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Phyllis Berenson

A great resource for given names is/are the Given Names Data Bases on JewishGen:
My maternal grandfather was Itzchok, known in the US as Isaac, Izzy and sometimes as Isadore.
Phyllis Gold Berenson
San Francisco and Sonoma, California
Researching: BERENSON (Mogilev-Podolskiy, Shargorod, Ukraine), MILMAN (Briceni Moldova) , FINKELSTEIN (Zamosc, Poland), GOLDFARB (Pavlivka,Ukraine, Poland) MELAMED Lukiv, Ukraine, Poland), GOLDGEIN (Mogilev-Podolskiy, Ataki, Moldova)

Re: Munz (Munz) Hatschek, Csapkovitz #hungary


Well done, George. You are going a great job. I use to follow you. All your information can be used to my own Wertheimer family tree. Be well.

Re: Moses Hyam or Hyam Moses - name reversal in early 19th century #unitedkingdom

Diane Jacobs

Just to add some humor to this subject.
I have a great uncle Samuel Aaron
Singman who was born Aaron Samuel. His family told me he changed  it in the US, because he didn't want his initials to be ASS.

Diane Jacobs 

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Thank you, Bob.

You have confirmed what I suppose I already suspected. People did reverse their secular given and family names. But it's great to hear some concrete examples.

I once knew a guy in the UK with the surname MORRIS. His grandfather or great-father appeared in secular records as Breslauer MORRIS. That was a pretty obvious case of name reversal. It did not take long to find the record of the adoption of the surname BRESLAUER by a man called Moritz.

Justin Levy
Dubai, UAE
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: Recent Record Updates #JewishGenUpdates


You cannot see a  list of all the entries in a database and scroll through it. 
You can search for a name or a place or other (depends on the content of the database) using:
 (1)    The Unified Search.  This will bring up a table showing  the many places within Jewishgen where your entry appears. Click  to see it.
 (2)     Some databases are searchable from a lower level than the Unified Search.  At the bottom of the description page for each database is a click button telling you the level from which the search can be made.  The two you mention can only be searched from the Unified Search level.  You can find them on the Holocaust Database page by doing a search via Ctrl F.    

If you have an interest that goes beyond curiosity you might contact the person who compiled and submitted the database to Jewishgen.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

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Thank you to Avraham Groll you and all the volunteers for all the recent record updates.  I have tried to access the individual categories that you have listed and keep winding up in the "Jewishgen Unified Search."   For example, if I wanted to review the list Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland (RvD) Card File
or  JCA: Candidates for Colonization  is there any way that I can access that particular list?  Is it on the list of databases?  Am I missing something?

Thank you
Avivah Pinski
near Philadelphia

Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Greenberg ancestors #names #romania


Hi All
I am seeking information on my Greenberg ancestry. A sister to my great grandfather was a Henia/Hana Greenberg who married a Hersh Ber. They were from Hertza dorohoi Romania. I am not sure how many children they had, for I only have names of three. One died in infancy. So I am interested to know the fate of Henia and her children Moise, and Dughe. I have just did a search on ancestry website and it looks like Dughe Ber was displaced at some point but then migrated to Montreal Canada with his wife Freda and son Avram. I would love to find out more and get in touch with any descendants. Mouse was born December 1904 and Dughe born November 1907. The son Avram was born in Bacau, Romania July 1940. Please contact me with any information.
Sarah Greenberg(USA)

Re: Family connection found - coincidences #general

Shelley Mitchell

I believe many coincidences we find today are often the result of siblings either just going their own way or families falling out. I’ve discovered people from the same town living near each other but that information was lost to the next generation. My grandfather’s brother chose his own variation of Michalovsky and moved South. There they lived near people with the same last last name. They joked about being related. If not for my genealogy work, they never would have known that they were very close relations. It’s a small world indeed.
Shelley Mitchell, NYC    shemit@...
Searching for TERNER, GOLDSCHEIN, KONIGSBERG, SCHONFELD, in Kolomyya; PLATZ, in Delaytn; and TOPF, in Radautz and Kolomea.

Re: We Are Here! Join us on June 14@2PM ET for a very special program #JewishGenUpdates #events

Susan H. Sachs

It was magnificent!!  Will it also be available on the JewishGen web site for later viewing - or the web site of any of the other participating organizations?  If so I want to send the link to my kids to view it.
Thanks in advance -

Re: Surname TAJWIJ #names

Carole Shaw

Re the surname TAWIL as a possibility: there is a Rabbi Jonathan Tawil in London whom you can find online.  He is of Sephardic origin.


Carole Shaw, London UK
SCHNEIDER: Kamanets Podolsk, Ukraine & Libava/ Libau/Liepaja, Latvia
KLUGMAN, GOLDSCHMID (plus variations), BRAUER: Libava/Libau/Liepaja, Latvia & Johannesburg
SAMSON, BLIK: Amsterdam, Zandvoort, Holland


ZANDGRUNDT (plus variations), SANDGROUND: Warsaw, London and beyond

JACOBOVITCH/JACKSON: Staszow, Poland & London

KOSKOVITCH/KENTON: Staszow, Poland & London


Re: We Are Here! Join us on June 14@2PM ET for a very special program #JewishGenUpdates #events

Susan H. Sachs

Thank you for announcing this very special performance!!

