Migration from Tiflis (now Tblisi), Georgia #russia


Does anyone have any information about migration from Tiflis (now Tblisi), Georgia. My grandmother emigrated to Philadelphia around 1904. She was adopted by cousins (not sure of actual relation) Ersner-Gordon. Thanks. Steve DeCherney

Re: Gitel and Leon Okneinu from Pietra Neamt, Romania #romania

Valentin Lupu

Hi Jackie,
I think that the correct family name should be spelled Ocneanu (in Romanian) and pronounced Ockneanou.
Adelina is a diminutive form for Adela. Marcusor (pronounced Marcushor) is also a diminutive form for the name Marcu.
Ocneanu is quite a rare Romanian name. I may help with the search given you can add more data. You can contact me privately either in English or Hebrew.

Valentin Lupu

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation


#47                                                                        183                          



Состоялось в посаде Могельница в восемьнадцатый день Августа тысяча восемьсот девяносто третьего года, в два часа дня. Явились: Вульф-Бер Хирш, пятидесяти шести лет от роду, школьник, и Шлема Гутман, сорока восьми лет от роду, домовладелец, в посаде Могельница жительствующие и объявили: что пятнадцатого числа текущего месяца и года в два часа дня умер Мордка Лейб Райзвинг жительствующий в посаде Могельница, девяносто трёх лет от роду, подившегося неизвестно где, сун Елия Райзвинг и жены его Тобы, урожденной неизвестно, оставив после себя овдовевшую жену Фрайдлю, урожденную неизвестно. По удостоверению о смерти Мордки-Лейб Райзвинга, акт сей прочитан и присутствующими свидетелями подписан.


Чиновник Гражданского Состояния    Войцеховский

Свидетели В. Б. Хирш    Шл. Гутман


Translate to English:


# 47                                                                                         183



The Mogilnitsa Posad took place on the eighteenth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three, at two in the afternoon. Appeared: Wolf-Ber Hirsch, fifty-six years old, a scholar, and Shlioma Gutman, forty-eight years old, a landlord, in the Mogelnitsa Posad resident and announced: that on the fifteenth of the current month and year at two o'clock in the afternoon Mordka-Leib Raisving resident in the Mogelnitsa Posad, ninety-three years old, who marveled in the middle of nowhere, Son of Elijah Raisving and his wife Toba, nee unknown, leaving behind the widowed wife Fraidlia, nee unknown. On the death certificate of Mordki-Leib Raisving, this act has been read and signed by the witnesses present.


Civil Status Officer Wojciechowski

Witnesses B. B. Hirsch    Shl. Gutman

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation


In Russian:



Ривка-Дина Беренбаум.


Состоялось в городе Козеницы в двадцать шестого мая (седьмого июня) тысяча восемьсот девяносто девятого года, в десять часов утра.  Явился лично житель города Козеницы торговец Шмуль Биренбаум, сорока пяти лет от роду, в присутсвии свидетелей жителей города Козеницы школяра Лейзера Шпигеля, пятидесяти девяти лет и торговца Хаима Розенфельда, сорока двух лет от родуи предъявили нам младенца женского пола, объявляя, что она родилась в городе Козеницы, двенадцатого /двадцать четвертого/ мая, тъсяча восемьсот девяносто восьмого года, в двенадцать часов ночи, от законной жены Рухли-Файги, урожденной Диамент, сорока четырех лет от роду имеющею.  Младенцу этому при регилиозном обряде дано имя Ривка-Дина.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан, а затем нами и ими подписан.


Чиновник Гражданского Состояния Козеницкого Божничного округа

Бургомистр, содержащий акты   Подпись


Свидетели Лейзер Шпигель

                   Хаим Розенфельд


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# 54th

Rivka-Dina Berenbaum.


