Other names for Yitzchak? #names


On my grandfather Louis Witkin's death certificate, his father's name is Yitzchak, but I can't find Yitzchak anywhere in the archives.  Any suggestions for how that name may have been listed?
Judy Cannon

Re: Name of Mendelson #names

Marjorie Geiser

Although I would usually respond to such posts privately, since there seem to be quite a few Mendelsohn's, I thought I'd go ahead and respond to the group.
My maternal 2nd g-grandmother was Rebecca Mendelsohn (Rivkah Rikel), born apx 1849 in Warsaw. Her father was Shmuel Mendelzon. I know nothing else about her family and have been unable to find anything.
She married Vitor Moczydlower (in US Mochedlover) in 1872 and immigrated to the US  in 1907, where eight of her ten children also ended up.
Margie Geiser
Northern Arizona, USA


Re: Har Nebo Cemetery in Phila #photographs #usa

Nancy Dorfman

Also try Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK) an online site. They have volunteers that respond to requests. I had someone take a photo for me. I will private message you with her name.

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania

Alyssa Freeman

I have three sets of Segals in my family, though for all I know they may be connected, distantly. They're all in-laws, so I don't know a whole lot about them as I generally don't put in-laws in my tree. Only one of them was born in Lithuania, though (the others were born in NY and Northumberland in the UK). The one born in Lithuania was Isaac Segal, born in Rietavas in 1899, which is part of the Kaunas district. He married my cousin Esther Kallner from Zemiacu who died in the Holocaust. I currently don't know if they had any children.
Alyssa Freeman
Henrico, VA

Re: Jewish Prostitution (was Re: Jewish Argentinians) #latinamerica

Margalit Ashira Ir

Hello Genners,
My aunt was a victim of human trafficking from Russia to Buenos Aires.  She somehow managed to leave the region on to Lima, Peru where she spent the rest of her life.  We were blessed with her visit to Israel in 1951, a year before she died.
How do i find out specifically about her time in Buenos Aires, when she might have left for Peru and what it was like in Peru for her.  Our parents refused to say anything other than "she was an angel" coming to us with gifts of gold, silver and linen in a time when life was quite difficult in Israel.
Any help would be so wonderful to receive.

Warm Regards,
Margalit Ashira Ir
Searching:  EDELMAN, ECKSZTEJN, IR, TUGENDER - Biala Podlaska

JEKIEL, LANDMAN - Galicia (Buczacz, Stanislaw)



Munz (Munz) Hatschek, Csapkovitz #hungary

George Muenz


I have been fortunate to find a lot of information in the past few years, but every day brings new material. Just yesterday I found the marriage record for my Great Grandparents, Natan Csapkovitz and Fani Hatschek. In the record I was able to find information on both their parents as well. 

So, I am always looking for information on these family names:

Munz (Muncz), Hatschek, Csapkovitz, Schwartz, Valdhauser (Nett Schwartz was my Great Grandmother, daughter of Marton Schwartz and Mari Valdhauser.

Thank you from Canada

New Book By Historian Jan Grabowski Polish Shows Polish Police Had Key Role in Nazi Final Solution #holocaust #poland

Jan Meisels Allen

A new book by historian Jan Grabowski with new research shows Polish Police had a key role in Nazi’s Final Solution


Thank you to Randy Fishbein for sharing the article with us.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: Online Free Photo Archive Creates Mosaic of Collective Memory-Romania #romania


Hi Jan,
Looks like a valuable site, but seems to default to ”selected year”  when any search attempt is made, and I can’t see a way to remove this restriction. The check mark beside it does not uncheck. Other than searching for the same term in 5 year increments which is very time consuming, any other suggestions?
Many thanks, Janyce
Jan Lastman, Toronto ON CANADA.  Janllb@...
Researching: LASTMAN and LASTMANN w/origins in HOLLAND late 1600s then => Lublin early-mid 1700s.
By early-mid 1800s there were LASTMAN/N branches => Łódź, Radom, Warsaw, Szydlowiec and Ostrowiec, POLAND and Leipzig and Breslau, GERMANY
My LASTMAN relatives married in 1800s to KLAJMAN, KAUFMAN, LEDERMAN, KAC, CUKIER, STROSBERG, WAJCHANDLER, KUTCHINSKY/KUTNER etc... then => Toronto and Rio de Janeiro in early 1900s.  LASTMAN/Ns who remained in Europe but survived the Holocaust => France, Israel, Australia, Sweden, NYC, New Orleans.
Also researching:
MADELSBERG that somehow became DAVIDSON while still in Ostrowiec POLAND (!), immigrating as DAVIDSON => Toronto, Montreal, NYC and Detroit, most EARLY 1900s pre WW1
— SINGER / ZYNGIER from Janow Poldaski POLAND => Toronto and possibly Columbus OH all pre WW1 married to SCHAFER / SHAFIR from Linitz now Illinits UKRAINE (Russia) => Toronto and Detroit and possibly Columbus OH all pre WW1

Rapoport-Quint Family Tree on MyHeritage or contact  janllb@...

