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Susanna Vendel

Securon is probably Secuieni, a commune in Bacau county, Western Moldavia, Romania. It is composed of seven villages (see Wikipedia). There are other Secuieni too, one in Harghita county and an other in Neamt county.
Susanna Vendel

Treasure trove of WWII silver found in Nowy Sącz #galicia #holocaust #poland

Moses Jefferson

The sensational find which is thought to have belonged to Jews murdered during WWII was made during archaeological work at the town’s Royal Castle by the Nowy Sącz Historical and Exploratory Association carrying out exploratory work at the ruins on Castle Hill.

Read here:
and here:

Re: Help needed headstone translation - Hebrew #translation


Hi Terry,

I just had a look at the headstones.  They do in fact mention the names of Sarah Z”l and Abraham Z”l. 
The names on the headstone are:
Sarah daughter of Eliahu 
Abraham Natanel son of Shmuel Ha’Levi.

Hope this helps.
Best wishes 

Amelia Angel

Balti Yizkor Book #bessarabia

R Jaffer

Several newly translated selections from the Yizkor book for Balti/Beltsi have just been uploaded to in addition to translations from Yiddish uploaded earlier in the year. If you are interested in sponsoring the translation of a selection, please contact me privately for more information.

Additionally, I am looking for somebody to take over as translation coordinator as I have no association with this town.

Roberta Jaffer

Bessarabia Yizkor Book Coordinator

Massachusetts, USA


New Translation of Yizkor (Memorial) Book of Suwalk, Poland Yizkor book just published #poland

Joel Alpert

Yizkor Books in Print is proud to announce the publication of its 97 title.

Memorial Book of Suwalk

Original Yizkor Book Published by
The Suvalk and Vicinity Relief Committee of New York, 1961
Editor: Berl Kagan, New York
Layout: Jonathan Wind
Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper
Name Indexing: Jonathan Wind
Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5”, 880 pages with all original illustrations and

List price: $75.95, available from JewishGen for $41

To order, go to the bottom of
and click on JewishGen to fill out the order form and pay by PayPal
(you may use credit card)

Joel Alpert, Coordinator of the Yizkor Books in Print Project (YBIP)

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania

JoAnne Goldberg

My father's family immigrated to the United States from Lithuania. Names include Plotkin/Plotnik, Block, Segal, Kaminsky, Ginsberg, Mandelstein, and Friedman -- in addition to Goldberg, which allegedly was acquired during the process of leaving Lithuania, but I'm not sold on that story. .

Perhaps more significantly, his paternal side lived in Chicago, Akron, Pittsburgh, and Johnstown PA. Maternal, Cleveland and Kansas City. The early immigrants seemed to stay in family clusters, and since many of my names are common, locations can provide extra clues.


JoAnne Goldberg - Menlo Park, California; GEDmatch M131535


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sharon yampell

In my most recent discovery, I learned I too have connections to this area…


My Bliedens  came from Zagare; there are some from Panevėžys,  whom I am still trying to figure out if they are part of my family as well….


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA



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We're 75% Litvak ...Shulgasser, Liubawitz, Micheles and Levitt. All got to Boston between 1883 - 1908.  If anyone has any info about any of those families, I would really like tobe in touch and see if somehow we are related.  Thanks os much.
Devorah Eisenbach
Boston, Jerusalem


Re: ROBERG family from Berlichingen, Germany #germany

Roger Lustig

It's in German, but the _Encyclopedia of Jewish Life_ entry is given in English at the bottom.

Roger Lustig, Princeton, NJ  research coordinator, GerSIG    <GerSIG.Research@...>

Re: ROBERG family from Berlichingen, Germany #germany

Roger Lustig

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania

Devorah Eisenbach

We're 75% Litvak ...Shulgasser, Liubawitz, Micheles and Levitt. All got to Boston between 1883 - 1908.  If anyone has any info about any of those families, I would really like tobe in touch and see if somehow we are related.  Thanks os much.
Devorah Eisenbach
Boston, Jerusalem

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania

Devorah Eisenbach

bs'd We definitely have people from Kalvarija -Shulgasser and Liubawitz.
I also have letters from my ggf from Kalvaria.  They may mention your family.  I want to get them translated.
Devorah Eisenbach 

Viewpoint Translation Request #translation #general

Shelley Mitchell

While it’s clearly the intent of posters to get a translation, there are secondary benefits. While I may not be able to translate, if I had any idea of a name or location, members might learn something if they recognized either.

Just a suggestion.        Shelley Mitchell, NYC    shemit@...