Will it be available for viewing on your website or another?  I would so want my children to be able to see it -

Thankyou in advance for your response,

Susan H. Sachs

On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 8:04 AM Avraham Groll <agroll@...> wrote:
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We Are Here:
A Celebration of Resilience, Resistance, and Hope
Sunday, June 14 @ 2:00 PM ET.
Featuring award-winning media personalities Whoopi Goldberg, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Adrien Brody, Mayim Bialik, Jackie Hoffman, and Tiffany Haddish, world-renowned singers and musicians Renee Fleming, Lea Salonga, Steven Skybell, Joyce DiDonato, and Lang Lang, and other public figures from all walks of life, the free 90-minute program will commemorate the recent anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and project a message of hope amidst the crises we face.
Find more info and tune in to view the program at

Radziejow, Poland #poland

Ellen Gottfried

My grandfather, Abe SOLOMON emigrated in 1913 and went to stay in the
Bronx, New York with his cousins Wolf and Samuel LAZARUS. My
grandfather, as well as Wolf and Samuel, were born in Radziejow,
Poland. The problem I have is that I have a death index and a
marriage record index for Radziejow, and have checked JRI, and there
is no one with the last name LAZARUS listed in the town, or nearby
towns. Does anyone have suggestions for how I can find Polish records
for Wolf and Samuel?
Ellen GOTTFRIED, Plainview, New York

Iasi , Romania research #romania


Hello everyone,
I Will be in Iasi, beginning of August and if I can help with some research at the archives there or at the cemetery, I’d be more than happy to do it. ( I used to do some research at the archives in Bacau, Piatra Neamt) 
Just please let me know if I may be of help.

Thank you,
Teodora van Middendorp
Sighisoara, Romania 

Re: need help translating person's title #yiddish #names

Valentin Lupu

Although I do not know Yiddish, in my family who spoke Romanian Yiddish, Mima was used for aunt.
Valentin Lupu

Re: Family connection found #poland

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

I agree with Mrs. Sloan about not asking questions when we were young
but I'd also like to add that prior generations didn't always feel
easy about speaking about the difficulties they experienced. My
mother's sister committed suicide, Mom never told me, just said she
died. My grandmother wouldn't teach me to sew-memories of the Triangle
Shirtwaist Factory fire. If our ancestors came here for a better/safer
life, why dwell on the past? Obviously this isn't the only answer but
one many of us can relate to.
Deanna Mandel
Long Island, NY
Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Re: Hungarian labor brigades - first person narrations #russia #hungary #romania #ukraine

Frank Dyer

In a lecture as part of a symposium on antisemitism, psychoanalyst Paul Ornstein M.D. shared a very moving story of his compulsory labor force service in Hungary. He made the point that those best able to tolerate the abusive conditions of the labor brigades were those with the strongest sense of Jewish identity. The more assimilated Jewish prisoners, who essentially identified as Hungarians, had poorer health and a higher death rate than those whose spirits were buoyed by Jewish identity and faith. I don't know if he ever published anything about those experiences or if anyone ever substantiated his personal observations on this issue in a more formal way, but it certainly makes sense.
Frank Dyer

Re: Surname TAJWIJ #names


Hi Karol.  

I know a Tawil famly in South America, but they are Sepharadic.... I could find out exactly where they are from. They spell it TAWIL.
Lia Sragovicz

Re: Ezdal / Ezdale / Esdaile - any ideas about the man's Hebrew name? #names #usa


I can't say for sure, as I have never seen the name, but it looks like it could be an attempt to very much Anglicize  the name Ezekiel, which is itself an English rendering of the Hebrew name Yechazkel, which itself has many different renderings. 

Re: Sourcing Photos #general #photographs


Google photos and probably Windows photos will also allow you to add information and to tag individuals. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Family connection found #poland


I am not sure that is it so unusual not to know distant relatives.  I never heard my grandfather speak of his youth or his family.  He was sent to America when he was 12 or 13 and lived with cousins, marrying one of them eventually.  My other grandparents were deceased, but my father, their son, never talked about his youth.  He knew of no members of his mother's family in this country, though he was partially raised by relatives of his father after both parents died. It was only after he was well past 90 that he shared a few details with me. I conclude that as kids, we don't ask much, because we are busy with our own peer group. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

search siblings of Sura Rebecca Sztzernis (born around 1865) #poland

Danielle Czal

Sura Rebecca Sztezrnis was my great grand mother. she married Moshé Aron Kronental in Varsovie. She died around 1900. All daughter and sons came in Paris between 1912 and 1925. My great grand father also. I look for her brothers and sisters. I find one in Paris Abraham Sternis (1974- 1942). One of her sister married a Berliner, and another one a Glajchman. I would like to know their name, and how many siblings they were.
Thanks for help
Danielle Czalczynski

research Maurice Leizerson, or Mojsche Leizerson or eventualy Levinson #usa #poland

Danielle Czal

I search the brother of my grand father. My grand father, who lived in Paris till 1911, called him "Maurice " (perhaps mojshe,)  Leizerson. He was born in Varsovie around 1886 (+ or_ 2 years). His father called Salomon or Szlama Leizerson; he married Sara Scheindle Chwast.
My grand father wrote that his brother was in New York in 1926. He was glove maker, at this time. He has a sister, that my grand father called "Lola"  (i don't know her polish or yiddish first name) younger than "Maurice", born in Varsovie in 1890 (+ or - 2 years)., also in USA. 
I found "Maurice" like a wedding witness in Paris in 1925. 
I don't know if he lived in New York and returned in Paris in 1925, then came back after to New york or in another place in USA.
If somebody could help me to find him,  it would be very kind.
Danielle Czalczynski

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