Re: WG: death record for German emigrant interned at Camps de Gurs, France, in 1941: cause of death: troubles cerebraux #germany #france

Alyssa Freeman

Doing a quick Google search of the term makes it look like that it could refer to Alzhimer's/Dementia.

Alyssa Freeman
Henrico, VA

Re: Witkin family from Mogilev #belarus

Carole Feinberg

Sorry, Judy, I cannot offer you any help. But, your post helped me recall my early years. In the 1940s and 1950s, for a treat, my parents would buy deli from Witkin's Deli in Bronx, NY, for the family to enjoy at home. Mmmmmm. It was a weekend treat. Come to think of it, you ought to look into Jewish cemeteries in New York City, many of which have searchable online databases. Besides surname, look into Mogilev landsmanshaftn, too (social/burial societies). Traditional Jewish tombstones usually include the father's given name of the deceased, Good luck finding your family.

Re: "High Rabbi" in Poland, Ger Rabbi #poland #warsaw #rabbinic


It's very possible that the "high Rabbi" was the rebbe of Ger but it could have been the leader of many other Chassidik dynasties. Why do you believe it is him? From what I can find quickly online the center of the Ger dynasty was in Gora Kalawaria (Ger) which is closer to Warsaw than to Krakow. Ger was one of the largest sects before the war (and remains so today) and probably had a strong presence in Warsaw so he may have been a follower. 
I don't know off hand of a different Chassidik sect based in Krakow but as a larger city it would have had many shteibelach (smaller synagogues) connected to various sects. There could have been a big Rabbi who he followed there who wasn't a leader of a dynasty but had a large following. Also your mother may have remembered Krakow when in fact it was a smaller town in the area.
As far as why he would travel to visit the rebbe, he most likely went to spend the high holidays or another holiday there. It was and still is common for Chassidim to travel to gather with the sect leader for the holiday prayers. The rebbe would have spoken, and possibly give individual Chassidim blessings or counsel. 

Re: Who Was Cudek APOTHEKER from Krakow # galicia #general


Shalom Jacob,
I am a Cudek.  I live in Ottawa, Canada.  I doubt the information I have is related to your query but I thought I would respond.  Here is what little I know:
In Canada our spelling is Cudeck.  My grandfather Joseph Cudeck was born April 30, 1909 in Czestochowa, Poland.  He arrived in Toronto, Canada just before WWII.
I remember stories that the original last name was indeed Tzudik but that the name was anglicized for immigration purposes.  I also know that there were/are
Cudeks living in Paris and they had/have a fur factory.
Joseph Cudeck (d.June 4, 1985) married Eva Rose (Jan 20, 1909-Nov 11, 1989).  They had 2 children:  Sydney (Nov 28/36-Oct 31/76) and Jerry (May 2/47-Nov 24/97).  Sydney married Anne Gliklich (Apr 5/38-Dec 20/20).  They had 2 children.  Denise (b.July 11/64) and Ken (b.Nov 9/66). As far as I know, we (Denise and Ken) are the last surviving Cudeck's in Canada. We have no children. Jerry Cudeck embraced the Chasidic culture late in his life and married twice.  The second marriage produced a daughter who I believe lives in New York.  She is probably in her 20's or 30's by now and is married. 
Feel free to contact me again if you need more information.  I hope this information was helpful for you.  Shabbat Shalom.
Denise Lascelle (nee Cudeck)

Re: Moses Hyam or Hyam Moses - name reversal in early 19th century #unitedkingdom

Marshall Lerner

My grandfather was Moshe Chaim but his gravestone reads Chaim Moshe ben Shimon.Zev ha Levi. When I asked family members about the transposition I did not receive a satisfactory answer. As a result I have come to accept that it might simply be an error.I will follow this tread with interest.

Re: The male name Shapsei #names #lithuania

Peter Wiesner <peterwiesner@...>

The original first name of my grandfather, Steve Krotoczynski, who was born in Kleczew Poland, was Czapse, which appears to be a variant of Shapsei.  When he emigrated to America and then to England, he assumed "Steve" as his first name.  Later he lived in Berlin, Germany and used the German equivalent of Steve, "Stephan." I don't know about the connection between "Czapse" given at birth and his later assumed names. 