Rabbi Yisrael ROSENBAUM of Ostrov-19th cent. #russia

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Looking for descendants of R' Yisrael ROSENBAUM of Ostrov, a follower
of R'Yehoshua Heschel of Apta. Yisrael came to Eretz Yisrael (then
Palestine) during the first half of the 19th cent. probably in the
1830s. His children stayed in Europe (Skalat and Staro-Konstantine).
The sons adopted the family name SCHECHTER according to their

Yacov Gedalia SCHECHTER, Yisrael's grandson (from his son David),
eventually also made aliya . His descendants are prominent Breslev

Yoni Ben-Ari, (3xgreat grandson of R'Yisrael)

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania


Have Siegels in the USA who were Segals in Lithuania. While I always think Moletai, there seemed to be a record that for a bit lived in Salakas, Zarasai, Kaunas in earlier generations. Also the last ancestors of my branch in Lithuania were likely Leybe Segal married to Dvora Leya Fein. Marriage certificates in USA say the mom was Lena Fine but that couple was only I could find and names make sense based on headstones in US and who every one was "bar" and "bat". Leyba's father was Schmuel Segal. Love to know his wife name. Somewhere in there all hook to a "winer" family or "fanger" family but can't find connection.


Re: Vetting family tree submissions to genealogy sites for data soundness #general

Lee Jaffe

I want to add one perspective that I didn't see elsewhere: that genealogy is a moving target, that any tree may be just the latest draft. I may add a questionable record to see where it leads and remove it later when it doesn't pan out.  Someone linking to my tree in the interim might naively accept my information as vetted and add it to their tree unexamined.  Or conclude I'm an idiot who knows nothing.  

My uncle keeps telling me about city directory records showing my grandparents in Birmingham, a place they never lived as far as anyone could remember.  But I added the record to my tree, as a placeholder.  Eventually I discovered other records for the couple with the same name living in Birmingham who weren't my grandparents and I removed the entry from my tree. Someone looking at my tree in the interim might draw the wrong conclusions.

I learned this lesson after corresponding with a professional genealogist who'd created a tree for a client linking to some of my data. But she had added a couple of earlier generations I hadn't discovered and I wanted to learn what evidence she'd used to support those additions.  She explained that the tree was just one of several scenarios she was trying out for her client, that she was in the process of gathering as many leads as possible before determining which was the best version and refining it.  

It's all like a jigsaw puzzle, except some pieces are missing and pieces from other puzzles are also in the box.  We start with the no-brainer pieces, the edges, then sort through the rest to see what fits.  We want as many pieces as possible and the extra ones -- what folks are calling "garbage" -- may be valuable to others.  And here the metaphor peters out.

But there  is a lot of trial-and-error to this endeavor and most trees will have a few mistakes in them, at least for a little while.

Lee Jaffe

Re: synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates

Lee Jaffe

I was the privacy officer at my university library and I can tell you that, in legal terms, privacy protection applies to only specific pieces of personal identity information in combination.  I doubt memorial boards include social security numbers, street address or anything else that might be protected.  That synagogue administrations might be uncomfortable with info being collected and you may be limited by their refusal, it should be clear that there is no legal privacy requirement.

Lee Jaffe

Maiden name of Gittle ABRAMOWITZ-Novarodok-New Haven, Ct. USA #usa

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am trying to confirm my maternal great great grandmother's maiden
name. She left Novarodok (Europe) during the second half of the 19th
cent. as a widow from Yitzchak ABRAMOWITZ, with 4 orphans and
eventually landed in New Haven, Ct. She supposedly married at least
once more (LAZAROFF of London).

Her maiden name may have been HOROWITZ as there is a strong assumption
of family connections to HOROWITZs of Novarodok (or Minsk) but I have
not been able to confirm this.

Would appreciate those involved in HOROWITZ family tree if they can
look into the above. Its been suggested I do a DNA test but in Israel
it's problematic for halachic issues.


Yoni Ben-Ari,

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania

Angie Elfassi

Here are my Lithuanian ancestors and their towns of origin:
MAGIDOWITZ, Jurbarkas, Lithuania/Leeds

RAYKH-ZELIGMAN/RICHMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/Leeds

ITMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/USA
COHEN, Sakiai, Lithuania/Leeds
KANTOR, Sakiai, Lithuania

GOLDBERG, Sakiai, Lithuania

Angie Elfassi


KATZOFF not Cohanim #names

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Many years ago I visited a Jewish heritage museum (name of which I
will leave out) in which the computer for name origins described
KATZOFF as a variant of KATZ which usually stands for KOHEN-TZEDEK .
The printout mentioned my brother's name as one of th "prominent
KATZOFFs in Israel.

The next time I visited my above mentioned brother, I mentioned to him
that I did not know we were Cohanim. As an orthodox Rabbi who was
concerned regarding "yichus" he contacted the museum to correct the
misleading data.

BTW, we spell our hebrew name with a "Kuf" and not a "kaf" (as in
Cohen) which should have tipped off the museum's name dept. But in
the english spelling it could be confusing.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Iasi , Romania research #romania

Carl Erkenbrecher

Hi Theodora,

I'm not sure if you can help or not but I am looking for information (birth certificate, etc) about my wife's grandfather, Harry Brownstein. It says on his Naturalization Records the he was born 15 May 1889 in Securon, Rumania. He emigrated from Glasgow, Scotland to the USA (New York) in February, 1906. I think his parents may be Joe (Joseph?) Brownstein and Fanny Shebsevich but I have no other information on them. Is this something you could research while you are at the archives in Bacau, Piatra Neamt or would there be a better place to research the records for him? Thanks for any help you can provide. Take care.

19381 - 19400 of 663953