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania

Annette Weiss

My maternal grandmother was Dora Siegel who immigrated from Seirijai Lithuania around 1907, and her mother's name was Syvia (Tsvia?) Katz..

Re: Town in Hungary KOMIDAT (UNGAR) #hungary

Alexander Sharon


Probably place Komadi, also known as Komaiti in Bihar megye


Re: Sourcing Photos #general #photographs


Do you mind sharing that app (and IOS or Windows or ?) that allows you to add labeling and comments at the bottom under the photo?  I have not heard of this and need it badly!!!!  Thanks for all of your comments!

Re: Records in the Lithuanian database #lithuania

Mary Anne Z Wheeler <maryanne.wheeler@...>

Joel Ratner,
I read somewhere that the early 1800's Catholic church records from Sudargas (Sudarg), which contain Jewish marriages, were transcribed by LitvakGIG. Where can I find those records?
Mary Anne Wheeler
Birmingham, MI

Re: Vetting family tree submissions to genealogy sites for data soundness #general

Arline and Sidney Sachs

I agree with Sally Bruckheimer.  It is difficult if not impossible to check some of the data that others have put on their family trees.   I have scanned all my documents and attached them as .jpgs to the appropriate people.  Gedcom served us for many years, but if gedom were made to include media, one could see the documents that  are attached to people.  Then one could be sure that the data is accurate.

Arline and Sidney Sachs

Re: Sourcing Photos #general #photographs


I keep a copy of the original photo with a name describing the content, such as John Smith 1942 or Smith Family 1978. I then edit the photo using a commercially available app and add text at the bottom of the photo, stating the names of the people or a short explanation and save it under a slightly different name. I can also enhance the photo using the same app, if needed. This way I have the original unchanged and a copy with a proper description/comment. I find it the best way to replace the old method of labeling photos on the back.
The app is installed on my smartphone, which allows me to start the labeling process as soon as I take pictures of photos held by other people, while I visit them.

Dan Efrat

Ezdal / Ezdale / Esdaile - any ideas about the man's Hebrew name? #names #usa

Justin Levy


I'm trying to work out what the Hebrew name of the following gentleman may have been.

Esdaile Philip COHEN was born in about 1792 in Swansea, Wales, UK to Jacob COHEN (d. 1819 Swansea) and Catherine born PHILLIPS (c1773-1865). 

He emigrated to North America, where he married Fanny, a daughter of Andrew HAYS, in Montreal in 1829. The couple moved to Philadelphia where Esdaile died in 1856, followed by Fanny in 1865.

Both were buried in Federal Street Cemetery of the Mivkeh Israel Congregation. Unfortunately none of the records available online reveal Esdaile's Hebrew name.

Has anybody perhaps come across this given name or something similar? I would appreciate any suggestions. 


Justin Levy

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania


Hi Ettie

My 3x Great Grandmother was Rebecca Segal born about 1820.  She was married to Itsik Ezekiel Tsimbler.  The only location I know of is Skuodas where my Great grandmother was living prior to emigrating to Glasgow (and eventually Toronto).  There were also Tsimbler relatives in Plunge. 

Karyn Stewart Sokol

Re: Moses Hyam or Hyam Moses - name reversal in early 19th century #unitedkingdom

Bob Friedman

Harris JACOBS was born circa 1835 in Prussia and was married in London in 1857.  After immigration to the U.S., he and his family lived in Boston under that surname through the 1880 U.S. Census.  Shortly thereafter they moved to Omaha.  In the 1885 Nebraska state census, they were enumerated as the family of John [sic]  HARRIS
Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

Re: Moses Hyam or Hyam Moses - name reversal in early 19th century #unitedkingdom

Bob Friedman

Sorry, the last message was incomplete.

From 1885 onward Harris JACOBS became Jacob HARRIS, as his name appeared in official records until his death.
Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

Town in Hungary KOMIDAT (UNGAR) #hungary

Jackie Wasserstein

I am researching my friend's grandparents.  Her paternal grandfather states on his Declaration of Intention that he came from KOMIDAT (UNGAR). Hungary.  Anybody know where this is?  I checked Jewishgen and could not find any towns with those names.
Thank you.
Jackie Wasserstein

Re: Har Nebo Cemetery in Phila #photographs #usa

Nancy Dorfman

Have you tried going on You'll need to register, using an email address, but it is free. There are already memorials for Har Nebo, so you can do a search, or request a photo from a volunteer.

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