Peter Wiesner, Newtown, PA USA

Re: Name of Mendelson #names


I would love to share information. I have traced my Mendelson line back to the 1700's. Most of them being born in Mogilev and Shklove Belarus. I still have many gaps in my tree with at least 65 names of Mendelson ancestry that remain a mystery fate unknown. I am always looking for new connections to help fill in those blanks. There are a few leads I have traced with no positive results even though I know there is a connection. That makes me sad, when they don't want to answer you, even just to at least confirm or say no. My great great grandfather was Morduhk Mendelson and his father was a Movsha-Shlema/Shlomo. My great grandmother was Anna Mendelson Rakovschik who was one of at least 12 children. Two of her brothers Samuel and Louis also came to America. 

Re: The male name Shapsei #names #lithuania

Jill Whitehead

Thanks for all your comments. I was taken by Moshe Davis's example of Robert. I read that Bob Dylan's hebrew name was Shabtai. (My) Samuel Servian's sister's eldest son was called Reuben, which later became Robert when he emigrated to the USA from Liverpool in 1907.  Whether he was named after Shapsei I do not know. Also equally possible, Samuel's brother Abraham/Albert named his youngest son Sidney, which may be more likely.

Jill Whitehead, 

Re: The male name Shapsei #names #lithuania


My Great Great Grandfather was Szapsaj Zylberstzejn.   His Hebrew name (known from his son's grave ) was Shabtai.
Shabtai/Sapse/Szapsz/Szapsaj) שבתי Zylbersztejn זילבערשטיין
 He was married a woman from Wasoz - the Lewandowska family, and later died in Szuzcyn both in Lomza Gubernia  a neighboring Gubernia to Suwalki

Sourcing Photos #general #photographs


What is the best way to source photos? As my cousins and I do photo exchanges, a documented source seems to be the best way to resolve future questions about the contents of the image.  I'd like to do this sourcing electronically. Also, how does one do this if the name of the image changes or the location of the image changes? I am constantly re-organizing my file folders.
Thank you,
Tammy Weingarten

Re: Replies to Queries Sent from the JGFF #general

Elizabeth S. Lourie

Yes!!! In the one exchange I had, I was finally able to get my message to the requester but subsequent ones failed and I finally had to give up. I felt bad that she would think I was ignoring her.  I hadn’t thought of using my webmail.

Elizabeth Schwartz Lourie
Washington, DC

Re: The male name Shapsei #names #lithuania

Moshe Davis

The origin of the name Shabsai (Ashkenazi pronuciation) or Shabtai (Sefardi pronunciation) is Biblical - see Ezra 10:15, Nechemia 11:16
Shabsai HaLevi was apparently an important enough individual to be mentioned as helping to organize those who returned to the land of Israel from the Babylonian exile.

My wife's father was Shabtai. We have a son Shabsai. In the family there are a series of descendents named in alternating generations Shabtai the son of Moshe or Moshe the son of Shabtai. There are thus a number of parallel cousins named either Shabtai or Moshe. The family are Sefardim from Istanbul by way of Cuba, originally probably descended from exiles of the Spanish expulsion of 1492. In Cuba he went by Sabeto. After arriving in the USA in the mid-1950s, he went by Robert (because of the English resemblance to Sabeto). Most of the family members today live in Michigan, Florida, and Israel.

Moshe Davis

On Thu, 11 Jun 2020 at 14:42, Jill Whitehead via <> wrote:
I am seeking an English equivalent of the first name Shapsei who was the father of Samuel Servian who was a cousin of my grandfather who was also called Samuel Servian (ne Serwianski). Shapsei and his son were born in Kovno in Lithuania, whereas my Servians came from nearby Sejny in Suwalki Gubernia in NE Poland. I have come across Samuel as being a translation of Shapsei, but this seems unlikely as his son was called Samuel. Certain names are repeated in the Servian/Serwianski family (e.g. Mordecai/Max, Josiel/Joseph, Baruch/Barnet, Abraham/Albert, Jacob/Julius) but Shapsei is not one of them - could this be a pet name for another name?

