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it's interesting that the name was samuel, because there's a whole long thread in the jewishgen archives about "samification", where immigrants to the united states adopted "american names", and "sam" was a particularly popular choice.   the key is that he became samuel after arriving, and not at his bris.
....... tom klein, toronto

Lawrence Weintraub wrote:
My grandfather Samuel was an immigrant from Russia (modern Ukraine) to Massachusetts. I was directed to a theoretical great grandfather, also Samuel, which I was dismissive of for the obvious reason.  It turns out that when they arrived here,  they became Samuel but they had different Hebrew names so there can be exceptions.

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Jill Whitehead

I have my family trees on Ancestry and MyHeritage. I also have DNA results on FTDNA and 23 andme but I do not use their family trees.

Geni belngs to MyHeritage (or the other way round), and both sites use each others' data. I agree the data on Geni is unreliable as there is no checking of data. Geni has given the wrong birth dates for some first cousins of mine (someone must have mistranscribed the data), and this wrong data was being copied into others' family trees. 

There also seem to be people putting others' family trees into Geni who are not related (and where we have not given permission for them to do so), and they make mistakes as well. I pointed out a mistake to one such contributor (unrelated to me) who was putting some details of my wider family tree from JRI Poland -going back in time- into Geni, but they did nothing to correct it. Their interpretation was different from mine, but I had family information she did not to support my view.

I think this is a major failing of Geni.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

IGRA Seminar Day #announcements #events

Garri Regev

IGRA is holding its Annual Seminar Day on June 23, 2020. Entrance is free. There is one registration for the entire day allowing you to join with the same link as often as you like. 
The first three lectures are in Hebrew beginning at 11:00 Israel time. The last four lectures are in English and begin at 15:00 Israel time (8:00 am EDT) The full program is attached and can also be found at
To register for the IGRA Annual Seminar Day -
Garri Regev
Past President, IGRA

Headstone translation help - Hebrew #translation

Karen Gramigna-Warren

Can someone help with the Hebrew translation?

Thanks, Karen

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Davida Handler

I agree with Nicole regarding Geni.  I have never contriuted any information there, but every other day I receive a notice that "someone has been added to your family tree."  I have occasionally checked to see who this was, and for the most part none of the individuals added have anything to do with my family.  My tree is JewishGen's Family Tree of the Jewish People, and only I can make changes or updates to it.  There has never been any problem there, and we can send updates which JGEN enters once each year.  Some people love that website, but my opinion is stay away from it.
Davida Noyek Handler, Henderson, Nevada, USA

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Jill Whitehead

Hi Adam,

How will this differ from the K36 reports available from a number of different sources? I obtained a K36 from a European genetics person last year (at a very reasonable rate), both for the make up of my deep ancestry overall, and for an additional fee. the breakdown on a chromsome by chromsome basis. The person I engaged made use of a variety of reference populations. Some were Jewish and some were not, although some could have been comparators for pre Jewish times, and others applied to both Jews and non Jews, or to populations that were once Jewish but then converted.

Is what you are ofering  a K36 report or something different?

In my case, I was particulalry struck by the degree of Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Greek populations but also Caucusus, Babylonian and North African populations. As my mtdna haplogroup is HV1b2 and my brother's Ydna is G2b, the Caucusus and Babylonian were not a surprise. I also have a close cousin who has the classic Levite DNA signature (R1a1a) and another who has a rare subclade of a common J2b haplogroup, that could be equally Ashkenazi or Sephardi. As I have rabbinical connections on one side of the family (that will not test for their DNA) would your test reveal any Cohanic inflluences?

Would your analysis be able to spot all these significances or differences?

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK (DNA = 7/8th Ashkenazi and 1/8th Sephardi)

Searching for Sandomir Family from Norderney, Lower Saxony #germany


Hello, I am looking for informations about the Sandomir family, they lived on the island of
Norderney until they leaved for emigration (?) in the late 1930s.

If you know something or you know someone who could know, please contact me.

Thank you.

help translating Yiddish or Hebrew with synagogue letter head #translation #yiddish

Aline Petzold

I would like help translating this letter written on paper from Congregation B'Nai Abram, Minneapolis, MN.  

