Occupation, Trade or Business:  Coachman training

Read? Yes Write? Yes  

Distinctive marks:   

  1. Height: 2 meters 3-6/8 vershok (1-3/4 inches)    4. Eyes: Light Blue
  2. Hair:  Blond 5. Beard:  Clean Shaven
  3. Eye brows: Light Blond 6. Special marks: None

The above named is subject to Military Service by conscription as of 1906 and in accordance with Regulation 4 for the composition of the list by family attached to the Instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs dated 8 February 1874 change Number 6, is obligated to immediately inform the Department of the Riga City Government of any changes in his familial circumstances, such as additions or loss of family members, following the registration at the Induction Center.

Independent of that, he is obligated to deliver to the Department in the second half of 1905, no later than 30 November 1905, concrete evidence of his family standing. 

Issued by the Department of Riga City Directorate of Military Induction.

23 September 1905, by Number 690/1912. 

Representative of the City Leadership> 

Manager . "

Linda S. Mintz


Searching for my father's family in #galicia #poland


Hello, my name is WIESENFELD, my grand-mother's parents were IZAAK HAMMEL and LAJE SPIRA originated from DUKLA. My father and his parents Moses WIESENFELD and CHANA SPIRA-HAMMEL left for Berlin after WWI. I would appreciate if any member of the JewishGen community could help me find any information related to my ancestors. Thank you. Henny Wiesenfeld

Re: TEDESCO surname in Italy #holocaust #usa #austria-czech

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Tedesco isn't a name for a Jew, it is a word for German.  Teutons, in Italian.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Anglesized Names #poland #general

Hank Lobbenberg

Alex, Nobody had their names changed at Ellis Island despite what some think. Either your ancestors changed it themselves or a census taker guessed incorrectly at the spelling of the surname. This happened to a couple of my family members.
Lobbenberg to Lobenberg.
Good luck,
Hank Lobbenberg

Re: TEDESCO surname in Italy #holocaust #usa #austria-czech

Enzo Falco

TEDESCO in Italian means German. My best guess is that immigrants to Italy from German speaking countries who did not have a last name, or did not want to continue with their original one, changed it. In my genealogy database, I have TEDESCO from the late 1700s, all probably born in northern Italy.

Enzo Falco
Belmont, Massachusetts
"I am trying to discover genealogical links in Italy and Sicily pertaining
to my family name Tedesco. Uncorroborated family lore pointed to
of Jewish heritage in Austria.
Frank Tedesco
Largo, Florida

Re: Meaning of the name Tedesco #names


Tedesco in Italian means the same as Ashkenazi in Hebrew. It refers to someone who is originally from Germany or is an Ashkenazy Jew.

Re: Seeking descendants of Rebecca and Israel Balkin #unitedkingdom #usa #general #lithuania



I don't see you on but there are many Balkin, Kravetz and some Ledgin profiles already on Geni. Take a look.

The easy route more more data is our USA Census and various extracts. 

Kravetz is quite a well known and deeply researched family. 


Early 1900s records from Rosario, Argentina #latinamerica


All of my grandparents emigrated as children from Eastern Europe to Argentina (or England then Argentina) in the early 1900s. I only have a Specific birthplace for one of them. I have found a lot on for that one grandparent only.

I have searched and found some ship records. I am now searching for marriage records from Rosario, Argentina to hopefully find birthplaces.

Does anyone know the most effective way to get government documents from ~100 years ago when I don’t know the exact years of marriage? They are also Jewish weddings so I don’t know if there even are official records.

I tried but it was unclear to me that they could get the documents and I have to pay up front. Perhaps it’s a language miscommunication.

Estela from consultas.agja gave me some leads but she did not have information from Rosario.

Any tips are greatly appreciated!
Thank you,
Helen Charca Gonzales
Albuquerque, NM USA

CZARKA/MOSAK - Idzikowice, Poland
EPSTEIN/BLUM - Ukraine? to Rosario vía England

Lawner family in Cincinnati,Ohio, USA #hungary #usa

Andres Carciente

Looking for Lawner family who were originally from Hungary.

I I have only the information that after the war they were living in Cincinnaty, Ohio, USA.

Thanks in advance!



Andres Carciente
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Re: TEDESCO surname in Italy #holocaust #usa #austria-czech


I remember learning years ago that the name 'Tedesco' was used in Italy and France in the middle ages to imply 'Jew' in a derogatory manner.

Require help in ordering Bobrka, Lwow birth certificate #poland


Dear Group


I’m currently assisting my sister-in-law in locating a birth certificate/extract for her paternal uncle Leib KLINGS. Leib was the youngest of three sons born to Mendel and Leiba KLINGS (SCHAFFEL) in Bobrka, Lwow, in 1919. His elder brothers Naftali and Ignacy, survived the war and subsequently emigrated to the USA and Australia. However, Leib and his parents all perished in the Shoah. My sister-in-law has one image of her uncle found in the Bobrka Yizkor book by the Magen David Adom Tracing Department in 2014.


