Re: Moses Hyam or Hyam Moses - name reversal in early 19th century #unitedkingdom

Bob Friedman

Harris JACOBS was born circa 1835 in Prussia and was married in London in 1857.  After immigration to the U.S., he and his family lived in Boston under that surname through the 1880 U.S. Census.  Shortly thereafter they moved to Omaha.  In the 1885 Nebraska state census, they were enumerated as the family of John [sic]  HARRIS
Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

Re: Moses Hyam or Hyam Moses - name reversal in early 19th century #unitedkingdom

Bob Friedman

Sorry, the last message was incomplete.

From 1885 onward Harris JACOBS became Jacob HARRIS, as his name appeared in official records until his death.
Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

Town in Hungary KOMIDAT (UNGAR) #hungary

Jackie Wasserstein

I am researching my friend's grandparents.  Her paternal grandfather states on his Declaration of Intention that he came from KOMIDAT (UNGAR). Hungary.  Anybody know where this is?  I checked Jewishgen and could not find any towns with those names.
Thank you.
Jackie Wasserstein

Re: Har Nebo Cemetery in Phila #photographs #usa

Nancy Dorfman

Have you tried going on You'll need to register, using an email address, but it is free. There are already memorials for Har Nebo, so you can do a search, or request a photo from a volunteer.

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania

Elise Cundiff

My grandmother's maternal family were ZIV.  However, the only location that I know of for them is Moletai (Malat), which doesn't seem to be near any of your locations of interest.  

Looking for Godelnik and Applebaum family relatives in the US #usa


My father, Chaim Godlenik, was born in 1912 in the village of Siemyaticze, Poland, to Sheina Sara (her father - Fischel Applebaum) and Yossef Yoell Godlenik.

Attached the invitation to my grandparents' wedding (written in Yiddish and Russian):


In the family, there were six boys. My father and two brothers immigrated to Israel in 1936 and all the rest of the family perished in the Holocaust.

Excluding a cousin in Australia (with her family I am in contact with) - I knew of the existence of a family, on the side of Godlenik, in the United States. In the past, I tried to locate them and when I reached the end of the thread - there was no response from the other side.

I recently went over listings of close relatives in the United States from Applebaum's side. I found at:

One, which seems to be my grandmother's brother (due to similarity in: family surname and name of father,  and name of village)and his family, as off below:


According the above information and more information I got from internet, I build the bellow family tree:

This tree is completing a missing section in my family tree (from my father's side).

I wish to connect with, at list, one of the family, by mail or by phone.

Thank you very much for help.

Yossi Godelnik


death record for German emigrant interned at Camps de Gurs, France, in 1941: cause of death: troubles cerebraux #germany #france

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,

Before giving my point on death certificates in Gurs camp, I ask you this question: even in our democratic nations, how many deaths will be really referenced as Covid victims?

As our states and our public administrations have a dramatic responsibility in their way to protect (or ... in fact, not protecting) our population, telling truth on death certificates is of great importance.


In ghettos* and camps during Shoah, it has been exactly the same.


Gurs and Rivesaltes internment camp, managed by "French collaboration state " of Marechal Petain till November 1942 in "South free zone" had been hell's gate to our poor internees.


They were mostly foreign Jews who escaped Germany as soon as 1933 or who arrived from Belgium, Nederland or northern France during their "exode" in front of invading nazis army (Blitzkrieg, May-June 1940).


In these camps, men, women and children were really starving, without any sanitation or health care, living in barracks open to all winds.


Jewish organizations could not visit internees and this the HONOR of some American Quakers, Protestants and Catholics organizations to have fought against Petain's will in order to access and help our people.

I am always moved when I read testimonies of young women, young nurses from CIMADE or other NGO (as we say now) who deliberately decided to intern herself and be always presents as first responder.

Climax of their actions have been when deportations started directly from these camps : at their life's risk, they organized smuggling of little children, even in their own backpack, to save them.

Tragic moments happened when they had to convince mothers to let their children go, we have testimonies of these heartbreaking drama.


For a previous answer, I had checked, more than 3.000 internees died in Rivesaltes camp.


Administration could write anything on death certificate, not to be involved, real cause is : they have been killed by Petain's anti-Semitic policy !

Bernard Flam
Archives & History of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring of France (Bund / Workmen Circle)
Searching : FLAM, AGID around Lemberg, Olesko, Brody

* my GGF Abe Nusen Kronenberg died in March 1942 of "Thrombosis" in Lodz' ghetto hospital...

Re: Har Nebo Cemetery in Phila #photographs #usa


Have you both tried to contact Har Nebo?   If I recall correctly, they took a picture for me for a small fee or maybe it was a donation.   

Re: synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates


When I asked to do this about five years ago, the synagogue board turned the project down over privacy concerns. We had volunteers and were ready to go, but apparently a few board members were concerned that it was an invasion of privacy.  T

Peggy Freedman

Re: Moses Hyam or Hyam Moses - name reversal in early 19th century #unitedkingdom

Steven Usdansky

In my family, one grandson of Chaim-Moshe was named that, two were named Moshe-Chaim. The reason for the reversal of the names remains a mystery.

Re: WG: death record for German emigrant interned at Camps de Gurs, France, in 1941: cause of death: troubles cerebraux #germany #france

peter isert

I think it could well have been referring to a form of psychotic depression often thought of as a malady of the brain in days gone by

Re: Moses Hyam or Hyam Moses - name reversal in early 19th century #unitedkingdom


Hello everyone from the sweltering heat of Dubai,

Thank you all for your replies and interest.

I just wanted to clarify that I am asking about the likelihood of a man swapping his given name and his family name. 

The 1812 marriage recorded in the register of London's Great Synagogue indicates that the groom's given name was Hyam in English and Chayim in Hebrew. His English family name was apparently MOSES.