Hate laws chronology #slovakia

tzipporah batami

I am looking to resolve contradictions in chronology of these hate laws which child witnesses still alive report starting years before the codex legislature passed in 1941. I need also dates of when these actions took effect in eastern Slovakia esp Michalovce. I want to compare dates of yellow armband and yellow star mandates there and in entire Slovakia and compare to remainder Europe. Same for not being allowed in parks or certain streets. I cant find detailed clear sources that dont contradict. Thank you.
Feigie Teichman 2G

Re: Need Help locating s Ship's Manifest, Port of New York /FEUERLICHT family #usa #general #hungary

tzipporah batami

Contact ushmm or hias

Re: Headstone translation help - Hebrew #translation

tzipporah batami

Our dear mother is the first two words. Phonetically eemainu hayikara. The rest of her name and the dates of her life.

Re: Records in the Lithuanian database #lithuania

Joel Ratner

If you examine the microfilm records many of the Litvak records were translated from, you'll find that LitvakSIG translated virtually all data shown. The data filled in on the forms answer the questions on the form, usually no more. The Polish records, in many cases, were written as entire paragraphs and as such, the scribe may have included many more details. 
Joel Ratner
Newton, Ma.
Former coordinator, LitvakSIG Vital Records Translation Project

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Re: Headstone translation help - Hebrew #translation

Amos Israel Zezmer

The correct year is 1930 (5690).

Yerres, France

On 02-Jun-20 22:24, Dr.Josef ASH wrote:
H(ere) L(ies)
our dear mother
Sima Perlsweig
d. on 7 of tevet 1939
Let her soul ...

Josef ASH, Israel

Re: Headstone translation help - Hebrew #translation


The translation is as follows below.
7 Tevet 5690 corresponds to 7 Jan. 1930.
Yours truly,
Keith (Osher)

First line: po nikbar (abbr.) – here lies

Second line: Imanu ha’yikara – our beloved mother

Third line: Sima Perlsweig

Fourth line: niftara (abbr.) 7 Tevet 5690 – who died on the 7th of Tevet 5690

Fifth line: tehi nishmata tsrurah b’tsror ha’chaim (abbr.) – may her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life

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Marla Cohen

Addendum to my last post- I neglected to add that both my brother and his son have the same names in Hebrew . They were named for two different ancestors with the same name!
Marla Cohen
Hartford , Ct.

Re: Father and son with same given name I have come across #general

Marla Cohen

My brother and my grandfather have the same Hebrew name. But they were named for two different ancestors , who coincidentally had the same name .
According to Ashkenazi tradition that can only occur if the said ancestors were dead.
Marla Cohen

Re: jews in hiding in freezone France #france #holocaust

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
As I wrote recently on this forum, there is a lot of historical papers concerning Jews' fate around Nice during Shoah.
Unfortunately (nobody is perfect !) most of these documents are in French, as are archives in "Archives départementales des Alpes Maritimes", our administrative county of this area (fond 166).
I attach some pages on "Camp de Rivesaltes" where a lot of rounded up Jews had been sent.
Concerning Jewish Resistance, "Reseau Abadi" had been very active to protect and save children, as was "OSE" and "6eme EIF, Eclaireurs Isarelites de France".
You will find wikipedia pages about them.
Never forget the "Civil Resistance" of French population, 75% of Jewish persons present in France escaped deportation and were saved.

I hope you have some opportunity to read French and I attach some of these documents.
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund /  Workmen Circle) of France

Re: Looking for Lapes (Lopis, Lapis) Odessa/Ukraine 1880s #ukraine

Ariel Parkansky

You can check the All Odessa Database on the Odessa Kehilalinks (
There are several Lapes and Lapis.
Ariel Parkansky

Re: Double Surname in Belarus Revision List #belarus #general


In Russia, every man or women got secondary name from father's first name.  In your case "Shliomovich" is his father first name is Shlioma.  And it's no mater for a man or the women.  When your  great-great grandfather will have a daughter name Malka, she will get full name "Malka Shlimovna, when son Motle, he will get full name Motle Shliomovich.
I was called in Belarus, where was born: Michail Matveevich and my father - Matvey

Re: DORRA Family Descendants , Egypt/Syria #general

peter isert

Hi Jacob
my email is 
I visited some relatives in Haifa I think in the late 1970s someone called Rirtette I think?
i know my grandfather Raphael Dorra died & is buried in Safed
Hope to hear from you soon Jacob
Peter Isert

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