Held in the town of Kozienica on the twenty-sixth of May /the seventh of June/, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine, at ten in the morning. A resident of the city of Kozenitsa, a merchant Shmul Birenbaum, forty-five years old, appeared in the presence of witnesses from the residents of the city of Kozenitsa, schoolboy Leiser Spiegel, fifty-nine years old, and a merchant Chaim Rosenfeld, forty-two years old from the clan presented us with a female baby, announcing that she was born the city of Kozenitsy, on the twelfth / twenty-fourth / May, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight, at twelve in the morning, from the lawful wife of Rohli-Faigi, nee Diament, forty-four years old. Under religious rite, the baby was given the name Rivka-Dina. This act was read to those present, and then they were signed by us.


Civil Status Officer of the Kozenitsa Divine District

Mayor containing Acts Signature


Witnesses Leiser Spiegel

                 Chaim Rosenfeld

Nussbaum family: Helmut, David, #germany


My husband’s family lived in Wanne Eikel.  They were under house arrest when the soldiers who were watching them fell asleep.
Their housekeeper called a friend who had a car to take them to Cologne to say goodbye to their elders before they escaped.  They went to France where they lived in hiding until they were able to go to Israel. 

We have a copy of a memorial Book, about the family, that was written about the Nussbaum’s of Wanne Eikel, perhaps 20 years ago. Memorial was written at the time when the town was remembering those who died in the Holocaust.  The final sentence states that “ the fate of the Nussbaum’s is unknown “.
We would appreciate any further info if it is available.

Thank you, Gail Shneyer Nussbaum and Abraham Nussbaum


Re: Double Surname in Belarus Revision List #belarus #general

Barbara Krasner

I'm going to offer a different perspective. I think in some families two surnames emerged as a result of the adoption of surnames. In my Gurevich family, for instance, some stayed with the name, and others took the name Shavelson after Shevel Gurevich. This was in Belarus. Just something to consider.

Re: Hebrew/Yiddish translation from post card #translation


Sorry, Malka
But you forgot "For memory of (or souvenir)"


Re: Vetting family tree submissions to genealogy sites for data soundness #general

zionsharav <ari@...>

First hand recollections are absolutely strong primary evidence - as they would be in a Court.
I record them with numbered superscripts exactly as I would, for example, the Census of 1869 or
or a passenger list or a probate record:record e.g.

12Personal recollection of Yoni Peloni  recorded by tape in 1974 when he was 76 years of age.

Y DNA question #dna

Carole Brewster

I am female & have 3 sisters. How can I find relatives on my paternal side, especially possible half sibling?
I do have a son & nephews; would their DNA give me that info? Thanks for any explanation.
Carole Brewster
Delray Beach, FL

Re: Hebrew/Yiddish translation from post card #translation



Good morning,



To our meeting (or get-ogether) in

Shedova (?)

Your brother forever

Yitzhak Meltz (?)

Shalom, Malka Chosnek

Re: Hebrew/Yiddish translation from post card #translation

Valentin Lupu

It is in Hebrew:
Souvenir of our meeting at Sedova
Your brother forever...
Itzhak Maltz"

Valentin Lupu

Re: Inventory of 1834 Revision List for Vilna #lithuania

Russ Maurer

Thank you Joel for this detailed inventory (and for alerting me previously about the presence of these films online). LitvakSIG has already begun translation work. There is much new here, but not everything. As you pointed out, file 542 has already been translated. We have also translated a different file, LVIA/515/25/300, which is a duplicate file of the 1834 revision list and subsequent additional revision lists for Vilna district, but not Vilna city itself. Through this translation, the following places are done and available through the ALD: Boguslavishok, Gelvan, Michalishok, Malyat, Musnik, Podbrezhe, and Shirvint (lines 40-58 and 165-196 on your inventory). This reduces the number of new registrations to be translated by about 2000. Our estimate of the work to be done did not include these places.

We would welcome any volunteer translators who would like to help out with this effort. Please get in touch with me. Knowledge of Russian is required.

As we complete these translations, they will first be made available to donors to the Vilnius District Research Group, and then will be added to the ALD after about 18 months. Please consider supporting the project through a donation to the DRG. A qualifying donation of $100 will give you five years of access to all of the Vilna DRG files as well as new translations as they come out.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, LitvakSIG

German Citizenship under Article 116 #germany

Richard Oppenheimer

This question is to those who have successfully obtained German Citizenship through Article 116. How long did it take from your application submission until you received a certificate of naturalization of citizenship; and when did you apply? Thanks.