There are several Samuel Servian/Server/Serviansky's (all cousins) in the same generation who lived in variously Liverpool, UK; Middlesbrough, UK (a rabbinical line who came from Vistytis in Lithuania which used to be in Suwalki Gubernia until 1919), Chicago, Pittsburgh, California, Grand Rapids, Toronto and New York. Most have two first names. My grandfather was Samuel Salmon (Solomon), and his Liverpool cousin was Samuel Henry (presumably after Hirsch?). Therefore it is possible Shapsei is one part of a two part name. 

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has a Shapsei in their family and what the English version of the name was most likely to be.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

WG: death record for German emigrant interned at Camps de Gurs, France, in 1941: cause of death: troubles cerebraux #germany #france


Dear Group,

In a death record issued by the physician of he hospital of Camps de Gurs,
Pyrenées, France, from January 1941 I found the somewhat irritating term
that the interned person – a German emigrant - died from “troubles
cerebraux.” There are no other medical entrances in this “certificat de
I found this term in medical articles, related to Multiple sclerosis or
Alcoholisme – both diseases which can cause multiple cerebral disorders.
But was there a special meaning of the term in a death certificate?
There are some suggestions that the person might have committed suicide but
that is not at all clear.
Would the term be compatible with an intoxication?

Barbara Elkeles
North-Rhine Westphalia 

Kehilat Friedberg from Andreas Gotzmann #germany


Hi all!
I am looking for the book Kehilat Friedberg  from Andreas Gotzmann part 2,
to help me with my ancestor's from friedberg,
if anyone knows someone in the US that sells it,
please notify me,

Israel Weber

Re: The male name Shapsei #names #lithuania

Michael Snyder (JewishGen)

My brother's hebrew name is Shabsi. His name is Sheppard (Shep). He was named for my Geat-Uncle Sheppard, who was named for Shabsa Oks of Volynia in present day Ukraine.

Re: Need to have a Stenographic Shorthand Note Deciphered #translation


Hello David.  I am also in California and need someone who can help translate German shorthand (some possibly Czech too).  DId you get any useful suggestions?
Thank you,
Barbara Barrett

“JewishGen Talks” Webinars #JewishGenUpdates #education

Nancy Siegel

JewishGen successfully launched the JewishGen Talks series of free webinars this month and we’re pleased to report that the response has been outstanding. Registrations for both the June 3rd and June 10th programs exceeded our expectations and the presentations were enthusiastically received.

During the rest of June and through July, JewishGen Talks offers a line-up of eminent speakers who will present programs on a diverse range of topics relating to Jewish genealogy. Register now!

To learn more and to register for the upcoming webinars, go to:

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco/CA/USA)

Director of Communications 

Questions? webinars@...

Re: Departure from the U.S. #general

Barbara Ellman

Sergio asked :" Was this a usual route - sailing from Europe to the US and then to South America ? Sounds expensive for a third class passenger ".  Many ships headed to South America went through New York.  My gggrandfather did so in 1895.  I suspect that the money route for the shipping company was from Europe to the US, not to South America.  
Check the manifest to see the sailing date going to South America and the arrival date in NY.  You will see how long the ship was in port in the US. 
If this doesn't show that the ship arrived and left within a day or two, look for the manifest on which he arrived in the US.  This manifest would show who he was going to with a name and address..  Unless you know that he was in NY for a length of time, I don't see much use of looking for where he may have stayed.

Barbara Ellman
Secacuus NJ USA

Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ USA
ELLMAN, COIRA, MAIDMAN - Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS - Ulanow, Poland

Re: The male name Shapsei #names #lithuania

Sheldon Clare

I had an uncle in Argentina whose Hebrew name was Shapseh. His Argentinian name was Salvador!!

Re: synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates

Nolan Altman

There were two typos in the first uploaded letter.  Please use this revised one.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


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