Is it likely that that he later chose to call himself Moses (given name) HYAM (family name) for civil purposes, i.e. change his family name? 

Were the family names used by the Jews of early 19th England fixed or was there a degree of fluidity?

Justin Levy

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania

Terry Ashton

Hi Ettie
My great grandfather was Lewis Segal,whose original name was Leib Segalovich and was from Vilna. His parents were Abram and Tzvia Segalovich. I can go back a bit further.
Lewis was in the UK in time for the 1891 census, aged 17.
Terry Ashton

Looking for family of MARCEL BRZOSKOWSKI #france #holocaust


I recently acquired a small french flag that was reportedly owned by Marcel and I would like to learn more about the person.  The person I acquired it from purchased it 20 years ago but does not remember from where.  Marcel was a prisoner in the Dachau concentration camp system.  He started his imprisonment in June 1944 and was liberated from Kottern in April 1945.  I have him either born in 1919 or 1924 in Paris, France.  

In preliminary searching, there may be a surname of Tiemeyer related to Marcel, which is a Great Grandmother on my mother's side.  At the moment there is nothing verified on that.

With all that said, I would love to learn more about Marcel and someone out there is able to help.

Thank you,

Re: Translate Yiddish Grave #photographs #translation #yiddish

Dr.Josef ASH

Shalom Tammy, It is Hebrew
"Dear and honorabel educated young
son of Mr Menahem"  two abbreviations: "land of Israel" and "may his light shine"
on the second day of the Pesah Holyday
year 1925"
Josef ASH, Israel

Online Free Photo Archive Creates Mosaic of Collective Memory-Romania #romania

Jan Meisels Allen




A free online photo archive with pictures donated by the public is restoring Romania’s collective memory.  Azopan is the free online archive which digitizes and publishes analogue photographs donated by the public.

Go to to see the photos. There is a banner beneath the Azopan name . Click on the year you wish to view. It starts in 1900 and has an archive every five years through 1990.  One can view photographs from World War l as well as World War ll.


Azopan hopes more people will submit photos that they can scan and publish, making this archive grow so that it becomes even more representative of Romania’s pre-digital memory.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada Digitization of Oral Histories and Newspaper Archive #canada #jgs-iajgs

Jan Meisels Allen




IAJGS member, the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada, Inc., has digitized two of its major collections: oral histories ad newspaper archive. They are available for online research and browsing. 


To access the collections go to:


The oral history collection consists of 200 audio clips recorded between 1968-2011 of rabbis, businesspeople, professionals, politicians, Holocaust survivors an others. The newspaper collection dates back to the early 1900s and includes Der Yiddishe Vort (Israelite Press), a Yiddish-language newspaper published in Winnipeg; the Jewish Post, an English-language weekly founded in 1925; and Western Jewish News, also founded in 1925.


Photos in the collection are of family life, work and Jewish organizations.


The digitization project cost $50,000. It was made possible by support from the Thomas Sill Foundation, the Jewish Foundation of Winnipeg, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority and by donations from Richard Kroft and the late Mark Bernstein.


To read more see:



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Subj: ViewMate translation request - Old handwritten German #germany #translation


Subj: ViewMate translation request - Old handwritten German
I've posted 2 vital records in German for which I would like a translation, please. 
They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page, and/or the Google doc
mentioned in the ViewMate pages.

These are photographs from 2 pages of a house record book.
When we visited the archive in Moenchengladbach, the archivist rattled off what they said - and I couldn't catch up.

Thank you very much.

Karen Abrams
Raleigh NC
Towns: Poland / Russia
Towns: Mönchengladbach, Kleve / Cleve, Münster, Waldniel, Roermond, Arnhem, Elberfeld, Wuppertal,
Harsewinkel, GrossBerkel, Utrecht, Kalkar, Sambeek, Hörstgen, Northington, Wiesenbach, 
Schwäbisch Hall, Stuttgart, Braunsbach Hall, Dinxperlo, Duisburg, Uedem, Oisterwijk,
Aerzen, Westphalia

Re: synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates

Max Heffler

During the week of my father’s shiva I went to a number of local synagogues and 2 of 3 welcomed me and the 3rd denied me.


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Subject: Re: [] synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates


When I raised this proposal at my synagogue, there was some resistance that it was a privacy violation.  I have encountered similar objections when photographing gravestones. In the the case of gravestones, my response is that after literally setting something in stone and displaying it in a public place, it is unreasonable to expect the information thereon to be private.  But, one could make the argument that synagogue memorial plaques are not in the same category.  Has anyone else encountered this objection, and how did you address it?

Peter Cohen


Web sites I manage - Personal home page, Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society, Woodside Civic Club, Skala, Ukraine KehilalLink, Joniskelis, Lithuania KehilaLink, and pet volunteer project - Yizkor book project:

Re: Trying to confirm marriage - SHAPIRO and ELSNER #belarus #austria-czech

Paul Shapiro

Another member suggested that I should share more information about my Great Aunt. 

I've attached her Declaration of Intent, which has the following information.  There are two bits of info that make me think she's my great aunt, besides her name: Her place of origin - Grodno, and her address in NY, 186 Henry St, which is very close to where my grandfather was living around the same time.  If Elsner is not her spouse, I'd be very interested in knowing whether she did marry and where she lived.  I couldn't find her in a 1920 census as Anna Shapiro.

Here's the DoI info:
Born: 8/15/1893
Where: Grodna, Russia
M. Status: Single
Occupation: Finisher
Resident: 186 Henry St, NYC, NY
Embarkation Point: Rotterdam, Holland
Ship Name: Amsterdam
NY Arrival: 03/15/1913
Date of Filing: 04/04/1918

Thank you!

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