Re: Descendants of Dutch Jews. Any interest? #general


Under Comments: re- ROZENBERG, Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands, I wrote

Being Dutch born [but living in NZ now for 62 years], I wonder whether you have accessed Dutch genealogical websites, such as Stamboom, see "Stamboom Forum" <genealogie@...>. On its website, they also refer to  which has 219 million records from 90 archives.

Pieter Hoekstra commented: You can also look at which is in English.

In addition there is the Nederlandse Kring voor Joodse Genealogie [Netherlands Circle for Jewish Genealogy] with website On that website is also an English version


BTW; Dutch people would speak of Amsterdammers, and it is Purmerend.
I am still trying to find Abraham VOGEL who went to the USA in October 1846, but seems without trace. He was the father of Sir Julius VOGEL.
Nick Lambrechtsen

Friedmann restaurant in Baden Bei Wien 1900-1915? #austria-czech #hungary


Hello I am researching Margit Friedmann (born 1890 Udvari) and her siblings and parents from Biharudvari, Hungary, who moved to Vienna from 1915 but at some point Margit's father Izsak may also have had a restaurant in Baden Bei Wien and it would be good to see this in the records. Does anyone know where in the Austrian/German records at this time I might find addresses or even census information, I think there was a census in 1910? Or a business address source? Many thanks for any pointers.
Emma Cole

Re: Meaning of Bazel and Chepah #names #romania

Adam Turner

Another possibility is that the person had a compound name, but various people in the family only remembered one half of the name. 

Say your great-grandmother's name was actually Basha-Reizel Sussman. Maybe the person who filled out the marriage certificate remembered the "Basha", hence the "Bazel" on that document. But maybe your immediate family actually only remembered the "Reizel" - and that's why you know her name as "Rose". Ideally, you'd be able to see her gravestone to confirm her name, or at least look at the Hebrew names of her granddaughters and great-granddaughters to see if there's a pattern of her descendants all having the same Hebrew names, making them likely candidates for having been named after her.

Also, are you looking at the actual marriage certificate document, or just the index that shows a transcription of the marriage certificate in a database? Another possibility that occurs to me is that maybe whoever indexed the marriage certificate mistranscribed the "R" in "Razel" as a "B." If the certificate actually lists her name as "Razel" (Reizel), that would pretty clearly fit with your understanding that her name was "Rose."

New Ukraine records #ukraine #russia


I subscribe to a blog tled Finding Lost Russian and Ukrainian Family. The writer just sent the below. I don't know how many useful records will turn up for JewishGen members, but it could signal a general loosening of record restrictions in Ukraine -- we can hope:

Judith Lipmanson

Smyrna, DE (Delaware)

Gitel and Leon Okneinu from Pietra Neamt, Romania #romania

Jackie Fedler <jfedler@...>

My name is Jackie Fedler.
I live in Israel.
I’m trying to help a friend who is sight impaired and can’t use the internet to search his roots/ ancestors from Pietra Neamt.
His grandparents were Gitel and Leon Okneinu.
They had 2 children Adelina and Merkushore.
All he knows is that Leon died in Romania in 1930.
Gitel and her daughter Adelina came to Israel after the war.
Thank you for any help 

Re: US Naturalization Papers from the Supreme Court #usa #general

Ina Getzoff

It probably means that whoever the relative of yours was naturalized in 1922 it occurred in the Supreme Court in Washington, DC. For quite some time people could naturalize in almost any court and then I believe beginning   in the 1920's most of the naturalization began taking place in the Supreme Court of whatever state the person lived in.
Hope this helps.
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Florida

Re: US Naturalization Papers from the Supreme Court #usa #general

Shelley Mitchell

After 1906, records of naturalizations in federal courts, including the Supreme Ciurt of Washington, DC, should be in USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) inventory. Also try
Shelley Mitchell, NYC    shemit@...
Searching for TERNER, GOLDSCHEIN, KONIGSBERG, SCHONFELD, in Kolomyya; PLATZ, in Delaytn; and TOPF, in Radautz and Kolomea.

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