I would really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction re ordering this document.


Best wishes

Rose Raymen

Perth, Western Australia







Re: Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #russia #general


In Russian:







Состоялось в городе Пржеборге двадцать восьмого февраля/одиннадцатого марта тысяча восемсот девяносто восьмого года, в три часа дня явился еврей Мендель Розенфарб, торговец двадцати девяти лет от роду в Пржеборге проживающий, в присутствии свидетелей евреев Абрама Зильберштейна, шестидесяти одного года и Мендла Розенблата, пятидесяти четырех лет от роду, торговцев в Пржеборге живущих и предъявили нам младенца женского пола и объявили, что она родилась в Пржеборге дня восьмого/двадцатого мая, тысяца восемсот девяносто третьего года в девять часов вечера от законной жены Эсфири, урожденной Гутерман, двадцати восьми лет от роду. Младенцу сему, при регилиозном обрезании cовершенном сего числа дано имя Худеса.

Полное заявление о рождении по последовало получить (не понятно).

Акт сей объявляющим прчтен и затем нами и свидетелями подписан, так как объявляющий не грамотный.

Абрам Зильберштейн

Мэндл Розенблат

Бургомистр содержащий акты гражданских состояний   Подпись


Translation into English:







Held in the city of Przheborg on February twenty-eighth / March eleventh one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight, at three o'clock in the afternoon a Jew Mendel Rosenfarb, a merchant of twenty-nine years of age in Przheborg, who lives in Przheborg in the presence of Jewish witnesses Abram Zilberstein, sixty-one and Mandle Rosenblatt

fifty four years old, the merchants in Przheborg living and presented us with a female baby and announced that she was born in Przheborg on the eighth / twentieth of May, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three at nine in the evening from the lawful wife of Esther, nee Guterman, twenty-eight years from kind. With this religious circumcision, this child is given the name Khudesa.

A full birth statement was received (not clear).

This act by the declaring read and then by us and witnesses is signed, since the declaring is not literate.

Abram Silberstein

Mandle Rosenblatt

Mayor containing acts of civil status Signature

Re: Question re Polish parents' anglicised names on 1896 UK Naturalization Certificate #unitedkingdom #poland

Howard Lewis

I have the opposite problem with one of my great grandfathers who listed the names of his parents and his place of origin (Oshmiany) but stated in his naturalisation application that his surname was Smith. It is as if he was trying to take as commonplace an English name as possible to break his familial ties. We have still not discovered his original name back home. 

Translating a Polish Document #poland #warsaw #translation



I have posted a three-page document of a testimony given in 1947 in a Polish court regarding the death at the end of November 1942 in the Warsaw Ghetto of my grandfather, Mordka-Szmul GUTLEJZER from Warsaw.  Because the attached document is handwritten, it is possible that many of the words are difficult to decipher.  I would therefore appreciate any assistance in extracting the following information:  (1) at what location was the body found in the Warsaw Ghetto?  (2) in what condition was the body found?  (3) to where and by whom was the body taken after it was identified?  The three pages of the document are available on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Yaacov Hod, Zichron-Yaacov Israel
Searching: Gutlejzer, Fajgenbaum from Warsaw

Women's names Poland and Lithuania #names #poland #lithuania

Karen Gramigna-Warren

In researching a family they had 2 daughters while living in Grodno, Liza and Luba.  Between the parents filing naturalization papers, newspaper articles etc I was able to work out some approximate birth years for these 2 women.  They stayed in Europe after their parents left in 1936 to come to live with their son in the US.  They were born in Grodno, Russia (then Poland) but one moved to Lithuania according to the father's papers.  I've found 2 records in Kaunas in 1936 and 1941 that I believe is one of these women but the names are Leah/Leja.  One is the Internal Passport which lines up birth town, father's name, maiden name and birth year I estimated.  The parents also listed that one daughter was in Lithuania in 1936 and on their naturalization papers in 1941.  The other is a voters list in 1941 which again lines up with birth year.  I've read that Leah and Leja are the same name, and Luba is Yiddish for loved one.  Could they call her Luba but her real name was Leah?  Or call her Liza and her real name was Leah?

Bayview Nemo B.A. #general

Shlomo Katz

In New Montefiore Cemetery, West Babylon, N.Y., there are burials listed under a society called "Bayview Nemo B.A." (I am guessing that "B.A." stands for Burial Association.)
I am looking for any information about this society that could lead to information about individuals it buried or their living descendants.
In particular, I am interested in Aaron and Florence Schissler.
Thank you
Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring, MD USA

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